Captain Jack Interviews Natasha Nice

Natasha started in the industry back in 2006. She immediately became one of my favorites, even before I started reviewing disks. She recently announced she was coming back and I immediately set out to interview her. I was lucky enough to talk to her last weekend before she had even shot her comeback scene. She has some exciting news and I really enjoyed our conversation!

Natasha Nice

Captain Jack: Tell me about Natasha Nice.

Natasha Nice: I grew up in LA. I have a French father and a Cuban mother; I guess we were a pretty normal family. I grew up a little bit religious. I went to a private school. When I got out of high school, I was ready to go to college and I was just starting to lose my baby fat. People were starting to tell me I was hot so I just decided that I wanted to be a sexual being. (laughs) I went to become a pornstar.

CJ: You recently came back. What prompted your comeback? And why did you leave in the first place?

Natasha: I left because I decided I wanted to go to school and get a degree. I didn’t quit ‘evil’ porn or anything like that, it was just that I knew I wanted something for my future. So I left to focus on that. And now that I’m halfway through, I think that for my quality of life, I need both porn and an education because it’s a little bit boring. (laughs) Life is a little bit boring without porn, I’m not going to lie. I’m the type of person that needs an adrenaline rush but I also need something to settle down.

CJ: Lord Lucifer from the ADT forums wants to know what you’re studying?

Natasha: I’m studying computer science.

CJ: Can I ask how old you are?

Natasha: I’m 27.

CJ: When did you start in the industry?

Natasha: I was in when I was 18. I took a little break and then I went back and left when I was 24.

CJ: You are obviously known for your beautiful natural tits. What size are they?

Natasha: They’re a 36D.

CJ: When did they start growing? I’m sure boys noticed them a lot when you were back in school.

Natasha: Oh my God, they made fun of me. I don’t think anybody really cared! People just called me fat.  I was 11 when they started growing.

Natasha Nice

CJ: When did you lose your virginity?

Natasha: I was 17. I was actually watching a porno. It was with my neighbor and I asked him if he wanted to have sex. So we did.

CJ: You lost your virginity at 17 and you were in porn a year later! Wow!

Natasha: Yes, it escalated quickly. (laughs)

CJ: In that one year, were you promiscuous? Were you with a lot of guys?

Natasha: I think I had something like 8 or 9 partners in the year before I got into porn.

CJ: Were you with girls before the industry also?

Natasha: Nope. I think I kinda knew that I liked girls but I had never been with one. Except for one experience when I was 9, but that’s a whole different story. (laughs)

CJ: You recently posted a picture on Twitter of the dress you wore to prom. God damn!

Natasha: That’s actually a scene I shot a while ago. I was just looking through my old photos and I was like, ‘Hey! I wore this dress to my prom! And here it is in a porno!’ which I thought was really funny. I actually walked down the red carpet in it at one point.

CJ: So the porn you were in with that dress, do you know what scene that was from? Because a lot of pervs, like me, will be trying to look it up.

Natasha: Oh geez. I can look it up and post it. I liked it because I looked very sweet and innocent.

CJ: You said you wanted to be a sexual being and got into porn. Was it as simple as that? Did you look on Craig’s List (if that was even around back then)? How did you go about it?

Natasha: I googled it. Originally, I went on to see if I could do some modeling. And Number 1 Models, I don’t even think they’re around anymore, contacted me and I went from there.

Natasha Nice

CJ: What was your first scene like? Were you nervous? Excited? Turned on? Intimidated?

Natasha: I don’t know why but I was not nervous at all. It was just like something I was going to do and there was nothing peculiar about it at all. And now that I’m getting back into porn and I have my first scene on Tuesday (Dec. 29), and I have a series of scenes in January, I am super nervous! I feel like ‘Am I going to live up to it?’ It’s so weird. But I wasn’t nervous for my first scene at all. It was for Red Light District and John Strong. I remember thinking it was rougher than the sex I had had to that point but it wasn’t a big deal really.

CJ: John was just named to the Hall of Fame last week. So you started at the top!

Natasha: Yes, I just stepped right in there!

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Natasha: I’ve been practicing my anal lately and I think doggie is my favorite position right now. It always has been, along with missionary.

CJ: Practicing anal? You did very few anal scenes in your first go round, are you going to do more anal this time?

Natasha: I did a girl/girl anal scene with Asa Akira, it’s on both of our sites, and then a couple solo scenes, which is also on my site. Other than that, I haven’t done any anal scenes. I now have a mini-contract with Greg Lansky for and so I’m going to be doing some anal there. I’m so excited. I’m honored. I’m so honored!

CJ: They produce some good stuff.

Natasha: I like their style. They mix interracial with softness and that makes it really hot. Usually, interracial is so hardcore. I’ve had slow sex with black guys. You don’t need to make it so hardcore just because it’s a black guy. I think porn just loves the things that the fathers of the porn stars hate the most. The more the dad would hate it, the more it’s raunchy. (laughs)

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Natasha: There was a scene where I spoke French to Manuel Ferrara, and it was the first time I had never met Manuel. I remember that being really hot. And then I sucked another guy’s dick at the end. It was in Rookie Pussy 1 for Evil Angel. I had so much fun the first time around so they all kind of blur together into one big party in my head. (laughs)

Natasha Nice

CJ: KillBillVol69 wants to know if there are any new stars, male or female, that have come into the industry since you left that you really want to work with?

Natasha: I knew you were going to ask that question! I had my question ready and I forgot! Mick Blue, and I’m actually working with him next month. There are a couple of girls that I’ve seen. I think Elsa Jean is really impressive. I like her, her image. And Jenna Ivory. I haven’t had a girl in a long time. I shot with Penny Pax for my site the other day but I mean in my personal life. I haven’t had a girl in a really long time so I’ll probably be girl horny for a little bit and then it’ll die down. (laughs)

CJ: Are you submissive or dominant and is it different with men than with women?

Natasha: I think it is different with men that with women but I can also be dominant or submissive with men, just with different men. I think it just depends on the type of relationship I have with the person and how we came to know each other. It also has to do with personalities in regards to who’s more dominant. Like I said, I haven’t shot in a while and normal sex has been a little slow so I’m probably going to just dominate for a little while. (laughs)

CJ: I can’t believe it’s been slow for you because you are just fucking gorgeous!

Natasha: (laughs) I’ve had my chances and my opportunities but it’s not the same. Once you remove yourself from the porn world, I just focus on school and just get laid when I can or when I want to, I guess.

CJ: That leads to a two part question, do you get recognized a lot in public?

Natasha: I don’t get recognized ever. Sometimes, people look at me like ‘do I know her?’ but I pretty much flash right underneath the radar. And I also don’t really wear makeup in public.

CJ: Then, do you find it hard to separate people that want to bang you because you’re Natasha Nice and those that like you for the real you?

Natasha: I’m on a dating website and I recently began telling guys up front that I am a pornstar, that I lead a second life. If they can’t deal with that or can’t accept that it’s not going to be a monogamous relationship, they can get out now. So far, I’ve been talking with somebody and I think that’s the only way to do it. Otherwise, you’ll be thinking to yourself, ‘Oh, when do I tell him?’ If you like it, you like it, if you don’t, you don’t, there’s enough people in the world.

CJ: Also, guys might say to their friends, ‘Hey! I banged Natasha Nice!’ and just brag to everyone that they had the pornstar experience.

Natasha: I don’t find those guys attractive at all. Honestly, maybe this is my dominant side, but if a guy would be ‘Oh my God, that’s so hot! Please come over and give me more!’, a little bit more beggy than conceited, I would jump his bones way quicker. Conceited guys fucking come a dime a dozen.

CJ: You mentioned how horny you are, so how often do you masturbate?

Natasha: Generally, pretty often but it’s hard because I live with people. I’ve perfected the silent orgasm.

CJ: What’s the preferred method?

Natasha: Just my fingers. You can do it anywhere with your fingers. You can do it in the shower, you can do it in any bed, you don’t need a plug.

CJ: OK, pervy question, when you rub one out, do you taste yourself?

Natasha: Yeah. I mostly smell myself but because there are juices on my fingers and I’m too lazy to wash my hands, so, yeah.

CJ: You mentioned you watched porn, like when you lost your virginity, what was your favorite genre?

Natasha: When I was a teenager, my favorite was anal. My favorite was Rebecca Linares before I even knew who Rebecca Linares was. Then I actually met her and said, ‘Oh my God! I saw you in a porno!’ I used to watch a lot of anal. I used to get pissed if I found a scene that was just vaginal.

Natasha Nice

CJ: You’ve done a lot of swallowing scenes, is that your preferred method for the pop?

Natasha: I like to keep filthy so I like to swallow. If it goes in my face, it’s definitely going to go in my mouth.

CJ: What do you look for in a guy off camera?

Natasha: I like stronger guys. I’m a little bit of a bigger girl so when a guy can maneuver me comfortably, that turns me on.

CJ: When I was doing research for this interview, I saw where you said you like older and balding guys.

Natasha: Yeah, I’ve kinda grown out of that phase but it’s still kind of hot. The guy that doesn’t get laid, I just feel there’s something so hot about seducing him and fucking him. He’d be so appreciative or something, that’s hot.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you still want to live out on camera?

Natasha: Well I have fantasies that I want to live out in real life so maybe porn can help be my transition to that. I want to seduce a plumber or a construction worker. I want to seduce someone who comes to my home for repairs and I don’t have money in my wallet at the time. And I don’t have the balls to do it in real life. I know I could do it but I’m afraid I won’t get away with it or he’ll balk or something. I’m kind of scared.

Or my pathetic neighbor, maybe invite him over for pizza and spread my legs at the dinner table. Or give him a massage and then just accidentally touch his huge black cock. I don’t know. I haven’t given it too much thought. (laughs)

CJ: Speaking of which, have you ever been in an inappropriate relationship in real life?

Natasha: I’ve had one teacher in my entire life that has ever hit on me and I turned him down. That particular one doesn’t interest me. I’ve never had a boss hit on me. I know people won’t believe this but I’m kind of a stickler for following the rules. I don’t really want to get in trouble.

CJ: Zazmate noticed that when you first came back you were independent then signed with an agency a week later. You have a big enough name, why did you decide to go with representation?

Natasha: I was considering representing myself but I’m in school still and I live in San Francisco. I was just concerned that I wouldn’t be able to handle that scheduling stuff. And the business negotiations and still be on top of my school game. I have always looked to LA Direct Models as the agency of the stars. I was with other agents at the time. Somebody actually referred them to me and I thought it was a good time to check them out.

CJ: If you could magically go back and talk to Natasha before her first scene, what would you tell her?

Natasha: I would just say don’t underestimate the importance of hard work. It’s easy to see this as a fun time but I think going to the gym and treating your body right is what is going to make your scenes impeccable.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Natasha: I came from a religious background and, at first, I was battling with myself over whether or not this was “wrong”. I think over time I realized that I can do whatever the fuck I want to do with my body. The more outrageous, the more fun, then the better it is for me as a person. I think I learned that I’m a sexual rebel and I will fight for my right to be a slut.

CJ: Tell me about your website for PUBA,

Natasha: I have a good amount of content on there. It’s a pretty big network of pretty hot girls like Abigail Mac. I just shot for my site this past Monday and I’m trying to get new content and build it up. It’s going to be a more mature Natasha rather than the girly slut or whatever. That’s my most exciting project for this year, to make my site my own again.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Natasha: I recently became a little bit of a book nerd. I like reading, I like watching It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I like working out, going to the movies. I’m thinking of taking up a boxing class. I’m kind of a loner!

CJ: Cunninglinguist wants to know if you’re still mudracing?

Natasha: Yes, I did a Spartan race but I haven’t done one in a really long time.

CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?

Natasha: I saw Creed twice this month. I loved it, it was so inspiring.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Natasha: I like sushi. Or Chinese. Or Mexican. Don’t get me started, I like it all! (laughs)

CJ: What celebrity, one male and one female, would you like to bang?

Natasha: Leonardo DiCaprio and either Maggie Gyllenhaal because of Secretary or Marion Cotillard from Inception.

CJ: What does the future hold for Natasha Nice? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Natasha: Honestly, I just want to give it my all and see what happens. In the past, I tended to be ‘I want that award!’ but I know there’s a lot that goes into except just me. All I want to do is give it my all in every scene and at the gym and then whatever happens is fine with me. I really want to express my site though my website more so you’ll probably see me working a lot on that over the next several years.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Natasha: I’m on Twitter @BeNiceNatasha and I can get fan mail at

Natasha Nice

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