Romi Rain Talks with Captain Jack

Romi is just on a meteoric rise through the porn industry. Every year, she has something new going on and is always busy! Just in 2019, she hosted the AVN awards, took advanced education courses and, of course, continued to shoot hot content both for herself and other studios. Romi has a special place in my heart, we talked during her first year in the business and her first AVN was my first AVN. In fact, she was the first porn actress I met at the show. This is out 7th annual interview. For all things Romi, check out our interviews from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018!

Romi Rain

Captain Jack: I haven’t talked to you since you hosted the awards. How did you like it?

Romi Rain: Oh my God! It feels like yesterday in some ways and, at the same time, it’s the end of November and I’m passing the torch. But it’s still one of my absolute favorite memories. It was sooo much fun. Bailey (Rayne) and I were so excited. We were really on the same page. ‘OK, we can do this! We’ve got this! If anything goes wrong or anybody gets tripped up, we just smile and keep going! Can’t stop, won’t stop!’ It was so fun and I think that’s a big part of it, if you have a partner and are in sync with them and on the same page, you just have a good time. If we’re having a good time, the audience will have a good time. It was cute. And I swear, after Bailey and I went out for the opening of the show, people laughed and we didn’t make a mistake, we high fived and we hugged and said, ‘OK, it’s going to be a good show!’ We almost had a relief moment. I’ll give you a little nugget that very few people know. There was a moment after that, a couple segments later, where the comedian, Esther Ku, was supposed to come out with Bailey and I. It was being filmed and one of the dressing rooms is upstairs and the one Bailey and I are using is downstairs right behind the stage. We took that one so we could make quick changes and not fuck around. But Esther took the upstairs dressing room and, unfortunately because things were happening so fast, missed one of her changing cues. So Bailey and I had to run out on stage and wing it. We were doing a little skit that all 3 of us had to do together. So we had to, on the fly, change a few words around and change a 3-person skit to a 2-person skit. And it worked! Nobody realized that was supposed to happen. It would have been easy to mess up a line but we got through it! So there was actually a mistake during the show but nobody realized it. We hosted the Oscars of Porn and, in my mind, it couldn’t have gone better!

CJ: How much input did you have on the skits or the monologue?

Romi: We had a little bit, actually. We were there and joking around but there were writers but how we said things and we could change certain words around. They were very receptive. But there were writers!

CJ: I know you were on a high and were honored to host it, did you ever have a chance either before or during the awards to take a deep breath and just appreciate it?

Romi: Yes and no. I really got to enjoy and milk it. I would be lying if I said otherwise. They give you a good amount of time which is really cool. It was announced in mid-summer and there were promo shoots and things kept trickling out. And when I got to the hotel, I didn’t realize how much decorations there would be! My face was on a poker table; there was a giant banner outside…in a lot of ways, it was a pretty incredible experience. I was in the bathrooms, I was on billboards. Who would have thunk? I’ve never won an AVN award and I, somehow, hosted the show! My face was everywhere at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. It was wild! That’s another reason that I really wanted to deliver! I really did get to enjoy it. I tried to milk it for all it was worth. (laughs) It was more than I thought it would be so it would be unfair to say I didn’t enjoy it. Than to see it on TV! It really was a year-long experience.

Romi Rain

CJ: You are taking advanced education classes. Tell me about that.

Romi: I just completed 25 hours of classroom for sex education certification. Actually, after the next week, I have to do a verbal Skype quiz and then a written quiz in the next 2 days. Then I will be a certified sex educator. I really wanted to do it because I already do panels and speaks and interviews whenever I can. I do think it matters that sex workers and adult entertainers speak for themselves and speak for their own industries. And I just wanted my words to hold a little more weight and to matter more. I never want there to be people in a room and a sex worker in the room and have other people speak for us. I just really wanted to do it. It was just for me.

CJ: What’s new shooting-wise in 2019?

Romi: It’s been wild. 2019 was busier than 2018. I went to Italy and feature danced for 2 weeks straight; I went to Canada and worked with Naked News for a week and I’m going back next week again; I’ve been traveling more and shooting a lot more of my own content even to the point where I’ve been employing a lot of people in the industry which has been super cool. That’s really taken off and, to be honest, it’s been the biggest thing financially that’s really grown is content creation. On top of that, I signed up for being Cam4’s newest brand ambassador which is really cool because I started off as a cam girl besides being an exotic dancer. That’s another amazing thing to do that you can do anytime and anywhere! It’s another way for me to feel really in control of my content and my money. It’s been a fantastic year.

CJ: So you’re the Cam4 brand ambassador, what does that all entail?

Romi: It just means that I spread the word and share my experiences and try to make the site run even a little bit better and more appealing to models like myself. I’ve been a camgirl for almost as long as I’ve been in adult entertainment. It’s a really great thing for anybody to be doing. I think porn stars have been camming more than ever in the last few years. I think Cam4 is a great site to do it on. They’re all-inclusive and their token conversion is higher than any other cam site. They’re bigger overseas and are trying to expand in the American market. They’re a great cam site; a little underrated, I think.

Romi Rain

CJ: How often do you cam yourself?

Romi: I’m going to be webcamming for Cam4 at least 3 times a month in between doing everything else. It’s a non-exclusive contract in terms of who I’m allowed to work for. I can still shoot for other porn companies or myself or whoever wants to shoot me. I just have to make sure that I have time for all of it!

CJ: Is that the first time you went to Italy?

Romi: Yes! It was so exciting! I went to Milan and Rome and Florence. I was also in Venice but didn’t get a chance to spend any time there. It was pretty incredible. I went to Verona as well and took a little Romeo and Juliet tour. It was really cool. I rarely get to be a tourist.

CJ: What is the most memorable trip you’ve taken in your life?

Romi: I really loved that London trip a few years back. I keep itching to go back. I only traveled to Italy and Canada in the best year. I still really want to go to Costa Rica and Australia. It’s hard to say. Italy is amazing and Canada was fun too, although a little chilly.  I think if I had to choose between the two, Italy wins in terms of travel. (laughs)

CJ: Fans want to know about an update on a possible double anal or gangbang?

Romi: They’re never off the table. If I was going to do it soon, I might do it for my own stuff. It’s really fun shooting for ManyVids or OnlyFans. I’ve been shooting a lot more for them in the past two years than I ever did. I think fans are really enjoying it because it’s a little more private. I think I might but keep an eye out on my own sites. I really want to. I have these fun little ideas that we’ve talked about like alien gangbangs and stuff like that. The hardest part is wrangling people and making all the schedules work. I love a good DP and an airtight. I think I prefer those over anal. I do want to do at least a couple more of those within the next 6 months to a year.

To be honest, some people might not wanna hear this but I’m at a great stage in my career and life that when people ask me what’s next or what do I want to do in the next six months to a year, my first thought isn’t how many penises I’m going to stick in a hole. LOL. Trust me, I’m not necessarily slowing down with shooting but I’m trying to stick my OWN fingers in as many holes as possible metaphorically speaking and spread myself around in all the ways, not just in the gape sense. LOL. But be on the lookout, I might surprise my fans with special naughty thing soon!

Romi Rain

CJ: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Romi: I hate it when people don’t use their blinkers. That’s my little East Coast driver thing. I drive all over the place in LA! And I learned to drive out east and I even drive when I got back to New York which people think is crazy. But I hate when people don’t drive well like they don’t know how to merge or they don’t respect the rules of the road. Things like that.

CJ: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Romi: I hate to say but being just a little hermit crab. I’m so busy sometimes if I can be home for a day and a half and not leave the house, I can do it. It’s almost kind of bad. I will order Post Mates two or three times and never leave. It’s kind of amazing to just curl up and watch 6 hours of Netflix in bed. I think you need it sometimes to recharge those batteries.

CJ: Do you get recognized in public?

Romi: More than I think I should. I’ve been surprised…I’ve been out with no make-up, hair pulled back and people want to talk to me! I have to be careful, it’s interesting. Nowadays, not that I think I’m “so popular”, but there’s a pretty big possibility that if I go out looking cute with make up on, at least a few people will recognize me if I’m in a crowded place. It’s kind of another reason that I’m a little bit of a hermit when I have days off. I’m flattered by the attention and know it’s a reflection of my hard work, but it is important to not always feel like you have to be ‘on’ and prepared for photos all the time.

CJ: Dogs or cats?

Romi: I love dogs in general. I love a good trained dog. They’re amazing. But I travel too much and have too much of an awkward schedule so it’s impossible and I wouldn’t make a good dog parent so I’ve always been a cat person. I’ve always had a cat in the house ever since I was a kid. Cats are so sexy in nature. I feel if a guy doesn’t love cats, he doesn’t understand women. You have to be careful of that.

CJ: Favorite food?

Romi: Anything sweet or anything rich like spaghetti or meat or chicken or mashed potatoes. For drinks, I love sweet drinks. I either drink water or juice or something sweet. I can only drink sweet alcohol. Yes, I am one of those girly drink people. I can never drink a shot. I’m not the cool vodka soda girl or dirty martini, it’s so gross to me. I need a lemon drop with sugar on the rim. I need it tart, I need it sweet, I need it like candy. Yes, I’m that woman now! (laughs)

CJ: You said before you enjoy an air tight or a DP over anal, do you prefer anal or vaginal?

Romi: Just by itself, I would say vaginal. You can fuck me in the pussy anywhere, anytime….you can’t say no to good pussy.

Romi Rain

CJ: Do you date people outside the industry?

Romi: Gosh, I don’t really date at all right now because I’ve been working so much. Like they say, you’re either doing really well business-wise or you’re doing really well relationship-wise; it’s hard to balance those two things. So I’ve been hyper focused on the business stuff and am excited about expanding and doing more and traveling more. I’ve had such an awkward schedule this year. There are some months that I’ll be in LA one week out of the month then other times I’m here 3 weeks out of the month. I’ve been in 5 different states in a month and a half. I feel they never give guys shit when they say, ‘I just don’t have time for a relationship right now!’ I joke with a couple of my civilian friends that sex is never a problem because that’s also my job. So I’m either booked with companies to have sex with people I’ve already had sex with or I shoot content with whoever I want to have sex with.

No matter what anybody in the industry says, there is no science to dating as an adult performer. I have heard horror story relationships of people dating within the industry just as much as out, hell you see most of that unfold on Twitter which I think is worse! I try to keep all my personal business in that realm private. It really depends on the person, compatibility and trust.

CJ: Favorite feature on a guy?

Romi: Sense of humor, you have to be able to laugh. It helps if you like the same foods because if you strongly disagree on restaurants, you’d be surprised at how much of an issue that could be.

CJ: Favorite feature on a girl?

Romi: A nice smile. I think that’s really great. Eyes are always a great thing to. Women are so beautiful.

CJ: Do you prefer giving a blowjob or being eaten out?

Romi: Giving a blowjob because I have an oral fixation and I like doing things with my hands, if it’s possible. It’s an Italian thing. I get pleasure and satisfaction even if it’s ego-wise as well, giving a good blowjob. I also know I can give a good blowjob no matter what.

CJ: Do you prefer facials or creampies?

Romi: In real life, creampies because I think it feels the best and it’s very intimate. But it’s kind of annoying to navigate the logistics of a creampie on camera. If it’s on camera, I prefer a facial and I think most people prefer a facial as well, pornwise.

CJ: Who are your closest friends in the industry?

Romi: I’ve known Abigail Mac the longest. We met each other week 2 and we still work together and still chat and still find time for each other. We’re working together again in a couple of weeks actually. Charlotte Stokely is great too. We met on the set of Justice League a couple of years ago. We’ve been pretty consistent friends ever since.  Also, Laura Desiree, she’s not in the porn side of the adult industry but she is a host and traveling interviewer for Naked News who is on all the industry red carpets and her and I have gotten pretty close in recent months with my own hosting for Naked News in Canada and her and I are doing a fun project together that we are going to release and talk about as early as 2020.

CJ: 5 years from now, where do you see yourself professionally and personally?

Romi: Good question. I’ve love to have a bigger, awesome house. I want to have this big shoot house where I’d barely have to leave. Invite people over whenever I want to shoot. I think that’d be fantastic. Have a cam room, have your own office, have a couple shoot rooms. The way content is going right now, I can do half of that from my own place. So expanding a little bit further while hardly leaving your house. That’s the sign of true success, right? (laughs)

Of course, more travel when I desire to. I’d love to do something more of a traveling sexy lifestyle blog vibe for my YouTube channel. Another big thing I’ve been quietly talking and thinking about for years is that I definitely want my book featured and released before the five-year mark. There’s a lot about my past and recent present that I don’t openly discuss and I’d really love to share my story very honestly and hopefully give a little advice along the way. I would want my book to be something of a half “revealing autobiography” half “adult performer handbook/cheat sheet” that I feel like this industry really doesn’t have enough of. I’ve done pretty much everything you can do as an adult entertainer and sex worker over the past 12 years and I’m definitely not trying to slow down!

CJ: Some fan asked on Twitter, you shoot custom videos, correct?

Romi: Yes. It depends on what they are but they have to be of professional quality.

CJ: And how can fans follow you on social media?

Romi: On Twitter, I’m @Romi_Rain. Instagram is @RomiRain, both are verified, don’t get scammed. I’m on YouTube and PornHub, is my website. Also, That’s where new and exclusive scenes from me are the most lately. I even flat out hire my fellow performers so my scenes with them are legitimately exclusive including 5 new boy/girl scenes I’ve released in the past three months that you can’t see anywhere else but on my page. And I have another project that I’m working on but can’t speak on. It’ll be revealed in the next couple of months.Romi Rain

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