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Captain Jack Interviews Angela White

I first interviewed Angela almost 2 years ago when I was unfamiliar with her work. Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to review a couple of her DVD’s and, let me tell you, this babe is a fuck machine! She always gives a fantastic performance and you can tell she enjoys what she’s doing and loves sharing her perverted scenes with the world! I recently had a chance to do a follow-up and we chatted for over an hour. She’s a very fascinating woman who is obviously great to look at!

Angela White

Captain Jack: Our first interview was done via email so I couldn’t ask any follow-up questions. You said you started doing porn in high school. How did that come about?

Angela White: You probably heard the story that I first saw pornography when I was 14 and I immediately wanted to get into the industry. So I waited until I was 18 and I turned 18 in my last year of high school so I was legal but I was still finishing up my studies. I started with Score Group and did my first movie with them.

CJ: Did your teachers know?

Angela: Yes they did. I’m not sure if all my teachers knew but there were a number of teachers that definitely knew.

CJ: Did you get hit on by your teachers after that?

Angela: (laughs) There was one teacher in particular that tried to hit on me but the things I remember most was that one of my teachers was really concerned. But I thought that was hypocritical because he was one of the teachers known to hit on women and different students. He used to do really weird things like sit on a girls table and stroke their hair. When he acted really concerned like, ‘Why did you feel the need to do this…’, I was ‘Really? Really?’ And one of my female teachers was super supportive and really helped me. She actually helped me accept my butthole. I had taken a mirror and done the feminist thing and looked at my pussy and figured out my parts but never thought to go further and look at my butthole. When a magazine came out from Score came out showing me spreading my cheeks and my butthole was blown up, I thought, ‘Oh my God! Is that what my butthole is supposed to look like?’ I didn’t know if it was a pretty butthole. I was just 18 and looking at my butthole for the first time so I showed my teacher… so inappropriate… but, at the time, I just wanted a friend to look at it. She said it looked fine, it looks great.

CJ: I just can’t imagine walking up to a teacher and asking them to look at my butthole. That must be a woman thing. What about your classmates, did they know?

Angela: Yes the did. Some of them, like my actual friends, were supportive. I was already slut shamed in my school for having sex with boys and making out with girls, so those people weren’t too accepting and just slut shamed me more. So I just embraced it.

Angela White

CJ: I heard a couple of things about you. One is that you graduated from the University of Melbourne with First Class Honors in Gender Studies?

Angela: It’s a four year degree and I added Honors on to that. Honors is like a Masters. I wrote a thesis for that.

CJ: And you were still doing porn at the time, right?

Angela: Yes, I wasn’t doing it full time though. I did a few shoots for Score and Abby Winters. I was still doing porn, just a little less.

CJ: You also ran for political office in Australia for the Australian Sex Party in the Victorian State Election. What position were you running for?

Angela: It was in a state election so I would have represented a state. I was running for Electorate. I think the equivalent office in the US is like a governor or senator.

CJ: And the Sex Party, is that a normal political party in Australia?

Angela: It’s a legitimate party and Fiona Patten, who is the head of the Sex Party, is a Senator now. So it’s a legitimate party even though people think it’s a joke party.

CJ: Also, you had a recurring role in the Australian mainstream TV series, Pizza?

Angela: Yes, in that series I was the main character’s fiance. I was in four out of the eight episodes. It was fun. It was interesting to be on a mainstream production but I definitely prefer porn. I prefer to go to work and fuck than to go to work and act.

CJ: Running for political office and being on a TV series, can I assume that sex or porn is more accepted in Australia than here?

Angela: Yes and no. The Australian people are quite liberal when it comes to their liberal views but the Australian Legal System, like the laws and the censorship, are still quite strict.

CJ: A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?

Angela: I prefer older guys. It’s not really about the age, I like guys that are mature. I like men who are well traveled and intelligent and they tend to be older.

CJ: What’s the oldest guy you’ve been with off camera?

Angela: I think he was 14 years older than me. I’m not one to go around asking people their ages.

Angela White

CJ: You said you discovered porn at 14, what genre was your favorite?

Angela: In the beginning, it was whatever I could get my hands on. It was whatever my friends’ parents happened to have so I couldn’t really choose genres. It was mainly your typical heterosexual porn. A lot of the magazines had girl/girl stuff and I enjoyed looking at that. The kinkiest porno I saw in those days was where the guys were wearing lampshades on their heads. To this day, I can’t look at a lampshade without thinking of that.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you would like to live out on camera?

Angela: Yes. There’s so many things that I still want to do. I want to do more foot fetish stuff because I’m really into feet, particularly women’s well-pedicured feet.

CJ: What do you look for in a guy off camera?

Angela: Intelligence is the biggest thing for me. I really like a guy who is well educated or at least has a passion for learning. That’s the same for women as well. That’s the major thing for me. Looks are a secondary thing. I like someone’s who’s respectful and is open sexually because of what I do. I have no interest in stopping or quitting porn for a man or woman so they need to be accepting of what I do.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Angela: So much. I don’t even know where to begin. Being in pornography has allowed me to explore my sexuality. It’s also introduced me to other people who are sexually open minded. It has brought stuff out of me that I didn’t even know was possible. For example, in Angela Loves Men, that scene with Ramon, that was the first time I ever squirted. I hadn’t even squirted in my personal life.

CJ: And that was like a fucking faucet too!

Angela: It was a geyser, it was crazy! That’s a good example of how I learned things about my body through working in pornography.

CJ: I recently reviewed some of your content, you are a fantastic performer. You have a new one coming out, Angela 2. You cover quite a few firsts in that one. Let’s go over them. Tell me about the double anal!

Angela: That was not planned for. I didn’t prepare for a double anal or double vag or any of that. I just wanted to get a gangbang. I wanted to be overwhelmed by a bunch of guys and just let them have their way with me and pleasure me. I was not expecting that to happen. I would be very happy if it happened and was very happy it happened but I was not prepared for it in any way! That was just amazing. I never felt happier after a scene than after that gangbang.

Angela 2

CJ: How many guys were there?

Angela: 5. James Deen, Erik Everhard, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete and John Strong.

CJ: You also did double vag. How was that? Most girls have told me that double anal is easier than double vag.

Angela: Oh. I wouldn’t say that one was easier than the other, I would say that they both pushed my boundaries and pushed my sexuality. I wouldn’t say that one was easier than the other, personally.

CJ: Did you get pleasure from it? Or was it just a circus act? Or did you really enjoy it?

Angela: It was a combination of both. I was getting physical pleasure from it and I was getting mental pleasure from it. You get that idea, ‘Oh my God, I’m doing double anal!’ Sexuality is 90% mental, that’s why we have such intense fantasies. So I got off physically, I got off mentally, then there’s the aspect of ‘Wow, I am being a sexual athlete right now!’ So it was all of those combined.

CJ: Mojo wants to know, which hole do you derive more pleasure from?

Angela: I definitely like vag better. My whole body is an erogenous zone. I get pleasure from my skin being touched. I enjoy anal sex, I really enjoy oral as well. I’m really, really big on sucking cock which is why my blowbang was so amazing. Luckily, I’m not in a position where I have to choose but if I had to choose, I love having my pussy filled.

CJ: You also do your first triple penetration!

Angela: It was two in the pussy and one in the ass. Technically, it was quadruple because I had a cock in my mouth at the same time. But you don’t see it because the camera focused on the close-up. So I didn’t advertise it. Technically, I did it but you can’t see it. That was fun. I love that feeling of being filled you get with a double penetration so having a triple penetration was just insanity.

CJ: Last year, Adriana Chechik did a triple anal. Do you think you could ever do that?

Angela: Aw, man. I saw that, by the way, and Adriana is just amazing. In my scenes, I like things to flow naturally so I wouldn’t want to put pressure on myself to plan it out. If I’m in the moment and I feel ready for it, then, of course, let’s do it, let’s try it. I think true pleasure and authenticity comes from when you are being in the moment, just see what happens.

CJ: Anything else we should know about Angela 2?

Angela: I really took it to the next level. Obviously, Angela 1 had my first anal, my first IR, my first all anal threesome which were all big but this one is just crazy. I have my first lesbian threeway with Alexis Texas and Anikka Albrite, my first blowbang which has 7 guys in it. I also do my first IR double penetration with Moe Johnson, Lexington Steele and Rico Strong. That was also my first airtight.

CJ: In the blowbang, was it a facial finish or swallowing?

Angela: Facial, I didn’t realize that there was such a big divide between the guys who love facials and the guys who love swallowing. I should have known. I really like the idea of doing a bukake. I don’t know if technically if it’s a bukake because you have to have a certain number of guys. I like the idea of the visual of being completely covered in cum so I wanted the cum all over my face.

CJ: You also have a Japanese showcase coming out from Momotaro Productions?

Angela: Yes, there’s actually two. There’s one that is amateur style and the other one is more professional. There are 3 scenes on each of them. It’s pretty cool to have my own Japanese showcase. The actual physical DVD’s are only being released in Japan. You can not order them from any other country. Anyone from any other country can download it from

CJ: Smooth 91 asks, In the past you said you will remain firm in your stance to not shoot for other companies as you continue to build your brand. You left the door open by saying you’d only shoot for another company if it’s a project you’re passionate about. He’d like to know what would it take for you to become “passionate” about shooting for another company?

Angela: I always say never say never. When it comes to my website and my DVD’s, that’s always my focus.  The reason for that is because, in my productions, I can do whatever I want. I can shoot with who I want, I can choose my locations and costuming and I can live my own fantasies out without having to bend to somebody else’s vision. But, earlier this year, I shot with Greg Lansky is a great friend of mine and he helped me with my website. When he came to me with his concept, it really inspired me and I was very passionate about it. I can’t tell you exactly why I would shoot with another company. There’s no set formula or if they offer me something that I’ll jump on it. There are definitely certain directors who I really like their work and if the timing is right and they offered me a project that was really exciting, I would jump on it.

Angela White

CJ: Wanka wants to know, what are the best compliments you have received about your amazing rack?

Angela: All the compliments are nice. (laughs) It’s nice when other people say nice things about your body. One time, when I was in London, some guy came up to me and said I had amazing lungs and I thought that was hilarious.

CJ: Has someone ever tried to compliment you and it came off as awkward or offensive?

Angela: Yes. (laughs) People have tried to compliment me by saying ‘You’re perfect in every way except for this one thing.’ What? (laughs) Don’t say ‘I love this. I love this. Too bad about that.’

CJ: How often do people stare at you in public?

Angela: A lot. And that’s the thing, I don’t know if they’re staring at me because they recognize me and they’ve seen my porn or if they’re just staring at me because my boobs are huge. It happens a lot. Even when I dress conservatively like when I go to the gym. I don’t always have my rack out like this. (ED note: This was a Skype interview and Angela was wearing a very lowcut top before she just took them out to let them breathe.) You just can’t hide them even under big sweaters. You just see them!

CJ: What’s the sexiest part of a man’s anatomy to you?

Angela: I have to say eyes. For both men and women, I love, love, love looking into a person’s eyes. They say a lot about them.

CJ: What is a porn act that you are a fan of in your personal life but that is underrated and not given importance in porn or simply an act that you would like to see get more attention in porn but which it does not get.

Angela: I have to go back to the feet. More foot fetish stuff! (laughs) It feels amazing to have a cock between your soles!

CJ: How do Aussies perceive porn and pornstars and do you get recognised a lot in Australia?

Angela: Australia has a very good reputation when it comes to celebrities. People won’t approach celebrities, they do stand back and give them space. I’m talking about big time celebrities, not me. When people do recognize me, it’s very rare that they’ll come up and say anything. No one has ever interrupted a conversation. I will get Tweets saying that someone just saw me but they rarely come up to me.

CJ: Name a current performer, male and female , who you have the biggest crush on.

Angela: You’re making me choose! The list is too long. I can’t answer it because it’s so hard! There’s so many people in the industry that I have crushes on for so many reasons. Obviously, there’s the physicality where I’ll see someone and think ‘They’re so hot! I would love to jump their bones!’ But then there’s people I crush on because they’re great business women or they’re impressing me because of the way they handle a successful career. I crush on so many people!

Angela White

CJ: CunningLinguist wants to know about your thesis research, specifically what you learned about interviewing pornographic performers.

Angela: My thesis was a qualitative study. It was a very small sample size of 6 women who were in the Australian pornographic industry. Very specific. There were a lot of things that came out of that study. The major thing that I learned is that pornography is not black and white. There are the same issues in porn that there are in any other industry. The study will be actually published in a book that’s coming out later this year. I learned that pornography can be a really amazing environment for women to explore their sexuality. The chapter that will be published talks a lot more about that. All 6 women had a previous sexual identification. Some of the women came into the industry identifying has heterosexual, some were bisexual and some were lesbian. They all came out with a different understanding of their sexual identity. The woman who was heterosexual had experiences with other women in pornography so that affected her own identity. Having sexual pleasure with other women caused her to rethink her identity.

CJ: What questions brought you the most interesting responses.

Angela: The thing about my study is that I left it really open ended. Sometimes questions can be very leading and I want them to tell me what they thought was most important about their experiences. My study was less about specific questions and more open ended like ‘Can you tell me what you think is important about your experiences in the industry.’ I didn’t want them to give me the answer that they thought I wanted. I wanted to know what they actually felt.

CJ: Brazillian wants to know, do you like to work with women who squirt in their scenes?

Angela: Yes. (laughs) Oh my gosh, my scene with Bonnie Rotten which was on Angela Loves Threesomes was so much fun! Women’s bodies look so good with water on them and then having the squirt…my gosh! It was so good to be able to fuck her and then be covered in her juices. I’m definitely a fan of girls who squirt. I love it.

CJ: How do you choose what women to work with on your website?

Angela: I research everyone. So whether it’s the men or all the girls, my fucking research is watching porn. (laughs) I love my job. The girls that I choose for my lesbian performances, I choose women who truly enjoy eating pussy. I want to have sex and I want to have good sex when I’m on set. The same goes when I’m choosing guys. I want guys who are into the girls, they’re not afraid to really make out with them. I like hard sex but I also like in between where you can see the intimacy.

CJ: Your website won an XBiz Award for Adult Site of the Year. Congratulations.

Angela: Thank you.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Angela: I don’t have free time. (laughs) It’s kind of sad. If I had time, I would be reading because I love to read! This industry moves so quickly and it requires so much work that you have to keep working. Especially because I run my website by myself. I don’t have anybody else. I also produce and direct my own content and distribute my content. I’m doing everything. Plus, then you have social media. The reason I’m so lucky is that I love what I do so it’s not a burden working so much.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Angela: I like different stuff for every occasion. For example, I like punk and hardcore but when I’m reading, I like jazz music. If I’m on webcam, it’s usually Top 40 or R&B.

CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?

Angela: Yes, anything by Tarantino. My favorite movie was Sin City but it recently got replaced by Nymphomaniac. There’s a Volume 1 and a Volume 2 and my favorite is definitely Volume 1, it reminds me of my teenage years.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Angela: Everything! That’s one of the reasons I love traveling! I’m a foodie!

CJ: What does the future hold? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Angela: I hope I’m still doing this! I want to continue to run and produce DVD’s, which are distributed by Girlfriends Films. I want to continue to push my boundaries and see what else I can do. I do want to eventually go back and get my PHD at the University. But I’ll continue to shoot while I pursue that. Something major would have to happen for that to change.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Angela: On Twitter, I’m @AngelaWhite. Instagram is @theangelawhite. Facebook is Tumblr is And my website is

Angela White

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