Transsexual Starlet Interviews: Jonelle Brooks

Wendy Williams Interviews Jonelle Brooks

Jonelle Brooks

Growing up in Florida when did you start to feel or notice you were “special”?

Ever since I can remember, I have been very feminine. I can recall stay home from school sick and dressing up in my moms skirts and high heels and parading around the house. I always had gals friends, was never out with the boys. I had more Barbies than my sister, and although the Dream House was purchased for both of us, it resided in my room 🙂 My first professional acting gig at age 8 really opened my eyes to other sexualities. There were many gay men in the production and one in particular was especially effeminate. I just wanted to be him but didn’t quite understand why or what any of it meant. I just knew I like how men treated this sissy boy like the lady he truly was.

How do you think others in high school would describe you and what activities were you involved in?

People in high school would describe me as outgoing, very social, a little bit of a comedian and class clown, definitely sassy. I was super involved in high school. I was on my class steering committee all 4 years and was chairman of our prom committee. I was also on our HS dance team the Showdolls which competed nationally and won overall quite frequently I might add. I of course had bullies and heard all types of horrible name calling, but I only look back with the fondest of memories. I own a farm in my small hometown, and I am actually on my 10 year HS reunion committee.

What type of Porn do you enjoy watching and has it changed since your young adulthood?

Its always been gay porn. Now the types of men have changed. Of course starting with twinks bc at the time that’s pretty much what I was and I was interested in “boys like me.” As I got older it became daddies fucking twinks, black thugs gang bangin a white boy, or just the occasional Tumblr of mens ass holes 🙂

How has porn changed your view on sexuality or your own sexuality?

I definitely view porn differently, having been on the other side. For me now, I prefer to watch amateur stuff or just guys with camera phones. It has definitely broaden my horizons and opened me up to new possibilities. Had a never done porn I probably would have never fucked a girl. Having said that, its not something I seek out in my personal life; however vagina is also not this scary daunting no mans land to me anymore either.

Politically you are very outspoken on your stances, how would you define your political views and why do you think that people are shocked that you are Republican and a TG Women? Since most (not all) of the party have strong social views like the LGBT community.

Being transgendered does not define my sexuality and I think that’s a very important distinction to make. Trans is not a sexual orientation. I identify as straight bc I am attracted to men. Whats between my legs doesn’t make me any less of a woman. I am from the South and our roots and upbringing run deep. My outer appearance has changed, but the way I was brought up and what I have been taught hasn’t changed. My political views deal less on social issues and more on policy. I find that my beliefs just better align with a more conservative party. I think its funny that people who are so amped about being who you are and not labeling people, are the first folks to criticize for not being affiliated with the party they deem most represents me.

Jonelle Brooks

You have been in a long term relationship, how has Porn effected your relationship both good and bad?

We are going on 6 years this July (happy dance) and it hasn’t always been easy, especially when you throw a wrench like porn into the mix. It took my partner some time to adjust to this industry and lifestyle. He is an incredibly bright man and loyal to a fault. His kindness has really made me focus on the way I interact with him and individuals I care about. He is extremely supportive of my pornographic endeavors and knows that shooting a porn scene is not the same as “hooking up.” I keep the line between my personal life and porn very clear and well-defined.

You recently took a small “break” but came back with a trip to LA for some great website and DVD shoots? What prompted the break and how has it revitalized your career?

I think everyone needs a break once in awhile. This industry can be very draining both physically and emotionally. I found myself not enjoying my work and that’s when I knew it was time for a hiatus. I think it translates to film when you’re not fully committed, and that’s the space I found myself in. I needed time to focus on myself and what I want out of life. This break prompted to me to return to school to finish my Bachelor’s degree, something I abandoned around the time my transition began. I am very proud to say that I will complete my Bachelors in Management in August 2015, just a few short months away. Returning to the industry, I have better focus and clear goals in mind. I have adjusted my strategy slightly. I maintained exclusivity for years and I feel that aided in my ability to have some longevity in this industry. I have been blessed that producers want to work with me and that they have given me the opportunity to grow expand my reach.

What do you think is a big misconception about you as a transsexual women in porn?

A big misconception about me as a transsexual woman is that I am a high maintenance individual. I am the exact opposite of high maintenance. I am not impressed with expensive things or what kind of car someone has, yes they are nice but definitely not necessities to me. My hubby and I have the best time together going doing yard work and playing with our pot belly pig, Bobby Ray.

You are very vocal and proud of your surgeries and speak freely about them, why do you think its important for YOU and what advice would you give young TG women about surgery?

I am definitely not shy, and as a matter of fact, as a write this I am in Mexico preparing to undergo several procedures tomorrow morning. Cosmetic enhancements are important for me in order to achieve that ultimate feminine appearance. As a biological male, there are just some things (like bone) that are more prominent on men’s faces than women’s. I think a lot of TS women find themselves feeling desperate for plastic surgery procedures and not knowing where to go or who to turn to. Many times, this desperation and lack of funds leads them to black market options, ie silicone. I have personally had many friends suffer greatly from this and I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go through an ordeal like having silicone and tissue scraped from there buttocks. I have been fortunate to have the financial means to do everything above grade and as a result, I don’t have complications.

Jonelle Brooks

You have a very successful website,, what can fans expect coming up for your website?

I am very excited to begin shooting content for my site again. I went full force for 3 years and after my break Im feeling refreshed and hornier than ever. I think what I am most excited about is all the filming I will be doing on and around my farm. I have always loved shooting outside, and filming will be fun too 😉 I have also toyed with the idea of bringing myself and a camera to all sorts of public places (bathrooms, trails, the beach, etc) and just rubbin one out. Its a throwback to my teenage years when I couldn’t keep it in my pants and whacked off all over the great state of Florida.

What makes everyday Jonelle and Porn Jonelle different?

Everyday Jonelle is definitely barefoot or in flip flops at the most. My hair is always up, bc yall its too darn hot in FL for all that. I rarely wear makeup and dress very conservatively;I do not like to show a lot of skin when going out bc I think it draws the wrong kind of attention. Porn Jonelle clearly is the opposite of all this, its like playing dress up for me. I have the same personality 100% of the time. I find it difficult to conceal my small town, simpleton style and quite frankly don’t care if folks think Im a country bumpkin…pssst I am.

What fun things can fans and the Jonelle Brooks curious expect coming up?

I have so much in the works, including an Evil Angel DVD release, another new Shemale Strokers release, a long-awaited appearance on Grooby, and I am in conversations with to shoot for both of their TS sites. I am excited to get back out to the west coast and expand this list of upcoming projects.

Tell us about your Cam4 supershows, url to watch and what to expect to see and when?

I have been doing Supershows for Cam4 for almost 4 years now. I absolutely adore Cam4 and all my viewers. My hubby and I perform together for an average audience of almost 2000 every Tuesday at 3pm EST. Whats really fun and different about our show is that we are able to go outside and have sex for our wonderful audience, and its FREE to watch! Fucking my husbands ass in the grass with a beautiful scenic back drop really adds something special to our performance, and I am so appreciative of Cam4 for allowing us to continue our antics week after week. Sometimes I can be seen being domestic after a good bang where I cook or do laundry in the buff, all good fun!

What would you like to leave us with?

I want people to know that people in porn are just that, people. We all have different stories and backgrounds and lifestyles. Whenever I meet fans, they tend to treat me as if Im more than just a normal gal trying to sort through life just like them. I always tell people that I meet, Im just regular folk shug, no better no worse.

Please plus where to find you on social media and the web?

You can always see me at my website and I am back on that crazy thang called twitter @xJonelleBrooksx

Jonelle Brooks

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