Sammy Mancini aka Rodney Moore Interview

Wendy Williams interviews Sammy Mancini aka Rodney Moore

Sammy Mancini started and in 2002. At the time, few knew that “Sammy” was actually AVN and XRCO Hall of Famer Rodney Moore, who had been shooting and performing in videos since 1992. Known fondly by his fans as “The King of Cream” and as one of the pioneers of POV and Gonzo, here he explains why he became “Sammy” and more about his involvement in this very popular genre.

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Wendy: When you started over 12 years ago you assumed the name Sammy Mancini when we all know you as the Legend Producer and Performer Rodney Moore. Explain to our readers why you made that choice at that time?

Sammy: At the time, there was unfortunately (and unrealistically) a stigma attached to transsexual performers. This was 2002. Women who worked with transsexuals were often “blackballed” by the straight industry out of fear. I knew of a male performer who was going to do a scene with a girl who had just done an 8 man anal gang bang with anal cream pies (the most dangerous thing a performer can do) and had no problem with that, but he refused to do a scene with a girl who had done a scene with a M2F transsexual who not only was tested, but used a condom. That’s the kind of irrational thinking that was prevalent at the time. Because I was performing myself as “Rodney” with women in scenes, I did not want to run the risk of being “blackballed” myself even though I was just shooting solo TS scenes. So I chose to use a different alias. If I had to do it over again, I would take my chances and not have used a different name. Now I’m stuck with it.

Wendy: What made you get into the transsexual side of the business?

Sammy: I had a female friend, who went by “Chimera Chase,” who was making transsexual movies, so I was aware of them. Somewhere in early 2002, Mason (as she became known), who had been doing camera work for me for 2 years, left to go on her own. Someone recommended a transsexual named “Allenina” had done some camera work for Ed Powers and was looking for work. So I hired her and she ran camera for me for a few months. She was very passable and feminine, in fact she even totally fooled a male friend of mine who wanted to ask her out. I asked Allenina if she knew of anyone shooting solo masturbation scenes. I’d been doing a lot of solo girl shoots with hairy girls for my “Seattle Hairy Girls” series and liked shooting solos. She was unaware of anyone doing that. So I thought it might be a fun and popular project. Allenina herself became the very first “Shemale Stroker.” With very few exceptions, I’ve truly enjoyed filming all the girls on my sites.

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Wendy: You are credited for being one of the first to bring video to the fore front of Transsexual websites, what prompted this?

Sammy: I had been doing video clips for my sites, so it just followed that I would put movies on my Trans site. At the time, there was only a few TS sites out there, and they mostly just did photos. My sites having videos made it really take off.

Wendy: Most men who watch TS porn identify themselves as “straight” , as a producer of TS Porn do you also produce it towards “straight” buyers?

Sammy: Absolutely. When I first put out Shemale Strokers on DVD and VHS, I was being distributed by OGV, which had both popular straight and gay titles. OGV’s manager wanted to put it out as one of their gay lines, and I told him that would be a huge mistake. Gay guys want to see men, not women with penises. Straight men are the market for trans movies. I can’t tell you how many trans girls I’ve shot who have told me that they’ve taken men home who did not know they were trans, and when they found out, kept right on going. It’s when guys are around their other male friends that they have to protect their “macho” image.

Wendy: What is one of the biggest misconceptions you have noticed that people have about Transsexual women that you have noticed in your many years of capturing them on camera?

Sammy: If I have to answer that, it would be the same as the misconceptions some people have about gays. They think that it’s a lifestyle choice, which of course, is very wrong. In their minds and souls, trans people feel they were born into the wrong bodies, and they do what they can to correct it. The fact that many straight men find M2F’s very attractive just makes it a profitable genre in porn.

Wendy: What are some of the things that your members seem to really want focused on or in your scenes?

Sammy: You asked, I’ll answer. Cum, plain and simple. No cum shot, no happy customer. A big hard cock and a thick creamy cum shot is more important than beauty and femininity for most, but not all. Many of the members of my site would prefer a passable CD (not on hormones) to a gorgeous 100% passable TS who can no longer cum and barely gets hard. If I shot a true sex change (SRS), the members would not watch it.

Wendy: How has the genre changed over the past 10 years?

Sammy: Yes, it’s gotten way more popular, but more importantly, it has gotten way more acceptable. But at the same time, names that were previously acceptable, such as “shemale” and “tranny,” even “TS,” have now become politically incorrect. But those are still the words that get entered into search engines, not “transwomen” or “transgender,” etc. I actually recently registered “” but it will never be the same as “ or “”

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Wendy: How has the Industry changed as a whole when it comes to the explosion of the internet?

Sammy: Free tube sites have all but destroyed what was a very profitable business. The industry should have stopped them in their tracks, but it’s way too late now. Their biggest crime is devaluing what was once a very valuable product. In 1980, around when X rated movies first were available on VHS, they were selling for about $100, and that’s in 1980 dollars. Five times as much as mainstream Hollywood movies at the time. Now they’re all but worthless. It’s very hard to compete with “free.” Recently, I shot a trans girl that I had shot 6 years ago. At the conclusion of the scene, she asked me why I was only paying her half as much for the scene as I had 6 years prior. I said, “When you were looking at porn on your phone to get off to, were you on a pay site that you had purchased a membership from, or were you looking at a free tube site?” She replied, “A free site, ” to which I responded, “That’s why I can only pay you half of what I used to pay.”

On the other hand, personally, I don’t understand how a lot of people can get off on the piss poor quality of the tube sites. I’d much rather pay to be able to download full HD 1920×1080 movies that look glorious on my screen than to look at the low res pixelated crap on the tube sites.

Wendy: How has social media played into your business model?

Sammy: It has to a degree, but we should be doing a lot more with it. It’s very important these days, and we’re planning on getting more involved with it.

Wendy: Your website focus is transsexual women in solo action, why that formula?

Sammy: I just much prefer shooting solos. It puts more focus on the individual, not the action. I think it makes it easier for the person watching to fantasize that he (or she) is with the performer themselves.

Wendy: What do you think is a few keys to keeping members satisfied?

Sammy: Content, content and content. Passionate performances, quality camera work and equipment, frequent updates.

Wendy: What would you like readers to know about

Sammy: That we are dedicated to being one of best (if not the best) Trans Women adult sites in the world with 100% original content and frequent updates.

Wendy: Please leave the readers with your list of sites they can see more of your work!
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