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Romi Rain Talks with Captain Jack

Romi is one of the nicest women in the industry. She was one of my first interviews and we have remained friendly ever since. In fact, we have done an annual interview and this is the 5th time we have talked. Romi always has interesting things to say and we discussed her 2017 and what’s in store in 2018.

Romi Rain XXX Wonder Woman

Captain Jack: You recently got cast as Wonder Woman in Axel Braun’s Justice League XXX. What was the audition process like?

Romi Rain: The interesting thing is that when Justice League auditions were happening this past April, I was in the UK shooting Queen of Thrones for Brazzers. That was actually booked two months in advance and it came out that auditions were being held on my travel day back. It was like Day 10 of my trip and I was like, ‘Fuck, I’m not going to make it! There’s no way!’ I told Sandra and Anthony and friends at OC Modeling and told them that I really wanted to do this; I really wanted the opportunity and I really wanted the chance to see if I’m good at this or not. The fact is, you don’t know and I’m the type of person who wants to prove it to myself, either yea or nay. Just give me the opportunity! We all know it’s kind of hard to get your way in there when it comes to big movies and features, especially when you haven’t worked with certain people. I had never really worked with Axel on this level. I said that I’d send in a video if I need to, just as long as you can promise me that he’ll actually look at it. He emailed me back and said to send in a video. But we had to do it fast because they had a ton of people at the auditions and wanted to make a decision. I fly back and I don’t get home until literally midnight after a 10 hour flight. I passed out at 3 in the morning and I get the email when I wake up from that mini-nap. I literally jumped out of bed and shot it at 5 in the morning. I pulled my hair back, put on black eye shadow and, what a lot of people don’t know, is that I auditioned for Wonder Woman as well but the main one I sent in was actually for Batwoman. Not because I wanted to be Batwoman but because they’re really going to be eyeing me and they’re going to be judging me pretty harshly and I wanted them to see that I could do more than they even think. I’m not afraid to try new things. They knew I wanted Wonder Woman but the main audition that I worked hard on and sent in was Batwoman. I brought out a switch blade which I use as a prop, I put on a unitard and I didn’t know if it was that good but I tried. I gave it energy and I teared up, I made myself cry and did what I could do and it’s a 45 second audition. I sent it in before 7 in the morning and promptly passed out.

I didn’t wake up until about 1 in the afternoon and I got 6 text messages and 3 missed calls from my agent, ‘Axel actually watched it and he loved it and he wants to meet you!’ ‘Are you serious? I don’t believe it! Pictures or it didn’t happen!’ (laughs) I was supposed to fly out and feature dance that weekend so I changed my flight to take a redeye so I could go meet Axel and do a one-on-one audition/in-person interview. I think he was even more convinced when he saw me in person. He said he loved my audition and was very impressed. I really went in there with the intention of selling myself. What I exactly said to him was ‘Give me the opportunity to fail! I promise I won’t!’ I was hitting the table with my fist and he got a kick out of it. He said, ‘I thought you’d be really great before I came in here but now I don’t know if I can NOT cast you.’ Good! That’s great! And I told him, ‘Please, even if it’s not me, give it to somebody who wants it!’ That matters, someone who cares and will give it their all. I took it very, very seriously and I really went after it. Then I found out officially the next day and it was pretty intense. I realized how big it was too with the amount of people who responded once I got the Wonder Woman role. XRCO was right after that and everyone was coming up to congratulate me. It’s kind of a trip. I’m super grateful because it is the role of my career. I honestly never thought I would get a chance to star in an Axel Braun Wicked feature. It’s intense, I can’t believe every year it gets a little bit better. I’m going to keep working at it!

CJ: When you sent in the audition tape, did you have lines to read from a script or did you just make something up?

Romi: There were lines. Each character had a decent amount of lines, at least a couple of pages. For Wonder Woman, her lines were the ending monologue in the movie. It was pretty intense, there was a lot to go through. He left it up to your interpretation of the lines so you could be happy and sad and angry and I took it more into the intense route. I played her a little bit wild, I suppose. There were no props needed but I thought props could help so I’d be memorable.

CJ: So you were in Justice League XXX and now you’re going to do Batwoman XXX. Are you signed for any more sequels or spinoffs?

Romi: I’m not signed for anything but, knock on wood, until I fail him miserably, hopefully I’m at least Wonder Woman in the Axelverse, as he calls it until further notice. So, yes, I’m reprising my role in Batwoman XXX and Charlotte Stokely is Batwoman and Aiden Ashley will be Catwoman again.

CJ: Do you prefer acting or gonzo?

Romi: I love both for different reasons. They are completely different days from what I tell people. I think it all depends on the circumstance. I’m excited for both. You and I used to always joke because I wasn’t getting attention for feautres because I did gonzo. And why didn’t people give gonzo girls a chance because they like having sex! Sex is the meat and potatoes of porn, you should be good at sex! I think sex is important and the passion and chemistry of it. Because of that, it allowed me to explore the different sides of me and see what other skills I can hone and play with. I like them both in their own ways on specific days. If it’s a really cool setup and people I love working with and the chemistry is great, there’s nothing that can beat really good sex all day. If we’re talking about characters like this where I get to be a strong, powerful female, that’s really amazing too because it’s more rare, to be honest. We were talking about that in the Batwoman auditions yesterday. Somebody was writing an article and said that people came in and were really nervous. Why is that? My answer was because there are not a lot of auditions in porn. And if there are, a lot of times, it’s just ‘take off your clothes’ like when you’re new and go on ‘go sees’. But to come in and audition… Axel doesn’t ask you to get naked, he doesn’t ask to see your naked body. He wants to see if you can connect to the character and if you want to do the job, he asks if you’re ok with long hours and uncomfortable costumes and will study your dialogue and care about your character. That’s what he wants and that is really rare. In all honesty, people do care about sex appeal and what you’ll do sexually on camera. But for somebody to read and speak and believe in yourself, that’s almost the rare part.

Romi Rain

CJ: Now you were on the other side of the audition process, sitting in on the Batwoman auditions. Did you give your feedback to Axel?

Romi: He actually really did care what me and Charlotte and Aiden thought, which was really awesome. We did all give feedback privately afterwards of who we thought fit certain characters and why. I was really appreciative and excited. Like I said, all I care about really is that they want to be there and are excited to do the job. Extra points if they actually like comic books and super heroes and all that fun stuff. If they have good energy is #1 to me. I want to work with people who want to work. So I definitely gave my 2 cents and was pleasantly surprised. Axel definitely does care about our feedback, which is awesome, because not a lot of directors care about that either.

CJ: You’ve visited Europe a while ago to shoot a series of scenes. What is the main difference between the European style of shooting and the U.S. Style?

Romi: To be honest, I didn’t really shoot for too many Euro companies. When I went over to the UK, I was working on a Brazzers feature, The Queen of Thrones. So, for me, it was relatively similar. Everyone was super professional. I think it was just a slightly different vibe because you’re in a whole new world. I honestly didn’t work for any of the Euro companies yet like Legal Porno or Dorcel. I am kind of thinking about it / planning on it, another Euro trip in 2018. I definitely want to work for Dorcel and friends at least once.

CJ: Your long black hair is almost a trademark of you. Any chance to change the look?

Romi: I don’t know! I think about it from time-to-time. I used to have my whole head purple when I was 20, 21, not a crazy neon purple but a nice dark purple. I did dye play with it back when I was a teenager but my hair is really healthy and really nice and soft so even when I have these dirty little fantasies of going bleach blonde, I think I would regret destroying my hair. Most people that I interact with like makeup artists and hair stylists say I have 3 feet of natural, soft, straight hair. I think other people would murder me if I changed it. I love to switch it up a little bit. Obviously, I’m not afraid of body modifications or whatever but I like my hair. I think my hair is a little bit too me. I think it’d be like if someone asked me to take off my nails.

CJ: Your tattoos are also a trademark. Will you get more?

Romi: Yeah, probably. I don’t know if I’ll necessarily cover myself from head to toe by the end of the world but I do want to finish my back a little bit more. I’m sure a couple little ones here and there. My newest tattoo was the lightning bolt on my right hand, middle finger, and I got that one in the UK.

CJ: When did you get your first one?

Romi: I got the first one when I was 18 and it was the paws on my leg. Fun fact, the girl who did it ended up being my girlfriend in my threeway relationship.

Romi Rain porn

CJ: What’s your favorite part of a woman?

Romi: I think women actually kiss a little better than men do. Women have really good lips and I love the hip to thigh ratio, the curve goes in then out. When a women sits down, how her waist goes in and her thighs and butt form a pair shape. I also love a really nice smile, a really pretty, wide smile. I like that. I like sensual passionate girls that like fucking me. (laughs)

CJ: So far, a couple of airtights and blowbangs are the most extreme things you’ve done in porn. Any intentions to push the envelope even further?

Romi: I don’t necessarily want to do things just to say I did things. I do like DPs and air tights and I want to do a couple more of those. Like I said before, I can see myself doing a gangbang before my career is over, before I stop shooting for other people. I just want it to be a good scene and a good story like Romi and Michelle’s High School Reunion and I have my first gangbang at the reunion at the end. That would be awesome! Or an alien invasion gangbang where I’m lost in the woods and aliens come down and I get fucked by all of them. Or a blowbang. That would make a good blowbang. It’s hard to get a group together. It’s hard to get 5 really good guys that you want to fuck in a gangbang. People don’t like mentioning that but that’s one of the reason I don’t shoot more air tights and DPs…not a lot of guys do airtights and DPs. Sometimes it’s just a hard thing to set up. I like anal. I prefer DPs over anal because I think the stimulation is even better so I’m definitely down. I do want to do a gangbang and do more intense stuff but it has to be the right time and place.

CJ: Do you consider yourself more a sexy nerd or a dirty diva?

Romi: It depends on the day. Nerd in the streets, diva in the sheets. I like to be naughty and wild in the bedroom. I think my interests are kind of geeky and that’s what throws people off. I do like connection and passion and intense sex and deep thoughts and dirty, crazy, wild shit but my hobbies and activities include things like Netflix TV series or video games or comic books or exercise or waking up early. So, yes and no. I also don’t stand for a bully and I don’t like to party. I have standards for not only my life but for my body. And that includes sexuality. I think that throws people off because I do dirty scenes and I believe in sexuality and I get wilder. But, at the same time, I’ve always been open from Day 1 that chemistry matters, the way you talk to me matters, how you treat me matters. I’m like the little slut with expectations.

CJ: What other big projects are in the work for 2018?

Romi: There is going to be some really cool stuff coming out and I’m going to be working on my own stuff. I’m getting a little bit better with shooting and editing. You’re definitely going to see an influx of me getting better at creating content. And I’m excited about that too because then I’m more involved in the writing and the visual aspects. I love good cinematography, I’m a very visual person. Obviously, verbal too but I love a good visual and as performers and, especially, sexually, it’s all about the visual. I definitely have plans for evolution and growth.

CJ: And, once again, your social media accounts!

Romi: On Twitter, I’m @Romi_Rain. Instagram is @RomiRain. Snapchat is @theromirain. Only Fans is onlyfans/romi_rain. I am on my Sexy Auctions to sell my items and worn lingerie. I’m on Many Vids and also I also got a new Kiiroo, I’m a Kiiroo girl which is in conjunction with Fleshlight. It’s the world’s top motorized masturbator.

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