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Keith Mason Interviews Jessica Drake

jessica drake

Lets start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you entered the adult industry initially?

Jessica: I was stripping in Texas and going to school, but wanted to try feature dancing. I went to a local club that was having a contest, and ended up meeting Michael Raven & other people in the business. It took me almost a year of visiting LA and dancing out here, doing softcore work and posing for magazines- then I ended up trying movies.

Where did you come up with your name?

Jessica: I wanted something realistic, so I used jessica. As for drake, I really couldn’t figure out a last name, so I had friends help.

Where you were raised and how you would describe yourself growing up?

Jessica: I was raised in San Antonio, Texas, and I’d say I was pretty awkward growing up. I wore glasses, had no boobs, I was that nerdy girl who would always be reading.

Can you tell us about some of your favorite movies you have appeared in thus far and about your experience filming each of them?

Jessica: I love all the movies I’ve done for Wicked, but some of my TOP favorites are:

1. Fallen
2. Speed
3. Aftermath
4. Underworld
5. Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody

Tell us about the creation of jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex.

Jessica: About four years ago, I noticed a change in the demographic of people who were coming out to see us at appearances and conventions- it went from mostly men to suddenly seeing couples to then seeing women. As this happened, I had couples and women asking me for sex advice and it struck me how much I take it for granted that people have access to reliable information and resources. I remember being especially moved by a woman who wasn’t orgasming at all with her partner and very rarely by herself, and I felt compelled to help her. I also spoke to a couple who thought that there was something wrong with one or both of them because they couldn’t replicate the anal sex they were seeing in movies. That taught me that some people don’t differentiate between fantasy sex onscreen and off camera sex that includes lots of foreplay, warming up, anal prepping, and general awkwardness. That’s not to say that sometimes my on camera sex isn’t awkward…it just means that it gets edited out and you don’t (usually) see it. All of these things that I was hearing made me consider doing seminars & workshops for people looking to have better sex. I did my first one here in LA at The Pleasure Chest and afterward I had quite a few people asking if I had DVDs to go along with our discussions. In an instant, I knew it was what I was meant to be doing. My goal is to provide people with the information I never had growing into my own sexuality, and from the start I knew I wanted to cover a diverse range of topics. It grew into something I’m very passionate about, and I’m grateful to Wicked for the support and encouragement.

jessica drake

How do you pick which movies to be in? Have you had any acting classes or other special training for roles in the past?

Jessica: Usually I’m offered roles, or occasionally I’ve gone to directors (mostly Brad Armstrong) with ideas about sexual scenarios or places I wanted to have sex. I have taken acting classes and workshops over the years, I’ve read books, and I’ve also had lots of practice. As far as other training, I’ve had weapons training, stunt training, bounty hunter training, and I got my motorcycle license to be able to do my own riding in SPEED.

Whats your favorite part of having sex onscreen? Do you have multiple orgasms at work?

Jessica: Knowing that people will watch and get turned on. I like the idea of being masturbatory material for people on their own, I like thinking that couples will watch me to get inspired. The other thing I really enjoy is the ability to act out fantasies that I’ve had – in a controlled, somewhat predictable environment. I’ve done blow bangs, orgies, DPs – nearly everything I’ve wanted to try – and it’s been amazing. I try to get off on camera each time I work, but sometimes it’s tough. Often I come during softcore, when I’m not as concerned with where the cameras are and when I don’t have to position everything so that cameras can see it all.

How did you become involved in AIDS Walk LA?

Jessica: About five years ago, I saw ads for the walk and looked into it. Obviously HIV/AIDS is a very important cause, especially being in an industry where we are having sex with each other. After doing the walk solo the first year, I was hooked. I did it the second year and was a Star Walker, and for the third year, I decided to form Team Wicked. In the past three years as a team, we’ve raised over $50,000 for APLA and LA Aids Walk. I also love that they know exactly who we are, and support a porn team raising money for charity. Sometimes people have issues with that.

You have been exclusively contracted to Wicked Pictures. What do you enjoy most about working for this studio?

Jessica: Everything, really. I’ve been given the chance to have creative input with my movies, to work with who i want to work with, having the kind of sex I want. Also being encouraged to write and direct, to begin my line of
instructional videos, it’s all been amazing. I admire our condom stance and I love that we still make feature movies.

jessica drake

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? What are some of your favorite books?

Jessica: I ride a motorcycle, I like the spa, I have two amazing rescue dogs, I go to the beach. I’m also an avid reader. Currently I’m doing research for my next Guide to Wicked Sex, so I’m reading LOTS of books on BDSM, lots of erotic stories. I also just read Men, Women, and Children, The Garden of Secrets, The Good Girl, The Giver, and Astonish Me. I don’t read, I devour books.

What about favorites: favorite movie, T.V. show, musical artists?
What about zombie movies, do you like watching The Walking Dead TV series?

Jessica: My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. I’ve never really seen zombie movies, or a The Walking Dead- the last TV series I watched was Dexter, but I’m not much of a TV person at all- and my taste in music is SO varied. I love a little bit of everything, really. Depends on my mood.

Are there any current or upcoming projects you would like to mention or anything you wish to say in closing to readers?

Jessica: Sure! Be on the lookout for SINNERS, which I just shot with Asa Askira, and my newest instructional videos are Guide to Wicked Sex Plus Size and Satisfy Her Like A Legend.

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jessica drake

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