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Captain Jack interviews Maddy O’Reilly (Part 2)

I talked to Maddy late last year, but so much has happened in the interim that I just had to touch base with her again! She had a showcase movie back in January, Maddy from HardX, and Elegant Angel just release Maddy O’Reilly Is Slutwoman yesterday! Plus, she not only started doing anal, she did a DP and a double vag! This girl came into the industry big but she is blowing up! I just had to talk to her again! Part 1 can be accessed here.

Maddy O'Reilly

CJ: I’ve alluded to this in a couple of reviews but when you first got into the industry, you were a very cute girl. But over the last 6 months, you have grown into a woman! Your body is bangin’ and your ass is just incredible… is your body just continuing to develop. I mean, Holy Christ, you have the big ass and you are just incredible! I don’t want to be insulting because you were always very pretty!

Maddy: Oh no, not at all. Everyone was able to see me transition and grow-up on camera. It holds a special place in my heart that I can share it with my friends and my fans. I’ve developed! It’s awesome! I’m not a little girl anymore!

CJ: I didn’t get a chance to see it but tell me about Maddy, the HardX release.

Maddy: It was really awesome because I shot my first two anal scenes so they hold a special place in my career. And that movie is what set my year off right. It made the path to where I am now. It’s only April but it kicked the year off right.

Maddy HardX

CJ: How much practice did you have off camera?

Maddy: Not much at all. It’s funny because I was very inexperienced and I just went into a sex store and bought the biggest butt plug they had. The night before, I put it in and said, ‘This is going to happen!’ I did my first anal scene without any lube or anything. So it’s like I should be into it and I shouldn’t have to use lube or I shouldn’t be it doing it on-camera. So I was really into it and everything worked out perfectly. And I couldn’t ask for a better scene partner.

CJ: Who was your partner?

Maddy: Manuel. He’s amazing. He just understand girl’s bodies very well. He just made the experience awesome.

CJ: Did any other porn girls help you out or give you advice?

Maddy: Asa Akira is the one who gave me the most tips. And Veruca James too. I also asked Jada Stevens and Phoenix Marie too. All the anal pros, I got a heads up from.

CJ: Do you have any advice you’d give to other girls if they decide to finally do anal?

Maddy: My only advice is for them to learn their bodies. Really be in-tune with them before you start because if you are, you’ll know what works for you. Like I don’t believe in starving yourself the day before an anal scene, that’s just not healthy. But if you know your body, you know how to eat correctly the day before. Like for me, I can eat the morning of an anal scene and everything’ll be ok. I mean, some mornings I can’t but you have to know your body and make sure it’s something you really want to do before you do it.

CJ: You’ve worked with Mason a couple of times. Is there a reason you chose her for the movie?

Maddy: I have a really place in my heart for Mile High. It’s the company I did my first big feature with. I shot some of my most memorable scenes with them so I knew what company I wanted it to be with. And having the chance to work with someone like Mason! Her work is on a different level. It only made sense to do that for my first anal.

CJ: You are also the new Slutwoman for Elegant Angel! How did that come about?

Maddy: When I first met Jim (Crawford), he came to the set and I was wondering why he was there. He introduced himself and watched the entire scene. It’s rare to see someone come on set to watch a scene. It was with Toni Ribas for Pornstar First Encounters. He watched the whole scene and was very quiet and he left. I had told Spiegler that I wanted to be Slutwoman and he was joking around, ‘Me too!’ I never thought it would actually come to light and then we got a phone call to go into Elegant to meet with Mimefreak and Jim and they told me I was going to be the next Slutwoman. And they were giving me the opportunity to direct it also.

Maddy O'Reilly is Slutwoman

CJ: Tell me about what we can expect in it.

Maddy: I wanted to throw in a little ‘wow’ factor, to shock people, because I didn’t want it to be predictable, so that’s why I went completely different with the talent than I used in the previous movie and different sexual acts. It’s an all anal movie and there’s an IR DP, my first DP, and you’ll see me with my first time ever with Skin Diamond on camera. And I do anal with Jada and Phoenix and Phoenix ends up DPing me. And you’ll see me come to light in a different way. I’m very submissive; I’m not a huge aggressor during sex. So Jim and Mimefreak really wanted to empower me because I knew I had it in me, they just wanted me to show it to everyone else. So they empowered me and made me show I’m more of a well-rounded performer. That I can do more than just be submissive and have sex.

CJ: You do a double vag in it!

Maddy: Yes, that was completely on the whim, that was not planned. We were in the middle of my DP and Wesley said, ‘Double vag!’ And I’m like, ‘What?? OK! Let’s do it!’ I can’t believe how awesome it was.

CJ: So was it awesome? Did it feel good? Are you going to do it again maybe?

Maddy: Yes, I’ll definitely do it again. I think I like the DP better than Double Vag but I always wanted to try double vag more than a DP but the DP happened to be something more pleasurable. But I like them both.

CJ: So I have to ask the big question are you ever going to double anal? Is that going to happen?

Maddy: I’m sure it will. I can’t see me not trying it. (laughs)

CJ: How was it getting involved in the behind the scenes machinations of the release. Is that something you want to do more of?

Maddy: Actually, yes, I would really like to do that! We’ll see what happens.

CJ: You have such a fetish for blowbangs, how many have you done now?

Maddy: Oh my gosh, I think the one you just reviewed (Praise The Load 9) was number six.

CJ: You said on Twitter that you want to set a record for blowbangs. Is the record for number of them or for the number of guys in one setting? Or both?

Maddy: I would like to do both but I know the days of having the largest blowbang with the number of guys is probably really hard to do. So for me, it’s probably about the number of blowbangs one girl has ever done.

CJ: Do you know what that number is?

Maddy: I don’t. I was asking around but I’m not really sure. So I’ll just keep on trucking! (laughs)

Maddy O'Reilly

CJ: For me, the first anal scene I ever saw you do was in Ass Worship 15. You were fucking incredible in that. The dirty talk was insane. Was that your true feelings pouring out or did you add a little something for the camera?

Maddy: It’s me but I don’t even realize what I’m saying until after it’s done. I just get so into it and whatever I’m thinking just comes out of my mouth. Sometimes I’m either really dirty talking or I might not say anything at all. It just really depends on who I’m working with.

CJ: Is a gangbang on the horizon for you?

Maddy: Um, yeah, I think so. I don’t know how soon because I just started doing anal and I just did a DP and a DV. So it might be better that I wait a bit but it’s definitely going to come.

CJ: Are there any projects you would like to promote?

Maddy: Just Slutwoman and also the Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee. I really recommend it. Once again, it goes back to my lust for rough sex. But it has a really good storyline and Jacky St. James is a master at her craft. So I highly recommend checking that one out.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done off camera?

Maddy: I let a guy pee in my mouth. And I drank it. Actually the first time—because I wanted to make sure that I would like it and I didn’t want to just let some guy pee in my mouth and I didn’t like the taste—I made him pee in a cup first. I gave him a cup and told him to pee because I wanted to taste it and he said, ‘You’re joking, right?’ I grabbed a Solo Cup and made him pee and then sipped on it. Then a couple  of nights later, I let him pee in my mouth. (laughs)

CJ: You’ve done that on camera now, haven’t you?

Maddy: I did a short Vine of it but they ended up deleting it.

CJ: Have you ever used your sexuality to gain special favors?

Maddy: No, I’m such a slut that I’ll just fuck you to fuck you, I don’t expect anything out of it. ‘I’m bored. You’re cute. Let’s fuck!’ (laughs)

Maddy O'Reilly

CJ: And how can the fans find you?

Maddy: On Twitter, I’m @MaddyOReillXXX and my Instagram is just MaddyOReilly and my Vine is not currently active because of all my naughty videos.

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  1. Maddy O’Reilly is not only very beautiful but also a hot porn star. Her ass is just incredible. Her expression in front of camera is always sexy. recently I have watched her recent movie Maddy O’Reilly’s Submission it’s made of…hardcore love..

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