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Captain Jack interviews Tasha Reign

I had the opportunity to talk to Tasha Reign the other night. Tasha is a beautiful blonde California native with a great body and an even better attitude. She is going to school at UCLA and just started her own movie line, Reign Productions. Tasha took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to me. I appreciate the time and her thoughtful responses. What follows is my first interview. I hope you enjoy.

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Captain Jack: As a teen, you were featured on MTV’s Laguna Beach and followed that up with appearances in Playboy once you became of age. How did you progress from that to doing hard core sex on camera. What thought processes went into it?

Tasha Reign: I was dancing at a strip club and I really, really wanted to be a nude model. I tested and submitted photos to Playboy and was featured in Girls of the Pac 10 and did a couple of portfolios for them. I didn’t feel like my career was really going anywhere with them and I wanted to be like all the adult actresses I had looked up to like Stormy Daniels and all these big name stars. So, when I started googling them, it seemed like a lot of them came from LA Direct Models. So I went to LA Direct Models and said “I want to be an adult film actress.” So that’s what happened.

CJ: How did you choose your name?

Tasha: I brainstormed. My last name, I was dancing at a club called Silver Reign in Santa Monica on the west side of LA. And I liked the way it sounded. For my first name, I think I asked my mom, “Mom, what’s a hot name?” And we came up with Tasha.

CJ: So your parents are ok with everything?

Tasha: Yeah, my mom’s really cool. Whatever makes me happy.

CJ: I’ve heard you described as both a feminist and a porn star. How do you explain the contradictions? (Or at least the contradictions that people like Gloria Steinem would present to you?)

Tasha: I feel that question has to be more specific because there are so many ideals of feminism. I’m taking a lot of classes on women’s studies and feminism is defined by all sorts of different types of groups of people. Whether they’re extremists or they think a certain way. For me, I just believe in equal opportunity in being able to own your body and your sexuality. I just feel that I’m all about Girl Power. So I definitely identify with it. However, I don’t get asked that question a lot because I go to school at UCLA and the people are educated and liberal and open minded. I feel like they understand why I would feel that owning my own business and using my body for power is feminism.

CJ: If you can think back to your first shoot, were you overwhelmed the first time you had sex on camera? How long did it take you to reach a comfort level?

Tasha: It took me awhile because first of all, I hadn’t been with that many women in my personal life. I didn’t really have hardcore sex but I did play around with girls. So that was a little overwhelming for me but exciting at the same time. I was definitely shy for awhile. And then when it came to the boys, even though the ones I got to work with were so cute and such good performers, I had to learn how to open up to the camera. I had to learn how to have sex for performance as opposed to my personal life. I just needed to understand the differences and then craft it. Unfortunately, there’s no training program for this (laughs). And I always wish there was because you’re just thrown in there. If you’re a pretty girl or if you’re somebody who really wants to work, the agency might book you for the biggest adult company out there. It’s not like you can make a couple movies for a smaller company and then be like, “Oh, I understand now. I’m going to go to Brazzers and make some good scenes that are going to last and be around forever.” Oh, no, you’ll get booked for your first boy/girl scene and it’s around forever. I would definitely say I look back and I look like a baby. Some people say those are some of their favorite scenes because you’re so innocent. But I wish that I had a little more practice. I will say that I had an advantage that I had sex a lot before I started in adult. And that helped make me comfortable in having sex with multiple sex partners and being confident naked.

CJ: As fans, we just see the sex part and a little BTS, what’s the typical day on a porn set consist of?

Tasha: Well, today was pretty typical. I woke up at 6:30 and thankfully I packed my bags the night before for the set. I was told to pack specific items of clothing and jewelry and heels. I had so many clothes in my closet and was unorganized so being able to pack early was helpful. I jumped in the shower and slightly blowdried my hair. I then got some Starbucks and arrived 10 minutes late. Once I got there, it took them 3 hours to do hair and make-up (I couldn’t really tell you why). So, the call time was 8:00, after make-up it was 11:10 and by the time we got to set it was 12 in the afternoon. I did my pretty girl photos and wrapped those up by 1 o’clock. And the sex, for whatever reason, it was a scene for a company who does very beautiful, very lengthy scenes. It wasn’t gonzo, they’re not features but they’re storyline driven. We worked on that for about 4-5 hours straight. Today we used baby oil all over. It was 4 huge bottles poured all over me. I still haven’t even showered and I don’t know if that’s good or bad for my skin. (laughs) All I can say is that I really got a workout today. The sex was so long. It was 4 hours of hardcore sex. I give it my all because you have to be on and hope to be hired again. It was for Porn Pros who owns a bunch of different websites. They usually shoot me for Passion HD but this was for a new site called Fancy HD, I believe. Really glamorous, really pretty. The focus was on the oil and rubbing it ALL over and getting crazy with it. The oil was EVERYWHERE! It was really fun and I got to work with Danny Mountain again!

CJ: Is it weird performing with people much older than you?

Tasha: Um, I’ve always hooked up with older guys. My last boyfriend was almost 50 years old and I don’t have a problem with them.

CJ: Some days I hate going to work, I can only imagine to be someone who has to be “on” all the time. It must be challenging if you don’t feel 100% and you have to act like you’re really into a guy who you’re not attracted to and have to get pounded by him. How do you get thru it?

Tasha: I’m working on that right now. I can always be ‘on’ for the camera, because that’s my job but when you’re off camera but still on set, that’s the tough part. Because you don’t want to leave people with a bad impression of you just because you’re having a bad day or you have drama going on with your family or whatever. Sometimes it’s just hard to wake up in the morning. I just signed at a show in Atlantic City this weekend and I got home Tuesday at 3am and had school 4 hours later. So I was really tired. I was in school all day yesterday and worked until late at night getting ready for this scene. I had to take care of testing and everything else I had to take care of. So I was really tired this morning and I woke up and I wasn’t horny and didn’t want my body covered in lotion. I felt awful but then I realized I love my job and I love going to work. For me, my biggest thing is getting enough sleep. I work only a couple times a week and I make sure I get 8 hours of sleep. That way I can be on my A game.

CJ: I can only imagine a bed is the best place to work. What’s the worst place to film? A table? Stairs?

Tasha: I have short term memory with scenes because I feel like I’ve done a lot of them. But I’d have to say a table. All the accidents happen on tables. They either fall or they’re so uncomfortable. I just started doing anal and my last 2 anal scenes were on tables. I don’t understand that. Put me on a couch. Put me on a bed. Put me somewhere but I always get on a table. Taking it up the butt with a huge wiener and opening up and trying to look pretty and all that…we’re performers for a reason.

CJ: As a full-time student, with a lot of your classmates knowing your “day” job, you must get hit on a lot. How do you discern from someone who likes you just for the porn thing and wants a “notch” on his bedpost from someone who just likes you for you?

Tasha: I’m too overwhelmed with all the other stuff I have going on that I don’t even notice that. I’m focusing on life right now. I see a couple of different gentlemen and I go on dates and I hook up and I have fun. I think I’ll deal with that more when I’m retired and not so involved in my work life. I’ll be honest in what I did and it was fun and exciting and whoever’s with me will have to accept it. I hope, I don’t find someone who likes me just because of that because that would suck.

CJ: What is it like to go from a porn guy to a regular guy? Is a porn guy too big for you?

Tasha: No, unfortunately, porn guys are the perfect size for me. I don’t mind regular guys, I’m not a size queen. I’m not going to not be with someone because they don’t have a porn size penis. I enjoy sex with large wieners but I’ve had plenty of sex with guys with average size penises and I have no problem with it. I think sex can be just as good especially if you’re in an emotional relationship. Size just doesn’t matter at all.

CJ: You recently started your own production company, Reign Productions, in which you are the producer, director and star, why did you decide to take this step? And is it everything you’d hope it would be?

Tasha: I didn’t have expectations on the specifics as to how it would go. I just know that I did scene updates for my website, why not turn them into DVD’s that I could sell? That’s what I was thnking and that’s how I got into making one every other month. And I try to make myself the center of the focus because I like dealing with myself. I don’t mind working with other girls but it’s just easier because I know what I want to do and what I want to shoot. I don’t know, I have to sit down and think about where I want to go with this. I’m in it because I love it and I’m having fun with it. I like to be creative and I think porn can get monotonous if you don’t change it up. You go to the set, you work with the same companies, you work with the same guys…you give it your all and you have fun but I’m into growing. I’m doing well and I’m having fun so let’s make some movies. I like it, I enjoy all of the details but it can definitely be overwhelming. I don’t know the exact game plan but for right now I’m just having fun with my movies and coming up with new, fun concepts.

CJ: Where do you get the ideas for your movies?

Tasha: They just come to me. I love colors, I like shopping, I love makeup and girls and girl movies. I’m just influenced by whatever’s around me. If I think of a good idea or I have a sexual fantasy. I think my ideas are unique because it’s not like I’m making this long feature and I’m not totally gonzo and just sex. So, for me, I really love scenes with different themes so that everything flows a certain way. I think that aesthetics are one of the most important things in porn. I mean, everyone has their own reasons that they watch porn, some people watch it for the performance, which I think is extremely important, but you have to be pleased in what you’re looking at. So that’s what turns people on. It’s fun when I have complete control over the make-up and the wardrobe and all those things. I want to bring an element of girlyness to it because I feel men like that and also women.

CJ: Do you have a girl crush on Rikki Six? She’s in a lot of your movies.

Tasha: Yes, right now she’s my favorite adult performer. Of course, I like other girls but I just like girls with blonde hair and big tits! The typical California girl! (laughs).

CJ: That’s right up my alley! Being a performer who got into directing, does that make you have more empathy for the talent when you are directing them?

Tasha: More empathy than a director that hasn’t been a performer? Absolutely! I always feel like all directors should be performers. It just makes sense to me because it feels like they know what’s going on. There’s just so many aspects to it. But I think in the long run, it’s the performer’s job to realize that you’re not taping to just have sex with a person. You have to make a scene and you have to make it as good as you can make it. There’s a lot of people’s jobs and money on the line. It’s important to take it seriously but also to have fun with it. We were doing a girl/girl/girl/girl scene for Streaker Girls, I kind of felt there was that energy from the camera crew and I don’t like anybody bringing negative energy to the set. I don’t want to have bad attitudes or rough feelings. I want to make sure the guy’s have water and it’s not too hot for them because guy’s are so temperamental and have such a hard job. People don’t realize how difficult their job is. For director’s some times, it’s hard for them to think of that since they never performed.

CJ: When you are directing yourself in a scene, do you have to interrupt the scene more often to make sure the lighting and the angles are correct? Or does a cameraman or a co-director help you out?

Tasha; I like to make sure the camera guy knows exactly the vision that I have. I either show them old videos that I’m being influenced by or I explain the storyline so they have the exact storyline that I want. Other things I focus on are the costumes and the makeup. There are so many things. But I like to forus on the color correcting or lighting so that I see the photos. Because I think the lighter it is, the better the photos are. As for the lighting and the filming, I let the people running it go at it because that’s their niche. I try to learn from them in what they do and how I can be more of a help to them.

CJ: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Will you put your degree to use?

Tasha: I don’t know! I have so many ideas that I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing. I honestly feel like I’ll be a mom. I’d be happy just settling down and having a family. But I love working and I can really see myself behind the scenes. Maybe owning a company and finding new girls. Maybe I’ll get my master’s and be a psychologist. I have so many opportunities. I haven’t decided yet!

CJ: And what can the fans expect from Tasha Reign in the immediate future? What can we look forward to?

Tasha: Well, Brazzers has a ton of anal from me. I just did 5-6 scenes for them so that’ll be exciting for my fans. I’m not exactly sure. I want to get crazy. I just want to keep doing movies and scenes that my fans look forward to. I love interacting with them on social media and websites whether it’s my blog or my website. I feel like I’m a performer who doesn’t just perform. I want to reach out and be able to be personable and one-on-one.

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