Newbie Chase Ryder Interview

Captain Jack interviews Chase Ryder

I was first turned on to Chase when I saw her in POV Pervert 16. She handled the big cock of Tim Von Swine very nicely and looked like she could do even more! She’s a pretty brunette with a nice rack and a great attitude. I had a chance to talk to her this week so I hope you enjoy!

Chase Ryder

Captain Jack: So tell me about Chase Ryder. What kind of girl were you growing up?

Chase: Growing up, I was into theatre and was always acting in plays. Pretty normal upbringing. I didn’t play any sports, I tried t-ball but that didn’t work too well. (laughs) I stuck with choir, theatre and I played the cello.

CJ: Where are you from?

Chase: Phoenix.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry now?

Chase: Since July.

CJ: And how old are you?

Chase: I’m 24.

CJ: So what were you like in high school? You’re very cute and have a tremendous rack, did the boys chase you around a lot?

Chase: Kind of. I was always the class clown, always being silly and making jokes. I wanted to be a comedian but I realized that it’s a lot harder than it looks.

CJ: When did you lose your virginity?

Chase: I was 15. I was with a guy for 6 months or so and we were watching Fast Times At Ridgemont High. His mom ended up knocking on the door, ‘What are you guys doing in there?’ and I was so embarrassed.

CJ: How old was he?

Chase: He was 17.

CJ: That Phoebe Cates scene in Fast Times gets me everytime so I can see why your boyfriend got all horny.

Chase: (laughs) Yeah, that did it.

CJ: Were you very promiscuous after that?

Chase: Yeah, I was always very sexual. I was always trying to watch dirty movies since I was very young. I was just scared to have sex because I thought you were going to get pregnant the first time you had sex. (laughs) But after I did it, I was kind of hooked. (laughs)

CJ: Were you with a lot of guys before porn?

Chase: Not that many. I had a lot of boyfriends that wanted to fuck but I was never about one night stands but that’s just me. (laughs)

CJ: When was the first time you were with a girl?

Chase: I was 17 and it was a good friend of mine. She had never hooked up with a girl before and I hadn’t either. So we hooked up that night and I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh! What’s wrong with me?’ I was embarrassed about it and we never talked about it. We enjoyed it but it was kind of not ok. A lot of girls did it for attention from boys but I’d rather just go in the other room and be alone. (laughs)

CJ: Did you have any other jobs before porn?

Chase: Oh yes. When I was 15, I worked at a pet resort and I worked there for 6 years. Then they closed down and I started serving. Serving led to stripping. (laughs) Then one of my girlfriends, in July, said, ‘Do you want to go to Florida to do porn?’ And I said, ‘Sure, why not? We’ll give it a try and see what happens.’ And here I am!

CJ: So you didn’t even think about it? It was a spur of the moment thing?

Chase: Yeah! I thought it would be so awesome!

CJ: You lived in Phoenix, why go all the way to Florida? Wouldn’t it have been easier to go to LA?

Chase: I have no idea. My friend found an agency in Florida and we thought we’d try it out.

CJ: How did you come up with your stage name?

Chase: My agent in Florida came up with Chase so I don’t know where it came from but I liked it. And growing up, everyone said I looked like Winona Ryder.

Chase Ryder

CJ: By the way, you have beautiful breasts, those 32C’s are all natural, right?

Chase: Yes, they’re all mine!

CJ: Don’t ever change!

Chase: I’m not planning on it! (laughs)

CJ: So what was your first scene like, were you really nervous?

Chase: My first scene was good! Of course, I was really nervous because I wanted to look good. I didn’t want to get scared with the camera rolling and, personally, that’s probably the only time I’m not nervous is when they’re filming and I’m having sex on camera. (laughs) I had a great time. Definitely when you start out, you don’t realize the crazy angles and how uncomfortable it can be to look good. (laughs)

CJ: All these people were there to watch you fuck, that didn’t bother you?

Chase: No, that didn’t bother me. I was pretty comfortable with that.

CJ: How many scenes have you filmed about?

Chase: About 50-60.

CJ: How often do you go to California to film?

Chase: I try to come out as often as possible. This time, I hadn’t been out here for 3 months because I was going through some personal stuff and I switched agencies. But I’ll be here more frequently now.

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes so far?

Chase: I squirted for PornPros. (laughs) I’ve shot a few times for them and they’re great. I just shot for Wicked.

CJ: I saw you with Tim Von Swine in POV Pervert 16 and I thought you were outstanding in that.

Chase: Thank you, I appreciate that.

Chase Ryder

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Chase: I really like doggie style. I’m also a big fan of when I’m on top because if I ride the right way, I can squirt. (laughs) I’m kind of in control of that.

CJ: But you’ve only squirted once?

Chase: On film. I’ve squirted a lot in my personal life.

CJ: So when you first work with someone, do you sit down and find out what he or she likes? Or do you just explore on camera?

Chase: A little bit. You let someone know if there’s something you particularly like. I always ask guys if I can lick their butt because that’s kind of my thing and not a lot of guys are down with that.

CJ: Bonnie Rotten just posted on the forum that she did that with Mike Adriano but most guys freak out about it. I guess guys have a stigma that anything near their ass means you’re gay.

Chase: Exactly. How can it be gay when a girl like me is licking your ass?

CJ: So we’ll make a deal, if I ever meet up with you, I’ll let you lick my ass.

Chase: Awesome. (laughs) Deal!

CJ: What else do you like sexually?

Chase: I like the butt-licking thing. (laughs) I just think it’s great. I love butts! I like it when my nipples get pinched. I just like a lot of fetish stuff but I haven’t done it on camera. A lot of things turn me on. Choking, hair pulling, slapping, stuff like that.

CJ: You’re only 24, is it weird having sex with all these older men?

Chase: No, not at all. I like it. I like older men.

CJ: How often do you cum during a scene?

Chase: It depends on the scene and how often you’re stopping and going; stopping and going. Like Tuesday, I came 5 times. So that was pretty cool. (laughs) I don’t always cum but that was a good scene!

CJ: Where’s the most uncomfortable place you’ve had sex?

Chase: On a hard bathroom floor was a pretty uncomfortable place. I don’t like small spaces, so a small space.

CJ: Do you watch your own scenes?

Chase: I do. I feel like the only way to improve is by watching yourself. You can see things you should or shouldn’t do. Also, sometimes it reminds me of great sex! I just like to see what you’re putting out there.

CJ: It reminds you of great sex, do you rub one out to yourself?

Chase: It’s more to the guy but, yes I have. (laughs) Whatever. (laughs)

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Chase: It depends on if I’m busy or not but I like to masturbate a lot. Every day if I can. Several times, 7 or 8 times. Sometimes for 2 hours straight. (laughs)

CJ: So what’s the preferred method?

Chase: I like vibrators. (laughs) They’re my favorites. But I’ll use my hands if I have to. (laughs)

CJ: Do you have a boyfriend or spouse?

Chase: I do not.

CJ: How often do you have sex off camera?

Chase: Honestly? It depends. If I have a boyfriend, it’s a lot. These past 3 months, I haven’t had a boyfriend so I haven’t had sex. That’s why I came back to LA. To work and have sex. (laughs) I don’t like to have random hookups.

CJ: Since you like both men and women, who eats pussy better?

Chase: It depends. There are some guys who are pretty fucking good at eating pussy. But the first person that got me off from eating me out was a girl that I did a scene with for Reality Kings. She was really good. She was a lesbian but she was good at what she did! (laughs) I’ve had good from both and shitty from both.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Chase: I like it in my mouth or on my face.

CJ: Do you like swallowing?

Chase: I do. (laughs)

CJ: Good girl. I know you just shot for Adriano the other day, so you’re doing anal now? Do you enjoy it?

Chase: Yes I do. That scene was my first scene back after 3 months and I enjoyed it. He has a very thick, big, hard cock and I had fun. I think anal’s great, you just have to stretch yourself out.

CJ: Is that something you do in your personal life?

Chase: Oh yeah! I have some good anal experience.

Chase Ryder

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done off camera?

Chase: Oh, that’s a good one. I don’t know. Well, one time, I dressed up in a mask and dommed a guy. That was pretty exciting because I had never done it and don’t know if I’ll ever do it again. That was fun for me because I’m always submissive with men so it was cool to turn the tables.

CJ: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy and do you want to live it out on camera?

Chase: I haven’t thought about that before. Probably because I am pretty freaky, I think it would be something more romantic. Get licked from head-to-toe. I don’t know, I’ve never done anything really romantic in my life so something along those lines. Get licked everywhere, I like that.

CJ: You’re a hot young woman that’s comfortable with her sexuality, have you ever used it to get special favors?

Chase: I’ve showed my titties to get into bars and clubs but not a blowjob or something big like that.

CJ: So what does the future hold for Chase Ryder? Have you thought about what you’ll be doing 5 years down the line?

Chase: I don’t know. I’ve always been a little interested in directing because I’ve been watching porn for a long time and I have some ideas in the back of my head. I just want to be successful. Wherever life takes me, I just take it one day at a time. As long as I’m happy and successful and I’m not sure yet what I want to do.

CJ: Any upcoming scenes that you’re fans can look forward to?

Chase: I did my first interracial for Wicked with Prince. I did the anal with Mike. But I’m not sure when they’re going to be released. I’m trying to do my best for all my fans. I did my first blowbang for Tim Von Swine and Praise The Load #9 yesterday. I had never done that before and that was pretty fun! (laughs)

CJ: How many guys were there in that one?

Chase: 4.

CJ: Was your jaw sore afterwards?

Chase: Surprisingly, no. But my eyes were really messed up because I got 4 loads on my face. (laughs) My eyes were a little tender but that’s about it.

CJ: And how can fans get ahold of you?

Cindy: On Twitter, I’m @ChaseRyderXXX  I need to get on Instagram but I haven’t done so yet.

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  1. Man,its great pleasure to know her and watch her videos,she is look a like a lot with Winona,that she(winona) was my passion(and still) when i was a teenager,Chase look like her and Chase is give me the best erotic fantasies now,chase,if you want go to Brazil,i wanna show you my Brazilian heat,you are one of my favorite porn actresses now…

  2. she is awesome
    very cool girl

  3. Damn cute and sweet

    • Like your mom hah? She has a big booty right?

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