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Captain Jack Interviews Karla Kush

As everyone knows, Karla is one of my favorite female performers. I had an opportunity to do another interview with her, this time in advance of her starring role in Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story from Girlsway Films. Karla explains the concept of the movie then we delve into her lesbian tendencies among other topics. Every guy loves a hot chick who loves chick so that makes Karla the ultimate woman!

Karla Kush in Missing

Captain Jack: Tell me about Missing by Girlsway.

Karla Kush: It’s the sequel to The Turning. It’s a trilogy, actually. Essentially what happens in this trilogy is that there’s an epidemic where all these women are turning lesbian from an outbreak. They try to figure out who is behind it and that’s where we start in Missing. Riley Reid is the main character and she has been disgraced. Nobody will hire her and she’s taken on this mission to figure out why all these women are going missing. She’s trying to figure out what’s happening and my character, spoiler alert, is an undercover agent for this supposedly terrorist group but they’re actually benevolent and helpful and is pro-sexuality and not against lesbianism. Then there’s the other group that’s supposed to be the protagonist but you actually find out they’re the bad guys. Through all this unfolding in front of Riley and she doesn’t know and the audience doesn’t know, that I’m an undercover agent. It becomes more and more obvious because I’m her girlfriend and I’m acting kind of weird. As more and more things come to light in the media, I eventually reveal myself to her, as well as Allie Haze. We have a girl/girl/girl scene together where we reveal our true identities as Mantis agents.

CJ: How many sex scenes do you have in the movie?

Karla: Two, one with Riley and then the girl/girl/girl scene.

CJ: I’ve heard from other girls that Riley is the most sexual person in the world. How was it working with her?

Karla: Riley is great. Like most Spiegler Girls, she’s very committed to her job. She comes to set ready to work. She’s fun and she’s light hearted but she takes her job seriously at the same time. And she is very sexual, you can tell she’s doing this because she loves it for sure. She’s a total blast to have sex with because she’s into it. To have sex with a beautiful girl who’s into it and giving you that good energy back to work with and Riley’s definitely one of the best at that. Her energy doesn’t fall off during the scene, she keeps it going all the way through so that’s nice.

CJ: And tell me about the threeway with Allie and Riley.

Karla: It was really great. Girl/girl/girl’s can be really tough so it’s always nice when you get two experienced girls. And I’m experienced as well. To get 3 experienced girls to come together and know what they’re doing, you put together a really good scene. It was super great to be able to work with them. Both of them are very strong performers. It can be tough to get all your energy flowing well with 3 people and not have someone triangulated. I thought all 3 of us were very involved and it was super fun.

Karla Kush in Missing

CJ: It’s that way sometimes in boy/girl/girl too. When the guy and a girl are fucking, sometimes the other girl is just sitting in the corner playing with herself.

Karla: Pretty much. And that is partially on the girl. I’ve done a lot of boy/girl/girl’s and it’s your job to involve yourself. It’s your job to make yourself part of the experience. The other two people can only do so much to include you and keep their performance the best it can be. I actually really like boy/girl/girl because, in my opinion, it puts less work on you and you can help showcase these other two beautiful people in whatever way possible. I love that. It’s one of my favorite scenes to do.

CJ: Aya is our biggest girl/girl fan on the ADT forums and he has a few questions. Do you prefer features or gonzo?

Karla: Always features just because I really like the acting side of it. Gonzo’s fine, you get to the point and that’s fun but I always prefer features. It’s a longer day usually and sometimes more days but it’s worth it because you’re getting this awesome experience with people where you’re building a real project.

CJ: Which type of G/G scenes do you prefer, the more purely sexual ones or those with a more romantic vibe?

Karla: I prefer romantic although I’m more of a dominant when it comes to girls. I like romance but I like the romance that also has an edge to it. My recent scene with Dani Daniels where she was tied up, that was the first time I really dommed a girl on camera. I liked it because it was super soft and we had to be delicate with each other but, at the same time, I was totally domming her. I like some edge and romance.

CJ: That scene with Dani, who’s that for?

Karla: New Sensations called A Soft Touch.

CJ: When performing with a woman, do you prefer it to be just the two of you or do you like toys?

Karla: I prefer it to just be me and the girl. It’s one thing when you’re a lesbian couple and you’ve had sex already and you’re looking to spice things up, then it makes sense to bring in toys. In a scene, even if you’ve had sex with someone many times, you’re still essentially having sex with a very new person. It’s enough to just have your fingers and your tongue for them and I feel it’s more real that way. And when you throw in a toy, it can throw things off a bit.

Karla Kush and Riley Reid

CJ: I like it that way too. With toys, it’s so easy, especially if the other girl isn’t into girls, just to use a toy to keep a distance between the performers.

Karla: Right, exactly. I’ve done with scenes with girls where they were into it but you feel this disconnect between you because there’s this artificial object separating you.

CJ: Here’s something I often wondered, how difficult is it to meet someone on set for the first time, try to establish some chemistry, then be fucking them 5 minutes later?

Karla: It’s definitely tough. Honestly, in a way it’s tough because sometimes you’re exhausted and you’ve been on set for 10 hours and you’re finally getting down to the scene. But, sometimes, if you’re really excited about whoever your scene partner is, it’s honestly kind of good because it builds up the tension whereas if you were to just hop into the scene, it’s different. That never happens, by the way, it’s usually at least a couple hours that you’ve been on set. If you were to hop right into it, you don’t have that time to build up the sexual tension, which you want to build up ultimately to have a good experience or scene.

CJ: Aya also asks how you do deal with working with girls who are not into women?

Karla: I’ve really gotten lucky where that’s only happened maybe a handful of times. It has happened and even in those situations, I’ve gotten really lucky. In one of them, I went right up to the director and told him the situation. I told him that this girl was sitting in the makeup chair and she’s been honest that she doesn’t really like girl/girl scenes. This specific scene was a boy/girl/girl and you have to really be into girls to make that scene good. She was revealing to me that she can’t squirt and she doesn’t like girls and she told her agent not to book her with other girls. She went on and on about that so I went straight to the director and told him privately. I really didn’t think the scene was going to be good and he said he’d get it handled. It’d be one thing if the girl was inexperienced but she’s energetic and excited and motivated but this girl wasn’t even doing that. Within 20 minutes, her agent was picking her up and they got a new girl. Granted, the new girl wasn’t the best either but that’s always nice that, depending on the company, you can have that control and tell him that things aren’t working out.

CJ: Have you noticed any noticeable changes in the G/G genre since you started until now?

Karla: I don’t know where I could be an authority on that because I’ve been shooting a lot of boy/girl/girl in the last year and a half, more than ever. I wonder if it’s because people can see that I’m good at those and excel in those type of situations. You’ll probably have to ask me in a few years.

CJ: Do you have your eye on any particular ladies you haven’t been with yet?

Karla: There are so many and there are more every day, I feel like. Shyla! Shyla and myself have been pining after each other since we first got into the industry. We’re with the same agency too and we ask, ‘Why haven’t we worked together yet???’ Shyla would definitely be #1 on my list but there are a lot of others.

Karla Kush

CJ: All girls are different. It takes guys 50 or 60 years to learn that. What are the telltale signs so a fan can be sure that you’re cumming?

Karla: Mainly it would be the sounds and the looks of it. You have to assess those two. Does it sound like she’s formulating something? Does it sound like she’s thinking what she’s doing? Or does it sound like noises are organically coming out of her. You can tell the difference between an organic moan and a huge squeal, (laughs) Versus a girl who makes fake noises. I love looking at a girl when she’s cumming. When it’s fake, it’s much prettier. Whereas when it’s real, it’s just a release. If it happens to be pretty, that’s ok but it’s not about being pretty, it’s about totally losing control of yourself and you’re witnessing it. I like that because I’m an exhibitionist rather than putting on a cum show for you. (laughs)

CJ: I can tell right away. When a girl on camera says something like, ‘Oh that feels so fucking good just keep fucking me like that and I’ll cum!!’ That’s so fake.

Karla: You know that they just cut and said, ‘It’s time for you to cum in 30 seconds.’ That’s what they do. Certain companies will do it like that, they don’t even care about getting a real orgasm. If they can get one out of you, that’s great, but it doesn’t matter at all. Authenticity is not important.

CJ: It’s all about the guy cumming.

Karla: That’s for sure! 100%! Otherwise, who gives a shit. (laughs)

CJ: Is that true of Karla Kush too? You’ll make incoherent sounds and facial expressions? That’s how we can tell Karla is cumming?

Karla: I don’t fake it. There are definitely times, like in a girl/girl scene with a new girl, for example, when you’re just getting through it but other than that, no. It’s hard for me to fake it because I am sexual and I am sensitive and I like everything that happens to me. Someone doesn’t have to do very much to bring me to orgasm. You can just do something small and I really am attracted to the person, I’ll be going nuts. For me, it’s always real because I’m a very sexual person. I feel that there are a lot of people who aren’t naturally sexual people. They get into the industry just as a business. You do need to handle it as a business but if you’re handling the passion part as a business, then you’re not going to succeed.

CJ: You have done a lot in the porn world, what do you have left on your bucket list?

Karla: I always used to say, when people would ask me that question, that I wanted to dominate a girl but I just did that with Dani. I think maybe something a little bit less vanilla of a domination. With that one, we were a couple and it was her birthday present and I tied her wrists up with the tie of a bathrobe, just a ribbon basically. It was soft and sweet and lovely so I would want to do a more hardcore domination of a woman. Not Kink.com but something rougher. I really liked it. I was really surprised. I came with Dani, obviously, because she went down on me but I literally went home to my boyfriend and we had sex and I came harder than I have in a LONG time. It was built up from doing that scene and I liked it so much!

Karla Kush

CJ: Do you get recognized in public?

Karla: If they do, they don’t say anything. I definitely have noticed in the last 6 months that people have looked at me differently. When I first got in, I remember talking to more experienced girls and asked them what it was like to get recognized, ‘Do people actually come up to you or can you tell by the way they’re looking at you?’ A lot of girls said you can really just tell by the way they look at you.  A few people will come up to you, which I’ve never had happen. I remember Eva Lovia was telling me about that. Sometimes, it’s just a look and you can tell by the way they’re doing ‘that look’ that they clearly know who you are. In the last 6 months or so, people give me that face, ‘Where do I know you from?’ And they just stare at you for a long time.

CJ: Then a couple of days later, they’ll pop in a scene of yours and start jerking off and think, ‘DAMN! That’s who I saw the other day!’

Karla: (laughs) Yup, that’s pretty much it.

CJ: What’s your favorite thing about doing porn?

Karla: I love so many things about doing porn. I think my favorite thing is how predictable it is. Things get rescheduled a lot and moved around and it is show business and there is that aspect that you don’t know what exactly will happen every day but I have a general idea every day about what you’re doing and where you’re going and who you’re fucking and it’s all very laid out and I like that. I like that even though there’s that predictability and stability to it, there’s also different variable every day where you have an interesting experience. Sometimes it’s a good interesting and sometimes it’s a bad interesting. I like the balance in the industry of stability and unpredictability. It suits me nicely.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Karla: On Twitter, I’m @KarlaKush420.  I also have a couple content sites www.mygirlfund.com/SweetKush and extralunchmoney.com/user/SweetKush

Karla Kush

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