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Captain Jack Interviews MimeFreak

MimeFreak is the General Manager and Director at Arch Angel Productions. He first caught my eye in his directing prowess with Pretty Petite for Elegant Angel in 2014 and he’s just gotten better and better. More important than his official titles might be his title as President of the Freaky Crew, a fan led initiative to put out the best porn possible. We talk about all that and more in the following interview.


Captain Jack: How did you get your start in porn?

Mimefreak: I started out as Chris Streams’ Production Assistant back in 2005. Chris and Pat Myne brought me in. I was working at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I asked him for a job. He came back 2 weeks later and said that he had a position that was open. I was doing music at the time and was really trying to help him out music-wise but he brought me on as staff and the rest is history.

CJ: You were a performer a little bit too, correct?

Mimefreak: I tried it out. It’s not for everybody. When you first start out, you don’t get the fine steak, you get Hamburger Helper. (laughs) I was like, ‘Fuck this shit!’, if I won’t fuck you in my personal life, why would I fuck you on film? A lot of guys think performing is physical, it starts with the mentality. You have to have a certain mentality and I don’t have that. You can be trained to have that but it’s not something I fell in love with.

CJ: What were your first directing projects?

Mimefreak: Chris Streams and Pat Myne were the first ones to help me direct. Mick Blue was the first one to let me run camera. After that, I did my first movie at 3rd Degree where I directed Black The Fuck Up, that was 2005, 2006. After that, they wanted to see if I had a vision. After that came the Black Ice movies, I directed 2 movies for them. Then I directed another orgy scene for them.

CJ: Who are your influences as a director?

Mimefreak: There’s a bunch of guys. Jay Sin, Mick Blue, Jules Jordan, John Stagliano, Mason, Greg Lansky, Chris Streams, Pat Myne. I took something from each and every one of them. If you looked at all those directors and then looked at my work, you’ll be able to see that. For me to not pay homage to these people would be ridiculous. Have I ever watched a full scene of these guys? Probably not. But being next to Chris Streams and Jay Sin, I think the only full movie of a person’s work that I watched was Mason. The way that she’s able to capture girls outside of just the sex to make you have an interest in her movies is phenomenal. I don’t think anybody does it the way she does. And Jay Sin is a fiend. He’s an anal genius. I can’t say enough for him. He really fine-tuned my camera work. He films in a way that shouldn’t be allowed. (laughs) If you ever saw him hold a camera, you’d think that’s gotta look like shit. And it doesn’t, it fucking works. Are you kidding me? He’s a genius.


CJ: How did Arch Angel come about?

Mimefreak: Somebody got pissed off. (laughs) Gabriel Guzman and Drew Kennedy were in line to purchase Elegant Angel at the time. And whatever happened between Gabe, Drew and Patrick Collins, it didn’t work out. Patrick was trying to sell the company, people started getting laid off, people’s hours started getting cut… we didn’t have a schedule of movies. So Gabe called me and told me he’s starting about thinking his own company. I had sit with him prior to that when he almost took over Elegant and we had a really good vibe. We had the same visions and he told me wanted he wanted to do and I told him I could get that shit done right now. He actually saw when people were getting laid off and he saw that other directors didn’t even bother to show up at the office but I was there every day. They pulled the plug and there were no more productions. So I sat down with Gabe and he told me his vision and it was the same vision of the things we wanted to do at Elegant but we made it our own. He gave me his ideas, we sat down and we brought over a couple of guys from Elegant and the rest is history.

CJ: You were the first gonzo studio that I know of, that signed a girl to a contract in Jada Stevens. Are you going to have other contract girls?

Mimefreak: I’ll give you an exclusive. Kendra Lust is going to be doing IR only for us for a year. Kendra really came out and showed Arch Angel so much love when we started the company. She took a chance on us when no one else knew who the fuck we were and thought we’d be done in 6 months. She did her first IR with us and when you have other companies like HardX, Jules Jordan, Evil Angel, Blacked.com and Hustler that are proven, she took a chance on us with our first movie and it was a match made in heaven. I really thank her for allowing us to show her what we had planned. My wife, Tori Black, made her directorial movie in Kendra’s showcase. She also did a couple of other things. She’s going to be in the Booty Movie 2. Why wouldn’t we offer Kendra something to make her feel a part of this team. She was originally supposed to be a contract girl but negotiations fell through. Now that we have another opportunity, we revisited it and made her officially a part of the Arch Angel family.

CJ: Prince also has a contract, but he can film with other companies, correct?

Mimefreak: We have a partnership with Prince which means we agree to put Prince in every single IR movie. We agree to give him a movie that’s on him sort of like First Prince. That’s also a thank you to Prince. When I was at Elegant Angel, it was an Up That White Ass 4 scene featuring Prince and Jada that actually got the fans attention. Big Tit Fanatic 3 was the first movie I directed over there but it wasn’t until the Jada/Prince scene that the fans said, ‘Who the fuck is this guy!’ The vibe was just so right.


Captain Jack: You have started a movement with the Freaky Crew. Tell me about that!

Mimefreak: I’ve always looked at how adult personnel tweeted and who they were talking to and it seemed like the fans always got the short end of the stick. The fans are the reason why any of us have jobs, it’s their money that’s paying to keep these production companies afloat. I give credit to my wife, Maddy O’Reilly and Skin Diamond. I asked them what they thought of me forming this group between pornstars and fans and actually talking among ourselves and we represent each other. It’s kind of a cool kids club, like a sorority. They thought it was a good idea so I announced it. I asked them to help me promote my movies and in return I would get them shirts and DVD’s. Surprisingly, none of these guys wanted DVDs for free, none of them. They said they wanted to purchase my movies. I think it’s a shame that a lot of directors don’t cater to the fans a lot more because it’s all about them. You can have the coolest chick alive but if the fans don’t like her, no one’s going to purchase that movie.

These are loyal fans and purchasing money on DVDs and not downloading stuff. I know that the guys I’m cool with, these guys have my phone number. One guy in particular, he’s been to my house before. The Freaky Crew actually rented Arch Angel’s booth at AVN last year. That’s unheard of. There were about 10 of them. We took them all out to dinner. We were undermanned but they were security guards for the girls and escorted them to their rooms. We didn’t have any issues. These guys that are hardcore fans, they’ve been to set, I invite them out. If they call me and I’m with a porn girl, I’ll put her on the phone. That’s so dope. It’s a great experience for them. But I want to get them something and they know that I appreciate them. We’re also going to be doing a fan directed movie. The Freaky Crew was part of a movement for the voting for The Booty Movie 2 which generated 1.4 million votes for the girls. We selected 14 girls for the Booty Movies.

CJ: Who are going to be in the movies?

Mimefreak: We have Maddy, Jada, Keisha Grey, Bella Bellz and AJ Applegate in the second one.

CJ: Besides when you get help from the Freaky Crew, how do you cast your movies?

Mimefreak: We have a committee, I like to call it. There’s my wife, I talk to her everyday if I have an idea, So the committee is Tori, Gabe, myself and LosDee. We sit and discuss which girls are hot, which girls should we shoot, stuff like that. In my movies, I like to put in a vet, an up-and-comer and 2 current chicks. We all agree but we agree to disagree. But the movies are doing great so we’re doing something right.

CJ: You just released Karma’s A Bitch. Tell me about that one since I haven’t seen it yet.

Mimefreak: One long word that’s a combination of 3 separate words. Oh. My God! Karmen is another girl who is very underrated. When you look at her, most people wouldn’t even give her her own showcase. When you thing of a showcase chick, you think of a natural girl with no tattoos that’s going to do a bunch of cool shit. Now me? I like the underdog chick. Karmen is a super underdog and she’s one of the nicest girls in the business. For me to give a chick Performer of the Year, you can never take a scene off. How you perform is how you perform. I don’t care who you put in front of you, one girl, one guy, black or white, big or small, you’re going to make sure 1) you command respect; 2) you command the viewer’s respect and 3) you’re going to put on a performance. What people don’t understand is, yes, we are having sex in this industry, but you are performing. Is it natural? Probably not. But you better tell the fucking world that it is. When it comes to Karmen, I talked to her about doing her first IR about a year and a half ago. I told her to hold it for me. So I went to her and told her that now that I have the platform to do what I want, I want to give her a showcase. She said ok and she said she wanted to do anal too. She told me who she wanted in the movie. It’s probably the most fun I ever had on a showcase. The next one to this was probably Slutwoman. It was so easy, it was so fun, it didn’t even feel like work. If I was going to pick another girl to do another showcase, it would hard for me to pick another one. And I even have one coming up. I almost want to do another showcase with Karmen. She played a part. Not only did she have ideas of her own but she vibed with me. Over at Arch Angel, we give the girls the stage. We want to shoot something that you’ll be proud of, that you’re going to be excited about. A lot of girls didn’t want to do a lot of things but you have to think outside the box. Karmen challenged me. I really had a fun, fun time. Gabe came up with the movie idea; I came up with the box cover and Karmen gets a lot of credit for how this thing was shot. This movie is high octane, when you see it, you’ll be like ‘Holy shit!’ I can’t say enough about her. Her and Kendra are the best girls at promoting their movies on Twitter. Some girls wonder why they don’t get showcases, it’s because they don’t care about their scenes; they don’t care about their fans. And that’s what Arch Angel is all about.

CJ: A lot of fans are wondering when Arch Angel will start VOD content?

Mimefreak: This summer. We’re having a lot of explosive stuff. We want to build up the library so we have a lot of content. There’s going to be a lot of fun things available.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Mimefreak: On Twitter, I’m @Mimefreak. My blog is at www.themimefreak.com and Instagram is also @Mimefreak. I’m also on ADT a lot! Come talk to me on there!


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  1. Why didn’t you discuss Remy? Did they shut that down as a condition?
    From what I have read they didn’t live up to the terms and when the rival studio released, she was caught in the middle. Rather than honoring the terms, they released her and tried to spin it that she was the problem.

  2. I didn’t bring it up for a couple of reasons.
    1) Mimefreak discussed it in the adultdvdtalk.com forums already.
    2) I wanted to keep it positive, why bring up a negative situation?
    3) It seems you (and others) have already made up your mind as to what happened, no matter that you don’t have all the facts. What good will it do to get into a ‘he said she said’ debate? They parted ways, that’s the only thing that’s important.
    4) This is porn, it shouldn’t really matter. As long as Arch Angel continues to shoot hot scenes and as long as Remy is shooting hot content for other studios, that’s what’s important.

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