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Captain Jack Interviews Jessica Drake

Jessica Drake is just one of those beautiful women that your palms start sweating when you talk to her. I admit, I was a little nervous talking to the legendary performer but once we started talking, Jessica was as sweet as could be! We had a wide ranging talk and spent almost an hour on the phone! The latest big project Jessica is working on is the Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex series and she previews her newest chapter for us!

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Captain Jack: Tell me about Jessica Drake.

Jessica Drake: I’m from Texas. I had a pretty regular upbringing with my mom and dad and I had a little brother. I went to private school for about 8 years about the beginning of my education. I was pretty nerdy in school. I was in honors classes. I was skinny my whole life, had no boobs, got picked on a lot. I was definitely bullied all throughout middle school and the first part of high school. That’s something a lot of people don’t know but I think that happens to everybody in some way, shape or form. Kids can be cruel. I went to college for a while because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I was a liberal arts major. I took some psychology courses and really enjoyed them. I ended up meeting some people in Texas that were in the adult industry. I didn’t know what capacity they were in inside the industry. Come to fine out it was Michael Raven, who turned out to be a contract director for Wicked. He has since retired. I also met some performers and they offered to show me the ropes. I didn’t think that was for me and after about 6 months to a year, I came out to California, took a look around and started to meet people. I started to figure out what the business was all about, it was completely different then. A little while after that, I did some softcore work; I did some stuff for HBO, Cinemax and Showtime and Playboy TV. I was Bikini Girl #4 (laughs) Then I decided to make some movies and I did my first movie for Michael Raven and I did a boy/girl sex scene before I did girls. I had played with girls in my personal life and when a lot of girls come into the industry, they kind of dip their toe in and go kind of slow. I didn’t really do that. I was independent for a while and then signed a contract with a small company for a small period of time. They didn’t really shoot me which worked to my favor. I’ve been with Wicked now for 10 years. I started as a performer and then 5 years into it, I started to write and then directed. About 3 or 4 years ago, I became very interested in Sexual Health and Wellness, the sexual education side of it. I started doing that too. I still perform. I do about 6 or 7 movies a year and have amazing sex. I’m directing as well including the series I created called Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex.

CJ: You said you were a nerd and had no boobs, when did you lose your virginity?

Jessica: When I lost my virginity, something changed for me when I discovered the act of sex. I was really curious about sex before I started having it because I didn’t really have any resources and my parents weren’t comfortable teaching me what sex was all about. I didn’t get any realistic sex education. I lost my virginity right before I turned 16. It was a high school sweetheart. I was with him for a very long time, even for a while after that. I lost my virginity with a condom. We put a lot of thought and research into it. Of course, it wasn’t great the first time but it wasn’t bad and it definitely made me want more sex.

CJ: You said you played with girls, when did you lose your lesbian virginity?

Jessica: I had already kissed a girl before I lost my virginity to a guy. Shortly after losing my virginity, in a matter of months, I had a threesome with my boyfriend and my best friend.

CJ: That’s hot!

Jessica: And it was too! I’ve always been into women. Really liked women.

jessica drake

CJ: You said you were flat chested, when did you start developing?

Jessica: As soon as I paid a plastic surgeon to give me boobs. (laughs) I got boobs before I got into the industry. I was 21 or 22 when I got my boobs done for the first time. Looking back, I wish I would have had the self-confidence to not have my boobs done. Not that they’re bad; although over the years I have had problems with them. I went too big once and had all sorts of problems and went back to a better size for me. I just wish I had been more comfortable in my own skin. I tell girls that are coming in now to just leave your body alone.

CJ: Is the self-confidence why you got them? For yourself, not for anyone else or for stripping or anything?

Jessica: I absolutely got them for myself. Self-confidence yes, but also because I was picked on for being flat chested. I was stripping when I got them but I didn’t go outrageous. I was flat as a board and I went to a B cup. It was really reasonable. A lot of people didn’t even realize that they weren’t real, which is awesome.

CJ: What size are you now?

Jessica: I’m a 34C now.

CJ: Was there any nervousness when you started filming? I mean all these people are there watching you fuck. What was your first scene like?

Jessica: No, I wasn’t really nervous. I remember it very well. It was with Alec Metro, back in the day. I already knew him. We got to have sex in a bed in a house. I’m sure that I was not at all camera aware. It has been a really long time since I saw the scene. I was fine, I didn’t have any problems with it at all. It was fun, I thought it was cool.

CJ: How did you become a Wicked Girl?

Jessica: I was really close to signing a contract with someone else. I had had a couple of companies approach me. Wicked was not one of them but some other big companies were in the mix. I was in serious negotiations to sign a contract with one of them. We were actually ready to sign on the dotted line and a few people from Wicked contacted me. They heard I was in the market for a contract and asked if I signed yet. I went to talk to them and it was pretty apparent that we were on the same page.

jessica drake

CJ: Wicked is the biggest company that follows the rules and only uses condoms in their films. Do you like condom use?

Jessica: This is something I feel very strongly about. It’s not so much that Wicked “follows the rules” when it comes to condom usage in porn because we’ve been condoms only for over 15 years now before it was a rule. I have only done scenes with condoms even as an independent performer except for a handful of scenes that I did with my then-husband at the time. I refused to work without a condom. For me personally, that was my preference. That being said, I completely disagree with the government being able to impose on a person what he or she should do with their body. What they should have to wear, what they should put in or on their body; I believe it should be a performer choice. My issue, though, is that it’s not always a choice. As long as it is a choice that a performer’s making and it’s an informed choice, I think they should be able to do whatever they want. The condom thing, with Wicked, is just one more thing that we agreed on. It was one more thing that made my arrangement with Wicked a perfect fit. Porn is a very personal thing, obviously, we’re having sex. It’s different than a race car driver or a football player wearing helmets, sex is a different thing. The way we express ourselves on camera, it’s really unique. So even though condom use for me is the right decision, I’m not for condoms in porn. I’m just not.

CJ: If Wicked were to drop you tomorrow, would you still request to use condoms?

Jessica: I would not work without condoms. It’s just for me, personally, it’s my comfort level. Especially if I’m doing anal or DP, using a condom, in addition to our testing, makes me feel the safest. And when I feel safe, I can concentrate on just the sex and getting into the scene.

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Jessica: (laughs) Every orgy I’ve ever done. Seriously. I just got to this point where I love group sex and I love orgies. I especially love orgies when I have to do a DP, they’re great because if you’re doing something and it doesn’t work, there’s a lot of other people to choose from. (laughs) Sometimes it happens that way, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Or you’re not turned on enough. It’s sex, it’s unpredictable. You just have a lot more options that way. I like blowbangs. The first blowbang I ever did was in The Collector. It was just so fun.

CJ: How many guys were there?

Jessica: There were 4.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Jessica: On camera, it’s doggie, either standing or kneeling. At home, it’s flat on my back with my legs together or flat on my stomach with my legs together, things that are not at all camera friendly.

jessica drake

CJ: When working with girls, do you prefer toys or no toys?

Jessica: It really depends. I would say, instinctively, no toys. But sometimes, you need more things to stick places. I’ve done some really good scenes for Wicked without but if I’m getting DP’d, I want toys, I want strap-ons. I’m pretty picky about toys. I won’t just stick things in there. By far, my favorite female performer to work with is Asa (Akira). Asa is phenomenal. I will never forget the first time I worked with her. She had been around a while; I think she talked to us about a contract when she was new and things just didn’t work out for whatever reason. This time around they did work out. Before we signed her, she did a movie that I starred in called Sexpionage. She was not our contract girl yet and I was excited to finally get to work with her. We had been around each other but had never been intimate with each other. We were in the makeup room. I shot some dialogue and then went back to the makeup room. I checked her out and she was more beautiful and more sensual than I guess that I had in my mind. So we kind of started flirting with each other. By the time we took pretty girls on the set and by the time we started our scene and the director called action, we pretty much ate each other alive. We got an award for that scene at the Sex Awards. She got up on stage and said, ‘First of all, I didn’t think that somebody that looked like Jessica would fuck the way she does!’ I took that as a compliment and we had the craziest sex in that movie. The director never said a word or if we did, we never heard him. We were too busy having sex. I couldn’t get my hands off her if I tried. We ended up off-set; we were knocking into lighting equipment. It was incredible. I love her.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Jessica wet?

Jessica: I’m more partial to rougher, more extreme sex. I am very submissive to men. I think that takes a lot of people by surprise. The type of porn that we shoot is more couples friendly than extreme hardcore. But I choose partners that even if they’re not physically dominant can still be verbally or mentally dominant. It’s just the type of sex that I prefer. I think it surprises people that I like blowbangs and DP’s. The first time I ever did a DP was in Fallen which is my all-time favorite movie. I was like a kid in a candy store. I was like ‘WHOA!’ (laughs) It was amazing! Completely different sounds were coming out of me. Prior to that, I had not done a DP with two guys in my personal life. It had always just been a guy and a toy or two toys or a girl with a strap-on, something like that. I had never gotten the full experience before but I had been technically DP’d before.

CJ: Is there anyone out there that you would love to work with but haven’t had a chance to yet?

Jessica: There are plenty of people because I don’t shoot very often and I don’t know everyone that’s out there. Right now, I really want to work with Dani Daniels and Carter Cruise. I’m sad that Rocco Siffreddi retired. My list changes all the time. I wish Randy Spears would come back one more time. I definitely have my favorites. I just did a hot scene with Derrick Pierce for the Magic Mike parody. As my mood changes, who I want to work with changes also. Adriana Chechik and Maddy O’Reilly too.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Jessica: It depends. I would say daily but sometimes things happen and it’s not daily. If it’s not daily, it’s every other day. Masturbation is really important and I can be quick.

CJ: What’s the preferred method?

Jessica: It depends on my mood. I just bought a toy to review. There is a Levy out that I really like a lot. I like the Squeal. I like the Revel Body, it’s amazing. I like the Magic Wand. I love vibrators. If I’m in a hotel room, it’s usually the water faucet in the bathtub. Fingers is easy. It just depends on how horny and I am and how quickly I need to rub one out. If it’s a minute and a half, it’s the Magic Wand.

CJ: Do you watch porn when you masturbate?

Jessica: It always varies depending on my mood. Yes, I do watch porn and I don’t want to sound like a narcissist here but I have relived some of my scenes. I’ve watched orgy scenes and can’t believe all that happened. I find that really erotic. I like foreign porn. I like Marc Dorcel stuff, partially because I don’t know anyone. It’s a new porn experience. Sometimes I’ll get movies to keep an eye on the competition. And then I’ll end up watching something and get really turned on and masturbate or have sex. Other times, I’m not as much a visual person as I am a reading person. If I read an erotic novel, not 50 Shades of Grey, but other good erotic novels. If I read an erotic novel and get really turned on, I’m going to cum quicker. And then sometimes I think of things I’ve done or things I want to do.

jessica drake

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you still want to live out on camera?

Jessica: Definitely.

CJ: Any examples?

Jessica: Nope. But I do have a short list. (laughs) It’s just a matter of choosing the right people and choosing when to do it. I’m not sure. People always say, ‘What’s left for you?’ and I don’t think of it that way because I’ve always done things over the course of my career when I feel like doing them. As long as I’m still enjoying sex on camera, I’m going to keep on doing it. Sometimes my fantasies are more extreme than others. Sometimes I want to have sex on a bed with one person. Other times I want to get gang banged. (laughs) It just depends.

CJ: Do you prefer features to gonzo?

Jessica: I love the features. I love the acting, I always get so into it. I love to play a role, I love to be a character, I love dialogue. The thing about acting is that it allows you to step outside of yourself for a little bit. I’ve had so many fantastic movies. I’ve gotten to ride a motorcycle in Speed; I’ve gotten to be a fallen angel in Fallen; in Underworld, it was very fantasy driven. In Manhunters, I was a bounty hunter. Aftermath, whoa! That was such an amazing movie for me. And Snow White XXX, I got to be the evil queen. Some people think I take the acting part a little too seriously. Oh, well, I like it. I’m not an aspiring mainstream actress, I don’t want to be the next crossover Hollywood star, I just like it.

CJ: If you could magically go back and talk to Jessica before her first scene, what would you tell her? Would you do anything differently?

Jessica: Honestly, no. I wouldn’t do anything differently. I think everything I’ve done in my career has led to where I am right now. And I don’t think there’s any place else I’d rather be! I’ve never had any incredibly negative experiences so I’m very fortunate for that. I had the amazing Sydney Steele back in the day tell me never do anything you don’t want to do. That sounds so obvious but sometimes people get talked into things. No, just do what you’re comfortable doing. I have a great deal of respect for performers that I’ve ever seen on set or I’ve been shooting where something is not working for them and they say, ‘Hey, I can’t do this,’ rather than struggle through it or feel uncomfortable. That should happen every time in the industry.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Jessica: I think it’s not so much being in the industry as it is getting older and getting more comfortable with my body. Sex just gets a little different. You start to realize that whatever it is you’re interested in, that’s cool. Whatever turns you on, that’s perfectly fine, within reason, of course. I just got more comfortable and secure with my body.

CJ: You have a line of instructional videos out, Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex. Tell me about that?

Jessica: I am up to 13 now. As a matter of fact, I have all but duct taped myself to my office chair today to finish up Foreplay. It’s what I’ve been working on for a while. I think it’s going to be really, really good. I’m getting to the part where it’s the final edit of the script. I’m reading it over, tweaking things and picking out talent. I’m definitely excited for Foreplay.

The way the series got started is people coming to me and asking me for sex advice. It just became common. The demographics changed a bit; it went from predominantly male fans to where today there are a lot of female fans. That’s a great feeling. I say this all the time, there were 2 situations that opened my eyes to an issue. There was a woman who came to me that said she didn’t know if she’s having orgasms. Well, if you don’t know if you’re having an orgasm, then you’re not having an orgasm. And then there was a couple that came to me thinking that something was wrong with them because they couldn’t have anal sex the way they see it in porn movies. I was like, ‘Wow!’ They’re not seeing what goes into it before we’re actually doing it. It kind of made me pause and made me consider the type of sex that I was portraying on camera. I don’t think it’s the industry’s responsibility to be a role model for sex education. Not at all. Porn is fantasy; porn if for fun; porn is for getting your rocks off. That being said, there’s a lot of people that can’t differentiate. That’s the thing that really concerns me. So I noticed that there was room in the genre for a type of hybrid. Obviously, I’m not a doctor but I’m in a program to be a sex coach but I’m taking my free time with that. I have a lot of research and a lot of experience invested in this. I go to seminars, I go to workshops and I’m constantly learning. I’m trying to provide people with some realistic sex ed that they can watch and get turned on. You need the information but I didn’t want to make it critical. I wanted to make it very ‘me’ like my personality and my explanation of things. And then there’s hard core sex. So not only am I delivering the information but then you get to watch hard core sex.

CJ: I saw your Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex: BDSM For Beginners and you cast the perfect girl in that, Maddy O’Reilly.

Jessica: A lot of the sex in the series is due to the people that I cast and I’m so grateful for the performers that I’ve had work for me and with me in the series. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that there are some sets that are harder than others. From the beginning of directing, it was always my goal to make my sets a really comfortable place for the performers. I think the better you treat people, the more comfortable they are, the more relaxed they are, the better you get out of them on camera. I try to foster an environment that is very nurturing and very sexual. The performers have absolutely made the series. Some of my favorites in the series are Anal, Female Masturbation, Anal Play for Men, BDSM for Beginners, Plus Size and I think Foreplay is going to be a really strong one.

CJ: I’m looking forward to the Foreplay one.

Jessica: Foreplay is one that can definitely be watched by both men alone and women alone and couples together. Not all of them are like that, some of them are more for women to watch; some are more geared towards couples. When I do these, I do these 100% on my own. I write them, I narrate them, I budget them, I get locations, I cast them. I do everything except lighting and editing and that’s because I suck at both of them. When I’m at the stage that I’m at now, I have notes and lists all over my office. I have printed out pictures of my wishlist for Foreplay. I will tell you even if it doesn’t pan out. I wish for Ryan Driller with Carter Cruise. I wish for Dani Daniels with Rob Piper and I wish for Alex Chance with Mick Blue. Those are my 6 people and I think I have them. At least I hope so! (laughs)

CJ: You’ve been in the industry for a long time, what are some of the misconceptions people have about porn?

Jessica: I get this question all the time. I think I’m going to go what many people who don’t have any frame of reference think. I think they think that we have sex with everyone, that it’s all drugs and alcohol all the time and that we were all sexually abused. I don’t necessarily think that everyone thinks that anymore either. But I think that if you think something negative about the injury, that’s what it is.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Jessica: I read still just like when I was a nerdy kid. I love to travel. I am involved in a lot of charity work. I have 2 amazing rescue dogs that are Chihuahua mixes. I work a lot but when I’m not, those are the things I’m really into. Travel is big for me. I was recently in Greece and I’ve been in a lot of places and I’d love to keep traveling. And I work out a little. I’m not a really big shopper, I’m not a girly girl but I do love going to Korean Spas.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Jessica: I like everything. I especially like Top 40 and rap. I like old school rap. When I take a writing break in my office, I put on an old school rap station on Pandora.

CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?

Jessica: I love Baz Luhrman. He’s the director of Romeo and Juliet, Mulan Rouge, The Great Gatsby…other than that, I will just pretty much watch things as they come out as they appeal to me.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Jessica: That’s tough. I stopped eating meat about 4 years ago. But I still eat sushi. It’s like the only meat I’ll eat. And chocolate.

CJ: If you weren’t in the industry, what would you be doing right now?

Jessica: That’s a hard question. Usually, I would say sex ed but that would mean I’m still in the industry in some way. I went to school for massage therapy as well so maybe work in a spa. For a while, I considered being a nurse. It would probably be a situation where I was helping people in some way. If I could go to work for a non-profit organization, I would do that in a heartbeat. That’s probably my ultimate goal. When I’m totally done with everything and would like to retire, I would do that.

CJ: You’ve been in it for 11 years and still look fantastic. Is there an end game? Or where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Jessica: If you would have asked me 5 years ago where do I see myself today, I would have been so far off the mark. I have no idea. I think it changes constantly. I’ve never had a 3-year, 5-year or 10-year plan. I think you’re boxing yourself in or maybe setting yourself up for disappointment. As long as being on camera makes me happy, I’ll still be on camera. If I’m not having sex, then I’ll be doing my series. In the next couple of years, I’ll be feature dancing. It’s all stuff that’s fun for me. I think I’m good at it and I really enjoy it.

CJ: What can the fans look forward to out of you? Any new projects?

Jessica: Magic Mike XXXL, A Hardcore Parody. If I may be so bold, I think the Magic Mike we shot may be better than the original. I’m really looking forward to it. I also shot a movie called Love, Lust and Longing, directed by Scott Allen. And I expect to shoot Foreplay this month. That will be out in about 2 months.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Jessica: Always see more of me on, that’s where all of my movies are. You can also check out the instructional movies at You can follow me on Twitter @thejessicadrake or @wickedpictures. You can follow the instructionals @Guide2WickedSex Instagram is @JessicaDrake and I’m on Periscope at well. So for readers who know what that is, you may have to follow me on there, I tend to pop up on there from time to time.

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  1. Wonderful interview. I just want to say Jessica : You are without a doubt the best , not only in beauty but the way you perform. I follow Jessica on twitter and not only is she smart and funny Wicked Pictures is lucky to have her, because she really cares for her fans. Thanks to Adult Empire where I have found all her movies.

  2. Wow Captain Jack what a fabulous interview! Her references to watching her gang bang scenes to “relive them” so sexy!

  3. Has she ever done any interracial sex?

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