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Captain Jack interviews Jayden Jaymes

Jayden Jaymes made herself available for an interview recently. Jayden has been in the industry for awhile now and has made quite a name for herself. She is one of the top stars in the business and was kind enough to answer my questions.

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Captain Jack: According to IAFD, you started in the industry when you were about 21. Did you have another job at the time and what made you decide to enter the adult industry?

Jayden: I was 20 when I began performing. Before that, I was a licensed insurance
salesperson. I quickly grew tired of sitting behind a desk for forty hours per week, so I gave it up. I enrolled in college and worked as a topless dancer to cover my expenses. Performing in adult films was something that I thought about and researched for a couple of months. I thought the women looked so glamorous and appeared to be in control and proud of their sex lives and I wanted to be one of those. I was introduced to a producer through a mutual friend, and began performing within a couple of weeks after meeting him. Everyone made me feel really comfortable so I didn’t have any reservations about it.

CJ: Does your family know about it and how do they feel?

Jayden: Of course they know! Not only am I a grown woman who is very proud of her
career decisions, I’m one of the most recognized performers in the industry… That wouldn’t be easy to hide. I actually had the discussion with my mother before I started performing, and she supported me 100%. All that she asked was that I be safe and know what I’m getting myself into. After explaining the business side of the industry to her, she was much more accepting. Obviously, the details of my work are never discussed, but both my mother and father support me in everything that I do. I’m a smart
business woman and I’ve been very successful in many aspects of my life.
They recognize that and are very proud of me.

CJ: How did you choose your name?

Jayden: Jayden was a name that I used when I began dancing. I had actually wanted
to use another name, but the club thought it sounded too similar to another dancer’s name, so they suggested Jayden. I hated it, but I didn’t have any other ideas so I went with it. Jaymes came along after I did a photo shoot for Deja Vu. They asked if I had a last name and, when I informed them that I didn’t, they suggested Jaymes. Someone’s exact words were, “We’ll put a Y in it, like Jessica Jaymes.” My response was “Who’s
that?” Nowadays I chuckle at that, but, overall, it’s worked out very well for me. (The similarity to Britney Spears’s kid is just a coincidence. We both burst onto the scene at about the same time.)

CJ: Looking back at your first day on the job, was it overwhelming for you?
Were you there by yourself among industry veterans? Were you intimidated?

Jayden: It was definitely overwhelming, but everyone was so incredibly nice to me.
I was lucky enough to be on set with industry veterans who were able to talk me through it and coach me. I was shy, as any woman would be with a camera six inches from her vagina for the first time in her life, but everyone was professional and made me feel very comfortable.

CJ: How long did it take you to reach a comfort level?

Jayden: After just about two months of performing, I met and began dating a director. I moved in with him right away and stopped performing. Instead, I spent five days a week on set with him, helping out around the studio, styling other girls, dressing sets, etc. I became extremely comfortable with being on a porn set and I got to see the professional side of the industry. I also got to experience a wide variety of porn starlets, from the A-list to the drug addicts. When we split eight months later and I made the decision to participate in films again, I knew exactly what I wanted, from who I wanted to be to how I wanted my sets run. Once I learned that it was okay to do/ask for whatever it took to make me
comfortable, I was good.

CJ: Now that you’ve been around for awhile, what is the typical day like on a porn set?

Jayden: I don’t spend a lot of time on a variety of sets anymore. I shoot mainly for my own website, which is always BUSY for me. Typically, I have an 10am call for myself and my crew and we shoot three or four updates in one day. Those updates are usually a couple of solos, and either a couple lesbian scenes, a boy/girl scene, or a group sex scene, depending on who I book for the day. My sets are long days, but I keep them very relaxed so as to keep everyone, including myself, smiling. As for shooting for other companies… Well… I’ve kind of ruined that for myself. Because I shoot so many updates in one day, I tend to get very irritated when sitting around on a set, doing nothing. So, I usually request to be the first scene shot that day. I come in makeup ready, I bring a wide variety of wardrobe options, I push everyone to keep moving along, we shoot the scene and I go home. I have a lot of other things going on in my life and I don’t like to waste time sitting around on sets, not getting anything done. I like to come in, get the job done, and go home. Don’t get me wrong… I ALWAYS enjoy the sex… But I have other things to do as well. The quicker the shoot, the better my mood.

CJ: Is it easier or harder than it looks?

Jayden: It’s definitely harder. Yeah, it’s just sex, but people forget that we’re called performers for a reason. We’re in an industry that sells sex and beautiful women. I work hard to look my best, and when I’m on set I’m always aware of the lighting, the angles we’re shooting, worrying about sucking it in and arching it out, all while trying to relax and enjoy the incredible sex that I’m experiencing. There’s a lot more to it than just
showing up and spreading your legs. (Well, at least if you want to have a successful career.)

CJ: What do you feel are the pros and cons of the industry?

Jayden: The major pro is women’s empowerment. A majority of the population thinks
that porn is degrading to women, but it’s the complete opposite. We’re independent women proving to ourselves and the world that we, too, can enjoy sex for what it is… Exhilarating! We say who… We say when… And we say how much. We own every minute of it, even if we’re tied up and acting like we don’t want it.

The main con for me is peoples’ perception of adult entertainers. I spend a lot of time defending myself, my industry and my/our decisions, proving everyone that I come into contact with wrong. I enjoy doing that, but it’s still tough to have to constantly defend it.

CJ: I would assume a bed would be the most comfortable place to shoot a scene.
What is the worst place to shoot?

Jayden: I actually prefer a couch for one main reason… Leverage! A flat surface is
difficult when you’re trying to stay open to a camera. The worst? Any hard surface. Floor, desk, a tree… Whatever. It is so uncomfortable, causes bruising, and can hurt for days afterward.

CJ: Some days, I hate going to work, I can only imagine to be someone who has
to be “on” all the time. It must be challenging if you don’t feel 100% and you have to act like you’re really into a guy who you’re not attracted to and have to get pounded by him. How do you get thru it?

Jayden: I don’t go to set if I’m not in the mood. It’s very rare that I cancel a scene, but I have no problem doing so if I know that I can’t get through it. There’s nothing worse than watching a porn scene where you know the performer does not want to be there. My shoots are usually scheduled weeks in advance, so I like to get myself worked up and excited about it beforehand.

CJ: Is it weird or strange being with men who are much, much older than you?

Jayden: I’ve never been involved in a scene with someone “much, much older”. Yeah,
some of these guys have a few years on me, but I’m not doing old man fetish scenes or anything like that. I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. Other than that… Age is just a number. I actually prefer a man who’s a little older and more experienced.

CJ: You have done mostly gonzo work in your career but you have done some
features and parodies. Which do you prefer?

Jayden: I definitely prefer gonzo scenes. Like I mentioned before, I don’t do well
when I’m stuck on a set all day. On average, there’s about a 10-15 hour difference between a gonzo and a feature set, and both pay the same… I’m not stupid, I’ll take the shorter day!

CJ: You pick and choose your anal scenes carefully. Out of 266 scenes listed on IAFD, you only have 7 anal scenes.Will you be doing more of this that fans can look forward to?

Jayden: 266? I know I have something like 450 DVD titles to my name, and that doesn’t include the hundreds of internet scenes that I’ve done over the years! But anyhow, I do choose them carefully. I don’t have a very active personal sex life, so I’m not very comfortable with anal sex. That’s basically what it comes down to. When I agree to do it, I want to do it on my terms. The directors have to know that there is a chance that it will
not happen. And I’ve been through that on set. I’ve have directors get mad at me for not being able to do it even after I warned them. Porn star or not, I’m still human. I’m not sure what’s to come this year, but hopefully I can try to get a couple anal scenes in for my website.

CJ: You are outspoken and have caused some waves on your blog with some people. For example, I read where you criticized Vivid for asking girls to shoot extra content and not get paid for it. Even though you are established in the industry, did you feel any repercussions?

Jayden: My father told me years ago that any good business woman will always be
considered a bitch. I think it’s sad that people can’t respect a smart business woman. But I get it. There are a lot of girls in this industry that don’t know any better and will do whatever is asked of them on set. There’s been a number of circumstances where I’ve had to speak up and check people. I don’t have a problem doing so, either. Companies that shoot me regularly know that I’m not someone to fuck with. When it comes to a company like Vivid that has tried to pull a fast one on me, I don’t care what their opinion is. That particular shoot was the first time Vivid had ever booked me, three years into my career. So, why would I care if they never shot me again? It’s not like I’m losing money. We don’t do business together. And, at the end of the day, I’m proud of myself for not letting anyone take advantage of me. I wish more girls stood up for themselves in this industry, then maybe I wouldn’t look like such a bitch.

CJ: I saw on a recent ADT thread that you co-directed and co-produced a feature. Is that something you want to get more involved in?

Jayden: Honestly, I’m not sure. I don’t know what my future is as far as the adult
film industry goes, so I’m sort of just going with the flow for now.

CJ: When you date or hook up with a person outside of the industry, how do you
discern from someone who just likes you for the porn thing who wants a “notch” on his bedpost from someone who likes you for you?

Jayden: I don’t have casual hook-ups, and my dates are usually set up through
friends. Obviously it’s hard to date because I don’t want to date a fan. I can’t date someone who knows me as Jayden Jaymes, because that is just a small fraction of who I actually am. I’d rather meet a guy who becomes my biggest fan in the way that he supports me and what I do, but I will never date someone who thinks they’re with Jayden Jaymes. Jayden does not exist outside of the porn world. And it’s very easy for me to distinguish between someone who is a fan of Jayden and someone who is interested in me.

CJ: What do you look for in a guy and does size matter?

Jayden: I like a guy who can make me laugh, keep me smiling and treat me like a
queen. As for size… Well… I need something to work with, but I’m definitely not a size queen.

CJ: If you could fuck one famous person, living or dead, who would it be?

Jayden: Could? Ha!

CJ: How do you think social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have
changed not only the porn industry but the industry of media in general? Do you find there are pros and cons to this open society we are now living in?

Jayden: I feel as though society thinks that we owe them something for being fans
simply because we’re more accessible through social networks, and that’s not fair. Entertainers of all sorts will agree (and I know this because I’ve had plenty of conversations about it with people in the public eye):Our fans are fans of our work, the product that we’re putting out there. They don’t know us outside of that. Yeah, we try to give them a little taste here and there to show that we are in fact grateful because, yes,
they’re right, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. But we also have personal lives, and we need to keep those personal to stay sane. People don’t understand that unless they experience it.

CJ: What do you do on your days off?

Jayden: What’s a “day off”?
Well… When I have down time, I like to spend time with my friends and family. It’s not often that my girls and I have a night off together, so when we can squeeze in a dinner date and go enjoy good food, good wine and a little gossip, we’re satisfied. Same goes for my family. I have such a large family and it’s hard to keep up with everyone when I’m traveling and on the go all the time. So, when I can, I drive out to visit, spend time with my niece and nephew, cook and share recipes with my mom, talk business with my dad… Regular family time. They keep me humble.

CJ: Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

Jayden: At this moment right now, I’m not sure. I wish I had an answer, but something inside me is telling me that I’m on the verge of entering a new stage in my life. I don’t know what it is or when it’s coming, but I know something’s happening. I guess we’ll see.

CJ: What new projects do you have upcoming that the fans can look forward to?

Jayden: The only thing I can promote right now is my website, JaydenJaymes.com,
which I’m constantly shooting new stuff for and updating three times per week. It’s keeping me really busy. Hopefully I can tell people about all of the other projects soon. You’ll just have to stay tuned.

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