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Captain Jack Interviews Natasha Nice

Natasha Nice came back to the industry at the beginning of the year after a couple of years away. I talked to her when she first came back but she is as popular as ever so it was time for an update! She did her first anal AND her first DP on camera earlier this year so, of course,we touched on that. Natasha is a very engaging woman and you’ll find out for yourself if you follow her on Twitter!

Natasha Nice

Captain Jack: Last time we talked, you said you were from California. But were you born in France?

Natasha Nice: I was born in France. I was super little when I came over here so I am American.

CJ: Let’s start with a simple question, and one I think is pretty obvious, what’s the best part of your body?

Natasha: I’m trying to scan everything to make sure there’s not a better one, (laughs) I definitely like my boobs the most. They’re right there to grab and everything.

CJ: How often have you used your tits to gain special favors… getting out of tickets, having someone do favors for you, something like that.

Natasha: Actually, for those things, I just use my eyes. I go in there super sweet and innocent and they notice on their own that I have big boobs and go ‘Whoa!’ (laughs) It’s kind of nice.

CJ: How many of your friends know what you do?

Natasha: I just started last year telling anybody when it comes up in conversation. I would probably say about 20. Of my close, close friends, probably 3 or 4.

CJ: Have you ever told someone that you’re in porn and then they don’t want to have anything to do with you after that?

Natasha: When I first, first got into the industry, I was 19 and a girl from high school messaged me and said, ‘Hey! I just found you! What are you doing with your life?’ and I told her and I was all excited and thought she’d give me her blessing. I didn’t know that some people were against porn and I never heard from her again.

CJ: I read a stat that around 75% of people in this country watch some version of porn but then if you tell them that you’re involved in the industry, they tell you you’re disgusting and whatnot.

Natasha: Oh my God, don’t get me started on that conversation or we’ll talk for 4 hours and it’ll just be me ranting!

Natasha Nice

CJ: You said you came back to porn because life was boring. How often do you date? Or do you even date?

Natasha: I guess as often as I find a guy that I like and then I’m free on that Saturday night. I went on a date last week and I actually told him and his face just sort of dropped. He was trying not to laugh at me, ‘This girl is ridiculous but I still want to fuck her…’  I let him feed me and then he tried to kiss me and then he left.

CJ: That has to be tough for girls in the industry because you don’t know if a guy likes you despite the porn or if they like you more because you’re in porn and they can get a notch on their bedpost.  That must be tough.

Natasha: Yes, I think you have to find a balance to find out when is a good time to tell them. If you tell them right away, it’s probably not a good idea. I want them to find out a little bit more of who I am and then they can feel it out for themselves. I told this one guy almost immediately, before we even met face-to-face, and I’m still talking to him now. It’s not serious though.

CJ: You mentioned you were on a dating website, how’s that going?

Natasha: There are so many but there are so many that I don’t like. There are quite a few that I do but it’s weird to talk on these apps. When I can, I try to meet them. I give them my number right away and don’t really wait for them to ask. Otherwise, you lose contact pretty quickly because you don’t check the app every day.

CJ: You said you had never been with a girl in your personal life before porn. Is that still true?

Natasha: I say off-camera, I’ve probably been with a half dozen, if that. And since I left porn a couple of years ago, there were one or two girls but nothing very serious.

CJ: You did your first official anal this year, how was it?

Natasha: It was weird. Obviously, I had never been stretched that far before but it was a ‘hurts so good’ situation. But when I thought about it later, I could recall the exact feeling. It was that impressive in my brain, it felt so good.

Natasha Nice

CJ: You also did your first DP. Did you like it?

Natasha: That was even better than the anal for different reasons. That was a power trip, like a psychological thing. There’s more power in two men than there is in one and that makes me feel more submissive. And I don’t know if that makes me fucked up or not but I liked it. (laughs)

CJ: You liked the submissive feeling, are you naturally submissive?

Natasha: That’s the thing, as a porn person, I usually take charge. If he’s faster than me or stronger than me, then he probably is willing to take charge. But with two guys, it’s kind of nice to let them lead the way. I kind of started out in control in the DP scene. I attacked both of them. I would make out with one while the other watched then move on to the other guy. It was Mick Blue and Markus Dupree. But when it came to the actual sex part, my feet were up in the air so I didn’t have much mobility and they took control. (laughs)

CJ: You’re out of contract now, correct? You’re able to shoot anal or DP with anyone?

Natasha: It ends July 12 but then I’m free to shoot with anybody.

CJ: Since it was a ‘hurts so good’ feeling, I assume that you’re going to do more?

Natasha; I actually would rather do more DP’s than anal because of the power trip situation. They’re both practice for doing better and better scenes.

CJ: The fans on the ADT boards are just going crazy over the DP.

Natasha: I was not expecting that at all. I was expecting recognition from the fans of Greg Lansky and my diehard fans but I wasn’t expecting anybody and say ‘Oh my God! What a good scene!’ because it wasn’t really that hard core. It’s cool that people are saying it’s so good.

Natasha Nice

CJ: Have you done anal off-camera?

Natasha: Yes, a few times.

CJ: What about a DP?

Natasha: No, never.

CJ: What turns you on?

Natasha: I think it depends on the guy but if he’s a very good kisser, I like being kissed on my neck and my ears. I also like strong hands, grabbing all of me. I guess I like him to engage a little bit at first then let me take over.

CJ: How often do you have sex off-camera?

Natasha: Not very often. I’m very picky lately, I don’t know why.

CJ: Are you back in San Francisco right now?

Natasha: Yes, I drove up from LA last night. I masturbated on the drive.

CJ: With your hands or a toy?

Natasha: With my left hand.

CJ: Did you cum quickly or did it take you a few miles?

Natasha: I didn’t count the miles but it took me longer than usual because I was staring intently at the road. I wonder what I looked like to passers by. I probably looked like a weirdo.

CJ: After you nutted, did you taste yourself?

Natasha: No but I smelt it. It’s a 6 hour drive, you have to find a way to enjoy yourself!

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Natasha: I only have Twitter @BeNiceNatasha

CJ: And you really engage with your fans!

Natasha: I love talking to them. I’m in school and I’m not shooting as much so I feel that talking to them is my way of staying in contact with the business.

Natasha Nice

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