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Captain Jack interviews Alexa Aimes

I was given an opportunity to do an interview with Alexa and when I started doing research, I found her to be a fascinating and interesting individual. She’s not only sexy as fuck, she has a great sense of humor and is a very intelligent person. I hope her charisma comes through via this interview!

Alexa Aimes

Captain Jack: Tell me about Alexa Aimes. What kind of girl were you growing up?

Alexa Aimes: Growing up, I bounced around in group homes a lot and that caused me to get into the nursing field. I was a ward of the state for a long time and I bounced around from home to home to home and, eventually, it got to the point where I was going to do this for my whole life or at least until I was 18. I thought I could emancipate myself and because a legal adult. So I did that at 16; I emancipated and got my GED. And that was all fine and dandy and I thought, ‘Cool, I’m an adult now! I’m 16!’ But then I thought, how am I going to pay my rent? How am I going to support myself? At 16, there aren’t many lucrative options for you. So I found a CNA program that was a 3-month course. You could get into it at 16 and the government would pay for it, which they don’t do now and you have to be 18 because educational funding has really gone to shit. I did that and it was going to be a career and I could support myself. But while doing that, I realized that I really like nursing and I really like helping people. So after I did that, I eventually went to college at UC-Davis and I got my BSN Degree with a double major in micro biology and physiology.

CJ: Your twitter page describes you as the strangest girl you’ll ever meet, what does that mean?

Alexa: It means that I’m a fucking nutcase. (laughs) I don’t know how to explain it, you’ll just have to meet me. People ask me that all the time but at the same time, once they meet me, they say, ‘Oh, I get it.’ I do things to push the envelope, to get people to do a double take. For instance, I’ve adopted this pocket pussy and I take it with me everywhere in my purse. (laughs) I took it to the Statue of Liberty and took pictures with it. I call her Amy. I think it’s funny. I just don’t like the norm, or whatever the norm is supposed to be.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry?

Alexa: It’ll be a year in June.

CJ: How old are you?

Alexa: I just turned 25.

CJ: You have a tremendous rack. What size are they?

Alexa: 32 F’s.

CJ: They’re not real, are they?

Alexa: They’re real fake. (laughs)

CJ: You are very cute, did you have a lot of guys hitting on you when you grew up?

Alexa: One of the schools I went to, I went to a boarding school, I got expelled for being promiscuous. I legitimately got expelled from school for being a whore. (laughs)

CJ: That’s a gold star for the industry you’re in then! When did you lose your virginity?

Alexa: I was 13.

CJ: When was the first time you were with a girl?

Alexa: Maybe a couple months after that. I was really sexually overt really early on.

Alexa Aimes

CJ: Did you have any other jobs before porn?

Alexa: Oh, yeah. I worked 3 jobs my whole life until now. I was working as a nurse but as a lot of people know, nursing jobs don’t come very easily. There’s a waiting list. I was working in a hospital but they weren’t giving me enough hours so I also worked as a temp agency. I got a job as a loss and litigation specialist. So I was doing both of those before I got into the industry. Plus, I went through many part-time jobs when I was younger, as everybody did.

CJ: How and why did you decide to get into the adult industry?

Alexa: During school, it became really tough to pay rent, work and keep your studies up. So my first taste of the adult industry was that I was webcamming for So I could work late nights and I realized I had a total voyeur fetish. I loved to fuck in front of other people. That’s my thing, I got off even more if others were watching me. Then I graduated and while I was in Orange County waiting for the semester to start,  I said, ‘You know what? I’ve got nothing to do! Why don’t I send my pictures in to a porn company?’ The company called me back about a week later and said they wanted to test me and shoot me in Vegas. Then 2 days later, another company called me and said they heard I was shooting but they wanted to shoot me first! So, out of nowhere, I had this really big response. I had a really fun and really fast couple of weeks. I made a whole lot of money and I did a lot of traveling. After those couple of weeks, I started thinking if I really wanted to do this. I thought about it for a really long time and my semester was coming up soon. I had a scholarship that I was giving up but I already had my Bachelor’s Degree to fall back on. So I flew to LA a week later and signed with the agency that I’m with now. And I live in LA now too.

CJ: How did you come up with your stage name?

Alexa: I had a really unconventional real name. When you go to these touristy places like Disneyland, they never had the souvenirs with my name on it, so I always gravitated to Alexa. I also thought the name Alexa had a real sexual element to it. So when I got into porn, I thought that was the perfect name for me. And the Aimes part came from when I was a kid, I spent a lot of time on AOL Instant Messenger. I was a total loser talking to people on the internet. (laughs) And that was called AIM so it came from being weird. (laughs)

CJ: Was there any nervousness when you started filming? I mean all these people are there watching you fuck.

Alexa: Oh no. It was weird. I think I was more excited than anything. I went through hair and makeup and sat there and waited for the scene to start.

CJ: How many scenes have you filmed about?

Alexa: About 100.

CJ: Do you have any favorites?

Alexa: I have a new Wicked scene that came out with Jessy Jones and that’s probably one of my favorites. And my Glory Holes for Bang Bros is really epic.

CJ: I reviewed you in Tattooed Goddesses and I thought you were really good in that.

Alexa: I haven’t seen it yet but every picture I see from it, I have this pissed off look on my face. (laughs) But it was probably because I had cum in my eye.

CJ: You have a few tats on you, how many are there?

Alexa: Oh my God, I have so many that it’s just like one tattoo now. (laughs) I think it has to be at least 10 little ones and then a bunch of crazy ones.

CJ: Do you have a favorite?

Alexa: It’s an octopus on my right side, it covers my hip, my butt cheek and my right thigh. It’s an octopus biting the head off a man. The other morning, I woke up with a tattoo that said #STAYWEIRD. It’s one of my new favorite ones even though I don’t remember getting it.

CJ: I have to ask, what’s the story behind the octopus biting off a head?

Alexa: I was dating a guy when I lived in San Francisco. I was always calling him my special octopus. We broke up and I was so fucking mad that I went out and get this massive tribute that was an octopus biting the head off a man.

Alexa Aimes

CJ: A few years ago, girls with a lot of tattoos were looked down upon but now it’s commonplace, do you look to someone like Bonnie Rotten or Christy Mack as an inspiration?

Alexa: I think they were really helpful in breaking molds, especially for porn girls. Christy Mack, she broke the mold in that she’s a beautiful, beautiful woman, heavily tattooed that showed you can be beautiful and tattooed.  And Bonnie Rotten is heavily tattooed and really hardcore and really, really cute. It just showed that we’re not all convicts or something. (laughs) Everybody in the older generation is just getting used to the idea of tattoos on women. Everybody has them now. They’re still kind of a new thing. There’s still a smaller market for them so it still makes it difficult having tattoos.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Alexa: Piledriver.

CJ: Off-screen and on?

Alexa: Yup, that’s my favorite. People hate doing piledriver in scenes but I love it. Even at Kink, I was doing a Fucking Machines, and I asked if they could rig it up for piledriver. They said they never get that request.

CJ: When you first work with someone, do you talk to them and find out what he or she likes or don’t like?

Alexa: Yeah, my agent always tells me what talent I’m working with and I look them up. The thing for me is, I’m just a really friendly person. So once I get to know someone, I can find a subtle point. I don’t investigate them before shooting. This is a small industry so generally you know stuff about a person, especially if you’ve worked with them before.

CJ: And if people ask, what do you like? What gets Alexa off?

Alexa: I have a big spit fetish. I have a voyeur fetish. I love being in front of people. I love spit. No lube, spit. Spit in my mouth, spit in my face. I like being choked. I like getting my ass spanked like normal girls. I like degradation with nasty talk. I’m really into the BDSM stuff.

CJ: Is it weird having sex with older men?

Alexa: No, not at all. It’s not weird having sex with anybody. (laughs)

CJ: Do you watch your own scenes?

Alexa: Not all of them but I try to as much as possible.

CJ: Is it for critical purposes or do you masturbate to them?

Alexa: I’m really narcissistic and critical, so both. (laughs)

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Alexa: 3 times a day.

CJ: What’s the preferred method? Hands? Toys? Hitachi?

Alexa: I don’t like the hand thing, that’s like a pilgrim masturbating. (laughs) I carry a vibrator in my purse.

Alexa Aimes

CJ: Who eats better pussy, men or women?

Alexa: Um, that’s a tough one. Women you’d think would be better but every vagina is different. I’ve been mostly with men, so I’d have to say men. They don’t have a vagina so they’re just out to please every vagina!

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Alexa: On my face.

CJ: Are you a swallower?

Alexa: Yes I am. I want it in weird places now. Like I want it in my eyes sometimes, just because it gets boring after awhile and I just want to pump it up. I did this scene with Mike Adriano recently and it’s this hardcore blowjob scene. The other girl threw up and I ended up eating it.

CJ: Oh my, who’s the other girl?

Alexa: She was my friend, Karmen Karma. And Belle Noire was in it too. They had a big bowl on the ground to catch their puke and I ended up eating it. I just want to keep pushing the envelope.

CJ: Are you going to do anal?

Alexa: My second scene ever was anal and it was also my first anal in real life. I’m going to start doing it again. When I first got in, I was under the impression to just save it for longevity, etc. Now, who cares. I’m just going to fucking do it again. I just have to stretch out my butt.

CJ: Well, if you need help with stretching. It’s only a 4-hour flight out to you.

Alexa: Awesome. Thank you. That’s very generous of you. (laughs)

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Alexa: I’ve learned a lot. I learned that I like to have sex in public. I also learned about relationships and sex. I learned that there’s a really huge difference between just sex and fucking on film and relationships. I was dating a guy in porn for a long time and before the industry, I was always that girl who said, ‘If you even watch porn, you’re cheating on me!’ Both of us being in porn, I realize that we go out and have sex and then we come home and it doesn’t change our love for each other. So now, I don’t believe in monogamy. We’re all sexually driven creatures. We’re on this earth to procreate. We wouldn’t even be here without procreation. So how is it natural to only be fucking one other person? There’s a huge difference… just because you have sex with someone doesn’t mean you love them. And if you’re feelings are completely tied up in sex, then I feel bad for you. Because that’s not how it should be. Emotions should be kept completely different from physical. And I learned that from being in the industry.

CJ: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy and do you want to live it out on camera?

Alexa: Someday I would like to do a gang bang on camera but I’m not doing that right now. I like gang bangs.

CJ: Tell me about the

Alexa: Peanut butter is really fatty but it’s nutritious. But it’s mostly crude fat. So, for us, it’s really undesirable. It’s really bad for our health. However, in Africa, they have the highest famine rate. And they’re sending peanut butter over there and children and whole families are surviving and getting healthy just on peanut butter. And since it is so crude and they are starving, it’s almost essential for them because they need that protein. They need it to keep them alive. It’s a really cheap and effective way to help other people and save other lives. It’s so simple. I tell my fans if you send me proof of a donation, show me a photo or some proof and I’ll send you a free 8×10” photo.

CJ: You want to be a stand-up comedian?

Alexa: Yes, I’m working on that now. I have an act that’s hilarious! (singing)

CJ: You had your first gig a couple of weeks ago in front of an audience?

Alexa: That one actually didn’t come off. A larger named comedian showed up and my spot got bumped, which sucked. I cried like a little bitch. I still work really closely with the Smash Brothers and I have quite a few gigs coming up pretty soon. Keepin’ on keepin’ on!

Alexa Aimes

CJ: What does the future hold for Alexa Aimes? Where do you want to take your career?

Alexa: I would like to win an award someday. (laughs) I want to become a notable porn star. There’s not too many big stars nowadays, that’s for a different generation. But I want to be notable. I’m not going to be in this industry forever but while I’m in it, I want to be amazing at what I do. It’s not just for a paycheck, I want to do everything the best I can.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Alexa: On Twitter I’m @AlexaAimes And I’m working on a website.

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