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Captain Jack Coffee Talk with Romi Rain

This is a unique interview for me. I was in Los Angeles a week ago and I had the opportunity to meet Romi for coffee. We talked for 2 hours but I only started recording a half hour into the conversation. This was a very good conversation. I edited down my comments because no one cares what I have to say, this is all about Romi. I had another appointment to get to otherwise I could have spent another 2 hours with her. Thanks for the coffee, Romi. I hope to do it again!

Romi Rain

Working with a wide variety of people

I love the anticipation of being able to ravage the often very sexy person in front me in just a matter of minutes. It really is a big turn on. I love the dynamics and chemistry. I’m really a person who thinks that matters in porn. Again, you’re not trying to fall in love but you have to like what you’re doing and appreciate the other person as well because they are giving you their bodies. Attitudes matter. I don’t have a lot of negativity about who I will and won’t work with but, again, it’s attitudes that kill me. Just be nice! The lady boner goes down if negativity comes into it. I want to enjoy this with you but if someone has a lot of negativity towards other people, it’s not cute. I don’t like that. Maybe because I’m a little older, I’m in my mid-20s, it’s not high school anymore. This is the ADULT industry, let’s act like it! Let’s make this something fun and something wild and something cool and a good experience. I’d like to think that my scenes are pretty decent so it does matter.

You can tell when people are putting on that “porn show” Just be a real person. I think fans like it when you’re real. They like to see who you are as well as the performer because that all ties in together. Who you are makes you that performer. At least for me, I’m not necessarily the type of person who puts on a show, that’s just the other side of me, the porn, aggressive Romi Rain side of me. I get to tap into that because it’s hard to do in regular life. And I don’t go out to pick up people. I’ve never done that. I’m so terrible and boring in that sense. So, in a sense, that’s me being able to tap into that crazy, wild side that I don’t pursue in my personal life. I was also a cocktail waitress, bottle service, nude model, cam girl, stripper, house dancer… so I’ve been to these clubs, I hate getting drunk. I think I’ve been hungover less than 5 times in my life.

In the industry, you have to take care of yourself. That bothers me too, that dynamic if you party too much. I just want to make sure that you’re stable and you’re going to show up on time and not be messed up. I take what I do seriously. I care about what I do; I care about my scenes looking good. I want people to like me and what I do. I just want other people to care too at least as far as making a good scene. Whatever you do, do it well. That makes this all worth it. I want to be able to look back when I was older, ‘OK, I was in porn, but at least I was awesome.’

Romi Rain

On Twitter

A couple of people put me on blast so to speak for not working with them, both sexes actually. It was stressed to me long before I was in hardcore that “it is YOUR body to do with and give to who you please”, for whatever reason a person may have, that should always be respected, especially in this industry. Well they took it too personally and public. I’m not that crazy to fight with somebody publicly. ‘Clearly, this is unprofessional’, that’s what I’ll write. This is a personal thing and I’m going to respect you less if you scream at me on a public forum. It leads to a lot of talk behind the scenes and it’s attention seeking for all the wrong reasons. People remember that stuff. And if they weren’t on my ‘no’ list before, don’t you think you would be now? (laughs) You also don’t want to have others pick sides because if you’re opening that closet, you better make sure more people are on your side.

I literally love to shoot my dirty porn scenes, that’s my release and then I go home and watch Netflix. I swear to God, my friend’s know this, I talk and text. Like Abigail (Mac) and I send each other memes every day; we go out to brunch, that’s what I want to do. I want to have crazy sex and then I want to go relax. To be honest, I think fans nowadays want to see more of the personal side of the girls. They have more access to us than ever before with Twitter and Instagram and really in depth interviews and I think that’s the fascination with us. It’s really cool. This is a really good time to be in the industry in terms of getting in touch with your fans and social media and being able to promote yourself as an individual or as a brand.

Like those Twitter fights we were discussing, everybody sees every Twitter fight, everyone talks about it. It’s a small world, everyone is interconnected in some way. We are all tied together and I wish that everyone that is trying to make it could be banded together. We shouldn’t be enemies. Just because I don’t want to have sex with you doesn’t mean that I hate you. I think that has helped me in this industry as well, I’m not about it. I’m not about the fighting or the drama.

On being a porn “star”

You shouldn’t be doing a lot of drugs, you shouldn’t be drinking too much because, not to distinguish us from normal people but we’re not normal in that we get naked on camera. You have to make sure you have a sound body, a sound mind, a sound attitude, a maturity. You need that in this industry even if we promote being wild and crazy, you still have to have in the back of your mind that you have to take care of yourself. Think about your current career, think about your future, save your money. There are so many people who have worked for years and gotten awards and they’re broke within 6 months. Or they ride the wave so much that they’re working a lot and they think it’s going to last forever. They get complacent and don’t think they have to step it up. That’s sometimes where the attitude comes from. They think they’re a star, at least in their own minds. It’s still weird for me, I’m insecure about calling myself a porn “star”. (Ed. Note: I explained that since she was nominated for Performer of the Year, she can call herself a pornstar.) I don’t want to come off that I have a big ego because I don’t. I’m really appreciative of what people have allowed me to do and accomplish. And I’m happy that I’ve been able to do so much. You do make your own career. You have to make sure that you’re the one in control and you’re doing it for yourself. You have to make sure what you do is worth it. People can give you all the opportunities in the world, but if you’re scenes are meh, you’re not going to be around for long.

You want it to be a good, dynamic awesome scene that leaves you as the performer excited. I think all of that really ties into it, even moreso than some will admit. Some people have the mindset, at least the people I talk to and hang out with, the craziness, the drama, the party scene… maybe I’m just too old for it! I really care about what I do because this is my career. So it’s something that I heavily focus on. When you first come into the industry, the new girls get shot a lot. You have to prove that you’re not a flash in the pan. You have to prove you have the longevity. There’s a lot of girls that don’t last even two years. I think it takes a hot second to get into that mindset. I’m silly but I’m not going to giggle my way through an interview. I want people to know, whether they like me or not, that I am a professional. That I am going to put my best fuck forward. At the very least, I want to be respected as a performer.

Romi Rain

On the female orgasm

I don’t think anyone will disagree that having sex on screen is very different than having sex at home. At home, you’re very close to each other and really into each other. That’s why I think having a good chemistry on camera makes it a lot easier because you relax a little bit. I think it’s harder to cum on camera but in a way it’s sexier. So if you’re in that good mindset and you’re excited to do what you’re doing that day, I think it makes it easier to enjoy it. I’ve definitely gotten off in a whole lot of my scenes. I’m actually one of those rare people that gets off on penetration rather than being eaten out or clitoral or any of that stuff. I’m kind of lucky in that sense because I hear it’s very rare. Something like 20% of girls get off that way. Most girls get off clitorally with vibrators or something. Eh, I’d rather be fucked than eaten out, to be honest. Most guys are ‘Wait a minute! I can do this!’ They take it as a challenge. (laughs) I think porn can teach girls how to give a good blowjob because a girl really has to give a good blowjob on camera. But porn doesn’t really teach a guy how to eat good pussy. I say this adamantly because the girl has to open up so much.

Performers of the YearIn the scene with Maddy O’Reilly in Performers of the Year 2015, her and I got it. We just went for it and got each other off. I think it takes a little more skill, especially girl/girl, to get a girl off orally on camera. In a way, it’s easier too because a girl understands pussy better. You know what feels a little better. So I try to get my whole face in there. That’s the best part. A lot of guys don’t realize it’s the finger and tongue combo that really feels good. A lot of guys don’t really get that. I’ve gotten off a lot more being eaten out outside of porn, actually. But from getting fucked, I do all the time for the most part. Because they know what they’re doing as far as sex itself. For sure, I’d rather be fucked anyways and that’s the skill that all of these top guys have. They know what to do with their penises. And it’s no insult to the guy’s in the industry at all. Like I said, I think porn can teach a girl how to suck good dick more than it can teach a guy how to lick a pussy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

What about anal orgasms?

I do with the double stimulation. It’s a different kind of thing. I do enjoy it and I’m getting my groove on. I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would, in a sense, so I think I’m getting there. In my personal life, years ago, when I was with that couple that I told you about, that’s where I learned about anal. I learned how to properly clean and prepare. We would have anal all the time. I definitely had anal more in that relationship. We would have anal weekends. We did it once a week at least.

I did my first DP with the Brazzers orgy. You have to see that, I think it’s one of my wildest scenes to date. I got a lot of great responses from fans. The only negativity I received was from fans that wanted the other performers to win. That’s pretty much the only flak I got. I was really nervous about it. I even said it in the interviews during the show. All of the other girls were more experienced and had done more than me. Ava Adams, Phoenix Marie and Tory Lane were the other 3 girls in the finals. I was truly nervous about the whole thing. I said it to everyone in the house and I even said it afterwards. I thanked all the girls and was really excited and humbled to work with those girls. I did my first DP and it was unplanned. I was planning on doing anal and then it just happened. ‘Alright, let’s do it!’ I actually ended up doing DP with every guy there. If you really watched it, I don’t feel insecure about that win. It was my first DP in a live show; I was already nervewracked about doing anal. And I ended up getting DP’d and going airtight! I think a lot of people were surprised and taken aback by it. For me, it was a big deal and I would like to think it was one of my best scenes to date. I really went ham. Maybe because I had a lot of first that I could have still done that it took some people aback so people thought it was planned. Trust me, it wasn’t.

Will you continue with DP’s?

Maybe. I might have something in the works. It might be something that’s really cool. I was really excited about the Brazzers House. I won the sex show and the sex challenge too. The sex challenge gave me 1500 extra points going into the finals of the sex show. We lived in the hosue for 3 days. It started out with 12 girls and 2 teams. The one team that won was our team and Missy Martinez was supposed to be in it too. I got a lot of attention for it and a lot of promotion and I think I surprised a lot of people. I just got lost in it and got really excited and went with it. That’s how I like to think I am in my scenes. I have tunnel vision and I’m nowhere else except in the scene. I think that’s very important, it wasn’t even thinking about winning, it was just about me going for it. I was pulling guys near me, ‘Just stick it in my ass now!’ That was different for me. I was very excited and grateful and I like to think that I earned it.

Do you think you could ever do a double anal or a double vag?

That’s what people always go for, ‘What’s next? What’s next?’ I think that might be too intense for me right now. Let me do a few more anals and DP’s first. I can’t say what the future will hold. I feel even more confident from the past 6 months so we’ll see what the future holds. Even after I took a 2-month break earlier this year, I’ve been doing more stuff. I’ve shot a lot of IR, I’ve done a good handful of anal. I wasn’t even planning on going any further and wanted to ride my wave. I want to do everything well. Hopefully, I’m pushing myself even further than what I did last year. I enjoy everything that I do and I enjoyed every scene that I’ve done for the most part.

What do you do on your day off?

For random days, I call them maintenance days. I get my nails done, I go tanning, go wardrobe shopping, you relax. Because on a workday, it’s almost like a 9 to 5. You’re there all day, for the most part, even a gonzo set. Even a gonzo set is 5 or 6 hours especially if you have your makeup done. Even if it’s one scene, prepare to be there all day and don’t make any other plans. Sometimes, the set is 45 minutes away and that can be two hours of driving in that day. That’s what I tell people too, they think we just fuck and leave, that’s not how it is. There’s sets of pictures, there’s intros, there’s an interview, the sex itself is longer than people think, especially if there’s cuts. Hair and makeup takes a while. If you’re in the professional side of the industry, it’s a long day. That’s another reason you have to have a good attitude because you’re around people all day, you have to have your shit together. It always blows my mind when people are rude to makeup artists. They see everybody so you better be nice to them! They see every girl and everybody chit chats. You don’t want to do that to people because we’re all on the same level. Everything gets around really quick and you better make sure the rumors are true.

Even if we are being real or we’re being fake, people don’t know half the time because sometimes we are playing a bit of a role. Or you’re in a certain scene and you’re acting a little bit more. That’s why I think fans are more curious now more than ever who you are outside of the set. For me, it kind of correlates because it is part of my personality, the crazy sexual side. I don’t really get to tap into that in my normal life. I do like to be relaxed and chill and watch Netflix and order food then I’m doing an anal scene the next day and can get wild. I consider it another side of me that I can tap into. You don’t really get to tap into that side in your regular life and I’m grateful for and excited about. I get to fulfill everything that’s going on in my head which a lot of people don’t get to do. They can’t really have the sex they want to have or the experiences they want to have so, in a way, I consider myself lucky to be able to unleash myself. I think that helps to relax me in my regular life because I’m not searching for other things to keep me excited and get my head buzzing. I don’t drink that much, I don’t do drugs so it makes me more docile in my regular life.

Romi Rain

On fans

During the shows, I love costumes and outfits and really going for it but in normal life, I’m not going to wear my spiked bra walking down the street. I’ve worn my Brazzers tank top out a few times especially after the show because I was really excited and really appreciated it. I really am the kind of person, even if it sounds corny and campy, I really do appreciate any good thing that happens to me. I do care, I do want to be successful, I am flattered if people like me or like my scenes. Anytime anyone says they liked a scene, I say ‘that’s awesome!’ Thank you so much. I’m very appreciative of my fans. I don’t talk shit about them. You don’t respond to their dick pics but you have to respect your fans. I’m very heavy on the ‘block’ button. I don’t like negativity. Negativity is blocked. I’m not going to have an extended issue to bring me down. I want to have a positive life or a positive day. Good vibes are really what I’m going after. I want to be around people that like me and treat me with respect. I don’t talk shit about people unless they talk shit about me but then it’s going to be private.

On being recognized in public

A few times but it’s mostly a double take. To be honest, the guy is usually with a girl or kids or something. I’ve had that happen a few times. I’ve also had guys send me a Tweet, ‘Hey, I just saw you.” I don’t get recognized too much but that’s probably because I’m usually toned down. I really like to look a certain way.

When a fan says he really likes you that basically means he jerked off to you, does that bother you?

Not really because I like to think that’s the intention, in a sense, of what we do. I think it’d be weird if I thought it was weird. You should really appreciate that people are watching you and giving you traffic. They’re spending money on these websites so how can you be mad at people that are being a little perverted when you’re taking it up the ass and promoting it on Twitter. You can’t put your anal pictures on Twitter and then get mad when people comment. You can block them if they say something terrible. As long as it stays on a semi-respectful level, I think it’s kind of fun.

Being in the porn industry, do you have your guard up more than usual when guys hit on you?

I’m the type of person who has my guard up in general but that’s because I really do want to get along. I hate malicious intent and I think I can feel that out pretty quickly. I’m a little more docile so I don’t put myself in a position to date. I was single for 2 ½ years before I had a short relationship. I’m usually the one who ends everything. I’m at the point in adulthood where if it’s not working for whatever reason, I’m done. And that’s just what I do. ‘Hey, sorry, I care about you but you need to go fuck yourself.’ (laughs) I’m usually the one who ends something because I won’t have a bad time. If something turns negative, it’s very easy for me to cut it off. I’d rather be single for years than be with somebody who’s not a good person. To be honest, I haven’t had that much civilian interactions with guys. I really put out that vibe and I have that tunnel vision when I’m doing something. I am attracted to men who laugh and make me laugh, big smiles are beautiful, so are big arms. (Laughs) I love when a man locks eyes with me and doesn’t let go, even if I look away, it makes me shy because I think it’s a power move on the chessboard, very sexy without even making a pass at a woman. That’s skilled, gentleman stuff right there!”

On the past year

This year I think is even more exciting. I’ve already done more this year than before and I’m enjoying it to such a degree! I am excited to take this a little further. Being around for two years, you know what’s up, you know who’s going to be chill, you know who has an attitude, you know who’s a good performer, you know who’s reliable. So everything is just getting better.

Romi Rain

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  1. Great interview with Romi, Capt. Jack. You just confirmed what Romi is – a down to earth hard working actress who just happens to do porn.

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