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Captain Jack interviews Veruca James

When I first started doing interviews a couple of weeks ago, one of the first people I targeted was Veruca James. She is a dynamo sexually and the girl really enjoys her job. You can tell that if you just witness her in action once! She is as down to earth and genuine as you could hope for. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed talking to her.

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Captain Jack: I know you worked as an accountant, what was the typical work day like? Is it as boring as everyone thinks it is?

Veruca James: Yes and no. Yes, it’s boring because you’re at a desk all day but no because I was a Financial Auditor and I worked with clients all day and as part of a team. So I feel I had one of the best types of accounting jobs because it involved so much interaction with people whereas other accounting jobs are more solitary. So I was constantly working with either people on my team or my clients. And because of the nature of audits, there are deadlines set by the SEC as to when they have to file their financial statements. Whenever you are on a job, you have a set window of time that you have to complete it. So, depending on whether things go smoothly, which they never do, things can get pretty hectic. There’s a lot of pressure and tight deadlines and things like that. So it wasn’t boring, per se’, but I felt you did a lot of work that was kind of pointless.

CJ: So how did you make the jump into the adult industry? That’s quite a career change!

Veruca: I had a friend who had done some stuff with Burning Angel. And Burning Angel, it’s not really full-time performers, it’s just girls coming to fly out every so often. And I was shocked by that and thought it was pretty crazy. At the same time, I thought it was pretty cool because it wasn’t really a lifestyle change. It’s just something you can do and try out. I’ve always been an exhibitionist and very sexual so I thought it’s be pretty cool to have sex on camera and try it out without having to worry about it. To me, I thought it was less risky than performing on a mainstream porn site. Burning Angel is alt so the chances of anyone I know seeing it are probably slim to none. And if anyone saw it, they’d probably be more embarrassed to admit to watching it. So I tried it out and I loved it! So then I thought I’d try a couple more things and I applied to some amateur stuff that features first timers. Once I started performing more frequently, I kind of got to the point where I realized I hate my job so much. I spend so much of my time dedicated to tasks that I think are pointless. And essentially servicing a big corporate master. There was so much stress that was unnecessary due to stupid office bullshit. Be it politics or filling out paperwork that you have to do for stupid legal reasons that will probably never, ever come to fruition. And I realized that I was wasting my youth being miserable. I have my degree and I have my resume and you can’t ever take that away from me so I can always fall back on that. So I decided to quit and give it a shot and see where it goes. So I quit and I cammed full time for awhile. I continued to pursue shooting more and more. So I quit my job in November, then in February or March of 2012, I was coming out here to shoot for Burning Angel again and also for Lee Roy Meyers for Brazzers. And everyone was asking me if I was going to get an agent. I had applied to some on-line but I never heard back from anyone. They didn’t like that I was continuing to live in Chicago and I wasn’t willing to move until I had something solid. Everyone on set told me I should get with Mark Spiegler! I thought that would be amazing but what are the chances that that would actually happen? I’m brand new, I don’t even live here yet. But you don’t say ‘no’ to Mark. He’s the best agent in porn but he had a huge waiting list. Luckily, I met a make-up artist who was good friends with him. She told him that he has to meet this girl, she’s an accountant, she’s smart, she’s a great performer… Everything fell into place for me with the right people at the right time. I met with Mark and I told him that if he’ll work with me, I’ll move out here as soon as my lease is up. That was June and I’ve been with him ever since.

CJ: Does your family or friends know what you do? How about your former co-workers?

Veruca: Both my parents are deceased and I don’t have any siblings. So the only person is my grandma. And I don’t really think it’s appropriate to explain to a 75-year old woman about porn. So I keep good contact with her and she thinks I’m still in accounting. For her, as long as I’m happy and healthy, that’s all she really cares about. Some friends know what I do and some were supportive and some weren’t. I’m pretty sure that a majority of my former co-workers know because I ended up on an actual accounting website. So that was interesting.

CJ: Do you think it was an advantage for you getting into the industry when you were a little bit older as opposed to 18?

Veruca: I absolutely think it does. If you’re a little bit older and have some adult experience being responsible and taking care of yourself, it definitely gives a better perspective on a lot of situations. I have a better understanding on the decision I made. I actually wonder how girls can get into it at 18. I think that’s way too young to be making such a life altering decision and not having any other experience. Maybe that’s what they always wanted to do and good for them but maybe they’re also just 18 and they’re making a decision to change their life. And they don’t completely understand and grasp the consequences. So I think it definitely helped because I’m an adult and I worked in business. So I know how to be professional. I know how to talk to people and I’m reliable. I know directors definitely appreciate that.

CJ: How did you come up with your name?

Veruca: Veruca is from Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka. I kind of had the name before porn. People think it’s kind of weird but I got it when I first started using Twitter about a year before I started. My boyfriend used to tease me that I was really, really bratty and threw temper tantrums about getting what I want. So he told me that I’m like a little Veruca Salt so when I got my twitter name it kind of just stuck. Yeah, I’m a little Veruca. And James came from my fiance’. I liked the way Veruca James sounded.

CJ: The first time you ever shot a scene, was it overwhelming for you? Were you intimidated?

Veruca: I think the very first time, the hardest part for me was the tease. I was standing there and my first scene was with Mick Blue. The director told me to be seductive and sexy. I had literally met Mick like 30 seconds beforehand and I didn’t know what to do! It was awkward and I was uncomfortable. I thought if you want to fuck, let’s fuck, that’s fine! But asking me to seduce a complete stranger…that was honestly the hardest part. As soon as we got to the sex and actual physical contact, that was completely easy and more natural. And obviously learning to position for the camera, that’s something you develop with time.

CJ: How long did it take you to reach that comfort level?

Veruca: I think it came pretty quickly. Once I realized that professional performers are so used to this and it’s so common, I began to think of it as for the camera and less for the performer. Performers don’t really need to be seduced because they’re there to have sex anyways. So once you realize you’re doing it to the camera, you can fill your head and personalize it. It doesn’t really matter if the other person likes you or not. (laughs). It didn’t really take that long. I also got more comfortable on set. I became more flirty and was more my self, which helped a lot. I came from a business background and they are sooo over-the-top crazy about sexual harassment and stuff. Hell, you’re even worried about complimenting somebody.

CJ: Now that you’ve been around for awhile, what’s the typical day like on a porn set?

Veruca: It varies so much from set to set and director to director. A typical gonzo scene will take from 4 to 6 hours. That’s when you show up, you do make up, you do pretty girls, you do sex stills, you do the tease and you have sex. Features are all day things. They can take 18 hours. Then, sometimes multiple days. They have so much dialogue, that sex is an afterthought. They know you’re going to have sex anyways, so the dialogue takes longer. So many other things can come into play because it’s not just sex. I don’t think I’ve been on a gonzo set for longer than 8 hours. It depends on if everyone shows up on time or if the director wants something very specific. Whereas sometimes you just show up and you do what you do; have sex.

CJ: You’ve done mostly gonzo work are you looking to get more into features?

Veruca: I would absolutely love to do more features. They just don’t shoot as many. It’s not like it would be anyone’s bread and butter because they don’t shoot as many but I would love to do more.

CJ: Is being a porn star easier or harder than it looks?

Veruca: I think once you get used to it, it becomes a lot more natural. In the beginning, I would be so sore in my muscles from the different positions because you’re bending and twisting into different positions that you wouldn’t do at any other point in your life unless you’re having sex on camera. So, now, it’s more natural. My body is used to falling into the right positions and angles. So it’s more fluid and it’s not actually something I think about any longer. I honestly think the hardest job is the guys. They’re the ones who have to stay hard, no matter what, no matter what mood. The girls? They can take it all day long. If we’re having a bad day or we’re not liking it or anything like that, as long as you’re putting on a good performance, nobody is going to know. If the guy had something happen earlier in the day or doesn’t feel like having sex that day, he might struggle and there’s nothing you can do about that.

CJ: I would assume a bed is the most comfortable place to shoot a scene, what’s the most uncomfortable place?

Veruca: Oh, man! If porn was actually shot in beds, that would be amazing! We always joke that the most random place to have sex is a bed but no one wants to shoot in one! the most uncomfortable? I had sex outside in the dirt. That was not fun. I was also in zombie makeup and had contacts in so you couldn’t even see. I also had sex in an actual metal shop where they cut metal. On a big giant shop table with metal shavings all over the ground so you can’t get down. Or if you’re on a slab of concrete, it never feels that great.

CJ: Is it weird or strange being with men that are a lot older than you?

Veruca: I think at first it was a little weird because I had never had sex with anybody as old as some of the guys in porn that had been around for awhile. I became fine with it pretty quickly. And now, I almost prefer it because the veteran performers are so great. They have so much experience and they’re so easy to work with. If a new young guy comes on set, he might be hot but more than likely there’s going to be some difficulty with him.

CJ: When you were with Tim Von Swine in Jerkoff Material 9, you said a couple times that you had a fetish for old, fat men. I know that’s just a porn thing, but it got me going because I’m an old, fat man.

Veruca: (Laughs). I loved it. Tim said “Say whatever you want, I am bulletproof.” I said, alright, this will work. It was so much fun! Honestly, Tim is so much fun to work with. He’s not the typical guy that I would go on a date with but between his personality and he’s got a big dick and he knows how to use it, hey, I have no problem!

CJ: Your deep throat skills are simply amazing. I’ve never seen anyone swallow Von Swine so easily as you did.

Veruca: I guess I’ve had that talent my whole life! When I was younger, I used to swallow spaghetti, swallow it all the way down then pull it back up. People used to say, “why don’t you gag?” And I don’t know why but I never have! And now that I’m in porn, I realize it’s a skill! And my fiance’, now that I’ve been in it for awhile, he says I’m getting even better. I don’t think there’s any way that I can gag because my throat is a little bit more stretched.

CJ: One thing that I’ve really noticed about you is that you just really have a good time. In my review for Sport Fucking 10 with Erik Everhard, I mentioned that I never saw anyone giggle as much as you did during that scene. How much of that is performance and how much is just letting loose?

Veruca: Pretty much, it’s all genuine. Every once in awhile, I’ll go through a difficult scene but I’m doing this because I love it. I’m just naturally a happy person. So when I perform, I just try to get lost in the sex. So when you see Veruca having sex, that’s pretty much how I have sex. I don’t put in as much effort all the time at home, (laughs) we all get lazy sometimes. But typically it’s all the same. The performance is more about the exhibitionism, it’s about being watched. I really like being watched and being filmed. So it’s genuine. In that particular scene, Erik is so crazy on the clit and I’m so sensitive! I don’t know if I was screaming from ecstasy or if I felt like I was actually going to explode!

CJ: When you first got into the industry, you started doing anal almost immediately. Some girls, they advise then to wait a bit so there’s something else they can add later. Do you have any regrets?

Veruca: For me, I don’t regret it. Actually, my very first scene was anal so I literally went all at it. When I did my first scene, I wasn’t anticipating a porn career, I did it because I wanted to. They asked me if I wanted to do anal. I wasn’t sure. She asked if I did it in my personal life. Yes. Do I enjoy it? Yes. Then she told me that we get a little bit extra so I was like, “Hey! If I’m going to do a scene and it’s going to be with a professional, this is probably going to be pretty fucking awesome!” So, my first scene was coming from a different kind of place but now that my career has progressed, I’m not 18, I have a little bit more experience, so it doesn’t really bother me. If I started when I was 18 and this was going to be a decade long career, I could see spacing it out. But for me, this is kind of just how I am. I don’t think it’s really affected me.

CJ: I’ve seen you mostly in boy/girl but I know you’ve done some girl/girl. Were you into girls before you joined the industry?

Veruca: I actually do a ton of girl/girl. I’ve gone entire months with all girl/girl shoots. And I love girls and I always have. I banged girls before I ever did porn.

CJ: You swallow a lot in your scenes. Is that where you prefer the pop?

Veruca: I like the pop in my mouth or the pussy, but I don’t do creampie on camera.

CJ: Do you like bukakes or is it just part of the job?

Veruca: I love getting loads. It’s like a prize to me. A prize for a job well done. A treat to know I was great!

CJ: Have you ever been about to orgasm and the director yells cut or something like that? Will he let you nut and then do what he has to do?

Veruca: I suppose it has happened before, but it’s not common. The directors are interested in our pleasure. But if I’m cumming, the scene is most likely going well and the director wouldn’t need to cut.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Veruca: I love doggie and mish.

CJ: How often are you recognized in public?

Veruca: When I was in Chicago, it was a little bit more because it’s a smaller community of people. I think I’ve only been recognized once or twice out here. I got recognized out on the street going to the bank and one other time at a festival.

CJ: Are they pretty respectful to you?

Veruca: When it’s just on the street, like the guy at the bank, he was respectful but almost kind of shy. They called out “Veruca James” and I was looking around and we finally made eye contact. He was “I’m so sorry to bother you.” But I was very flattered. It was very nice and sweet.

CJ: What does a porn star do on her days off?

Veruca: Cleaning my apartment and taking care of laundry. It’s a never ending supply of laundry because I’m shooting all the time. As for fun stuff, I have a pool at my building and we have people over for barbecues. I love to eat and drink!

CJ: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Veruca: I want this to last as long as I am having fun doing it. So it’s hard to put a number on that. As long as I’m enjoying performing, I will do it forever! But eventually, I’d love to have my own thing. Right now, Damon and I have our own web series on We write all our own skits and we direct them. It’s a blend of Veruca and me in my personal life. What our life is actually like and I love that. We still get paid to do it, which is awesome. I would like to develop on that and continue making our own stuff. Hopefully, eventually, we can hire our own friends that we want to work with and then we can have sex with them too!

CJ: What new projects do you have coming up? What can your fans look forward to?

Veruca: We have some really, really awesome Woodrocket bits coming up. We’re going into the desert, we’re going to Vegas at the end of next week. We’re going to do a Fourth of July skit. I have an American flag one piece and we’re going to shoot guns and fireworks and have sex in the desert! It’s going to kind of crazy. We’re going to shoot more skits in Vegas now that Lee Roy Meyers is part of Woodrocket. He has a studio there. I also have a Vivid movie coming out. And I have scenes that were directed by James Deen and Kimberly Kane.

CJ: Finally, you get pretty wild on camera including blowbangs. Are there any gangbangs in your future? Or would you like to do one?

Veruca: I have my first one on May 21st actually! For Kink, 5 guys!! I’m super excited about it!!!!

CJ: Any double anal?

Veruca: No two in one hole for me, but DP for sure!

CJ: Thank you, Veruca. You were totally awesome and so down to earth. It was a pleasure to talk with you!

Veruca: Thank you! You’ve been so pleasant to talk with.

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