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Wendy Williams Interviews Wendy Summers

Wendy Summers

When did you start to feel something wasn’t clicking with your inner and outer self?

I was first aware that I was different when I was 4. I remember watching a children’s show that was on location at Sea World in Florida. They put alternating layers of wet suit and foam rubber on a girl to help her understand what it was like for a whale. I remember wondering at the time if there was something I could wear that would make me feel like a girl.

When did you transition and describe that first time “dressing”?

My transition journey was a lot longer than most as I realized part way through transition that I had other issues from my past that I needed to work through before tackling my transition. I started living full-time a few years before I entered into porn.

My first time dressing was as a teen. I had managed to sneak away from my friends while at the mall and bought myself an outfit. Every day after school, I’d come home, dress in my clothes and think about how the school day would have been different if I had been there as a girl.

Growing up what type of porn did you watch/enjoy?

Oddly, I didn’t really watch porn until after I got into the Industry. I’ve always been more into the written word or interaction via webcam. Even today, other than watching porn to be aware of what others are doing, it’s not really part of my sex life.

What made you decide to do Porn?

I was bored and horny? LOL.

This wasn’t a path I intended to tread, but it’s a journey I’ve found very fulfilling. I got started on webcam to scratch my exhibitionist itch. After I made insane money during my first week camming, I decided to shoot pictures and videos to market myself. Those sets led me to develop a solo website.

At the end of the day, porn is a creative outlet for me. I like creating porn that’s not only hot, but I like to also have it serve as a piece of art as well. Some of my work is meta commentary on the Porn Industry. One of the upcoming sets on my website, “My Lohan Moment,” examines both the perceived stereotypical relationship between drugs and porn and juxtaposes that against my reputation as the good girl of transsexual porn. I also try to make porn that I find fun — I recently did an Elvis impersonator set, “You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Cockhound” just because that phrase made me giggle. Well, that and getting to refer to my penis as my “fat Elvis.”

Who was your first shoot for and tell us about it? How did you feel before and after?

My first professional shoot was with Grooby for Shemale Yum. I was really nervous for it — it happened right about the time my webcam fame was booming. I had been named the iFriends girl of the month and shooting with Grooby was taking things to the next level. I felt like the first shoot went horrible, but the fans loved them. That was when folks in the Industry really started to take notice that while my approach to porn is a bit off-beat, it was gathering me a very loyal group of fans.

You own and operate your site, tell the readers what they can expect if they join?

Like me, the website is quirky. We use the tagline, funny, geeky and a little bit freaky and it really does describe the type of content I do. There’s almost a retro 1980’s porno mag vibe to some of the sets we do. There’s lots of cosplay and pop-culture themed sets — I tend to have releases timed with major film releases. I also like to do some off-beat sets that amuse me — for example, I once did a set about the Tranny porn conspiracy where I wear a tinfoil hat. We do occasional hardcores as well, like our sexploitation throwback “Breaking My Balls.”

Wendy Summers

What type of scenes do you enjoy to film?

Scenes where I get to have a little fun. For example, one of the harcores I shot with Christian XXX was all about how I couldn’t shoot him for my website because everyone else shoots him all the time. I’ve shot a scene going down on a Giant Alien grey which amused me to no end. In my view – if I’m not enjoying the scene, how will the audience enjoy it?

If you could shoot with any female or male performer who would it be and why?

Alfred Hitchcock. Gotta believe he had to have been one twisted bastard.

How would you describe your sexual preference?

I’d describe it as I have a preference for sex.

You describe yourself as a nerdy, geeky Tgirl, explain why you feel those words help describe you?

It’s kind of who I am. I love comics and science fiction. I’m an avid Magic the Gathering player. I read a lot. I cosplay. I see Weird Al’s song, White & Nerdy, as my anthem. I love mathematics — my corporate job is as an analyst. I can recite all the Star Wars films, word for word, from memory. Do I have enough geek cred yet?

Coming into Porn what was your biggest misconception about the Adult Industry?

I sort of assumed I’d be off the radar. My type of porn isn’t really what they do and I’m off on the East Coast doing my own thing. When I made my first trips to LA & Vegas I was caught off-guard by how many people walked up and started chatting with me about my work. I assumed I’d be a little fish in a big pond and it turned out entirely the other way.

What are some stereotypes you think mainstream has about TS Performers?

I think there’s a perception that we’re not the brightest crayons in the box. There’s been some shock to some people when those of us who are intellectuals engage in meaningful discourse.

What is a casual day like for you?

I wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy… lol

I’m typically awake between 5-6am, I work for about 2 hours either doing post-production work or being active on social media. I then get ready for my corporate job and then head into the office. These days, I spend my lunch writing freelance articles on transsexual issues and sex education. After I leave the office for the night,I typically make dinner then go play some Magic or I do more marketing work for my website. I’m always in motion

Finish this sentence “Wendy Summers is ________________”

in need of a vacation. Or a personal assistant… Probably both.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years when it comes to the adult Industry?

At this point I have no idea. I’ll still be working in the Industry for sure. But as to how deep into it? Just modeling… shooting behind the camera… broadening my company to models beyond myself? I just don’t know. There’s so much I’d like to accomplish but with my split focus it’s tough to find the time to do everything I want.

What fun projects or shoots do you have coming up to tease us with?

I’ve shot a campy little Jurassic Park Scientist set that I can’t wait to release… just wait to see how this scientist has solved the dino DNA problem lol!

Anything you would change about your career thus far and why?

Nope. It’s been a fun ride and I can’t wait for more.

What social media sites can readers find you on?

I’m on my website You can also find me on twitter @wendysummerscom and on tumblr at

Anything you want to leave us with?

Just that I’m grateful for all my fans. As a self-producing porn star, the only reason I can even do this is because they purchase my work.

Wendy Summers

About Wendy Summers:
Funny, geeky and a little bit freaky, TS porn star Wendy Summers has been captivating fans worldwide with her unique personality and style. She was the 2013 RISE Shemale Performer of the Year and a three-time Tranny Award winner. Wendy Summers is a featured Star on iFriends and was the first Transsexual Performer to be included in iFriends Adult Star Program. She has appeared in the DVD releases I Kill it TS, Shemale Strokers 50; Bang My Tranny Ass 10; and Solo T-girls 3 & 4 and has appeared on websites like Shemale Strokers, Shemale Yum, Shemale Pornstar & Wendy Williams XXX.

Her solo website, launched in 2012 on the Grooby Network. Of her website, Rabbit Reviews remarks: “She’s a genuinely creative and playful person adding to the sexiness… her personality makes this site worth checking out.” Review Shemales raves: “[Wendy Summers] is a unique and refreshing transsexual and I think many will relate to her off beat personality!” Her features solo and hardcore pornography as well as fetish photography which allows her offbeat personality shine. Whether a geeky cosplay, an intimate girlfriend experience style scene, or a kinky bondage scene, Wendy brings a uncommon and delightful spin to the world of Transsexual porn.

Wendy Williams is a performer, producer and publicist. Find her on Adult DVD Talk at and on Twitter @TSWendyWilliams.

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