On Set With New Sensations

Captain Jack goes On Set with New Sensations

I recently made a trip out to Porn Valley to make myself wonder why I live in the Midwest. I met up with some friends but I also got an opportunity to visit a New Sensations set. There were two shoots scheduled in the same day at a mansion in Porn Valley. I don’t often get to visit mansions, so that was a treat in itself!

I had to navigate some winding roads in order to get to the address and this place was massive! There were already 5 cars there when I arrived so I snuck in quietly in case they were already shooting. My fears were assuaged when I walked into the dining room where Elsa Jean, a cute 18-year old blonde, was filling out her paperwork. I met the director, Eddie Powell, and his assistant on this day, Paul Woodcrest. Also there was a makeup artist.

Elsa Jean

I introduced myself and we shot the breeze for a little bit. Elsa was kind of shy and withdrawn but that’s to be expected with an 18-year old around a group of relative strangers. She soon relaxed and is a very sweet girl. Also, sexy as fuck. She got me going without even taking off her clothes, which I will explain later.

Eddie and Paul worked well together. For the first scene, Eddie was in charge since he was the director. Oftentimes in life, not just porn, when two people are capable of doing the same job and one is elevated to a level of authority, there is a clash of egos. I know I have been involved in something like this myself. Not on this shoot. It was very well run and professional. Let me also add for the civilian out there, porn sets are a professional set. Everyone involved with it wants the end product to be as good as it can be. People think that there’s sex going on all over the place. Unless they had a meeting before I showed up and decided to tone it down, that doesn’t happen. LOL.

Elsa then went into makeup and Eddie and Paul made sure the cameras and sound equipment worked and went up to the bedroom to lay out the scene. Toni Ribas was the male talent for this scene and he showed up and is just how you see him on screen. Very cool dude and always laughing. Paul laid out the storyline to Toni and Elsa and they started shooting.

Elsa Jean and Toni Ribas

The scene is tentatively scheduled for She’s So Cute. The storyline is that Elsa wakes up in the morning, sees a worker outside that she has had her eye on for awhile. She gets him up to her bedroom and hot sex ensues. Elsa was wearing a thin white top and panties and she woke up and went over to the window. She leaned forward and that butt was very nice! She touched herself a bit and that was it for this part of the scene. Eddie filmed a couple takes to make sure he got the proper angles and the lighting was good then went outside to film her from below and also to get some shots of Toni.

Once the intro was out of the way, they moved it back to the bedroom for the good stuff. First, still photos are important. Pretty girls were first in which they shot just Elsa in various stages of undress. She has a nice teen body and I enjoyed watching her get naked. Then, hardcore still followed in which they filmed her and Toni in various positions including oral. Once that was out of the way, it was time to have sex.

Elsa had to seduce Toni and from where I was sitting, that wouldn’t be very hard to do. Toni was standing at the foot of the bed and Elsa was naked and telling him how she wanted him inside her and how she wanted to suck his dick. I don’t know about Toni but that worked for me! I was ready to jump into a DP if they needed another male! LOL. Elsa has such a sexy voice and the way she said it was perfect for the scene.

The sex commenced and Eddie said he was going to film straight through, to let Toni lead the way. Toni has been a male talent in the industry for over 20 years so he knew exactly what to do. They covered all the main positions and Toni knew just when to make the transitions. He pounded her and Elsa was really into it. They filmed straight through until Toni drained his balls all over her face. Elsa looks incredible with cum on her face and then Paul jumped in to do the BTS interview with the teen still cum coated.

As an interviewer myself, I know how tough interviews can be. If you do it without questions in front of you, it’s easy to forget what you wanted to ask. Paul went unplugged and got Elsa to answer everything he wanted. She had cum dripping off her chin and at the end of the BTS, she rubbed it into her skin as moisturizer. Damn, that was a sexy scene and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

While they were finishing up, I ventured downstairs to the makeup room. Jojo was just getting made up and she is gorgeous with a fabulous body! When I first talked to her, she was wearing a zipped up jacked so I didn’t know what was underneath. When she had it off later…DAMN! Natural C cups with a fantastic ass! Plus, she’s a nice chick which is always a plus.

Jojo Kiss

Jojo did a short interview to preview the scene that will be appearing on YouTube then she went to fill out her paperwork. Pretty girl pictures followed and I couldn’t get enough pictures of this babe! By this time, Eddie had left and Paul was the director of the scene. He had a new assistant, Russian, who helped him out greatly. Some of the poses that Jojo got in were too “porny” for this release but they weren’t too porny for me! Damn, it was nice!

Anthony Rosano was the male talent for this scene and he showed up in the middle of the pictures. They filmed the intro to the scene and snapped some stills. There is a particular picture of Jojo, with her hand on his stomach, looking up at him that is just incredible. Very sexy eyes! The hard core pictures followed and I suddenly felt an intense jealousy towards Anthony!


They filmed the scene and it was just as good as the first one. Watching two 18-year old girls riding a big dick is some good stuff. I never get tired of watching it and these two girls both have great attitudes that can carry them far in this industry.

Special thanks to @Nelson_X_, Eddie Powell (@mreddiepowell) and Paul Woodcrest for inviting me to tag along. Also, thanks to Elsa (@elsajeanxxx), Jojo (@jojokissxx), Toni (@toniribas) and Anthony for letting another perv watch them perform. It was a good experience! Being on a porn set never gets old!


For more information, visit www.newsensations.com

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