Transsexual Starlet Interviews: Kelli Lox

Wendy Williams interviews Kelli Lox

Kelli Lox is a Northern California Transsexual Starlet who has been in the Industry less than 2 years. During her short but impressive career she has received Performer nominations with XBIZ and AVN for Transsexual Performer of the Year. Kelli is what most describe as a “free spirit”, her next door looks and bubbly personality have attracted a loyal fan base. In 2014 she has starred in 4 released DVD’s, multiple internet scenes for companies like Grooby, Kink and Hot Wendy Productions. (Grab a DVD at AdultDVDTalk starring Kelli at Kelli is the recent September 2014 Cover Girl for the longest Transsexual Playboy style magazine, Transformation Magazine which hit stores September 16th. She is active on her social media sites with her fans and always has an interesting story to share! Fans can check her out on twitter @kellilox or check out her Official blog Now let’s get to know this California beauty Kelli Lox.

Kelli Lox - TS porn

Wendy: Thanks Kelli for being my first Interview for I am so excited to be able to interview ladies such as you and bring more personal awareness to the readers. We all know how popular we are as one of the biggest niche in the market but now it’s time to put a personal touch with our naughty selves. When did you know or began your identification as a Transgendered Woman?

Kelli: I’ve known as long as I can remember that I was really a girl, but I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and I learned quickly that I had to hide it if I wanted a normal childhood. So I hid it all through elementary and high school. It wasn’t until I went to college that I started letting people know here and there, but it was still a big secret. It wasn’t until I graduated college and moved to California that I finally decided to transition. After that, it was only a matter of time before all of my boy clothes had been packed away and donated to goodwill.

Wendy: What has been the biggest struggle living as a Transgendered Woman thus far in your life

Kelli: There are times when people make me feel like I’m not a “real woman.” like one time recently, we were at a nice hotel and casino in Reno, and we had planned to use the spa. Well, one person in my group of friends takes it as her personal mission to go down to the spa counter, hours before we were planning to get there, and asks them what their transgender policy was. So she talks to the girl, then she calls her supervisor, then she is sitting with the supervisor discussing the fact that a TRANS person is coming shortly and omg we have to have some POLICY in place… How fucking ridiculous. So, it turned into this big deal and was very awkward and hurtful. We ended up just napping that afternoon and skipped the spa altogether. IT SUCKED because really, I’m a woman and I would have used the spa the same way that other women do, period. Why did it have to be an issue? Why do people feel the need to, like, make sure special arrangements are in place before I show up, or that some staff has ample warning that I’ll be coming? It’s really fucked up. Anyways, shit like that where I am considered neither male nor female, but “other.” I’m a girl and I really appreciate it when people just take that and run with it like it’s no big deal. I don’t like it when people take it upon themselves to “help” me or anticipate problems that probably aren’t even really there.

Wendy: How do you identify yourself sexually?

Kelli: I like having sex with cute people, what is that called? Is there a name for that? cutesexual? Don’t know. I have lots of sex with guys. I love being wined and dined, treated like a princess and then fucked really hard =). I LOVE sucking cock, but in the long term guys bore me. They get on my nerves. In general, many guys have eggshell ego issues which require constant attention. They throw fits when they don’t get their way. They get possessive and jealous, act like little boys, and it all gets to be a bit much. Of course, not all guys are like that but in my experience, most are. I have lots of sex with girls, too. Girls are soft, cute, we smell nice, we have pretty hair, smooth skin, we have boobs and holy shit I love pussy. A lot of generalizations again, but we’re talking about my experience, and that’s what I’m into. I can relate best with other girls. We share clothes, have crazy girls-night-out adventures, do our makeup together, talk hair and fashion, and snugglefuck and wake up together. We can always find dick, er- I mean, guys, when we want to. We can bring them home and fuck them, it’s easy. It’s fun. But long-term for me, when it really comes down to it, at the end of the day: I like girls.

Wendy: When it comes to a sex partner, what things do you look for physically and emotionally?

Kelli: Well, I probably look for smarts first. Some cute guys are very ewww and some average-looking guys can charm the pants off people. So I see if the guy has anything interesting to say, if he can hold a conversation; if he makes me laugh; if he doesn’t say some creepy or blatantly inappropriate or stupid thing right off the bat. After that, I try to see what scene he’s into. Like, does he do the same drugs that I do? How does he dress? Do we have friends, places, interests, or events in common? After that, we’re probably going to fuck. With girls, it’s different. There’s not always that “Are we gonna fuck?” tension. Sometimes there is, but it’s usually more playful and comes down to personal connections. Again, I look for smarts and style.

Wendy: You are very passable when it comes to “passing”. When it comes to becoming intimate with someone you meet, when do you decide to tell them the whole story?

Kelli: Thanks! So I had a couple of incidents where I was getting to know a guy and we started getting intimate, and we were making out and stuff, and that eventually led to heavy fondling, and removal of clothes, and then -!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- omg this girl has a penis!!!! It was scary. They were in shock. It was fucked up. It was terrible. It’s not a good situation to be in. This happened a few times before I realized I really should avoid that. Now when I get the sense things with a guy are heading to intimate land, I start dropping a few clues here and there, so if it’s going freak him out, he has a chance of a smooth escape and we can part. But if he really doesn’t care, or is super into it actually, then we keep going. That was a tough lesson for me, because I always thought of the crisis awkward close-minded-ness as “their problem, not mine! I’m just being me.” but those shocker moments are really not fun for anyone, and if I can do something to easily reduce the frequency of those instances, it’s probably a good idea.

Wendy: What made you decide to do Porn?

Kelli: Well, I started modeling for art classes when I was in college. A few years ago, I really started to miss those days. The skill of holding poses was fun, but getting paid to be naked in front of people was the thrilling part! So, I started modeling again. I did a few trade-for-content shoots and then, I was like, what the fuck am I going to do with all this content? I wanted to get paid! Eventually, I was offered a porn shoot. It was a solo set for Grooby. I basically had to talk, strip, move around on a bed, and masturbate. That was my first porn shoot. It’s funny looking at it now, because I was so nervous, and I really had no idea what I was doing lol. But, I felt really good about it, and it did well, and it was the start of my career in the adult industry.

Wendy: At this point in your career (which is still relatively new) what are some things you would like to do?

Kelli: I would like to launch a few new projects, and possibly something that focus on helping transgender youth as well. I also want to cross over into some non-trans-centric work, like spoofs or other genres. And it would be great to spend more time writing, making music, and drawing/painting/photography. I have several pieces of art, large photo collages, that hang in big nice frames in peoples big nice houses, so I think that means I don’t suck at it lol. Also I have a few sound cloud pages where people can hear my music.

Wendy: You have worked quite a bit for, why do you think your scenes do so well for those members?

Kelli: First of all, Sammy Mancini and I just click. We have the same sort of style. Neither of us take it too seriously, but at the same time, we both really pay attention to the storyline or plot, and make the scene as engaging as possible for the viewer. We are both into some fairly kinky stuff, like peeing or licking up my own come, stuff like that. Also, Shemale Strokers is not a southern California site, where glam fake tan plastic surgery girls are everything. Shemale Strokers is a Seattle company. It seems his viewers like more “real’ girls, as in girl-next-door, or more down-to-earth, or a girl you could actually meet, girls with personality, stuff like that. I’m not sure. But, I do visit Seattle often, and each time I let Sammy know I’ll be in town cuz I love working with him.

Kelli Lox - TS porn

Wendy: You are the September Cover Model for Transformation Magazine. How did it feel when you saw the cover? What does it mean to be recognized in such a way?

Kelli: Well, it’s a pretty good birthday present !!! (my bday was on September 4th) It’s really fucking awesome. I remember years ago, right before I transitioned, I picked up an issue of Transformation in Sacramento. I was floored. I was super impressed. And I dreamed of being on the cover of that magazine someday. And holy shit, 4 years later that day has finally arrived. I do wish we had scheduled a shoot just for that feature, because the shoot we chose is from a while ago and I have lost some weight since then. And I didn’t have my signature pig tails hairstyle in it either lol. But I’m just being hard on myself – some really great photos came out of that shoot and I’m sure people will love it and I am super excited to get my copy, look through it, and brag to all my friends !!!!! Seriously, being on the cover feels really good. It’s a great feeling when people recognize and appreciate the time and energy I’ve put into my porn career.

Wendy: When you aren’t shooting Adult Content what are some things you like to do in your spare time?

Kelli: I spend lots of time with friends and family. I like to travel. My friends are a super fun crew and we are always organizing camping trips, skiing trips, and all sorts of crazy parties. I used to garden a lot but now I can’t really find the time. I play the piano almost every day if I can. You should hear me play!!! Sometimes I play for hours. Most of the time, however, is spent either at my day job or at home procrastinating cleaning my room.

Wendy: Do you find it hard to have a romantic relationship as an Adult Performer? Why or why not!

Kelli: YES!! It’s kind of like the guy who falls in love with this girl that he sees at the dance club every weekend. She’s hot, she dresses hot, she gets a lot of attention from guys, etc. Well, he finally meets her and they fall in love, and then they’re in a relationship, and then guess what? All of a sudden, he HATES the idea of her looking so hot, going to the club, dressing in ways that make her feel sexy, getting attention from guys, etc. the things that originally attracted him to her are now BAD. What the fuck is up with that? Like I say, relationships can be summed up in one sentence: “All the things that used to make me crazy about you, now just drive me crazy.” Incidentally, it’s the same with adult performers dating a civilian. OOoohh you’re a porn star that’s so hot! Then 3 months later throwing some fucking pity party because their partner has to go shoot a scene or whatever. Ooohhh cry me fucking river. You’re dating a porn star. She is going to fuck other people without you. Deal with it. You knew what you were getting into. Although I may sound insensitive and flippant, it’s really something that two people who care about each other have to work through. Sometimes emotions sneak up on you and take you by surprise, like “Wow what do I do with these feelings? This sux.” cuz you just had no idea how it would feel until you’re in it. So it’s difficult, but not impossible. There’s a lot of trust involved, and it’s really rare to find people in life that you can authentically trust that much.

Wendy: If you could direct and produce a scene starring yourself what would it be?

Kelli: I can’t tell !!! I do have some really good ideas and I don’t want anyone to steal them !! lol

Wendy: Anything fun coming up that we can look forward too?

Kelli: I have some new projects up my sleeve. I’m nailing down a few upcoming shoots. Other than that, I’m dancing at Divas SF and working at various events. You know, getting paid to look pretty and party =)

Kelli Lox - TS porn

Wendy: Kelli thank you for the chance to briefly chat with you. What would you like to leave us with?

Kelli: Follow me on Twitter!!! Not only do I post sexy pics – I’m actually funny !! Also visit and click on the links to join the sites I’m on. Thanks for the fun interview !! xoxoxoxoxoxox

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Wendy Williams is a performer, producer and publicist. Find her on Adult DVD Talk at and on Twitter @TSWendyWilliams.

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