Hall of Famer Hillary Scott Returns To Porn!

Captain Jack Interviews Hillary Scott

Hillary is one of my all-time favorite adult performers and I heard whispers a while ago that she was going to make a comeback. I immediately tried to contact her to set something up and we finally got a chance to talk! This blonde beauty is going out to Los Angeles in a couple of weeks to shoot her first scenes in 6 years! Hillary tells me that she looks completely different, more fit in a good way but with the same tits and a healthy sexual appetite. I can’t wait to see her new scenes and I’m so happy that I got a chance to talk to her! This is one Hillary that I can definitely stand with!

Hillary Scott

Captain Jack: Tell me about Hillary Scott.

Hillary Scott: I actually grew up in the city of Chicago. It’s kind of funny. For whatever reason, Wikipedia says that I grew up in a small suburb called Naperville. Fans are always asking me about it but I only literally lived there one year of my life and it just so happened to be on my driver’s license when I was shooting porn. It’s so funny. I’m actually a city girl. I grew up on the north side of Chicago. Reasonable neighborhood, close to the beaches. I had a pretty good childhood. Happy-go-lucky.

CJ: It seems you were around forever but I saw on IAFD that you’re only 33. Is that correct?

Hillary: Yes, I like how you say “only” 33. (laughs)

CJ: You’ve been out of the industry for about 6 years, why are you coming back?

Hillary: I guess I’m kind of curious as to how I would enjoy it; how I would experience it when I’m a little bit older. I’m a little bit more mature, have different sexual tastes and I was curious to see how I would do now. And I also got a little bit bored with the basic life in Chicago. It tends to be a little bit normal. I miss the craziness of the whole lifestyle and the whole LA scene. I want to experience all of it.

CJ: Why did you leave originally?

Hillary: I think it was time when I was done. I felt I had accomplished everything I had wanted to accomplish. There wasn’t much else for me to do, literally, sexually. But also, I had won awards and all that stuff. I did the whole business aspect of it. And sexually, I wasn’t as excited as I was when I first started. Once it stopped becoming totally pleasurable for me, I just didn’t want to do it anymore.

CJ: You mentioned the mundane lifestyle in Chicago. Did you have a regular job?

Hillary: I took up makeup artistry. I’ve been doing that for basically the entire time I’ve been back in Chicago. It’s cool. It’s a way to make money and it’s creative but it’s definitely not a passion of mine. I got to the point where I got bored with it and I want to do something else for a little while. Like porn. (laughs)

Hillary Scott

CJ: Your first couple scenes are going to be lesbian performances for Girlsway. Is this going to be a girl/girl only comeback?

Hillary: I’m just going to pace myself and whatever I feel like doing, I’ll do. I want it to be really sexually satisfying. That’s a big part of it for me coming back to do it now. I don’t feel I need to do a whole lot of scenes and make a huge comeback and just do the whole thing… I don’t know, I have no idea. I haven’t even been in front of a camera in so many years. I don’t know how I’m going to react or what I’m going to want to do. I don’t know if that crazy gonzo beast girl is going to come out or if it’s even still in there. I have no idea. I’m kind of excited to see where the whole experience takes me. I don’t have an agenda, I don’t think I really need one.

CJ: When are your first scenes?

Hillary: I’m going out to LA next week. I have some scenes booked with Girlsway Network with my friend Alan. He was the first one to reach out to me on Twitter. Since he saw that I was more active on Twitter, he asked what I felt about shooting again. It was the perfect start doing some softer girl/girl scenes to ease back in because I love girls so I’m really looking forward to that.

CJ: This is a total fan question because everyone things porn girls are the same off-camera as on. But you were known for your volcanic performances doing extreme things, what did you do to fill that void while you were away?

Hillary: When I was in porn, it was so hard to focus on relationships and that sort of connection and that sort of sex, when you have an actual connection to somebody. I didn’t really miss it right away. That’s probably one of the reasons I left too, so I could experience something a little bit more intimate and emotional. My last boyfriend and I, we were part of the swinger’s lifestyle here in Chicago and he was very open. He was the perfect partner for me. We had threesomes and he actually got me into doing cam shows. He’s really into Chaterbate both as a user and someone who performs. I’ve always loved being watched. I love voyeurism. That got me really excited too. Little fun things like that. And now I feel like I’m ready for a little bit more.

CJ: Were you sexual as a teenager? When did you lose your virginity?

Hillary: I was 18 when I lost my virginity to a guy. I was actually in a relationship with a girl throughout most of high school. But as far as my first dick, that was 18.

Hillary Scott

CJ: Were you very promiscuous after that?

Hillary: A little bit after I broke up with that partner. It wasn’t that much longer until I got into porn. It was just after I turned 21 that I got into porn. But before that, I think I was only with about 5 guys.

CJ: OK, a long-term girlfriend, only 5 guys….how and why did you decide to get into the adult industry originally?

Hillary: I’ve always been an intensely sexual person. And at that age, of course you’re very sexual as far as who you are, who other people are, what they mean to you and what sexuality is all about. There’s just a lot of that psychological that turned me on about porn as well as getting penetrated and getting fucked and having intense orgasm. So there was a lot that was very exciting to me.

CJ: Mister Farenheight from the ADT boards says you are one of the best dirty talkers ever. Do you put a lot of thought into it or is it effortless?

Hillary: Probably compared to most people, it is pretty effortless. I’m trying to get off myself and I’m having such a good time sexually, I also am putting on a performance simultaneously. It’s a huge turn-on for me; being watched, putting on a good performance and figuring out what that porn watcher is wanting from me or what the director is wanting from me. I’m always trying to figure that out. That’s why, I guess, my dirty talk is so effective. It’s one of my best attributes and I love turning people on. And I love being a good performer or a good little slut, however you want to put it.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Hillary: On camera, I like doggie. In my personal life, I like being on top.

CJ: If someone is just getting turned on to you, what would you say are the top ultimate Hillary Scott scenes?

Hillary: One of my favorite movies that I remember and I just loved every single scene that I did and the movie did so well was Anal Princess Diaries. I still love that name. It’s hard to remember because there were so many good ones! I would say, check out Corruption. There was a lot of great, intense, amazing sex in there. It also showed off my acting chops as well as my dick sucking and ass fucking skills.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Hillary wet?

Hillary: A genuine connection. It doesn’t always has to be with somebody you’re in a relationship with; I’ve always been able to connect to other performers while shooting. That’s what always got me most excited… knowing that I’m turning them on and we’re doing this together and we both really want to get off. I also love humiliation and I also like restraints. Those are some huge new things that I’ve been super into lately.

Hillary Scott

CJ: I take it that you’re submissive then?

Hillary: I can be submissive but it really takes the right partner.

CJ: You’re a switch then?

Hillary: I can definitely do both. Most times, I’ve been dominant because that’s what I am. But I do love being submissive to the right person. But they have to be able to dominate me because that’s not an easy task.

CJ: Have you ever dommed a man in real life? Like with a strap-on?

Hillary: I’ve definitely used toys on a man.

CJ: In 6 years, you have a whole new world of women in porn. Is there anyone out there that you would love to work with?

Hillary: I’ve been peeking around to see who’s out there, who’s new, who’s popular. I don’t know any of them. It’s kind of hard to tell everyone apart but there’s a lot of new girls. There’s one girl I’ve been pretty intrigued with on Twitter, August Ames. I think she’s superhot. Her natural body, she has these gorgeous big lips… I just think she’s so sexy.

CJ: Have you ever been in an inappropriate sexual relationship?

Hillary: Yes. I was an employee and my married manager hit on me when I was 17. We didn’t bang it out but I did give him a blowjob in an Appleby’s parking lot. (laughs) I remember it so specifically. And I also had the opposite happen. I was the boss and I was sleeping with my employee. It became a very traumatic work related thing for a while. But it was fun. I get really turned on by that. Really fucked up scenarios, when you’re not supposed to be doing something.

CJ: The latest one, when you were the boss, did that happen before porn or just recently?

Hillary: That happened right after porn.

Hillary Scott

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Hillary: Every day. I would say a minimum of twice but there are days where that’s pretty much all I do. (laughs)

CJ: What’s the preferred method?

Hillary: Honestly, I’m lazy and don’t want to get out of bed. I sleep with my IPad which is basically my porn machine and I just get the job done. I have toys and I’ve been playing with them a little bit more since I’ve been doing cam shows but the majority of the time, I’m just getting the job done with my hands.

CJ: Do you ever taste yourself?

Hillary: (laughs) No I don’t.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Hillary: Usually inside me.

CJ: And you’ve done a lot of swallowing scenes in your past.

Hillary: I did. So I guess I decided to push it up the line and take it in my puss. (laughs)

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done off-camera?

Hillary: I’ve been a part of a couple of orgies. I just had a threesome last night.

CJ: With two guys or a guy and a girl?

Hillary: With one of my friends and her boyfriend.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you still want to live out on camera?

Hillary: I don’t know if there’s anything specific sexually. My best scenes have always been with performers that I just really enjoy fucking. So maybe it’s more of a matter of meeting new performers that I have a connection with and we can fuck like crazy. That would probably be what I’m looking forward most to.

CJ: The way you’re talking, when I first asked you and you said you’re going to take it slow, it sounds to me like you’ll be doing everything again!

Hillary: I don’t know about everything. If I were to choose to do something other than girl/girl or basic boy/girl that’s just what I decided to do at that time sexually. So I don’t know, it could be whatever, I haven’t even been on camera yet. It’s hard to say. But, obviously, everyone in the world knows that I’m a kinky girl and I doubt that anybody would be disappointed by any comeback that I choose.

Hillary Scott

CJ: You’re a legendary porn performer and your pictures are all over the internet. In fact, I heard that Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum is pissed that when someone googles her, your name comes up.

Hillary: I’m just obsessed with that whole situation! I love it so much! It’s so funny to me!

CJ: Being that famous, like you were at the Cubs game yesterday, how often do you get recognized in public?

Hillary: I don’t… at least, very rarely. And very typically, nobody approaches you because it’s not like a regular celebrity. It’s not like you’re walking up to your favorite TV actress, ‘Hey! I just jerked it to your porn yesterday! You were getting ass fucked by 3 different guys!’ while the person is at the bar with 3 friends. That doesn’t really happen. And I live in Chicago and it’s very understated. I guess I’m just not “porned” out.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Hillary: Cooking and fitness. That’s my obsessions.

CJ: What’s your specialty when you cook?

Hillary: I grill almost every single day. I’m actually just making burger patties while I’m talking with you on the phone right now. I am like a grill master!

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Hillary: Such a wide variety. I think it depends on my mood. Hip hop, EDM, a little bit, a little older music too like classic rock and blues. I listen to pretty much everything. There are like 5 country songs that I like but that’s it.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Hillary: I always answer Natural Born Killer. That’s from the 90s so I feel like I need to update that. But that’s a really good movie.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Hillary: All the good ones, Game of Thrones, of course, Love on Netflix, it’s a really dark, fucked up romantic comedy and The Walking Dead.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Hillary: I’m just on Twitter @HillaryScott I have yet to do anything else. I’ve been a little bit lazy about it. It’s just weird starting at zero and I think that’s why I haven’t bothered. Twitter is so much work by itself! I’ve taken so many pictures of my butt and my boobs and I don’t know how many angles to get to make it interesting!

CJ: Briana Banks just came back recently and she’s been on Instagram for 9 months and has 10,000 followers.

Hillary: I did see that. I follow her and I think it’s so cool that we’re coming back at the same time. So I get to watch her do it before I go more full-on into it. But I did see her post that so it gives me some hope.

CJ: And you’re both going into the XRCO Hall of Fame at the same time!

Hillary: Yes! That’s really, really cool. That was definitely a surprise and it’s great timing because I was planning on going out to LA in June anyways so I can attend the ceremony.

Hillary Scott

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