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Captain Jack Interviews Richelle Ryan

Richelle is a very engaging personality with a fantastic booty! I always have a good time when I talk to her and this was no exception. We took our talk down a new tangent in this interview and I found it to be interesting. I hope you do as well!

Richelle Ryan

CJ: You got into it when you were 21, so you were an adult. I hear with the new union, one of the things that Sean Michaels is trying to push through is a minimum age of 21. Were you aware of the social stigma attached to being a porn star and did that influence your decision in one way or the other?

Richelle Ryan: Absolutely. Which is why I think that getting in at the age of 21 is appropriate. 1) A lot of these girls are getting in so young that they can’t even get into these porn parties! You’re not even 21 and you can’t even drink. 2) I think you need to live life a little bit. You need to go out, you need to hold a real job, you need to experience college. Some of these girls are 18 years old and don’t have the maturity level for porn. I don’t feel like they understand that this is something that will affect you forever. It’s not a lifelong career but it will affect your lifelong decisions.

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant?

Richelle: It all depends on the situation is what I always say. (laughs) I definitely don’t want to have to be dominant with men. I feel like it is a very manly thing for a guy to be dominant. Not dominant like beating a girl but I like a dominant man. Women? I can go both ways. I always tend to be the dominant one with women but I do like a woman who is very dominant and can handle me.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Richelle: Oh God, at least once a day. At least. You know what’s weird? Sometimes I’m going to the gym and I feel like I need to blow off some steam, I’ll rub one out before I go to the gym. (laughs)

CJ: What’s the preferred method?

Richelle: Hitachi. All day! It spoils you once you use it, nothing else matches up!

CJ: Did you watch porn before you got into the industry?

Richelle: I was a big porn fan! I used to watch a lot of Jules Jordan DVDs because he always made the girls look glamorous. They always had killer makeup and they always had great outfits. I was a fan like that. I liked seeing the girls all pretty and glamorous and all dressed up. It’s what intrigued me about the industry. I also liked the heavy hitters like Jenna Jameson, Briana Banks and girls like that.

Richelle Ryan

CJ: When we last talked, you said you were practicing to do your first anal scene. Any news?

Richelle: I want to so bad! If anything, girl/girl anal will have to do first. The hangup that I’m having right now, and everybody laughs when I say this, but I don’t have a guy to practice with. There’s only so much you can practice with a  toy and it’s so tough to do that! They’re hard, they’re not very giving, they just don’t feel like a real cock. I’m the type of person, when I do something, I’m going to do it 110% correct. I don’t want to half-ass anything. I don’t want to shoot for some company and then not be able to do it. I want to enjoy it too!

CJ: OK, that’s interesting. Why don’t you have a guy? Aren’t you looking? Or can’t you find the right one?

Richelle: What’s funny is that ever since I’ve been in Vegas for the last year and a half, I’ve been looking. Vegas is a really tough city to date in. There’s lots of men with lots of vices, they’re degenerate gamblers or alcoholics. Or not a lot of men can handle what I do for a living, which is understandable. I totally get it, I don’t think I could date a girl in the industry either. I know how tough it would be. It’s tough! I’m looking though! Ideally, I would like a playtoy. A guy that takes me out to dinner, fucks me, watches football with me and then leaves. (laughs) I don’t want anything too serious, I’m a busy gal! (laughs)

CJ: Are you looking for a civilian or somebody in the industry?

Richelle: As long as I’ve been in this industry, I’ve never dated a porn guy. Not to say I’m opposed to it but I would rather date a civilian.

CJ: When you date someone, how long do you wait before you tell him what you do for a living?

Richelle: I don’t like to lie and I’m a very bad liar. I’m very upfront and honest. I tell them right away and they’re either with it or they’re not. And if they’re not, then take off because I’m not going anywhere. This is my career, this is what I love to do. This is how I feed myself and take care of my dog. (laughs) I’m not going anywhere but you can! It’s a job! I go to work, I do my thing and I come home. Guys will say, ‘Oh, you’re getting banged out by Lexington Steele, you’re not going to enjoy me!’ What I have told men in the past, is what we don’t get on camera is the emotional side of it. You don’t get that connection with somebody. I don’t have a sex life off-camera which is why I enjoy it when I do work. If I do have sex with a man in my personal life, it means a lot because I’m not boning random dudes. I’m banging you because I really want to. I feel like you have to have that emotional connection with another person. If I’m inviting you to come bang me and you’re coming into my bedroom, you better believe it’s because I want to smash. (laughs) So far in Vegas, I’ve only had one booty call and that’s pretty bad! (laughs)

Richelle Ryan

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you still want to live out on camera?

Richelle: I really do want to have my first anal scene on camera. One fantasy that I’ve had in porn, I’ve only had it twice on camera and it’s such a turn-on to me, I love two men. One was Criss Strokes and Mike Adriano. It was so hot. It was for BangBros. When you do something like that, you have to have the right guys because they have to mesh well. It was such a hot scene and such a fantasy. ‘God, I want it again!’ I love two guys ravishing me. Maybe once I do cross that line and do anal, I can do DPs all the time.

CJ: If you could magically go back and talk to Richelle before her first scene, what would you tell her?

Richelle: I wish I had somebody that guided me a little bit more in a better direction. What to do and what not to do. Really silly things. I’ll look back and say, ‘Why did I dye my hair like that?’  or ‘Why didn’t I get my lip injections sooner?’ Silly stuff like that, I look back and wish I had an agent that really cared.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Richelle: It’s opened me up to a lot of things. I see the world completely different. Nothing phases me, I’m so open to people and their ideas and whatever they have going on. It’s just opened me up to the world. Before, I kept to myself, I was very shy. I moved out to LA and now in Vegas and doing feature dancing and traveling, it’s opened my eyes up to a lot of things.

CJ: What’s your favorite thing about porn?

Richelle: I’ll look back on some scenes and think how I was shooting 30 times a month. I felt like I wasn’t appreciating the work that was coming at me. I was working so much and who knew back in 2007 that the work was going to slow down? Nobody did. Now, I shoot about 5 times a month. I love being on set, I love being around the director and the camera crew and the lighting guys and the other talent. Just talking and being in the makeup chair. I just appreciate it more.

Richelle Ryan

CJ: If you weren’t in the industry, what would you be doing right now?

Richelle: Some sort of sales. And I’d probably be a stripper or a bartender at night. I’d probably sell cars during the day and strip at night. (laughs)

CJ: What celebrity, one male and one female, would you most like to bang?

Richelle: Male celebrity is tough. It’s a tie. I’ve always had a thing for Johnny Depp. And Tyson Beckford because I love him. One black and one white guy. (laughs) Female? My celebrity crush right now is Amber Rose.

CJ: If you could pick one Kardashian for bob for french fries in hot grease, who would you pick?

Richelle: Kortney!

CJ: Ron Jeremy, yes or no?

Richelle: No.

CJ: What does the future hold for Richelle Ryan? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Richelle: I hope I’m still doing porn because I love it! I feel as I’m getting older that I’ve been aging like a fine wine. (laughs) I want to continue, I’m just enjoying the moment right now. I’m loving the pace right now of feature dancing and shooting and being able to connect with fans on so many different bases between social media and seeing them on my dance bookings. It’s great! I love it. I hope to cross into the sports world a little bit more now too. I’m working on a few projects here in Vegas once football season kicks off. I hope the Raiders some out to Vegas because that would be truly amazing.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Richelle: I’m on everything. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, it’s all under Richelle Ryan.

Richelle Ryan

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  3. Personally I am pleased to see that efforts are being made to set a minimum age of 21 to get into porn. The AV industry has become flooded with girls aged 18 to 20 jumping into the business as a quick and (perceived) easy way to make money, without regard to or recognition of the short and long term potential consequences.

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