Jillian Janson: Happy 21!

Captain Jack interviews Jillian Janson

Jillian got into the industry when she was still 18 and in high school. She is now 21 and a gorgeous, mature young woman. I always have fun interviewing Jillian and I guess this would be considered our annual interview! LOL. This is our 4th go-round and we never lack for things to talk about. Enjoy!

Jillian Janson

CJ: You started webcamming before porn. Was this right after you turned 18?

Jillian Janson: It wasn’t right away that I started becoming a known face on cam. In fact I had just started a waitressing job at a restaurant called “Perkins”. The story of how I learned about www.myfreecams.com as xojilljanson actually happened through a male friend. He wanted to see me play with myself, which for some reason I didn’t mind since it was through the computer and I would be getting paid for it. It wasn’t too long after I started using the website that I realized what it could do for me. After just two days of being a webcam model, I was flown to California and started shooting adult films.

CJ: How did you make the jump from that to porn?

Jillian: I called my boss to take a few days off for school. When I realized they couldn’t work with my schedule I told them the job wouldn’t work out for me. However, I was there all the way up until I was bullied out of high school. When I realized everyone had noticed my porn on the tube sites, they would not leave me alone. I just wanted out of there so bad. My mother understood so she allowed me to sign the paperwork I needed in order to exit school at 18.

CJ: I remember our first talk. You weren’t even living in LA yet. An 18-year old girl in the big city, were you intimidated? Nervous?

Jillian:You must have caught me while I was out here my first two weeks before I’d been bullied out of high school, if I was still living there in MN. It wasn’t until a year later I decided to move back there for personal family reasons for a bit until work moved me back to LA again. I absolutely love Los Angeles. It’s taught me certain aspects of life I don’t think I would have learned as quickly if I didn’t leave school or that state in general. Life happens more rapidly out here than it would have if I went to college in my home state. Granted college exposes you to more ideas, but I’d prefer to take that with time and to learn things myself with my own confidence as a sophisticated and independent woman that isn’t afraid of change. As a kid, we were always moving, which I think is partially why I am not shy at all. I think it also helped me adapt to change. I think this adaptability to new people, situations, and cities is partially why I was able to adapt to the fast pace of LA life.

CJ: You came into the industry without any experience with women. How was your first lesbian experience? There’s an art to eating pussy. Did you know what to do?

Jillian: I knew exactly what to do, mostly from instinct. Every time someone would go down on me in previous years they wouldn’t do the worst job, but a lot of times I remember never feeling fully satisfied. So that’s when I started thinking about woman for my first time. I imagined women going down on me, as I knew they would know how it felt and how to give me intense, pulsating orgasms. My first woman was when I was fresh in the industry at 18 and had the honor to explore an Asian girl that was of French decent: Sharon Lee. I realized right then that I liked girls for many reasons. She barely made me orgasm, but because I was so into her I came each time. My main goal was satisfying her and all I can remember was making her tremble! To this day I love pleasing women to the breaking point that not many men can manage.

Jillian Janson

CJ: Now that you’re 3 years in, Aya from the ADT forums wants to know, being on the opposite end of the spectrum, how do you approach things if you’re a girl’s first time?

Jillian: I’ve always loved expressing myself. Not only do I like to learn, but I also love any opportunity I have to teach, like when a new girl comes in and I can teach her the ropes of what I’ve learned in the industry so far. I tell her things I learned on my own, but also things I wish I had known sooner, things I wish I had someone teach me.

CJ: Are you a fan of tribbing?

Jillian: It wasn’t a favorite at first, but once I realized I could use it in a pleasurable way it is becoming a little more popular on my videos. It’s all about getting your clit really wet and rubbing each other on the right parts. Certain areas where your bones meet can make or break the moment.

CJ: Do you prefer there to be toys or just the two of you?

Jillian: I do like to experiment and take my time, so I prefer to use my mouth. I love going to town on her for what seems like hours before I stick anything inside her including a finger or a toy. I love being in the moment, driving her crazy, making her shake, wanting to quake. It’s much more intimate when it’s just the two of you.

CJ: In a strap-on scene, do you prefer giving or receiving?

Jillian: I’d prefer the real thing, but when I get the chance it is interesting to have the ability to feel what it is like to dominate a woman with a very powerful tool. Of course, I’d enjoy both ways, but I’d prefer feeling what it is like to enter a wet, tight pussy that is just aching for attention. Just knowing what it feels like on the other side, knowing that she is wanting and desiring for every inch of it turns me on beyond belief.

CJ: Matt123443 wants to know if you’d ever do a strap-on scene with a guy?

Jillian: I’ve considered it. I’m always open to new experiments and finding out more about myself.

CJ: Valo wants to know, what girls in the industry would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?

Jillian: There are many girls I want to get my hands on, but someone I have had my eye on for a while, for many reasons such as being an amazing person as well as a good friend of mine is Tia Cyrus. Let’s just say I’d know how to lay her down and make her orgasm deep within her soul 😉 That’s how I like to take care of my girls, but I am going to leave the rest to your imagination!

Jillian Janson

CJ: Transitioning to hardcore boy/girl scenes, you’ve only done 2 DP’s. Do you like them?

Jillian: I love them. In fact I have already done three! It’s a much deeper and more intense orgasm than you would believe! It’s not the easiest thing to do. You definitely need two experienced men who know how to handle you and all the positions they put you in, in order to feel all the pleasure possible.

CJ: Would you be up for a gang bang?

Jillian: I will be honest. I do not plan on it for anytime soon, but anything can happen in this industry. I’d prefer to stay a little more intimate with one or two partners, and with the occasional orgy thrown in here and there. However, I will have all the woman in the world!

CJ: If yes, what’s your ideal number of cocks?

Jillian: The ideal number of cocks for me is probably one or two. However when it comes to pussy, I have no limit (laughs).

CJ: Sec4life1979 wants to know, what about double anal or double vag?

Jillian: I prefer not to destroy my pussy or anus like that, because in all reality as much as we may like the way it looks or feels, there is a short and long term effect to taking it so roughly. The unfortunate and unsettling feeling of being ripped open enough to practically give child birth is enough to scare anyone out of doing something based off of pleasure or financial gain. To me, it’s important to do what I love, but to be smart and do it in a healthy way. Kudos to those who can handle it, but only one cock in a hole at a time.

CJ: You are now a top feature dancer and, in fact, won the Nightmoves Award for dancing. How did that feel?

Jillian: It still feels unreal. I’m someone who feels that I haven’t done as much as all the other girls who deserve it, girls who have been working really hard for many years… I on the other hand love to work, but am not one to wear myself out so I don’t think I work as often as others, by choice. The fact that I have done as much work as I have and won three different times since I’ve started this industry, makes me realize what I can do when I put all my effort in. I want to thank each and every one of my friends, family, and fans who have supported me. I wouldn’t be here without you!

CJ: I saw you recently and I encourage all your fans to seek you out!

Jillian: Ahh thank you darling. I really appreciate that! I enjoy seeing you every year and it’s funny that each time you remind me of how much I love being apart of something for so long that matters so much to me!

CJ: It’s not often that a sexy, single woman invites me to her 21st birthday party and, unfortunately, I had to turn you down. How was it?

Jillian: I wanted to invite everyone I know who has made an impact in those first three years of my career. It’s okay darling. There is always next year, but it was definitely an influential time of my life. It meant a lot to have those who were there, but the year of 2016 has been even better so far. I can’t wait until next year!

Jillian Janson

CJ: When we talked, you said that if you ever have a relationship again, it’s going to be with a woman. Have you ever dated a woman?

Jillian: Unfortunately I have not yet, but it is still in my agenda. The idea of a relationship at all right now seems out of the question, but one day when I am ready I am hoping who ever I am with is perfect for me!

CJ: I’ve heard from so many girls and from being a guy, I know this to be true. It’s so hard to pick up a woman! How do you do it!

Jillian: I just be myself. It tends to turn woman on. In reality I don’t know what is it that I do, but it’s worth it to live the life I live.

CJ: Would you marry a woman?

Jillian:  I could see it happening, but I want a traditional family.

CJ: Now that you’re 21, you must go out to the bars and clubs. How often do you get hit on?

Jillian: All the time, but I choose my battles. Every girl learns in time what that means.

CJ: Is it hard to differentiate people that like you for you and people who like you because you’re in porn?

Jillian: Yes and no. for example sometimes you’d rather state to people that you’re a model, actress, dancer, or etc instead because in that mindset people are less likely to jump to judgement. So you’d prefer to start a conversation out with someone thinking of you more professionally. Especially, if it was a mother of three, then they have a different kind of respect for me. We all get judged in different ways and at certain aspects of our lives we eventually know who to tell what to. We choose our battles. The people who are close to you, keep them that way. It’s hard to find real, honest, and loyal people who adore you for who you are, not what you do. I have only three people in my life that are this way. They are my best friends and have been by my side since practically the beginning.

CJ: How often do you get recognized?

Jillian: A few times, but barely. In reality there are just so many females getting into the industry it is too hard to keep track of all of us. The fact that I change my style so often doesn’t help the fact that I tend to look different each year (laughs).

CJ: Would you ever fuck a fan?

Jillian: I would consider it.

CJ: How many sexual experiences off-camera have you had with women?

Jillian: Quite a few, but generally they have involved women of the industry at events.

CJ: You also have a new website coming out, www.therealjillianjanson.com Tell me about that!

Jillian: It’s a very exciting experience to know that I have a place to call mine that all my admirers can go to in order to see what I do best. Thank you so much to Michael Ninn of Ninnworx at @modelcentro. I can’t wait to upload more and make all your fantasies come true!

CJ: And how can fans get ahold of you?

Jillian: You can catch me on all social media:

Follow me on www.twitter.com/xojillianjanson

Follow me www.instagram.com/xojillianjanson

Like me on www.facebook.com/xojillianjanson

Follow me on www.xojillianjanson.tumblr.com

Signup to www.therealjillianjanson.com

Text me at www.sextpanther.com/jillian-janson

See sexy snaps only www.jjsnaps.com or see non nude at JillianJansonx3

I’ve also written a book: The Billionaire and the Bartender

Jillian Janson

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