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Captain Jack Interviews Riley Reid

I have been wanting to talk to Riley since I started doing interviews and I finally got a chance to talk to her! Riley had a big milestone this month with her first anal scene and, of course, we talk about that. However, we talked about A LOT more as we talked for almost an hour! I’ve gone to AVN for the past two years and there is no one in the industry who has as many fans lined up to see her as Riley does. Part of that is because she’s a sweetheart and she has a conversation with everyone that stops by to say hi. The other part is that Riley is one of  the top performers in adult! I kidded Riley that she knocked out about 10 questions before I had a chance to ask my second question. She’s a talker but she is totally awesome!

Riley Reid

Captain Jack: Tell me about Riley Reid.

Riley Reid: I grew up in Florida, pretty much South Florida, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. I’ve got a big family, brothers and sisters. My high school life, I was a pretty good student. I took all AP classes, honors and college course classes. I had a scholarship to go to college to be a teacher. I would have to go to an urban school and teach urban kids. After high school, I was studying psychology and stuff.

My sexual life during high school, I was always this super sexual person. Even in elementary and middle school, I was hooking up with all my girlfriends. All during middle school, there was this one girl who was like my girlfriend but we never established it as girlfriends. We would have sex with each other and I was always the male dominant one. I got into high school and I went to 3 different high schools because we moved around a lot. Then, for whatever reason, sexually, I got so shy around girls. I stopped having sex with girls once I got to high school because of a fear of rejection. Boys are so easy. I was fucking all the guys. I didn’t care if a guy rejected me but there’s something about girls that I didn’t even want to risk it. ‘Oh, no, ewww, you’re a lesbian or bisexual?’ So it was really weird. My sexual life with females was non-existence, to an extent. I was always having sex with all my guy friends. I rarely had boyfriends because I would always cheat on them. (laughs) I could never be a good girlfriend. (laughs)

CJ: I’ve heard that from a lot of girls, that they can’t hit on girls because of the fear of rejection.

Riley: Yes! It’s such a weird thing! With dudes, I never gave a shit. I didn’t even care because you’re so easy. If they weren’t into me, then whatever. With other girls, it was different. Then in high school, I had a bunch of guy friends. They were probably, ‘She’s our bitch because we fuck her.’ But it was more for me, I had control over the guys because they fucked me when I wanted to fuck. I was always such a highly sexual person. We wouldn’t necessarily have orgies because I wouldn’t hook up with girls, but I could always convince my girlfriends to have sex in the same room with 3 girls and 3 guys. We would trade the guys and stuff like that. When I think back on it, I think about what a crazy sex freak I was. It only makes sense that I turned out to be in porn. Everybody that knows me says, ‘Oh yeah, that makes sense.’

Then I went to college and I did one semester and during the break after my first semester, I totaled my car. At that time, I lived in Fort Lauderdale and my college was on Miami Beach which was over an hour drive away. Taking the bus was just out of the question so I took a break during my second semester so I could make some money. During that time, I had also acquired two petty theft charges so I had court fees to pay and all this stuff. I decided to become a stripper so I could pay for all that shit and get the charges expunged so it wouldn’t be on my record any longer. Which I never did, it’s still on my record. (laughs) And so I started stripping and I’m such a social butterfly and way too sweet. People would take advantage of me and I would just talk the night away. I think the most I ever made in a night was maybe $120 or $130 and you’re there all night! It wasn’t worth it to me. I was busting my ass and getting these crazy bruises on myself. I tell people, I’m not a shark, I’m a dolphin. I just want to play all the time. ‘If you don’t want to give me money, that’s cool, that’s fine. I’m not going to make you give me money!’ It was so weird to me to do that. I like to know what I have to do, what my base pay is and that’s it. That’s how I work.

Riley Reid

I was talking to one of my stripper sisters and told her I was going to leave. I didn’t work there too long, maybe two months at that point. When I told her that, she asked me what I thought about porn. I told her I love porn but I would always just watch amateur porn so my mind created this idea was that you and I would fuck at home and we’d record it. Then you submit it and they send you a check. I don’t know why I thought that. So I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do porn because I didn’t understand what it was. I asked her if I could be an extra on a porn set so that I could learn the ropes. I was a part of In The VIP for Reality Kings in Miami. I was an extra four or five times and slowly I would do more and more. I started as one of the regular girls, shaking my ass. It slowly came into that I would make out with a girl or suck this guy’s cock or eat this girl’s pussy. It was pretty much like being paid for going to a sex party. I felt like it was such a great way to introduce me to the industry. It was really fun, they served alcohol, even though I don’t think they were supposed to. (laughs) I was underage at 19 and drinking and having sex and watching people have sex. It was a really interesting lifestyle. I even brought some of my girlfriends that I partied in Miami with. They were just the regular girls and get paid $150 to party. I really enjoyed it so much, I contacted BangBros to shoot a sex scene. I saw that it was legit. It wasn’t like Casting Couch or Facial Abuse or anything like that. It was chill. So BangBros hooked me up for a College Rules scene. They didn’t put me in a one-on-one, they put me in a group setting and told me to have fun. I eased my way in and it was super awesome. I was still really nervous.

I didn’t even realize there were porn STARS. I don’t know why but I didn’t think there was anybody like Alexis Texas or Jenna Haze. I was just stuck on this whole amateur idea. When I envisioned my idea of a porn star, it was like Jenna Jameson or Pamela Anderson. That’s a famous person, I’m not a Pamela Anderson, so I didn’t think anyone would even notice me. It was crazy. I started working and I became friends with a male talent who hooked me up with a Florida agent. She got me a bunch of gigs in Florida. Lucky for me, we planned 3 different trips for me to come out to LA. She hooked me up through another agency. I was starting to learn about the whole concept of porn but I still didn’t have any idea about Alexis Texas or Jenna Haze. For whatever reason, all three times, my trip to LA fell through. I thought that this lady couldn’t get me any other gigs. I thought it was the end because in Florida, you can only shoot so much. I met another male talent who told me about Type 9 modeling. They had offices in both LA and Miami and that was pretty cool. He would be able to get me connections in both cities. I brought this big, buff friend of mine to meet him and from then, I had my first flight booked to LA. I didn’t tell my mom I didn’t do porn until I was traveling. I told her I was going to the beach or to a friend’s house. Finally, I said, ‘OK, mom, I’ve been doing porn for a couple of months now and I have this gig booked in LA.’ She had no say and just told me to be careful. She was really worried and didn’t want me to get pimped out or whatever. And, slowly, I kept working and never, ever, ever, ever had the slightest idea that I would become this Riley Reid pornstar. Not until it happened, I was like, ‘Oh, what? When did this even happen? How did this even happen?’ It’s just so crazy.

Whoever my guardian angel that’s looking out for me, I’m blessed. My whole porn experience has been amazing! That agency where the LA trips fell through three times, turned out to be a shady operation. Kevin from Type 9 could have been another guy who was a shady guy but he was great. They could have brought me out to LA and put me in a whorehouse, selling my body for 50 cents a crack. (laughs) I hear all these horror stories of these new girls! People ask me all the time if I went through that and I say, ‘No, I’m appalled that you even went through that.’ I was so blessed and so lucky. I never got in any shady situations. I was offered to do escorting but was never pressured into doing it. That’s not my thing!

Riley Reid

CJ: I heard in one BTS that I saw, that during your first girl/girl scene, you started nibbling on the girls thigh and then yelled ‘CUT!’ Were you freaked out and didn’t know what to do?

Riley: No, no, no. The other girl screamed ‘CUT!’ She had this crazy big fit and said, ‘Don’t you dare bite me!’ I was just like ‘Woah!’ I didn’t even bite her hard or anything like that! It was her. I said, ‘What the fuck? This is really weird!’ I’ve never seen that scene, I don’t even know who it was for or anything like that. It was a threeway girl/girl/girl scene and it was my first girl/girl scene. The other girl was chill and we were like, “Damn, what’s wrong with this female?’ It was so weird. That’s why people have ‘yes’ and ‘no’s.

CJ: I’ve talked to a lot of girls and they say you are just a sexual dynamo. The way you described yourself in high school, people still describe you that way.

Riley: I don’t know what it is. I have this very weird energy about myself. I have this high sexual drive and it brings it out of other people too. I don’t know what kind of sparkle is in my eyes but it’s like I look at people and they say, ‘Oh, I’m so horny!’ I’ve even met really shy guys who haven’t had sex in a really long time, they’re almost like asexual, they focus on other things and aren’t sexually driven creatures. And then I hang out with them and they want to have threesomes and do all this stuff and put it in my ass. Where does this come from?? How do I have this affect on people? There’s something in me that just gives off this high sexual energy that just feeds into other people. They meet me, they look at me and ‘Wow, I want to bang her!’ How does that happen?

CJ: Because of you, I ask girls if they’ve ever used their sexuality to gain special favors but I’ve heard that you once blew a mechanic to get free car repairs or you go into Whole Foods and flirt and get free stuff. Does that just happen? Or does it come naturally to you?

Riley: Yes, I’m not as risqué as I used to be because I work with so many people and I’m not putting just myself at risk, I’m putting other people at risk. I have calmed down a bit but I just blew my Uber driver because I wanted to. (laughs) I was like why not? I’m just this wild person. But like I said, I do try to contain it because it’s high risk and I work with so many people. I don’t want to be that girl.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Riley: I love cowgirl personally. Porno sex is just so different from personal sex. My favorite porno position is probably reverse but in my personal life, I really like cowgirl. Unless it’s like Sweet Sinner where it’s a romantic feature, it’s hard to get that same effect. With porn, I really like being on display.

CJ: When I ask girls who is it they really want to work with, your name always comes up. For example, August Ames told me that.

Riley: Awwww, really? That’s so sweet! I know I had Tammy Sands hit me up for a content trade and she said Aspen Rae has been dying to work with me. I never met Aspen, I don’t even think I’ve ever met August, so it’s so cool that these girls say ‘I want her!’ Who me? (laughs)

Riley Reid

CJ: A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?

Riley: No, not at all. Age and numbers and race and gender is nothing but science. To me, it’s just there for science purposes. I care about the individuality of the person themselves. If you’re a 40-year old shithead, I’m not going to like you because you’re a shithead. It has nothing to do with you being 40.

CJ: What’s the oldest guy you’ve been with off-camera?

Riley: I think he was in his late 70s. He was a really sweetheart guy. He was playing this old classic music and it was fun. I liked that he had this whole different charm about him.

CJ: Now for the big news. You are doing your first anal for Tushy in Being Riley. How did that come about? I heard about a year ago on Twitter, you said anal wasn’t your thing and then this happened.

Riley: Honestly, I didn’t ever think I would ever do anal. I never, ever anticipated it. When I first started back in the day, I was working for Greg Lansky and was with Malena Morgan, he would say, ‘OK, Malena, lick Riley’s ass!’ It was whatever but the whole time she was licking my ass, it was like my ass was cowering inside and pussy was pulsating. My ass was saying, ‘I just don’t care.’ And my pussy was, ‘Hello??? I’m over here!!!! Play with me!’ It was like this weird feeling that my ass has never even craved attention. It was just being in porn and having people lick my ass, having people play with my ass, having people finger my ass because, visually for porn, it makes something. It never bothered me so I never told anyone not to do that but, on the other hand, I was never ‘oh, lick my ass please!’ either. Being in porn for 4 years and having my ass played with so much, I don’t remember what set I was on but it was a strange realization. This person wasn’t playing with my ass and my ass was pulsing like how my pussy would. My ass was saying, ‘Hey! Don’t forget about me!’ And I thought, ‘Whoa! This is such a new feeling!’ This was a very recently new feeling for me, within the last couple of months. This was really crazy. My body was changing and was wanting more and my ass was wanting to be played with. I was totally astounded with myself. It was such a new sensation and I slowly started to dabble with it in my personal life. It was interesting but I felt like I was finally ready. I’m still not an anal whore but I felt that if I was finally going to do anal, I was going to do it for my website so I can do it how I want. All these other companies shoot anal in a seemingly almost aggressive way and I knew I couldn’t handle that. Like I said, I’m not an anal whore in my personal life that sticks big dicks in my ass.

So, even somebody like Mason, I love her work, she’s amazing, but she always wants the most out of you. She wants high energy and this crazy fucking and I couldn’t shoot my first anal with somebody like that. I couldn’t shoot my first anal with Jules Jordan or Evil Angel unless they understood the fact that it has to be a seemingly passionate scene. My body couldn’t handle it. So when I saw that Tushy had launched this year, I was totally shocked. This is what I want. This is what I wanted for my first anal scene. It’s very beautiful and very soft. It’s passionate and it’s classy and it’s not like I have to have my asshole gaping. That’s not the idea of it. Not that I’m against that or anything but my body isn’t at that point. When I saw that, I thought if I’m going to do anal, that’s who I’m going to do it for. I was still totally sold on doing it for my site at the same time. Then (Mark) Speigler contacted me and said, ‘Hey, HardX wants to do an anal showcase.’ And I said no, that’s not what I’m really into. Somehow word got around that HardX had contacted Spiegler, then Jules contacted him and then a short time later, Greg Lansky contacted him. I don’t even know how everyone got this idea and who told who and how it got around. Someone gave me an offer and I said, ‘Thank you but no thank you,’ and everyone started throwing around these offers. And when Greg Lansky contacted me, I told him that, honestly, if I was to do anal for anybody but myself, it would be for him. With Greg, every single scene I had ever shot for him, I am so proud of. It’s either a great sex scene, it’s either great chemistry or I feel I look amazing. I love Jules, I love Mason but I can’t confidently say that I feel all of my best work is with them. Or maybe all the work they have captured out of me is amazing. Maybe 3 out of 5, yeah, but those other two are so-so. But with Greg, it was 5 out of 5. Everything I’ve ever shot for him, I’ve always been ‘Yes! That’s so awesome!’ It was always so good, I always feel so good about it.

Riley Reid

So we started talking about it and I was still on the fence. He finally came up with this deal that if we decide to do it, we could release in September, an anal scene on my website so I could still have the opportunity of having a first anal for myself as well as for him. He really negotiated with me and went out on a limb for me. He told me about the ideas he had and a showcase movie. I told him, I didn’t want to shoot a first anal and there’d be only one anal scene in the movie. To me, showcasing a girl’s first anal, the whole movie should be anal about her. When he mentioned that, it was like he was saying everything I wanted to hear. I finally said, ‘OK, I’ll do this with you. I feel ready. You’re somebody that I trust and I know I can do this with.’ He’s somebody that I know and won’t pressure me to get the most out of me.’ Of course, he wants the most but he won’t make me feel that I’m under pressure. The way the whole thing worked out, it was like the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly.  So we made it happen. He let me choose the people I wanted to work with. The whole plot and the idea of Being Riley who is sexually exploring herself, it was perfect!

CJ: I called it a masterpiece. I thought it was just brilliant. Your voiceover at the beginning that “Everybody wants me to be a good girl and I want to be bad”, it seemed like it mirrored your journey in porn.

Riley: Thank you. That’s exactly right. I never thought I would be this way. And I’m sure one day I will shoot anal with Evil Angel and all these hardcore people but I still know that my ass is a sweet little suspect too that can’t handle too much. But she’s progressed so much in the last couple months. It’s insane because I never even thought I would do anal. I’m so proud. Everyone asks, ‘How much money did it take for you to do this?’ It wasn’t even about the money, it was about me. The whole project is so beautiful that I’m so proud of. If I’m going to do an anal showcase movie, I want it to be something that I am so happy and proud to walk away from. And I am soooo happy and proud of this film. I’m like, ‘Yes! Yes!’

CJ: How did you come to choose Mick Blue for the big moment?

Riley: Mick Blue and I, we’re like on a super personal relationship. Anikka (Albrite), his wife, is my best friend. She’s been my best friend for 3 years now and I knew her even before she met Mick. I’ve seen her date many different guys and I used to live with her and we are real life best friends. Anikka is the most genuine, loving, wonderful woman I have ever met and I’m so grateful that porn has allowed me to even meet her. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve gotten out of porn is to meet this amazing woman.

Being that, I was with her when she met Mick and I was there the whole time that they were dating. I gave them the whole best friend rundown like, ‘Who are you, man? What the fuck do you want with my best friend?’ He went through that whole thing with me and then seeing how he makes Anikka feel and seeing the love and passion they have. Now they’re married and I was one of the bridesmaids at their wedding. They’re family to me. He’s like a brother-in-law but not really because we have sex. (laughs) Mick Blue is an amazing man. He’s somebody I could call and talk to and he’s a real genuine person.

So seeing that we have this very personal, intimate relationship, I knew that he was the person I wanted. I’ll tell his wifey if he fucks up and he’ll be in trouble. (laughs) Our relationship is so much more than performer/performer relationship, we’re really good friends. I don’t have that relationship with any other porn performers, female or male. Anikka and Mick are long-term friends. It has nothing to even do with porn. He’s the person I wanted because he would take extra care of me. I know he’ll take really good care of anybody’s first anal. Even if I was just a normal girl, he would be amazing and very careful and sweet. But it was an extra sense of security knowing that he was a really, really good friend of mine. He’d make it perfect and it was! Having him there made it so much easier for me.

Riley Reid

CJ: What was it like sharing the experience with Aidra Fox?

Riley: Aidra is lovely. We didn’t have too much interactions previously and, even Greg, thought we were friends. I didn’t even have her phone number! (laughs) Working with her was wonderful. She’s a really sweet, darling person. She always brought this energy that had such good vibes. She was really sweet because she was so nervous. She knew it was a really big deal to everybody so she really worked on her dialogue. To see her being nervous really meant a lot to me because it showed me how much she cared. The first day we worked together, it was pretty much all dialogue. We spent the whole day running lines. When we finally shot it, it was one take. Perfect! She was amazing! It meant so much to me. She tried so hard and then she killed it! She really put in the effort and cared about the whole project even though it wasn’t her movie. Her sexual energy is amazing too. Greg could not have chosen a better female. She fit the role so perfectly and we complimented each other so well. She is such a good performer. She’s so sexy!

CJ: You were on the ADT forums to promote the release. Porn fans are a whiny lot by nature. But people started ripping you for your choice of studio, your choice of talent, etc. Any response?

Riley: My heart was a little broken. People who expected more and wanted more. It was really challenging for me. Even the first scene, it was such a big deal. Yeah, maybe Tushy is a little softer sense of anal sex but for someone like me, that’s what I needed. You wouldn’t see me doing anal otherwise except for my own website and it would still be the same concept. I can’t handle that, that’s just me. Seeing the way some of them reacted really hurt my feelings. The movie means so much to me. It’s not like I was just shoving something up my ass for you guys to jerk off to. I did it for me. I didn’t do it for the fans, I didn’t do it for anybody else except myself. Part of me doesn’t really care what they say because I’m so proud of the project. It’s so beautiful and I love it no matter what. I do wish that they would appreciate it more and take it for what it is and love it for what it is. In the future, if I do more hardcore anal, wait for that stuff. You didn’t even anticipate me doing this one!

CJ: I appreciate what you girls go through. We should appreciate you for what you do. You give everything to us physically.

Riley: Not even physically! It was a physical toll but it took a serious mental toll. I went into it thinking that it would be just a physical challenge. Emotionally and mentally, it was a lot too because I was extremely insecure because it’s not something that I do. I say it over and over again, I am not an anal whore. It was almost like losing my virginity. I was so vulnerable. I was so emotional. Mentally, it was so hard for me. At the moment it was happening, I didn’t even know what I was doing. I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know anything about it. It’s so much more than just a physical challenge. Afterwards, I even cried a bit. It was so intense for me.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Riley: I don’t masturbate as much as people would think. I save it for my sexual partner. I’m usually having sex with people and that’s where I get off. (laughs) I work about 5 times a week and if I’m not working, I usually have someone over hanging out with me. I really like to have a partner personally rather than masturbating. And if I am masturbating, I sexting with somebody who is also masturbating. I really like the sense of being able to contact with somebody. If I was not working and out of town or something, I’m probably masturbating once a day because I’m not getting it anywhere else.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies that you want to live out on camera?

Riley: I want to be worshipped in a roomful of men and women, at least 10 of each. And all focused on myself. That’s super selfish but that’s a fantasy. (laughs)

CJ: I also heard you’ve gone out in public with dried cum on your face!

Riley: I don’t do it so much. Every once in a while I do but it’s not something I do all the time. I’ll always leave pussy on my face. That’s for sure. I always do that. (laughs) With a dude’s cum, it’s an occasional thing.

CJ: What are your hobbies and interests?

Riley: Since I launched my own website, free time has been very sparse. I go to set from 8am to 6pm and come home and work on my laptop. But when I force myself to not work, I started playing the bass recently. It’s really cool. I picked it up really fast. I have dogs so I’m always playing with my dogs. I love to go to the beach, hang out with friends. I love to cook. I make gourmet foods, I’m a big foodie.

CJ: What’s your specialty?

Riley: For breakfast, I used to be vegan but I’m not anymore, I make this vegan French toast with homemade maple syrup with pears and apples. And I’ll make poached eggs. I really like to make this big ratatouille and I make a mean vegan lasagna with cheese. I make the cheese out of pine nuts and cashew cheese. I make really cook pistachio cake as well. I love to cook. I can follow any recipe and make it delicious. (laughs)

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Riley: My website is or if you put in it will transfer over as well. It’s a blog style but I have a clip store for the fans too. My Twitter is @RileyReidx3, everyone thinks it’s supposed to be a heart but it’s x cubed because I’m trying to be a nerd. (laughs) My Instagram is @Ryebreadwithbuddr And I have a Snap chat at ohrileyreid

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    Thank you and please consider to stop shaving the lower part of your beautiful mount of Venus. I think that you will be marvelous with no signs of razor cruelty… I just prefer you to be hairy and natural.

    Be strong and brave and I wish you a happy future.


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