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Captain Jack interviews Francesca Le’

Recently, I had a chance to talk with Francesca Le’. She’s one of the sexiest cougars in the industry and has been involved in the porn world for well over 20 years. As most people know, she is married to porn stud Mark Wood and they have their own production company, LeWood, which is distributed by Evil Angel. LeWood is one of those studios were I don’t think I’ve seen a misfire yet! We talk a little about Francesca’s time in the industry and what we can expect next from her studio.

Francesca Le

Captain Jack: So how long have you been in the industry now?

Francesca Le’: I started in 1990 and I took a little break in between there. I left in ’94. I was still in the adult industry doing fetish, bondage, wrestling, stripping at all the local LA bars. I then I started back in the business around 2002 when me and Mark started LeWood Productions.

CJ: I remember a series you used to shoot for Red Light District called Wasted Youth. You were always behind the camera and I was so intrigued by you. I had to find out more about you! And then you came back and I was like, “Damn, Mark gets it done!”

Francesca: (laughs) Actually, Mark showed me how to shoot camera and I shot at Red Light for other directors and I directed for Platinum X as well. Mark had the directing gig at Red Light and I was just behind the scenes there. And I shoot all my own stuff at LeWood that I’m not in. (laughs)

CJ: So why did you get back into performing? Did you miss it?

Francesca: Well, we started it because I wanted to have a big boom with LeWood and I thought it would be really exciting and great if I came back out of retirement, my quasi semi-retirement. And I really go back and forth. Sometimes I really like being in front of the camera and sometimes I really like being behind the camera. It’s just the phases I go through. Sometimes you might not see me in 5 movies in a row and then you’ll see me in 3 straight. It just kind of how I feel at the time.

CJ: If you could go back in time as the Francesca of 2013 and go back to the Francesca in 1990, what would you tell her?

Francesca: My gosh, that’s a deep question. I don’t know! I really had a good time in the 90s. I can’t really say anything was really wrong with the 90s. I got burnt out a little bit as any new girl does in the business if you’re working a lot. I got burnt out and that’s why I left. I think that’s why I go through phases even today. If I’m not having fun then I don’t want to do it. I guess my advice would be to not work as much.

Francesca Le

CJ: How did you meet Mark?

Francesca: I met Mark when I was working in sales for a porn company in 2000. I was also producing a bondage line. He was a performer for the same company and that’s how we met.

CJ: You’ve been together for 13 years now. That’s an eternity by California standards much less the porn industry, how do you keep it fresh?

Francesca: We’ve been married 12 years and I don’t know. I guess because we have sex with other people. (laughs) Mark gets mad when I say that. (laughs)

CJ: So is it weird shooting your husband banging some 20-year old?

Francesca: No, not at all. People ask us all the time, other couples or other performers, how do you guys do it? We’re best friends, we do everything together. We work together, we’re always together. We actually enjoy each other’s company, we’re best friends, we’re partners, we’re husband and wife… When we got together, I was 30 already, it wasn’t my first run in porn. I had done all my crazy shit, I was single, I partied, I fucked everyone I wanted to. I was in my 20s when I first did porn like you were supposed to do it.  (laughs) He didn’t get the crazy Francesca. He got the wonderful settled down one. I already knew what porn was about. I don’t get jealous, he doesn’t get jealous. We shoot each other, that’s always the way it’s been.

CJ: Do the girls ever have problems shooting for a married couple?

Francesca: There’s only been two girls in all the years that had a difficult time shooting for us. Usually when they’re brand new I try not to tell them that we’re together. Just because you don’t know how they’re going to feel about it. People always say they’re open but then the girls don’t know for sure or not. I don’t ever like the girls to hold back in their scenes and then for some odd reason if they knew we were together, they would. So it’s really hard though because everyone knows we’re together. Their agent might tell them or one of their friends, so it gets kind of hard. Those two girls that I mentioned wouldn’t look into the camera because I was behind it. They would look away and I was wondering what was wrong with them. Even still, I would tell them “you have to look at the camera!”

CJ: How is your sex life with Mark different off camera than it is on?

Francesca: Well we don’t have a third person! (laughs) That’s probably the only difference.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually over the past 22 years?

Francesca: I think I get nastier the older I get. I don’t know if that’s because you want to challenge yourself more or just want to go on to the more extreme stuff. It might also be because I’ve hit my sexual peak now that I’m over 30.

Francesca Le

CJ: What’s the major difference between porn now and porn back in the 90s?

Francesca: The quality of porn has gone up, I think, since the 90s. And there’s obviously a lot more girls to choose from now. There’s a lot of girls in the business now so there’s always a fresh girl to shoot. Brand new, fresh faced that’s eager to work and excited about doing porn. In the 90s, we had a really small community of people. I liked that too where you were like a big family. Now there is so many people that it is hard to be like a family community.

CJ: I saw a documentary called Aroused. It’s a mainstream documentary in which they interview 10-12 porn stars including yourself about the industry. You said that if you want to stop watching porn, visit a porn set, you’ll never jerk off again. Can you expand on that?

Francesca: Because I think a lot of porn is very clinical now. It’s very factory like. You go in, you do your positions and I think there are some people who are in the business now for the wrong reasons. They don’t enjoy what they’re doing. If you watch something like that, you’ll never want to jerk off again. (laughs) But that doesn’t happen on a LeWood set!

CJ: So where do you come up with the themes for your movies, like Facial Violation or Anal Hazing Crew?

Francesca: Actually Mark is very good with the storylines. They’re really just ad libbed. We just come up with them on the sly. Sometimes the girl might be in make-up and we talk to her and get a little background info. For example, Lily Labeau said she was a ballerina at one time. So at the house, we had a big mirror and got a shot of her dancing in the mirror and we were kind of her instructors. And Ashlynn Leigh had a little cheerleading outfit, that’s how Anal Hazing Crew started. I put her in the outfit and she had “Haze Me” on her panties. And I thought, this is a great title! And Facial Violation was a spinoff of the Anal Hazing series because we shoot anal, everything is predominantly anal. Mark works on other sets and some girls don’t do anal. And there’s a lot of really good girls who we love to shoot that don’t do anal. And that’s where Facial Violation came into play, where we were able to shoot like Alexis Monroe and some of the other girls who don’t do anal.

Anal Hazing Crew

CJ: You get kind of rough with the girls. Do you talk to them first or their agents to see if they’d be up for it before you even cast them?

Francesca: For Facial Violation and Anal Hazing Crew, the girls are strategically picked because of the performance they have to do. So it has to be a girl who likes the rough stuff and likes it like that. And on top of the fact that when she does get here , we look at the trailer first to see if she would agree or not agree to do it. And I adapt to whatever they want. Some girls don’t want me spitting on their face so I can do something else. Some girls don’t want me sticking my hand down their throat. Some girls don’t want me stepping on their heads. That goes for every scene. We ask them what they like or don’t like. I always want to know what they do like because I want them to have a good time. So everything is spoken about beforehand. We’re very particular about the girls we choose for those two stories.

CJ: I have to give props to whoever chooses the girls too. There’s been some girls who I didn’t even know about that you cast in their movies and made me a fan of. Like Jodi Taylor. Or Casey Calvert. Zoey Monroe. So good job with the casting.

Francesca: I love shooting the new girls. I really do. Not to say I don’t like the veteran girls because I do. I just shot Dana DeArmond, who I shot 7 years ago at Red Light. I really like shooting the new girls because you can see them blossom. Some of them become top name performers. And they’re just so much fun because they’re enjoying themselves. I shot Zoey in Facial Violation before she was even doing anal. Then I just shot her in a DP 3 months ago!

CJ: You haven’t put out a Facial Violation in a while now. Is Part 3 coming?

Francesca: #3 is coming and it might have a little twist or spin-off to it. So I’ll keep you guessing. (laughs)

CJ: Do you have a hit list of new girls you want to shoot for the first time?

Francesca: I really want to shoot Kennedy Leigh, who I’ve tried to contact but I can’t seem to get ahold of her. She doesn’t do anal but she’s someone I would really be interested in shooting. I really want to shoot Mia Malkova but that one slipped through my fingers. I think she signed a contract. I get attached to some of the girls I really enjoy shooting and repeat them. Actually, I have 3 new girls I’m shooting in upcoming weeks that I’m really looking forward to shooting. Holly Michaels is back and shooting anal! I saw her at a show we were signing at in the summertime and I asked her when her contract was up. She told me October so October came and I texted her and she told me it’s up on October 14. So I have her booked for October 20! I love Holly she’s amazing.

CJ: You just realized your first 2-DVD set, Anal Required. Are you planning on releasing more extended sets?

Francesca: Our next double disk will be Francesca Le’s Ultimate Whores. (laughs) Mark came up with that title, I don’t know why. That’ll be 10 scenes in that movie and that’ll be a best of. It’s all my favorite scenes. It has Annette Schwarz in it, Chris Charming has a DP, a 3-way, a new solo scene with me. It has everything in it. That’s the next double disk. We’ll probably be doing them but it just depends on the theme and how many girls we shoot.

CJ: Another good one you shot was Remy’s Anal Cabo Weekend. Are you going to plan a sequel or take someone else on a trip?

Francesca: We have talked about doing another road trip movie. It has to be a certain type of girl. We have to really have chemistry with the girl. We’re in tight quarters for 4-5 days so it has to be a certain kind of person. There are some girls that are possible contenders.

Anal Cabo Weekend

CJ: The Cabo weekend, is everything choreographed and talked about like most gonzo features? Or was it truly just spontaneous sex?

Francesca: That movie is not produced at all. It was just basically like a home sex tape. We just say we’re going to go here and whatever happens happens. The bathroom scene with me and Remy, we just got done blowing Mark and we had never been together and we kind of just started doing it in the bathroom. Her blowing Mark on the jet ski… none of that was planned and that’s what made that movie so great. And it has to be a certain type of girl because it’s not produced at all, it’s just 3 people having a good time on a trip. And we tell the girl, you can’t wear make-up and we don’t have wardrobe or lights. It’s completely different.

CJ: So any new series you’re working on or any other sequels coming up?

Francesca: Well we have Anal Is My Business that just came out this month. It’s great, I had a chance to shoot Chanel Preston who I had never shot before, she was great. Valentina Nappi who is an Italian girl who is on her first trip to the States. She was great, she was so good that I shot her in another movie that I have in the works. I shot Kristen Price who people will be surprised to see how filthy that little one can be. I did a girl/girl with her and she took some huge toys in her ass. We have Me, Myself and Anal which is a solo movie. We have six girls Cassandra Nix, Veronica Avluv, AJ Applegate, Jodi Taylor, Zoey Monroe and myself. This is a solo movie but it’s not like a regular, boring solo movie that people are used to. This is an all anal solo movie with a fucking machine and me and Mark talking to them. I might get in there and stick some toys in their ass and DP them with toys. At the very end for the grand finale, we do a fucking machine. We have another movie yet that’s in the works that’s untitled. It’s like a spinoff of the Cabo weekend, it’s real organic. The girls know they’re coming over to shoot but they were not told that we’re shooting as soon as they walk through the door. They walk in and it’s like “what is this?” It’s girls that I really want to have sex with that I thought were really hot and wanted to fuck. It has Skin Diamond, Valentina Nappi, Vicki Chase and Dana DeArmond. That was a really, really fun movie. They all said they were very surprised by us. Dana was funny, she said that she thought she was going to be hazed and had her guard up.

CJ: How can the fans find you?

Francesca: Me and Mark are both on Twitter. I’m @francescalexxx and he’s @markwoodxxx or you can check us out at

Francesca Le

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