Captain Jack interviews Sheena Ryder

Sheena had a horrific motor cycle accident a while ago and it was a long, arduous road to get back to performing again. She spent countless hours in rehab so that she could wear her 6″ heels again. One thing Sheena never lost, however, was her big, beautiful ass. Or her sense of humor. She has a contagious laugh that makes you want to laugh right along with her. Sheena is back to performing and has many new projects in the works.

Sheena Ryder

Captain Jack: So tell me about Sheena Ryder. What kind of girl were you growing up?

Sheena: High school was pretty uneventful. I was always in trouble and grounded and so forth. I was very rebellious, didn’t really go to school like I should have. I don’t really know why I made those choice but I ended up getting kicked out of school. I have a GED or, as I like to call it, the Good Enough Degree. (laughs) The aftermath of that was realizing what my cap was going to be. I worked at all those part time jobs like Coffee Bean or Jamba Juice but I had also started in medicine, working in a doctor’s office filing medical records. That’s kind of how I got interested in medicine. I went from there to the military and wanted to continue in medicine.

I was in the military for about 9 years. There was a lot of partying again and I didn’t have my eyes on the prize when I was doing my medical training. I actually got in trouble, got served Article 15’s, which is what they’re called when you get in trouble in the military. You lose rank and have to get punished and stuff. I had a lot of ups-and-downs but still acquired a lot of medical training. I worked in ER’s, burn wards, immunization clinics, just general clinics.

CJ: Obviously you’re a very sexual woman. Being in porn, that goes without saying, were you very sexual in high school?

Sheena: No I wasn’t, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 17. It was to a 23-year old, a customer who used to come in when I was working at the Coffee Bean. I remembered what he ordered all the time, it was a Mericano. It was kind of that flirting back and forth. So one day I decided after I had finished my shift, to follow him home. (laughs) Not stalker-style, he came in to visit me at work. I was always excited to see him. I don’t remember if I told him I was a virgin or not, I just wanted to get rid of it already! I’ve heard it didn’t feel very great and it was uncomfortable. So I was in that kind of approach. It wasn’t a painful, shredding experience for me, it was still uncomfortable. I squeezed out the little tear (laughs) and got it over with. I think it definitely opened Pandora’s Box from there. (laughs)

CJ: Did you sleep with a lot of guys then?

Sheena: When I was in the military I went pretty crazy because you have access to a lot of people from all over. I just kind of preyed on them. (laughs)

CJ: I’m a guy and I know what you look like, I don’t think any guy complained! Did you get in any trouble for that? Doesn’t the service frown upon fraternization?

Sheena: That’s only if you’re fraternizing with people of a different rank but if you’re with soldiers of the same rank, it’s ok. And it was all done off-base.

CJ: So from the military, how did you decide to get into porn?

Sheena: I was in a relationship and he brought us into swinging and that was our really fun little hobby thing that we did together. (laughs) From there, living in the San Fernando Valley area, you’re exposed to a lot of porn stars that are in the swinger lifestyle. So we were at these parties, and people always came up to me and said that I should perform. This was 2007 and I really wish I would have listened back then because I would definitely be in a different place in my career. But I didn’t join until 2010. I already know a lot of people and was socializing with people in the industry, so it was a natural step.

CJ: How was your first scene then? You were in the swinging lifestyle, having people watching you and having the cameras there, that didn’t bother you?

Sheena: No, in fact I thrived off of that. Imagine that, being watched. At swinger’s parties, they have a bed in the middle of a room so a lot of people could be watching you going at it. So, yes, being watched was definitely not a problem.

Sheena Ryder

CJ: Then you had a bad motorcycle accident soon after starting?

Sheena: That happened Nov. 6, 2012.

CJ: Were you working pretty consistently before then?

Sheena: I was pretty much at top of my career. I was working 3 days a week. I was also working at a doctor’s office. So working 3 days a week and having a full-time job was pretty crazy.

CJ: Did the doctor ever find out?

Sheena: Yes, my boss found out and one of my co-workers tried to get me fired. It didn’t work because, honestly, I get tested and I’m not putting any patients in harm. It doesn’t affect anything. I had this medical job before I got into the industry. But then I ended up leaving this job after the accident.

CJ: Now that you’re recovered, have you worked at any other medical jobs? Or are you full-time porn now?

Sheena: Since July of last year, I took baby steps in my recovery and in shooting content and building up to launch my site. My site launched on November 14 of 2013. I’m back in action, I’ve shot for a bunch of companies, the ones that are remembering that I’m still around. I have to wave my hands and tell everyone that I’m back. It’s out of sight, out of mind.

CJ: How long did rehab take?

Sheena: I’m still not 100%. The skin graphs that are on my legs aren’t going anywhere. Today, I was at the gym working on legs. My quad on my right leg because of muscle atrophy still isn’t capable of leg presses as my other leg. The doctor told me I wouldn’t ever be able to wear high heels again and I’m up to 6”. I’ve persevered against everything that the doctor told me I wasn’t going to be able to do.

CJ: I know how rehab is structured differently for people. Did you have to tell your doctor that wearing 6” heels is a requirement and that you have to put your ankles behind your head?

Sheena: What was frustrating was that during the entire experience, I was butting heads with the medical personnel. I fired my orthopedic and I fired my plastic surgeon. I had a huge part in my recovery. I was paying a $30 copay, 3 times a week and the therapist would tell me, “do the bicycle, do some treadmill, do some squats and I’ll see you in an hour.” And I thought, “why am I paying you when I can go to the gym for $30/month and do this shit myself?” So I’ve been in control of my own rehab. I rarely attended rehab once I got discharged from the hospital because it just wasn’t cutting it. However, the rehab I had while I was hospitalized was pivotal because I had to learn how to walk all over again. So that rehab was very interesting.

CJ: Let’s get back to porn, if someone was just discovering new girls and Sheena Ryder was brought up to him, what would you recommend?

Sheena: What’s beneficial is I don’t really have much that is out on the tube sites. So if you really want to find me, go to my website. You’re going to get all kinds of niches. I did a lot of work with Kink, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel and those companies that have the ass series or anal stuff. A lot of people know I squirt but the best place to find the good stuff is on my site.

CJ: I think the first time you ever tweeted me was after a girl/girl scene I reviewed. It was for Girlfriend Films, Lesbian House Hunters 8 with Diana Prince. Hotter than fuck. You were just incredible.

Sheena: (laughs) Yeah, I got a boxcover for that one! I was really excited about it, I thought perhaps I’d get a nomination on it.

CJ: Since you’re into both women and men, I have to ask, who eats better pussy?

Sheena: I think I have yet to do a scene with a woman who is as Bi as I am. So I’d have to say guys eat better pussy. Wait, I lied, I did a scene with Lily Cade and she’s very lesbian. And that was a very good scene. So if someone really knows what she’s doing and is really interested in it, they can do it well. I can carry a scene when I know that a girl’s not really that into it. I get the vibe and, while it’s disappointing, I can do it. Leya Falcon, I did a scene with, and she really goes into a scene with high energy. She just railed the shit out of me with a toy. People that actually show that they want to be doing this and not just show up for a check, I like that.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Sheena: In my private life, probably cowgirl. On screen, probably doggie style or scissors, things that make my ass look better in the scene. (laughs) I guess certain positions are tough for the camera because my ass eclipses the view. (laughs)

CJ: How big is that ass?

Sheena: I was at 40” before the accident. Now it’s 39” or 38 ½”, it varies. I did squats today at the gym so it’s probably a little bigger.

CJ: Well, it’s big and it’s muscular and firm but you can still do the booty clap!

Sheena; Exactly! People think you need cellulite to do that. I can jiggle it, don’t get me wrong, but there’s still substance to it.

Sheena Ryder

CJ: Have you ever been in a hurry and put something on and said, ‘Oops, I shouldn’t have worn that!’

Sheena: Yeah, the yoga pants story. I won’t wear yoga pants in public anymore. I was in ponytails with a tank top and yoga pants and flip flops and I went to Target to buy enemas for a scene I was doing. I was literally in the aisle, holding boxes of enemas, and this guy comes up to me. He looks a little slow kind of thing, it’s awkward. And he says, ‘can we be friends?’ ‘Umm, I’m kind of busy right now.’ ‘You’re very pretty, can I have your number?’ ‘No, you can’t have my number.’ It was almost like he was retarded or something and he asked if we can be friends on Facebook. I told him I had to go that I was in the middle of something. I walked briskly towards the checkout line. He followed me, this guy just didn’t get it. I checked out and I watched him walk out the door and I thought it was done. I walked outside and he was waiting for me! I ran to my car and he ran after me. I got into my car and threw it into reverse so quickly that I almost hit him. He approached me because I was bent over looking at the enemas. So never again!

CJ: Besides the obvious, what really gets you off sexually?

Sheena: I’m blessed with having many different orgasms. I can have a clitorial orgasm, a vaginal orgasm and an anal orgasm. And I’m a squirter too; a real kind of squirter, not someone who will pee on you. I actually have that gland that’s kind of swollen right now so I need to get finger banged soon. (laughs) There’s this gland that produces the secretions that’s why if I’m on top and I get a cock ring on a guy that’s vibrating on my clit at the same time or maybe have a butt plug in and getting fucked at the same time, that’ll make me squirt all over and there will be puddles all over. It’s not that projectile stuff that some girls do right now. This is actual squirt.

CJ: If I was in Califronia, I would volunteer to finger bang you right now.

Sheena: (laughs) It’s uncomfortable! I’ll get all stimulated and stuff and then the gland is all swollen because it produced all this stuff. It’s like walking around with a golf ball in your crotch! (laughs) I can’t even explain it to you right now, it’s a medical issue!

CJ: How often do you cum during a scene?

Sheena: It depends on the size of the genitalia I’m working with and the positions I’m working in. If I’m in top and in control, I can definitely get myself to cum that way. That’s why I said in my private life, that’s my favorite position. In anal scenes, I definitely cum when the guy’s railing me doggie style. Doggie style if it’s vaginal too. Like when they jackhammer. That’s good.

CJ: So you said size, bigger is better for that? Or worse?

Sheena: I’m not talking Lexington Steele big where it’s uncomfortable. I was in missionary up on a table and he was fucking me and I looked at my pelvic area and he was like pushing through! Like alien status! I’m not talking that size, I’m talking someone like Criss Strokes or Nick Manning. The medium size, the above average medium.

CJ: Yeah, medium for porn but in real life, it’s still a horse cock.

Sheena: (laughs) I know exactly what you mean. (laughs)

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Sheena: Not enough. (laughs) I don’t even know the last time I got laid! That’s bad. I was in Vegas for a wedding so that was the last time I got laid. And I haven’t masturbated since then. I’ve been sick and didn’t want to really do anything. I didn’t even unpack my bags and I had my dildo and my vibrator in my bag. (laughs)

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Sheena: In scenes, it’s very popular for them to cum all over my ass. For work, I’ll take it wherever they want as long as it’s not in my eye. Do whatever. I’ll make fun of the guy if his cum isn’t in an appeasing consistency or taste. I’ll say, “Damn, dude! What did you eat? You need to drink some water!” Guys need to masturbate every day. You need to clean those pipes! I don’t want some chunky cum in my fucking mouth. You’ll see in some of my scenes when it’s not good, you’ll see me dry heaving and I’m trying to hold it back. I’m trying to do the pretty finger licking and cum guzzling stuff at the end of the scene but I’m really want to throw up right now! Swallowing cum on an empty stomach is also not good. Not that guys would have experience with this, but swallowing cum on an empty stomach causes cum burbs and it’s not fun. You get indigestion from cum!

Sheena Ryder

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done off camera?

Sheena: I’m getting into strap-on play, the pegging and the domming in my personal life. I’d like to start doing it for my site. I just have to figure out who I want to do it with. I also want to branch out into the TS stuff also. So that’s the new thing that I’m going and I get kind of a high from doing it. Females do not have the muscles to go to town! Whew! Just getting out of breathe thinking of the core muscles it takes to fuck with a strap-on!

CJ: What, if anything, have you discovered sexually about yourself since joining the industry?

Sheena: In the beginning, I didn’t know what anything meant. I had to ask what everything was. ‘What does cuckold mean?’ ‘What does bukkake mean?’ I didn’t know what the fuck any of these terms meant! I just have sex! I know how to have sex! It’s really a lot more than just about that now. These teeny boppers get in and ‘Oh I have a hole you can fuck it’ No, it’s not just that. You have to fuck the guys back. You have to push your boundaries. It’s all about taboos and opening your mind to so many more things. If I would have told my 20-something year old self that I was going to be into strap-on play, I’d never believe it. It’s about opening your mind and having different experiences. It’s a growth for yourself and for your career as well. I definitely wouldn’t see myself doing the stuff I do now back then.

CJ: As you mentioned before, you just launched your website, tell me about that.

Sheena: There’s a tour that people can take a little peak at it to make sure it’s for you. I have everything from orgies and group sex scenes, DP’s, of course, anal, some solos. A lot of these other girls open up their website and it’s all solos and maybe a couple girl/girls here and there. I only have a minimal of that. I haven’t even shot a solo scene since before my accident so don’t worry about that you guys. And it’s not just me, if you become a member of my site, you’re also getting other websites,  you’re getting Danica Dillion, you’re getting Giselle Leon, you’re getting 1800DialADick, you’re getting access to these other sites when you join

CJ: How much does it cost?

Sheena: There’s different options. You can get a year membership, you can get 3 months. Only 1 month, there’s recurring billing, so there’s different options. You’re not just restricted to a one-month rate.

CJ: So what does the future hold for Sheena Ryder? Have you thought about what you’ll be doing 5-10 years down the line?

Sheena: I’ll be in medical school by then but, having the site, I’ll still maintain it for my fans. It’ll be what the fans want to see. I want to know what they want to see me doing next. I’m obviously going to be doing what I enjoy but I’m here to please my fans, my support group that got me through the times I was in the hospital. All I was doing was sitting in my hospital bed on Twitter the whole time.

Sheena Ryder

CJ: Going to medical school, you hear the stories all the time that porn comes back to haunt you. Do you fear that this career could impact you in the future?

Sheena: There’s options. You can relocate or change your name if you’re concerned about it. I’m not afraid of that. If I was afraid of people judging me from the getgo I would have never done it. For instance, I was still technically in the military when I did porn and I didn’t want to get a dishonorable discharge so I hurried up to get myself out. I did a hardship discharge to get myself out. If you get a dishonorable discharge, it’s worse than going to jail. You’re life’s ruined. You can’t get a home loan. It’s worse than bad credit. I’m sure people have figured out a way to piece back together their lives after something like that but it’s hard.

CJ: And how can fans get ahold of you?

Cindy: I’m @SheenarRyder1 on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Google Plus; I have my hands in all the social media. I don’t have SnapChat because I just don’t get it. And, of course, I took the advice of my fanbase to launch it and I would like for them to get a chance to see me post-accident to see what I’m capable of. Also, maybe some producers who are wary can see that I’m back in action. It’s quite the contrary and I’m here and I’m ready to fuck!

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