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Captain Jack interviews Ava Addams

Ava Addams has been a consistently good performer ever since she entered the adult industry a few years ago. She is so damn sexy with a great attitude and she finally gets a long awaited showcase movie this month! ArchAngel is releasing Ava’s All In and it should be a hot one! She does her first gangbang in it along with three other scenes. We talk about all of that and more!

Ava's All In

Captain Jack: You got into the industry at a later date. I think you were about 28. Were you promiscuous before you joined the industry?

Ava Addams: I hung out with a lot of musicians so I definitely had a lot of fun. (laughs) I dated a lot of musicians, I was on tour with musicians so, yeah, I definitely had a lot of fun pre-porn.

CJ: Were you a porn fan before you joined the industry?

Ava: I did. Now, it’s hard for me to watch because I know everyone, ‘Aww, I don’t want to watch my friends having sex!’ Being in the industry and knowing everyone, I don’t want to say it ruined it for me but I don’t watch it nearly as much porn as I used to.

CJ: What was your favorite genre?

Ava: I watched girl/girl and boy/girl. I watched a lot of fetish stuff too. It depended on my mood. I’m not really into romantic boy/girl, that’s not really my thing.

CJ: You’re like a guy! We need the hardcore stuff!

Ava: Right? I’ve been told that before! (laughs)

CJ: Do you have any “go to” stars when you want to get off a quickie?  Or someone you really wanted to work with?

Ava: Not really. I didn’t know any of the guys before I got into porn. When I started doing girl/girl, I just wanted to makeout and be with a lot of beautiful girls. That was my goal. I liked girls and I wanted to be with girls. I didn’t have anyone specific in mind. Still to this day, if a girl I’ve never heard of pops up in my Twitter feed, I think, ‘Who is that? I want her!’ Not so much with guys, there’s just more variety with the girls. There’s not as many new guys that come in.

Ava Addams and Kendra Lust

CJ: Is there anyone out there, male or female, that you would love to work with but haven’t had a chance to yet?

Ava: Not really. I worked with a couple of new guys. I worked with Rickie for my showcase who I had never worked with. He’s really good. I think he’s only been around about a year. He’s a really nice guy. Other than that, I think I tried all the new guys who have come into the industry in the past couple of years. As for women, I’ve been seeing Megan Rain pop around, she’s really cute. Riley Reid and Dani Daniels, I haven’t fucked those two yet. I don’t know why! (laughs) Dani and I tried to make it happen at Brazzers House, they did not let us. Those are two girls who have been on my wishlist for a while.

CJ: Doug E. from the ADT forums says your tits looks a little bigger lately. Did you get them redone?

Ava: I did not. I gained a few pounds. It just came with the territory. I’ve been working out so I gained a lot of muscle. I always gain 5 or 6 pounds during the holidays. I like to eat. I’m not going to starve myself. Come March or April, I’ll thin out again.

CJ: Just for the record, what size are they?

Ava: They are still a triple D. They are a very, very full triple D right now. I’ve always gained weight in my tits and my ass. I’m not complaining! So, naturally, with the implants, they look even bigger.

CJ: You are finally getting your own showcase movie. Tell me about Ava’s All In.

Ava: There are four scenes. The first one is a girl/girl/girl anal with Vicki Chase and Summer Brielle. I absolutely adore Vicki, I had never worked with Summer. I was supposed to work with her twice and it got cancelled so I said to put her in my showcase. She did girl/girl anal for the first time so that was cool of her. That was a very fun day on set. It was just girlfriends hanging out talking about makeup and clothes and then we got to fuck each other. (laughs) I wanted that one to be more fetishy and playful since it was a girl/girl scene so I had them dress up like my naughty little kittens. They purred and meowed for me. Then they didn’t listen and had to be paddled but then I let them give it back to me too. So that was my more playful scene.

Then I did a boy/girl anal scene with James Deen. I think it’s one of our best scenes maybe ever. He and I shoot together a lot but one of us is usually holding the camera. So this time we just got to fuck and have fun while someone else was holding the camera/ So that was a lot of fun.

Then I did a boy/girl/girl with Sean Michaels and Kendra Lust. That was another one that had been requested a lot by the fans. It was my first time working with Sean and he was amazing. He was what everyone had said and more. Kendra and I had only done girl/girl stuff so that was a lot of fun. I think it just flowed very well. That was a little bit more of a romantic scene. It’s still naughty though!

Ava Addams, Kendra Lust, Sean Michaels

Then, of course, the big finale is the gangbang. It almost didn’t happen. (laughs) We just had so many rescheduling issues but it worked out perfect. It ended up being James Deen, Jon Jon, Rickie, Ramon Nomar and Tommy Gunn. It worked out great. It was one of those scenes that I was kind of afraid to do. I had tried three guys and me with Kink but I’m way too ADD for this, I thought I could never do a gangbang. It was fun once we got going. But I was really, really nervous before it happened. You can literally see me at one point holding onto James’ hand while I’m getting fucked by two or three guys. (laughs) I told him, ‘You’re my security blanket! Right now, I don’t know what the fuck’s going on!’ But that was fun. I would totally do it all over again. It was a blast.

CJ: Did you do DP in the gangbang?

Ava: I did DP. I’ve watched a few gangbangs and most of them end with all the guys cumming on her face. I thought that was kind of boring, I didn’t want that. I turned into a greedy little girl on set and wanted all my holes filled. (laughs) That way, everyone’s happy. And me too! I guess the bukake fans aren’t going to like it but everyone else will.

CJ: Did you attempt a double vag or a double anal?

Ava: No, I didn’t do any of that. I attempted that once and it didn’t feel good and it wasn’t my cup of tea. So I didn’t feel like killing my gangbang by doing something that I wasn’t into.

CJ: Dre from the ADT forums wants to know if  you have a favorite scene on the disk?

Ava: That’s such a hard one. I’ll have to say the gangbang just because it was something I had never done and it was my most challenging mentally and physically. I didn’t know what to expect from it. It turned out amazing and when it was time for the cumshots, I was like ‘No no no no! I’m not done yet! I want more!’ I think I surprised myself because I was scared. I think at the end of the day, that’s definitely my favorite one.

CJ: Working with Summer and Vicki, are you submissive or dominant and is it different with men than with women?

Ava: I’m definitely more dominant when it comes to girls. I kind of laugh when other girls try to dom me. With guys, it just depends. I have my favorite guys that I let dominate me but then some of the younger guys, that’s not happening either. (laughs) I think I like a little bit of give and take. I like to switch it up. I’m not completely dominant all the time and I’m definitely not always submissive. There’s a couple of guys that I’m completely submissive with and I enjoy that.

Ava Addams, Summer Brielle, Vicki Chase

CJ: How is Mimefreak as a director?

Ava: He is amazing. Honestly, I have been approached by several companies to do showcase movies. Either they did not want to pay me what I wanted or they didn’t want to give me any creative control or they wanted to tell me what kind of scenes to do. So when I approached him and ArchAngel, I literally had my scenes planned out. ‘This is what I want to do. This is who I want to do it with.’ They actually listened to everything that I wanted. They obviously gave me input and offered suggestions. The Kendra scene was their idea since they said they had gotten requests to put us two together. I can’t take the credit for that. I actually wanted to do a teen and MILF scene with Riley Reid but maybe we’ll save that for next time. They suggested I switch it out for the Kendra scene since they’ve gotten a lot of requests and I think that was a good idea. It worked out well in the end. Besides that scene, all the other scenes were completely my idea. That was very important to me. I did not want to do a showcase with my name on it with stuff that I didn’t come up with or stand by.

CJ: Have you talked to James since the allegations surfaced?

Ava: I talk to him almost every day. I check up on him. He’s one of my good friends. I fully stand by him and I can’t wait to work with him next month. I don’t regret casting him and I would cast him again. He’s actually my porno security blanket. He’s been there for many of my firsts. Honestly, the gangbang would have never happened if he was not there.

CJ: Now that you did the gangbang, is there anything else you want to do on camera that you haven’t already?

Ava: I think I’ve done it all. I don’t really think there’s anything left for me to do on camera except to fuck different people. The only think I want to explore is BDSM stuff and you can go so far with that. I enjoy that. Definitely stuff like that.

CJ: Aya wants to know, if you were to do a lesbian showcase movie, what girls would you choose to be in it with you?

Ava: Obviously, the two girls I haven’t had sex with, Dani and Riley. I would want a big orgy. There are so many girls. Everytime I get on Girlsway, I think I want to fuck all these girls. I harass them. I use Twitter to bang all these hot chicks. I think it would be more than one movie to put everyone I wanted in there. I’ve done scenes with Cherie Deville before but I absolutely love her. I think she’s awesome. And I have yet to do a girl/girl scene with India Summer so I think that would be a hot pairing. We’ve only shared cock on camera. She’s very passionate and she’s a beautiful soul and that’s someone I would love to work with.

CJ: I think we should talk to Bree Mills! What’s your favorite thing about porn?

Ava: I get to explore my sexuality. There’s always something new. It’s a safe controlled environment to have fun. I think that’s the best part about porn. And the hours are pretty good and I’d be lying if I said the money wasn’t good. So it’s a combination of all that.

CJ: If you weren’t in the industry, what would you be doing right now?

Ava: I would be back in Houston working in the medical field which is what I’ll probably be doing in the next couple of years. I’m actually furthering one of my degrees as we speak.

CJ: Do you have any fears that your porn past could affect your future job possibilities?

Ava: Not in the nursing field because it’s very in demand and believe it or not, there are some nurses with some pretty shady pasts. (laughs) If I was going to be a teacher and work with kids, that would be different. And I do want to work with kids. I actually want to work in Oncology. I don’t think it will hamper me. If it does, I’ll have to get another nursing job. And I have some plastic surgeon friends that I could always go work for.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Ava: On Twitter, I’m @AvaAddams. My Instagram is @theAvaAddams, they keep deleting me. I don’t have a snapchat. I don’t answer direct messages on Instagram only because there are too many dick pics. But I try to answer as many questions as possible on Twitter and Instagram.

Ava Addams

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