Savana Styles Interview

Captain Jack interviews Savana Styles

Savana is a big breasted MILF who has only been in the industry for just over a year. She has done quite a few anal scenes lately and that’s been impressive. She had a teacher for the industry before she got into it and we discuss it all!

Savana Styles

Captain Jack: Tell me about Savana Styles.

Savana Styles: I’m pretty new to the industry. I joined about a year and a half ago. I was born and raised in the Province of Quebec. I spent most of my time in Montreal. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. I was a nurse for 5 years then I was a model for 5 years. That permitted me to travel and learn English because my native tongue is French. After 4-5 years of modeling, I quit nursing and I wanted something more. I had always watched porn and that’s what I chose to pursue.

CJ: Going from modeling to porn is a huge step, why did you decide on that?

Savana: Modeling is not something you can live off of. It’s not like Victoria’s Secrets or high fashion because I have too many curves. I was more into lingerie or nude. Everybody does it for free so it’s not something you can live with. I wanted something more than that.

CJ: When did you lose your virginity?

Savana: I was 17. I had a boyfriend for a few months. We waited. I was raised by a Catholic family, very good education. I was a country girl, very normal. Nobody would expect that.

CJ: Were you very promiscuous after that?

Savana: In the last 5 years, I had a lot of sex. I was with both girls and guys. I tried fetishes, I would party and there were a lot of people in the group so I was involved in some orgies. I think that made it easy to transition into porn.

Savana Styles

CJ: You are married to Lexington Steele. Did he have an influence in you joining the industry?

Savana: I met him at AVN. I was there as a fan. He was always my favorite pornstar. When I met him, I asked him for an autograph. Instead, he gave me his phone number. I was so happy! I came back to Canada and he called me and invited me back to LA. I booked my ticket right away. I came here for a week. He told me I should get into porn and I asked him what to do. It wasn’t as easy as it used to be, the industry’s not that good now but if I really wanted to, he guided me. I visited a couple of weeks and we fell in love. That was unexpected. I came back four times and, after a while, I said I was going to move and the rest is history.

CJ: Were you aware of the social stigma attached to being a porn star and did that influence your decision in one way or the other?

Savana: For me, that was a big deal. I knew that some people would judge me. It was not easy for my family. The reason for them is it’s immoral. It was easier for my dad than my mother because he watched porn. I was 32 at the time and I told them that I knew what I was doing. Me and my mother are on good terms but we avoid the subject.

CJ: Was there any nervousness when you started filming? I mean all these people are there watching you fuck. What was your first scene like?

Savana: I did makeup and did the photos and I did it with Lex. I wanted to try one scene with him before I did a real scene. It went so easy. It was very good. I wasn’t nervous. It was fun and I decided that it was what I wanted to do.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Savana: Missionary because of the way I cum. And it’s also so I can see the guy. I love to look at the guy. That’s what turns me on. If you’re looking at the wall, it’s not the same thing. I like to ride too!

Savana Styles

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Savana: I shot for Naughty America. It was a very good scene. I’m the mother and his friend comes over. I jump on him and we have sex. I also love my last anal scene for Brazzers with Danny D. It’s very rough and it was very tough to do. For me, it was a big challenge and it turned out very good.

CJ: Your latest scene is out this week in MILF Massage Therapy. Tell me about that one.

Savana: That’s for Nuru Massage. That was very nice and easy to do. They shoot 4 scenes per day for the website so it was back-to-back. I haven’t watched the scene yet but it was fun.

CJ: I saw you in Ready For Anal 2. You were pretty good.

Savana: Mike Adriano was my first anal. Doing anal was a big challenge for me because I was almost like a virgin. It was very painful and not enjoyable when I first tried it. I did my first anal because I have a big ass and the guy expected me to do an anal scene. Mike was a good person to do anal with. He was a little rough but it went good. It was a good scene.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Savana: Very often. (laughs) I really love to cum. I have a dildo, I have a magic wand and I have some vibrators. At least once a day but sometimes, I can masturbate 3, 4, 5 times in a row and cum.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Savana: I love it in my mouth. I love to swallow. I love sperm, it’s a good protein shake. In the face is good but often you have a red eye. I love it in my ass too because I love the feeling of the warm sperm. I love to twerk the sperm out of my ass. (laughs)

Savana Styles

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you still want to live out on camera?

Savana: I can’t wait to have my first gangbang. I’ve never had that in my life. I have one DP but I want to do more.

CJ: You’ve only one DP, would you ever think about a double anal or a double vag?

Savana: No. It’s something I think I will never do. I think there’s a risk in injuring yourself. I don’t think that’s for me. My pussy’s so tight, I don’t need to do that. I wouldn’t give a good performance doing that.

CJ: You just launched a new online fetish studio called Mercenary Enterprises. Tell me about that.

Savana: It’s me and Lex. We opened a studio and we shoot fetish content like underwater, masturbation, humiliation, role plays like a French Maid. People suggest fantasies and I’ll try it.

CJ: What’s your favorite thing about porn?

Savana: Everything. I love to meet different performers. They’re all different. I’m open minded and love to be with different people. I love to be popular. I love the attention. I love the fans. I just came back from Exxxotica and everybody comes to you. They admire you and it’s nice!

CJ: Are you going to AVN in January?

Savana: Of course, yes. I went last year and I’ll go back this year. I don’t know what booth I’ll be signing at yet.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Savana:  On Twitter, I’m @SavannaStyles. Instagram is @SavanaStylex_ My official Pornstar Platinum site,, or I have a Facebook fan page.

Savana Styles

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