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Captain Jack Interviews Kendra James

Kendra is a performer who has carved out a niche for herself in the fetish side of porn. However, she has performed in girl/girl scenes on camera, her latest being in Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story by Girlsway. I was rather impressed with Kendra’s acting skills but that’s not to take anything away from her beauty or her sexual performance, which are both top notch! I had a chance to talk to her about her life in the adult industry and Kendra was quite forthcoming!

Kendra James

Captain Jack: Tell me about Kendra James.

Kendra James: I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Bay, and I feel like I had a very normal childhood. It was the Bay Area in the ‘90s and it was pretty liberal and open and I had the freedom to explore and do things that maybe a lot of other kids wouldn’t have been able to do.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry?

Kendra: I started in the adult industry in 1998. But I started initially as a Professional Dominitrix  From there, I got into other things. The fetish stuff and the Pro Dom stuff came first then I discovered companies like Kink. In the late 90s, there were a lot of other fetish companies in San Francisco that are no longer around. I guess Pro Dom first, then art modeling then nude modeling. I’ve never done boy/girl, I’ve always been fetish and girl/girl. The girl/girl has been intermingled with the fetish stuff for a number of years.

CJ: How did you get into the Domintrix field?

Kendra: I stumbled upon it by mistake. A friend of mine was moving from San Francisco to Seattle and she was looking for some quick cash and started to make money very quickly. She was auditioning at strip clubs then she saw an ad in a free paper in Oakland for Mistresses. She went and interviewed with this place and she was looking for moral support. She wasn’t sure it was something she wanted to do, she wasn’t sure how it would go and I went along with her to support her and make sure everything was ok. During the interview process, I was ‘Ooooooh, this is interesting! I could do this!’ She found that she wasn’t into it and I found that I really was. I really liked the idea of it. I think I was about 19 at that point. ‘I could do this! It sounds like fun!’ I worked at a dungeon in San Francisco for a while and they closed and I ended up working at a dungeon in the East Bay for a number of years.

Kendra James

CJ: Working as a dom, I imagine you have done some wild and kinky things. What is the wildest thing that you have ever done?

Kendra: Oh my God, I have no idea. (laughs) My perception is somewhat skewed. I no longer know what’s wild and kinky any more. I pissed in a dude’s mouth the other day but that’s normal, right? (laughs) There have been a lot of really entertaining scenarios and scenarios where I’ve had to sit back and go, ‘OK, so this is my life! Alright!’ There has been a lot of anal, strap-on stuff. But there are two incidents that stand out.

Back in 2001 I worked as PA a for a company in San Francisco called Sickpuppy (no longer around.) It specialized in solo, g/g, large object insertion, strange object insertion, urethral dilators and catheters (I learned how to catheterize people here.) Think about an entire day on set with girls shoving coke bottles, high heels, eggplants and basically anything that would fit into each others pussies and asses and ending with pee play (the only time I’ve seen a girl put an eggplant up her butt.) One day we hired a couple I knew who were into food play and golden showers. He was a cross dresser and she was very eccentric. We shot them fucking for a while and then he pulled out, put a speculum in her, dumped a gallon of baked beans all over her including inside her now wide open pussy and then pissed all over her as well into her open and baked bean filled pussy before jizzing on her face. The entire set smelled of baked beans and urine for days! Ok, maybe not really days, but in my mind I could smell it for the rest of the life span of the space. I knew we were doing a messy shoot and had prepped the set for it, but I didn’t really know what was going to happen or how messy. This may be something easily found on the internet at this point, but at the age of 20 when something like this was not commonly seen I was not fully prepared. (laughs)  It still sticks out as one of those surreal ‘is this my life’ moments.

Another thing that sticks out happened around the same time, when I was maybe 20 or 21. Besides working as a PA for a porn site, I was also working as a pro dom in a dungeon in the east bay and was very much learning my fetishes and limits. A regular client called and asked for a double golden and roman shower session with cameos from other mistresses. What is a roman shower? Vomiting. So basically two doms would see him for an hour or two and others would come in for 5 minutes to either piss on him, vomit on him or both. I was very intrigued and wanted to join in to see what it was all about. The two doms running things started prepping for the session by eating junk food and anything else that might make them sick. Me and the other girls started drinking tons of water and soda (standard for golden shower sessions). By the time I walked into the session he was already in our massive bath tub covered in chunky puke with two girls standing over him and pissing. I joined in to make it a golden shower threesome while another two girls stuck their fingers down their throats and combined their puke with our piss. We all laughed at and humiliated him for enjoying this and being aroused by it (he had an erection the whole time) and then forced him to get on his hands and knees and slurp up the globs of puke piss. The suck-slurp-gargle sounds he made still haunt me to this day! The smell of vomit and urine together with the sight of this guy drinking it up made me so sick I had to excuse myself before I unintentionally threw up, not that it would have been an issue for him, but I decided I’d found one of my limits. To this day if anyone brings up roman showers I gag a little and think of that session. Everyone has their own turn ons, fetishes and limits and working in the adult industry in whichever capacity it’s been in has certainly helped me find mine!

As I mentioned, my idea of “normal” is so skewed. These two incidents might sound like a perfectly normal Friday night of porn watching for some or they may cross the line into crazyland, I have no idea! This has been my life for a long time and I can’t say it’s been boring!

Kendra James

CJ: Do you still act as a professional dominitrix?

Kendra: Here and there. I still take sessions once in a while but I stopped doing pro sessions a number of years ago and started focusing a lot more on performing, modeling, running my own website, my own video stores and stuff like that. Here and there, I’ll take sessions with people who are polite and respectful and will be in my area. I don’t go out of my way to do it.

CJ: Are you naturally dominant?

Kendra: It really depends on the situation. I wouldn’t say naturally one way or the other. It’s sort of whatever happens in the situation and I like being both top and bottom. It really is dependent on what is going on and how I’m feeling in the moment. Sometimes, I’ll be ‘tie me up and do things to me!’ and other times, I’ll be ‘Nope! This is the way it is!’

Actually, I would say I’m more of a control freak. I want to know exactly what’s going on and being in control of the situation, which is also probably why I’ve never had an agent.

CJ: As you mentioned, you only do fetish and girl/girl content. Are you lesbian in real life or are you bisexual?Ok

Kendra: Truth? (laughs) I am actually married. I’ve been with the same person for 17 years.

CJ: How does he handle your sex work?

Kendra: He’s really supportive. For my own videos and my own projects, he shoots a lot of it. He edits a lot of it. When we first started dating, I just told him this is who I am, this is what I do and he kind of shrugged and said, ‘Whatever.’ 17 years later, we’re still together. We’ve also worked in the music industry for a number of years and we were on the road with some pretty well known bands and a lot of crazy things happened during that time period. I feel it’s very easy for him to shrug things off. It’s work, you take it as it is because he’s experienced craziness himself.

Kendra James

CJ: When was the first time you were with a girl?

Kendra: I was 14.  I was being very, very naughty. My friends were having a party at a house while their parents were out of town. It was the Bay Area and drinking and smoking were going on. Whatever, we were just being naughty kids. I was actually on the phone with my mother, making up some story about where I was and when I was going to be home and that there was adult supervision. A friend of mine, crawled across the room, opened my legs and started going down on me while I was on the phone with my mom. ‘OK. So this is happening!’ That was the first time or the first time that sticks out in my head. There was probably a little bit of exploration before that but that’s the one that sticks out in my head and pinpoints where it all started.

CJ: When did you lose your virginity?

Kendra: Same summer. I think that was the end of my freshman year of high school. So I was 14 or 15. I feel like so many first sexual encounters weren’t necessarily the best but it was definitely interesting. 15-year old boys don’t know what they’re doing.

CJ: Hell, sometimes 50-year olds don’t know what they’re doing!

Kendra: (laughs) True!

CJ: I just saw you in Missing: A Lesbian Crime Story. Tell me about that one.

Kendra: That was really, really fun to shoot. When Bree (Mills) sent me the script, I started giggling. ‘Oh my God! I get to be so horrible and evil and devious and make girls do all sorts of bad things!’ I started to get really excited. My role, Anita Sharp, is very two-faced. In one role, she’s a very sweet, Southern lady with lots of charm and then she switches over and she’s actually this power hungry, ultra-lesbian, draining-the essence-of-women for her own maniacal ideas. She’s really evil and vicious and kind of heartless. (laughs) I don’t why I started playing these characters that get to be evil and make sweet innocent girls do evil things to each other.

I was really happy to be a part of this project and was thrilled when Alan contacted me about it and mentioned Bree was writing the part of Anita with me in mind. They’re such a wonderfully creative team and the character is so devious. She’s super evil but the story also eludes to a romantic involvement or maybe a partnership between she and Mantis which gives her a jilted lover sort of feel and I hope this is touched upon in future movies. If Girlsway calls me to reprise my role, I’ll be more than happy to do it!

CJ: You have a great laugh too.

Kendra: (laughs) Thank you!

CJ: I was really struck by your acting. You make a very good bitch.

Kendra: (laughs) Thanks!

Kendra James in Missing

CJ: Do you have any formal training?

Kendra: That was what I was going to be when I grew up. I really, really wanted to be an actress when I grew up. I did the acting schools and did some commercial work and a little bit of stuff here and there when I was a teenager. So that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up and I guess I sort of get to do it. I guess I am what I actually wanted to be.

CJ: When performing with a woman, do you prefer it to be just the two of you or do you like toys?

Kendra: I think it’s situational. I like toys. I like using strap-ons on other women. I don’t know why. I have no idea. I like using toys on other women and, of course, the Hitachi, every woman’s favorite vibrator. I think it’s really situational. Sometimes, you don’t really have chemistry with someone and I feel like toys help. When there’s not chemistry and then other times, there is chemistry and you’re really enjoying the situation, it’s better to be intimate and use your mouth and fingers. It’s just a little more intimate with the situation.

CJ: I’ve heard that in porn in girl/girl scenes, it’s hard to cum because you really have to open up for the camera and can’t really get in there. Do you find it hard to cum on camera?

Kendra: Sometimes, yes. It can be difficult because you’ll be almost there and then they yell, ‘Cut! Here’s what we’re going to do!’ ‘Really? I was almost there? Can we keep going?’ That actually happened a couple of months ago during a scene. It happens every once in a while. (laughs)

CJ: You mentioned the Hitachi, how often do you masturbate?

Kendra: Pretty frequently, I suppose but then I get to masturbate at work a lot! (laughs) Personal life? Work? It’s started to intermingle.

CJ: Are you ever going to make the plunge into boy/girl?

Kendra: I doubt it. And if I do, it will more than likely be for my own website. To be perfectly honest, my very, very first scene was boy/girl. I was in school and I needed money and answered an ad. Typical story. I ended up doing a boy/girl shoot, I must have been 18 or 19. It was at a house in Santa Cruz. I made a friend of mine go with me because I was so nervous about it. He was my roommate at the time and we were really close. It was 2-days, a couple of different scenes and I wasn’t really into it. He got excited about it though. He wasn’t cast for it but he was an extra person and it was an orgy scene. He ended up jumping in and really enjoyed it. And he was pretty good at it. It wasn’t for me. The weekend was over and I thought I’d rather do something else. There’s a huge difference between being 18 or 19 years old and being 30-something. I feel like now I would feel differently about it but it’s still not necessarily the path I want to take. I think the dynamic would have to be really good. I’d have to call the shots and it’d have to be a particular situation. And, again, if I did it, it’d probably be for my own site first.

Also, I feel like fetish is a niche opposed to maybe regular porn and it’s always been good to me. It seems the shelf life for a regular porn performer can be a bit short, which is part of the reason I’ve never run full steam into it or done boy/girl. Fetish is something that you can grow old with. (laughs)

CJ: You said your friend was pretty good, did he stay in the business after that?

Kendra: No. He had a really good time and he was excited about it afterwards but I don’t think he pursued it. I haven’t seen him for years and years and years, we fell out of contact. As far as I know, he never pursued it but he enjoyed it that weekend!

Kendra James

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you would like to live out on camera?

Kendra: This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. I don’t want this to sound negative but I feel a little bit jaded that I’ve been in and around the adult industry pretty much my entire adult life and I’ve been able to do a lot of different things. I’m thinking recently what I would want to live out on set and nothing sticks out right now. I have to think about it and use my imagination and come up with something new. If I were to ever go the boy/girl route, there are some things but staying where I am, I don’t know. I feel like I’ve gotten to do a lot. So it’s a question mark for me right now.

CJ: I have to ask, if you did go the boy/girl route, or even in your personal life, what fantasy would you like to live out?

Kendra: If I were to go the boy/girl route, it would be in the dom/sub context. I do like the idea of femdom porn like tied up slave, using him just as a fuck toy. Whatever, he’s a dick. (laughs) Those would be the avenues I would like to explore.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Kendra: Oh my God, I work! (laughs) Actually, I live at the beach so I spend a lot of time on the beach. My weekends are usually out in the ocean. This weekend, I’m learning how to scuba dive. Finally! I’ve lived in Florida for almost 10 years now and have never gotten scuba certified! There is tons and tons of diving close by. The Bahamas are an hour away. The Keys are a couple of hours by car. There are so many good diving spots here and so many good beach places here. I think a lot of my time will be taken up by that. I’m excited for it!

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Kendra: A lot of different things. Mostly what I listen to when I’m just hanging out by myself is rockabilly or punk rock, a little bit of metal. I listen to everything, really.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Kendra: I have a few. Princess Bride will forever be my favorite movie. Man On Fire is another good one.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Kendra: IZombie, I’ve really been liking. Gotham, Dexter, when it was on, I was obsessed. Daredevil…I like a lot of the superhero stuff.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Kendra: Sushi.

CJ: What does the future hold? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Kendra: That’s a good question. I never intended this to be a career. I never thought that it would be my job and I always, even when I started, ‘I’ll give it a few months and see what happens!’ Somehow, it’s turned into 17 years in and around the adult industry. If I haven’t been performing, I’ve been behind the camera. I think I’m stuck here. That’s not meant to be negative. I never thought it’d be my job and it has been. I have my own sites and I produce my own videos and I will eventually transition to completely off-camera and just be behind the scenes.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Kendra: I have which is currently being redone. I’m very excited about this because I started my site 10 years ago and it has been the same and the same format. I’m still updating manually, I’m like the last person alive who does that! I’m finally changing all of that. I’m in the process. Twtiter is @KendraJames13. Instagram is @KendraJames And I just started a Snapchat and I’m adjusting to it. I don’t have it down yet and it’s @KendraJames13. Also:

Kendra James

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