Romi Rain: The Best Year Yet!

Captain Jack interviews Romi Rain

I first interviewed Romi when she was rather new to the industry. We have talked every year since then and have developed a nice friendship. I think she is one of the best performers in the industry and most people agree with me. With the year coming to an end, I had to get our annual chat in! We talked about her past year and what the future holds!

Romi Rain

Captain Jack: Time for our annual interview! How has the last year gone for you? I was disappointed you weren’t nominated by AVN for Performer of the Year. I thought you put out some damn good scenes.

Romi Rain: Thank you. Personally, I think this is my most successful year yet. I’m the happiest I’ve been. This was a very establishing year for me. I’ve had really cool scenes and movies come out. I’ve had showcases and series and my first sex toy, The Fleshlight, came out. It was a big, awesome deal. I relaunched my website! I’ve feature danced all over the country… I’ve been busy. At least in my opinion, it’s been one of my best years. I can’t complain. Things are going well! I just didn’t get that nomination. It’s almost nicer when other people bring it up to you that they think you deserved it. It’s way better for people to think you deserve something and didn’t get it than to get something that you didn’t deserve.

CJ: You did win the Inked Awards Performer of the Year!

Romi: I did! That was awesome! This was actually the second year in a row that I won that but it was the first time I got to go to the Inked Awards. And my first Exxxotica too, actually. Deadly Rain won two awards and I won Performer of the Year, which is awesome! So some people like me! XBiz nominated me for Performer of the Year, so I can’t complain.

CJ: So before you got into porn, you were a stripper. Now you’re feature dancing. How many times a month do you go on the road?

Romi: It depends. We’re booked pretty well in advance. Sometimes it’s a month or two but sometimes it’s 6 months in advance. I try to work that out so I have one, maybe two, a month. I think more than two, you get pretty exhausted just from all the travel. In 2016, I danced in more clubs than I ever have before. I think I danced at 13 different US clubs. There were a few months that I danced at two different clubs. I think once was even 3. It’s a lot of fun! I definitely thought back to when I was 19 and the house dancer and now I’m the headlining feature dancer, the porn chick. It’s pretty cool. Go from working at the club to being the headliner at the club is kind of cool. I can’t complain. It’s hard work, it’s tiring. Travel is tiring but it’s a lot of fun. I really like it. I’m engaged when meeting my fans.

CJ: It’s legendary for rock stars to forget what city they’re in because they travel so much. Do you sometimes get confused about what city you’re in?

Romi: Sometimes, especially when you have to do layovers. That’s why I hate layovers because I think it confuses you and takes you out of the loop a little bit. It’s funny. It’s hard when you’re in several states in a month. In November, I feature danced once, in Pittsburgh. Then the week before that, I was in New Jersey for Exxxotica. So I was in California, then Jersey, then California again, then Pittsburgh, then back to California, then to Boston visiting family and then back. So when you’re in 5 or 6 different states in a month, that kind of throws you off a little bit.

Romi Rain

CJ: Now, every city has different rules as far as nudity and touching and wardrobe goes, do the clubs send you the laws for their community once you are confirmed?

Romi: Usually. They usually tell you the important things in the contract. But I usually ask to be safe. They usually tell you, also, as soon as you get there. They’ll tell you if they’re topless or full nude or if they have liquor in the club, or no liquor. How close and far away you have to be from other girls and what you can and can’t do on stage. Some are very strict. If it’s topless only, you can’t do anything remotely sexual. And then in other clubs, you can be fully nude and practically have a mini-masturbation show on stage if you wanted to! So there’s definitely different rules in every city. It’s interesting to know what’s ok and what’s not ok. Usually, if they can have feature entertainers, it’s a nicer club, usually more upscale. They’re not too grungy.

CJ: You also have a new Fleshlight!

Romi: It’s really awesome! Like I said, this year has been kind of a solidification year. It’s made me legit. I remember talking to you two years ago, I didn’t even consider myself a pornstar yet. Everybody says, ‘When can I do that?’ Then I got nominated for POTY the first time and it was like, ‘Whoa!’ Usually, when you get nominated for that, you can call yourself a pornstar! Yeah, but now I feel like I’m finally official! It’s having a sex toy! Some people might not want to wait that long but it makes me feel good about my place in the industry. I cemented myself a little bit here so I won’t be so easily forgotten about. It’s what I really wanted so I feel flattered and happy and excited that I’m reaching the milestones that I set for myself. I just wanted to be successful and be good at what I did! When they make a mold of your vagina, it must be good I guess. (laughs)

CJ: Does it ever cross your mind that there are men around the country fucking your holes?

Romi: I guess when you think about it in that sense. It’s flattering and it’s part of the fantasy. Even when people watch my movies, people ask me if it’s weird when they watch them. No because I’m having the sex that people wish they could have. It’s a fantasy. It’s what I do, it’s not just me watching down the street getting Starbucks. It’s bedroom Romi-style. I want people to do that. It’s my sextoy. I want them to buy it and go home and fuck it.

CJ: How was it getting fitted for the toy? Was it wax?

Romi: It’s not really like wax, I think it’s more like mini-plaster. It’s like jelly foam stuff that dries and fits. It’s kind of like special effects makeup in that sense. I had my legs behind my head and a couple of guys pour it on. It’s mold and they plastered it on there and they let it dry. Then they popped it off…it’s pretty neat! You have to lie there for 15 minutes. It’s really cool then they contour it around your lady bits and they pop it off and they have a nice little mold of you. People ask if it’s really me, yes it is, I really sat there and got molded for it. It’s as close as you can get, really.

CJ: When we went out for coffee last year, you mentioned your friendship with Abigail Mac. I saw you two in a couple of scenes together. How is it working with a friend? Is it better? Or is there more pressure because you really want to satisfy her?

Romi: I wouldn’t say there’s more pressure, it’s more relaxing in the sense that we know each other and you know that you can really do whatever comes to mind and whatever happens in the moment. That’s a comforting thing too. We know each other, we know we can come at each other a little bit. It depends on how you look at it. It’s nice having that familiarity, I like that in general, that’s why I like working with some of the same people. You like each other and you’ve grown to know what each other likes and it’s an easier thing. Then again, the newness can be fun too. It’s about chemistry, I’m always about chemistry. I like working with people I have good chemistry with. I think one of our scenes is nominated this year, our Ghostbusters threeway.

Romi Rain

CJ: Is it ever weird getting intimate with a friend in front of the camera?

Romi: Not really. It’s our jobs, in that sense. We’ve worked together so many times, especially when we were both getting to know each other. We actually did more scenes in our first couple of years when we were building our sites. We’ve done way more scenes before than lately! It’s more familiarity and we know what each other is talking about. We do the same things but we’re not the same kind of characters in a sense. We do slightly different kinds of work so when we come together, it’s like a meeting of the minds.

CJ: Let’s talk about lesbian sex. When working with a girl, do you like toys involved or do you prefer for it to just be the two of you.

Romi: I think it’s good to have toys as an option but you don’t need them. And I think most women would say that most lesbian sex doesn’t involve strap-ons. I think strap-ons are more of a male fantasy of lesbians. Usually. And if toys are involved, it’s more like vibrators or a basic dildo. You don’t need too much.

CJ: What’s your favorite part of a woman?

Romi: I’m more of a total package. I always say it starts with the face. If I had to pick one part of the body, I would say head up. A pretty face and nice hair, that helps. Then I like a good shape. I like the all around. I like boobs and butt… I like the shape of a woman.

CJ: Now that you’re a veteran, how do you handle working with a girl who is not really into girls?

Romi: I haven’t really had that too much in a while. I usually know who I’m going to work with in advance so I can look them up. Usually, the girls I get, knock on wood, are excited to be there. And maybe because I’m a little bit of a veteran, people that know of me know that I’m going to fuck you if you’re in a scene with me. In a good way! If we’re in a scene together, I’m not going to be mean to you, it’s going to be fun. We’re going to fuck. We’re going to have the sex that people wish they could have. That’s what we’re here for. I think a lot of people appreciate that. I don’t get too many people that don’t seem to want to have a good day. Because I want to have a good day. I always joke that I’m trying to make it easy on you. I’m doing the best I can over here. The best I can do is want to fuck you so let’s do this! So maybe I’m lucky in that sense.

CJ: Now, lets talk about anal sex. I like how you’re doing it. You don’t give us too much but you still do it to leave your fans wanting more.

Romi: I don’t want to overshoot just anal. I want it to be good scenes and worth it. And working with good people and for good people. I want them to be fun. I don’t want to crank out 50 anal scenes just because I do anal now. To be honest, I like DP scenes. I like it more than just anal. But those have to be good scenes too. People ask why I don’t shoot more of those but those have to be worked out, days have to be figured out and people have to be figured out. I want it to be a good day so you have to put some thought into it. Those don’t usually happen overnight.

CJ: Also, people don’t realize that not only do you have to have chemistry with the two guys, the guys have to have chemistry with each other.

Romi: Absolutely. I always say that the more people you have on a set, the more you have to worry in general. There’s more going on…more personalities, more bodies, people have to like each other, the body parts have to work on the same level. (laughs) I care about that kind of stuff so it does matter to me. We’re all feeling good and on our A games. I like really hardcore scenes. It just has to work out and be right. And people always ask about the gangbang. I think I’ll probably do at least one in my career, it seems like something I would do. (laughs)

Romi Rain

CJ: On the Mason thread on ADT, I think you are the most requested girl as far as her next gangbang movie goes.

Romi: She hasn’t offered it to me yet. I think if Mason called me and said she’d be done to do it, I’d consider it. Why not? I want to. I think it’d be fun to test my limits and boundaries. I didn’t realize that was a highly requested thing! That’s true in all aspects of this industry. People have to request girls to different directors or even to different clubs, that’s how you get me there.

CJ: Would you consider doing a double vag or double anal?

Romi: Maybe, probably. I think if we’re already going gangbang style, you almost have to go gangbusters in a way. There are always limits to everything. But I wouldn’t go into it saying I wouldn’t do that. It depends how many penises are involved. What constitutes a gangbang? That’s my question to you. I don’t think it’s 3, I think it’s more than that.

CJ: I think it’s five.

Romi: That’s what I thought because I don’t think it’s four either.

CJ: Some companies shoot gangbangs with 4 guys but I think it has to be 5. You mentioned directing before, are you fishing for a directing job or if it happens, it happens?

Romi: I talked to a few different people about it but I don’t think I’m ready yet. I don’t really have time. But in 2017, it’s definitely something I want to get my hands dirty a little bit more. I have done a little directing for my website but I haven’t directed for any other company and I’d like to try.

CJ: If/when you direct, would you do boy/girl, girl/girl or what?

Romi: I would do a little bit of everything. I would at least do one or two of different things. I want to try everything. You should be able to direct everything if you’re a director, right?

CJ: Finally, you mentioned that you relaunched your website.

Romi: It was relaunced with Crush Girls and Model Centro. I like it a lot more in the sense that I have more control over it. I get to edit things and upload things myself. I get to interact with my fans, which is really great. They can send me messages and comment on scenes. Let me know what their favorite scenes are, likes, dislikes, message me. I can write blogs. It’s really cool. There are a lot of extra features that are really nice in general.

CJ: And what’s your social media?

Romi: On Twitter, I’m @Romi_Rain. Instagram is @RomiRain. Snapchat is @theromirain. Website is Fleshlight is at See me at the Adult Entertainment Expo in January. I’ll be there all 3 days signing for Brazzers, Model Centro and Fleshlight. Signing schedule to come soon. And wish me luck at the awards this year!

Romi Rain

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