Simone Sonay Interview

Captain Jack interviews Simone Sonay

Simone is a gorgeous MILF who got into porn at an advanced age. She started out by shooting for Kink and loved it so much that now she works there during the day! I recently had a chance to catch up with Simone and we cover all that and more!

Simone Sonay

Captain Jack: Tell me about Simone Sonay.

Simone Sonay: I grew up in Northern California and I was a soccer player for years and years and years. I love it here. Soccer was my thing. A bad knee took me out. I was a reasonably good student, not terribly social. I was not a pretty girl when I was in school. I was a little chunky and awkward. It’s a little different now. I think there are a lot of guys who I went to school with when I was younger are thinking, ‘Damn! Damn! She changed so much!’ That thought gives me a little pleasure actually.

I got into the industry when I was 38 and it was totally by accident. I shouldn’t say accident because you don’t accidentally shoot a porno. (laughs) I got invited to a Public Disgrace shoot at Kink and I had no idea even what the building was. I stumbled across an Ultimate Surrender shoot online and I thought it was super cool. But I didn’t connect the dots between Ultimate Surrender and So I accepted an invitation to Public Disgrace. I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t even know it was a porno! I was a swinger at the time and so I wasn’t at risk of being offended. I met a few people and I enjoyed watching the content. At the time, I had never even been spanked during sex. I definitely had never been flogged or anything. Rough sex in general is pretty great and I love that stuff but this is beyond rough sex. So the shoot really turned me on. I met a few people and they told me I should fill out a model app. And so I did. About a month after that, I started camming. I drove down to San Francisco two or three times a week because at that time, Kink Live was done at the Armory. I got a little following, started my Twitter account and everything was great. Then Mickey Mod who used to be employed by Kink, was hanging out with me after an Upper Floor shooting. We ended up fooling around. He told Princess Donna that I could be flogged and could really take it. So she filmed me for Bound Gangbangs. My first porno was when I was 39 years old and it was a great event and will always be my favorite shoot. It was so much fun!

CJ: I have to ask, you were approached to view a porn. Did they know you? I mean, I wouldn’t ask a girl in my office to go on a porn set with me.

Simone: We were swinging so we were hanging out at different parties. They were sex fans so they knew that I’d like to see something like that. They didn’t know if I’d like the BDSM aspects to it but they were reasonably certain that I would enjoy watching people have sex.

Simone Sonay

CJ: I’ve seen you in other productions but do you shoot mostly for Kink?

Simone: Yes, by far. I love shooting outside of Kink but it’s a different culture here. In San Francisco in general and in this building, it’s fantastic. I’m their recruiter now so my work focuses in the recruiting end for my day job and I don’t shoot as frequently anymore because I have this day job that I enjoy doing. I like bringing in new models. I shoot for Naughty and Brazzers and PornPros… there are only a handful of companies I haven’t worked for but I totally would. I like the kinky stuff. It’s always a great day.

CJ: So how do you recruit these girls?

Simone: Twitter is a huge resource for me. When new girls come into the industry, they tend to follow other people that look like they’re in the industry. That’s probably my biggest recruiting tool. I scan the agency webpages for new girls as well. We also have a and they can fill out an application there. I read through the applications. We have ads on Sexy Jobs and Backpages and other websites. We probably get 100-150 applications in a week that we’re reading through.

CJ: When you interview girls, it’s one thing for them to say, ‘I have no limits’ or ‘I love spanking’ but how do you work through that to find out what they can really take?

Simone: To shoot BDSM porn, you have to be pretty self-aware. It’s not hard to tell people who say they’re into it but then they’re not really into it and we just don’t shoot them again. We do the best we can to have a great experience and have a great shoot. Not every girl shoots a gangbang for her first scene. We’ll put them on Fucking Machines. It’s fantastic because it’s a solo site. There’s no bondage, it’s just being pummeled by cock over and over and over again.  There’s no slapping or any of that stuff. They’re in the building and know it’s a safe place. Then they’ll progress to girl/girl BDSM sex or they might do Hogtied, which is rope bondage. It’s easy to pick up on a girl who’s maybe into it but is not sure.

Simone Sonay

CJ: Before you got into the industry, did you have a regular office job?

Simone: I was actually doing it until my boss found out. I was an office manager and I had always been in the administrative world. I was an office manager for an economic consulting firm for 10 years. I started shooting porn on the side about 8 or 9 years in. I had tons of vacation time so whenever I had a shoot booked, I would take a vacation day. I’d go back to work and get my job done; all my reviews were always excellent. I got good raises every year, they were always happy with my performance. Then, one day, Twitter let me down. You know how Twitter sends out emails that you should be following certain people? And they sent a suggestion to my boss’s daughter that they follow my porn persona. She told her mom and her mom said, and I’m paraphrasing because I wasn’t there to hear the conversation, ‘That whore’s not going to work in this office!’ Ironically, that guy was a cheating fool. He got 2-hour haircuts twice a year. There’s no such thing as a 2-hour haircut. It doesn’t happen like that. And there was plenty of porn on his computer that got cleaned regularly by our IT department. Everyone in the office knew that was his thing only she didn’t know that stuff. All of a sudden, I became the whore. So they fired me because my boss’s wife didn’t want me there and the boss’s daughter was afraid to come in the office. She was like 18 and if my daughter was afraid to have a conversation or was afraid to be in the same room as a performer at that age, then I would feel like I did something wrong or raised her incorrectly. That was rough for me. Once that happened, I started shooting porn full-time. That was totally fine. I was able to shoot eight days a month and I was home the rest of the time. But I liked working a day job. Kink had a recruiting position open and, as talent, I have a great background for that. There’s also a lot of backend stuff that I do in the office so they created this position for me. It’s New Talent Development and Recruiting. I work with new girls that are not quite ready. I help get them ready whether it’s physical like toning up or grooming stuff. It’s all encompassing. It’s been really good. I love Kink. I love my day job. I love shooting porn on the side.

CJ: Not so much at Kink because there’s not much sex, but at your first shoot, were you nervous, excited, intimidated, anything? You were a swinger but it’s different with all the cameras there because you have to perform for the camera.

Simone: I was nervous before the shoot started but as soon as the shoot started, I forgot the cameras were there. It wasn’t until my third or fourth shoot that I became aware of the cameras and the lighting and the PA’s. Porn is shot in close quarters. Some of the angles when you’re watching, you can tell the camera is right there in your crotch. There’s a dick and balls swinging and there’s a vagina right there and the camera’s there for an extreme close-up. It was still fun for me but it wasn’t a sexually gratifying once I became more aware of the recording aspects of it. You want to make a good movie for the people to watch. That’s the primary goal and the secondary goal is to have a good time while you’re doing it. I still get a little nervous in a shoot but I’m much more confident. There’s definitely a porn persona in me that is a character that I’m cultivating. If you were to meet me out in the street, I’m very shy, I’m not very forward. I’m social but I’m shy. I’m modest… I’m everything that you wouldn’t think a porn performer would be.

Simone Sonay

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Simone: That depends on the logistics of the dick I’m working with. I hate reverse cowgirl but if the guy’s dick points down, it’s perfect for me! It all depends. If it’s long and straight and hard as a rock, it makes doggie feel fantastic. It always depends on the size of the dick I’m working with.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Simone wet?

Simone: Currently, it’s perving on other people, that’s what’s working for me. Before, it was gangbangs or giving up control to someone else. Now, when I go to sex parties, I don’t fuck. I like to get naked in the corner and watch. I’ll assist now and then. I enjoy other people performing.

CJ: Did you realize you were submissive before you started shooting for Kink?

Simone: No. I hadn’t even thought of that. I did like rough sex in the aspects of being pushed and pulled and being told what to do. I did that but the corporal element, I was unaware of that.

CJ: You’ve also squirted a few times. Is that something you did before porn or did you learn that in the industry?

Simone: I did that before porn. I had a partner who was really good at that. The first time I squirted, I was 37. It took me a month to finally not tell him to stop doing that. ‘Wait, wait. Never mind. I don’t want to do that anymore.’ I didn’t like it. I like it now, it’s different. My big thing is that I don’t think there are very many things that you should learn to do on camera. The things you do on camera should be the things that you enjoy in your personal life.

CJ: You did a double anal a few years ago for Kink, is there going to be any more of that?

Simone: I enjoyed it but I tried it again for another shoot and it didn’t work. It depends on my level of arousal. If I’m really turned on, it’s going to go. I did that double anal in my very first scene. James Deen looks down and I think John Strong was the anchor. He says, ‘Double anal?’ I said, ‘If it’ll go…’ He said, ‘Oh, it will go.’ And it did! And it worked and it was great. It was such a turn-on! I fully expected to be able to do it again but it didn’t work the second time. I’ve taken it in the butt since then so it all depends on how much I’m turned on. I hope I can do it again!

Simone Sonay

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Simone: I like to travel. I do girly things like getting my hair and nails down. I have two cute Pomeranian Chihuahua rescue dogs which are really fun. I just moved into a house. I have a pool and I love yardwork and gardening. That’s my favorite form of meditation, to work in the yard. That’s my peaceful place. I like to keep my car clean plus I do a lot of fucking driving. (laughs)

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Simone: Everything. It depends on my mood. I’m a Pisces so we respond to outside stimuli. I like hard rock music but I can’t listen to it when I’m driving because it makes me frustrated and angry. I like country of sometimes jazz. Nothing too particular.

CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?

Simone: Overboard is probably my all-time favorite movie. If I’m channel surfing and I come across it, I’ll always put it on.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Simone: Lately, I’ve been watching American Horror Story and I watch Yard Crashers.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Simone: I love sushi but I just love food in general. There’s never been a food category I don’t like. I love to barbecue and I do a lot of that at my house. I love to eat. LOVE to eat! (laughs)

CJ: What’s your favorite thing about porn?

Simone: I love the expression to be able to do my little part in changing the world’s perception of sex. I’ve gotten letters from couples that say, ‘You’ve revived our stale 20 year old marriage. Thank you so much! We love watching your porn.’ Those are my favorite letters to get, from a husband or wife or a husband AND wife, telling me how much they enjoy watching me together. That really gets me off. I hate when I get an email from a guy and he says, ‘My wife would kill me if she knew I was emailing you right now. I watch you all the time.’ Don’t fucking tell me that you’re hiding it from your wife. That’s not the way porn is intended. I don’t think porn is intended to damage relationships but, on the other side of it, if women would be a little more open minded and realize it’s just a fucking fantasy. They go to these car shows and see these classic cars that they’ll never own because it’s a little bit of an escape, porn is the same thing. It’s an alternate reality for a few minutes or 30 minutes or however long it takes you to get going.

CJ: What does the future hold, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Simone: That would make me 48 so I don’t think I’ll be shooting. I don’t know, maybe, I’ll still like it. If someone wants to shoot me in 5 years, I’d do it. Fuck that, in 5 years, I’ll hit the lottery. I’m going to retire and pay off my sister’s house and never work again. Watch my shit now because it’s not going to be here forever!

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Simone: On Twitter, I’m @SimoneSonay. My website is The Facebook profile is fake!

Simone Sonay

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  1. Very nice interview, Simone Sonay is one of the greatest pornstars ever although she started few years ago. I like her way of talk & her sincerity, It was great to know that she was a soccer player & office manager. I disagree with Simone that she wants to retire after 5 years,Simone can perform until she become 55 years old, she has a great strong body. What Simone will do if she’ll retired at 48, I think Simone can perform for more 12 years.

  2. wow very nice pic i love pornographar

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