Logan Pierce Interview

Captain Jack interviews Logan Pierce

Logan has been in the industry for about 4 years now and always plays the boy next door. He’s in a lot of features but he has wide interests. I got to know him a little bit in this brief chat.

Logan Pierce

Captain Jack: How did you get your start in porn?

Logan Pierce: My first contact with anybody in the industry was through social media, back in the My Space days. I reached out to a few performers, James Deen in particular. I was probably 17 or 18 at the time. I told him that I would love to do what he did and how would I go about getting involved in it? Basically, he just told me to network myself. He told me to use the tool that I had, which was social media. So I contacted a few people on Twitter and eventually got in touch with an agency. I sent then a few pictures and I told them I was coming out west and I would love to do this. They said they’d take me on. They’re no longer around but it was Type 9. I met with one person and he gave me a rundown of what to expect. He told me what positions really worked well and gave me a few tips on opening up. He sent me out on my first shoot. I did it and it went well. It was a POV boyfriend/girlfriend amateur style and it went exceptionally well. So well that more work started coming in shortly thereafter.

CJ: So you started about 18 or 19?

Logan: No, that’s when I first started contacting people and knew that a career in porn was obtainable for me. I graduated high school and went to college. It was during my stay at college where I was offered an internship and it let me study in LA. I was a film student and that was my ticket out west. I took the internship and that’s when I started contacting agencies.

CJ: How is it different fucking on camera than it is in your personal life?

Logan: The first scene wasn’t weird at all. I guess it’s the generation I grew up in. I was always webcamming and taking pictures of me and my girlfriend. Then to be put in a situation, albeit with a stranger, it was the same thing. I was holding the camera the entire time. It was very simple. One thing I learned very quickly, it’s difficult to be intimate and open at the same time. Open as in open to the camera. When you have sex, you’re connected, you’re totally closed off and it’s just you and your partner. In porn, it’s you and your partner as well as the audience. I wouldn’t say it’s artificial because I personally love porn sex. I love having it be theatrical and pervy so it was fun for me. It wasn’t strange at all. You grow accustomed to the camera and having all the people around.

Logan Pierce

CJ: What’s the toughest part about doing porn for a guy?

Logan: This is what I learned from being in porn. Every job has baggage, if you’re working construction, for instance, it physically takes a toll on your body. When you’re working in porn, it’s an emotional toll. Some days at work, it’s great, it’s an all out fuckfest. Everyone’s having fun and you leave and you’re so content. Other days, it’s not so great. Some days are pretty bad. It’s not that what we’re doing is bad, no one’s being forced into anything; it’s just that the energy levels aren’t great. As a guy, you’re expected to be turned on, you have to keep a boner. It’s all on you to be on point. Sometimes you just don’t want to have sex in that moment. Or something may have happened in your outside life. Being in a good headspace is something that you need. You can’t just go to work and go through the motions. You have to emotionally to put yourself in a position to be ready, to be on, to be hard, be ready to perform.

CJ: You said you have a background in theatre. You do a lot of features. So you really enjoy doing that?

Logan: Yes, definitely. It’s very fun. All throughout high school, I was big in theatre. I was a film major in college. I was always making short films, writing films, acting in my friend’s projects and just having fun playing characters. When I get an opportunity to do that, I definitely relish it. I take advantage of it because as great as gonzo sex is, and I think it’s super cathartic and super fun, it’s also nice to role play. Role playing is sexy. I like having dialogue that can be erotic. I like to be able to adopt a character and, with my partner, play and really get into the mindset of who we are and when we are and just roll with it. I like to play.

CJ: You obviously watched porn before you got into the industry, did you have any favorite stars that you watched and then you finally got to work with them?

Logan: Man, I wish. Most of the girls I watched, retired before I got into it. I got into the business in 2012 and there were a lot of heavy hitters in the early 2000s that I really loved. Like Hillary Scott, Jayna Oso, Sandra Romain, Kelly Wells, Annette Schwartz and Ashley Blue. So many girls! When I joined, they all were retired so I didn’t really have that period where someone I watched as a kid that I got to work with. The closest I came was Lisa Ann. I never really watched her work but I knew who she was. This is one I can write to my friends about. That was cool.

CJ: Do you have any other projects in the works?

Logan: In terms of porn, there’s always new movies coming out. I just did a great scene for EroticaX about a week ago. Really, really sensual stuff. It was a threesome with Adriana Chechik and Aidra Fox. It was an amazing day. I have a feature coming up for Sweet Sinner called Shades of Kink 6. This is probably my third involvement in the series for them. Most of the things I focus on when I’m not working is my writing. That’s my mainstay. That’s the one thing that really gets me going and I put a lot of attention into. For the past two years, I’ve been writing two novels. The first one is every day I put in hours of work into it. I edit it and reedit it and I’m at the point now where I’ve made a lot of contacts and put a lot of effort into getting it into the right hands. Hopefully, one day soon, it’ll be available and I look forward to it.

Logan Pierce

CJ: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Logan: I’ve always been a writer and if I could do that full time, that’d be my #1 goal but you never know what’s going to happen. In 5 years, I hope to have two novels out and I’ve sold three screenplays and I’m working every day. I have my schedule planned out for the next two years and I have 10 projects on deck. That would be a dream. I could still see myself performing because when it’s good, it’s good. There’s very few things in the world that can compare to the way you feel after you do a perfect scene. It’s fun so I hope to continue it. If I can do it alongside writing, that’d be ideal.

CJ: And how can fans follow you on social media?

Logan: On Twitter, I’m @WhoIsLogan My Instagram is @Who_Is_Logan and my website is www.whoislogan.com , the trifecta! The website is for short stories, poetry, essays, stuff like that. If people like to read, then log on.


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