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Romi Rain Talks with Captain Jack

Romi is one of the top performers in the industry. She is the reigning XBiz Performer of the Year and is up for the award again this year! She is also hosting the AVN Awards, which is a big honor in itself! In this, our 6th annual interview, Romi talks about both and takes some questions from the fans!

Captain Jack: So 2018 is coming to a close, how has the past year been for you?

Romi Rain: Amazing! It’s kind of crazy that it seems like it’s getting better and better at least to a degree. Time totally flies! I can’t believe this is my 5th awards season. It’s such an interesting to go from then to now. You know so much more, you know so many more people, more people who know who you are, which is crazy. I still remember my first AVN. It’s not the fault of anybody but not a lot of people knew who I was. Talking to people on the red carpet? Totally different. It’s really cool and it’s something you’re really grateful for if you’ve had a good experience in the industry. And I’ve had a great experience in the industry for the past 6 years!

CJ: I think your biggest release, no pun intended, was Dredd Is Up Your Ass. You don’t do many anal scenes. How was that one?

Romi: Fun! I’ve done a few intense scenes this year and that was probably my biggest anal scene in terms of biggest (wink wink). (laughs) And it’s fun! It’s all about being into it and being comfortable. The old joke is all about relaxing and it’s so true. You’re excited and ready for the day. Dredd is super nice. He can be so intimidating but he isn’t at all. It was really fun, good energy. I loved stuff like that. It was a nice summer day so I could be outside in a bathing suit, bouncing around, which is so much fun. I like the old school vibe of teases. If it’s not a big feature with a big storyline and with a character, when it goes back to the meat and potatoes once in a while of a sexy girl, dancing and teasing around, and it goes straight into a wild hardcore butt sex scene, I like it! Best of both worlds.

CJ: I’ve seen you in a lot of girl/girl scenes this year too!

Romi: You know what I’ve kind of noticed, I think I’ve done more of a variety of types of scenes the past few years. When I was new, my first couple of years, I feel like I only did boy/girl or a lot of group scenes. I did a ton of orgies which taught me to always stay busy. In group scenes, you can always find things to do! There’s always something going on. (laughs) I feel like I have done a lot of girl/girl this year. It’s been fun! I love it! Now that I think about it, Dan O’Connell of Girlfriends Films hired me for the first time 2 or so years ago and, in the past two years, I probably have shot for him 20 or 30 times. It’s interesting when certain directors or company’s discover you for the first time and then you end up working for them a lot.

CJ: You are the reigning XBiz Performer of the Year and you got nominated again by them. How does that feel?

Romi: That’s super cool! That’s a huge award. I didn’t think that I would win that in my career! This year’s been kind of incredible in things that I didn’t think would necessarily happen, happened. You strive for that but, at the same time, there can only be so many winners so what can you do? That was kind of amazing and totally unexpected. I remember me and Charlotte Stokely and Axel Braun were sitting at the Wicked table because that was when Justice League was up for a bunch of awards. We all lost in our respective categories that we thought we would win. I had my eye on Best Actress because I didn’t think I would win Performer of the Year. I wanted to win Best Actress for Wonder Woman, I thought that’d be pretty cool. I didn’t win that, which was fine, but nobody else won the categories they wanted to either in that sense. It was towards the end of the show and we all poured ourselves a drink. We had a toast and then they announced the category and I was shocked. Axel jumped up and started cheering and Charlotte was taking pictures. It was so sweet. Totally awesome, I didn’t expect it. Super grateful. Technically speaking, it was my fourth Performer of the Year title. I have to give a shout out to the Inked Awards because they have been so awesome. This has been an amazing year. So far, this has been the year of my career which is crazy since I’ve been in it for 6 years and still going strong!

CJ: You also got 4 nominations from AVN including one for your acting!

Romi: Yes, I love that! I was nominated for Best Actress at AVN last year too! It’s so cool! I like doing new things and I think that’s what keeps me motivated and interested after all this time. It’s so much fun. It’s nice to play with the acting a little bit and the hosting stuff has been a new thing. I hosted a show for Cam Soda and I hosted the Inked Awards last year. That’s a really neat thing to have all these different experiences. It’s so fun to play on the acting side of stuff because it really does connect with the sexual aspect because it’s all about the tease and playing with emotions and bringing out emotions in people and getting them turned on. What I’m nominated for at AVN for Best Supporting Actress is The Seduction of Heidi. It’s a Kay Brandt Adam and Eve movie which was adapted from a book, Heidi and the Kaiser by Selena Kitt. It was so much fun, a really great script. It also stars Ryan Driller and Whitney Wright. That was a really fun feature to be a part of. It was one of those psychological, almost 50 Shades of Grey style, drama. I got to be a little bit of a seductive bitch. I love toying with that stuff. I’d love to go even farther. I’m so down with the acting stuff and getting more down and dirty. I challenge people to give me some parts like that. If you give me a role where I’m not pretty and kind of grungy and dirty…that would be so much fun. I’d like to push it even further and hopefully I’ll do that in 2019, we shall see!

Romi Rain AVN Awards

CJ: The big news is you’re hosting the awards this year. How did that come about?

Romi: I don’t know how it came about but it’s absolutely incredible! It’s even bigger than any nomination. Less people host the show than win awards so it’s a huge honor! Something I never even thought would be possible! I thought I’d be eligible for any award before hosting the show because you’re representing the show! That is so amazing to me because I love my industry and it’s so nice to be recognized on that scale that they trust me to represent them well and do a good job and showing that I love the industry and want to honor everybody in it. Hopefully, we can have a really great, fun time. I’m going to do my best to make it the most fun! The show is about all of us! They all work so hard and this is the one time of the year that we can really enjoy ourselves and put on some sexy, fancy little dresses and give out awards to people who have been busting their butts. We all sacrifice so much and put in our time, money blood, sweat and tears into all of this. It’s really awesome to show how grateful I am to even be a part of it!

I don’t know how they really decided but I got a call back in April and they wanted me to come down to the offices. I though, ‘Why?’ It’s like getting called to the principal’s office! ‘Did I do something wrong? Am I in trouble?’ And they wouldn’t tell me what it was about. So I said that I’d come by. They asked me if I wanted to do it and I totally didn’t believe them! It was so funny. They thought I was going to say no because I hesitated at first. I asked if they were serious and said, ‘Stop it!’ It was so funny. They said they wanted me to be myself and it was so neat. You know how you don’t know necessarily that people like you? It was, ‘Wow, that’s so nice of you!’ It’s such an honor and I love doing this type of stuff. If I can entertain people and dance around, it’s what I’ve been doing for over a decade now even before I got into porn. It’s so indescribable! It was even a crazy, mind-blowing moment this past weekend at the AVN nomination party, me and Bailey Rayne’s faces are all blown up and on the big screen. The AVN logo is next to us. I never thought that was possible. I remember talking to a friend not in the industry 6 years ago about my plans, about wanting to get in it and doing a good job and making it worthy my while, just trying and seeing what I could get out of it and you flash forward 6 years and I’ll be hosting the show that’s on Showtime! I used to watch it before even getting in. The AVN Red Carpet, everyone knows who I am now and 6 years ago, no one wanted to even interview me! It’s really mind blowing and I’m so grateful. It’s going to be great. I’m super excited.

CJ: Do you have anything special planned?

Romi: I can’t give away anything. We introduced the comedian, Esther Ku. That’s going to be really exciting. She’s so nice and kind of raunchy and silly so I think it’s going to be really fun that there are 3 female hosts. We’re shooting some skits in the next month and that should be a lot of fun too. Sorry I can’t tell anything but it should be a really silly, fun show!

CJ: @marbou78 asks, Are you a sports fan?

Romi: A little bit. Not crazy. I don’t have a lot of time but I do like hockey, MMA and football when it’s in-season. And I’m from the east coast so I have a soft spot for both the Red Sox and the Yankees.

CJ: Both of them? That’s unusual!

Romi: I know! I think I grew up around more Yankee fans but I’m from Boston. So I can’t hate on them. And now, Boston is the best team. Boston’s killing it! Boston strong, hey!

CJ: @boobfidelity asks, When are you going to start streaming on Twitch again?

Romi: Oh gosh. Another thing when I get more time. It’s so much fun. Sometimes I play games that I don’t even stream it because I get so wrapped up. I just bought the new Spyro game which are like old Spyro when I was a kid. Nostalgia games make me happy. When I can! I did a 12-hour live stream on Twitch once. It’s kind of crazy! I ordered food and everything, it was really funny. I like doing stuff like that when I have the time and energy to do it.

CJ: @cam423787770Cat asks, What would be the craziest thing you would like to do in real life and in porn life?

Romi: In real life, I have yet to have sex with two guys at the exact same time. That I haven’t done. I had that poly relationship that we talked about before with another woman. So I’ve had two girl threeways a whole bunch in so many ways! That would be fun. On camera, I would like to do a gangbang one day. I know I keep talking about it off-and-on but it has to work out right. I’m so not against it. I think it’s intense and sexy. The more the merrier if it all works out!

Romi Rain New Sensations

CJ: @Butthurt1986 asks, What was your worst mistake and how did you learn from it?

Romi: I don’t really have too many regrets or mistakes, just something like we all feel; like we could have done something different. I think it’s important to research anything you sign. I think everybody in any kind of business would give that advice. (laughs) Make sure you’re going through all your paperwork and agreements. Just the basics. Luckily, I don’t have too many mistakes. Sometimes you have to stand your ground. I wish I would have been a little firmer on back in the day but nothing major. I do consider myself pretty lucky. I don’t have any horror stories. Just keep your eyes on the prize. Just be out for your benefit because not everybody is looking out for your best interests. That sounds harsh but it’s true.

CJ: @Kelsie868 asks Would you ever date a woman in the industry?

Romi: Yes, maybe. Women can be great. Yeah! Why not! I do value platonic friendships though. I think some people are thrown off when they see females in the industry hanging out. They always think you’re fucking. Well, sometimes we are but sometimes I really do hang out with people and really hang out. It really freaks people out sometimes. ‘Wait, you mean you’re not having sex right now?’ ‘No, we just went to Denny’s.’ (laughs) Sometimes, it is more valuable to have those platonic friendships. Honestly, when I do hang out with girls in the industry, off-camera, I really do try to get to know them and be friends because that’s harder to find. I always joke, even with my civilian friends, I have good sex all the time. Sex isn’t even a factor necessarily. Now, almost because I have such great sex all the time, the people in my life have to matter. They have to be good people who add value to my life, that I truly like and want to get to know. I almost value my platonic friendships more because of the industry.

CJ: @Ilovequisey asks, If it wasn’t adult cinema, what other industry would you have liked to see yourself involved in and why?

Romi: I always loved Marine Biology, ocean exploration, space exploration. I’m a little sci-fi nerd. Even though, astronomy isn’t sci-fi, all those things tie together. I’ve always been kind of little bit interested in that. Also making people laugh. I did consider when I was younger that I could have been a cop. I could have been a police officer to protect and serve. I believe in justice! (laughs) I could have done it.

CJ: @Mr_Damian Karras asks, you’re a pretty darn good actress! Any thoughts for more mainstream acting?

Romi: If the opportunities arose and they were good opportunities, sure. Also, it’s fun to try new stuff. I don’t necessarily want to do any mainstream stuff where I’m just Hooker #2. (laughs) I’m not against gratuitous nudity…I love B movies and horror movies. I’d love to do a horror movie! A well-done horror movie, that would be so much fun. Some people put such a thing on mainstream stuff but some mainstream stuff makes us look worse than some of the porn that we do. I’m so down for any new opportunities that seem interesting and fun. That’s why I’m exploring the hosting stuff and playing with my travel vlogs on YouTube. I love feature dancing and I may even feature dance in Italy next year. It’s in the works, we’ll see. I’m down for anything if it’s a good opportunity. If it’s just another music video where they want me to flash my boobs, nah.

CJ: You’re already been Wonder Woman for two different studios and you also played Elektra for Deadpool XXX. What other characters in pop culture would you like to do?

Romi: I love that stuff! A super hero is so much fun to play with, that’s the fantasy of everybody, everywhere…to have super powers and save the world or destroy it! Bwa-ha-ha. A super fantasy like that is so much fun because you can go anywhere with it. It can also be a little bit cheesy and fun. In porn, when you’re actually having fun and it’s a little bit of parody in itself. Or, I would like to play more serious characters. I’ve already thrown out the idea to people to give me a really intense, dark character. Have some fun with it. Sometimes that can be really hard. You just have to figure out how to get in front of the right directors and impress them with an audition. I wasn’t even in Axel’s movies until about a year and a half ago. I’m down to try anything. If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse and I always like to challenge myself.

CJ You’re the Queen of Social Media and interacting with fans. Twitter, IG, Snapchat, OnlyFans, CamSoda…do you ever have time for Romi?

Romi: I try to, I almost have to plan that. I think after AVN I’m going to take a two-week vacation. Just go to a spa or something and relax a little bit. It’s going to be so intense and exciting but also a lot of work during AVN week. Also, my birthday is in mid-January so I never get to enjoy it. There’s XBiz then AVN is a week later in Vegas. So I have to be focused and can’t really be going to an island to drink mai tais for a week during the middle of awards season. I try to but those same people who say, ‘Why don’t you take any time for yourself’ will be tweeting me in 2 days, ‘have you retired? You haven’t updated your Instagram in 4 days!’ But, at the same time, I get kind of restless if I’m not doing something for a few days.

CJ: Are there any fantasies left for you to fulful in porn?

Romi: Yes, we talked about the gangbang, I think I want to do that. But I have a few crazy ideas for a scene. If I can make the little pictures in my head come to life, that’d be fun. I’d also like to try the more intense style of acting in porn because it can be cool to where you’re dark and you can have nudity and sex scenes and have crazy fun things happen. There are so many things, the sky is the limit!

CJ: sph21 from the ADT forums asks what is the biggest problem facing the industry and what can fans do to help?

Romi: Like I was saying earlier, be communicative and honest and try to help each other out. Not have it one level vs. another level. You’re either top tier or you’re nobody. We’re really in this together and one person’s success doesn’t mean another person’s failure. This is a very big, intricate industry and we all should really back each other. If we can prevent terrible things from happening, we should. Especially because so many other people hate us, there shouldn’t be that much of a divide in our own industry. We should, to an extent, have each other’s back. But I think things have gotten better. When I started six-ish years ago, people were struggling more. There weren’t as many avenues as there are now. There’s Premium Snapchat and OnlyFans and Manyvids and Camsoda and so many industry girls are able to make money and make money on their own terms, by themselves. I’ve seen a difference in less people struggling and at the mercy of the phone ringing and taking scenes they don’t really want to do.

CJ: Dread from the ADT forum wants to know how long or how many sessions did it take to complete your back tattoo.

Romi: Oh God, it’s still not done. I think I have 60 hours or so. There’s a lot of time and layers and your back is so big! I underestimated how big my back was! I think I still need around 5 hours. I just haven’t had the time or energy. My artist is in Vegas so maybe I’ll do something before or after AVN. You have to be ready to go through some pain.

CJ: The first time you got a tattoo, was the pain more intense than now that you’re used to it?

Romi: I think it really depends more on where you get it. My first one was the paw prints on my calves and that wasn’t so bad because it’s a thicker, muscular area. But if they’re doing something on your back, like by your spine or your ribs, the thin skin is going to be a little bit more intense. Your arms and your legs are your best, the more meaty areas. Your hands or feet are going to suck.

CJ: And how can the fans follow you on social media?

Romi: On Twitter, I’m @Romi_Rain. Instagram is @RomiRain. My free Snapchat is @theromirain. I have a premium snapchat and you can look it up on Fan Centro. OnlyFans, ManyVids, CamSoda…I’m everywhere!

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