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Captain Jack Interviews Taryn Thomas

Taryn Thomas has always been one of my all-time favorite porn stars. She was like a meteor and had a relatively short career but what an impact she made in the porn world! People still talk about her volcanic performances! She did it all on screen and her career ended much too soon. We talk about all of that and more including what she’s up to now. On a side note, this is my 500th interview and I couldn’t think of a better star to get for the milestone. Taryn is a great person to talk to and I mentioned to her that she is the same way she appeared in all those BTS interviews I saw back in the day….entertaining, engaging and endearing. Thank you, Taryn, for making this a special one for me!

Taryn Thomas

Captain Jack: You were a fiery performer back in the day. I consider you a legend. I was doing some research and I am amazed that most of your releases came in a 2-year period!

Taryn Thomas: They were primarily shot from 2004-2006. In 2007, I took a major break because I got too heavy to keep performing. In 2009, I had my own company and I didn’t really shoot a lot. When I really should have started performing again, I couldn’t because I was on a non-compete. In 2012, when I was going to start performing again, I was booked, I had a Fallopian tube burst. I lost all the blood in my body and I almost died.

I was on the ADT forums last week and I wanted to clear up something that Morbid Thoughts wrote at that time. He said when I was in LA in 2010, I parted ways with my production company and I was on a non-compete. I couldn’t perform for anyone else. My ex held me to that. He drained me of everything. Besides that, when I came back in 2012, I didn’t have a problem getting work, it was that nobody had seen me for a few years and they wanted to see what I looked like. The first time with Derek, the pictures were too light. And then he wanted me to have a tan because that’s how everyone remembered me. After I retook my photos, I was booked completely. I had at least 28 bookings. So I was booked. On the fourth of May, my Fallopian tube ruptured internally when I went home to Arizona to grab the rest of my stuff to go out to LA. I didn’t not start performing again because there was a shortage of work, that wasn’t the problem at all. I haven’t read the ADT forum in a while so that kind of upset me when I read that. He didn’t know my status. I almost died, that’s why I didn’t come back to work. It wasn’t that I had a shortage of work because I was booked so much that I told Derek, ‘this is a lot of fucking work and they’re really tough scenes so you’re going to have to break some of this up!’ It wasn’t anything simple. The one scene alone was a reverse gangbang which was 5 girls on me and it was an all anal scene with all toys. That’s a pretty tough scene to shoot especially when you don’t work with girls regularly. All my scenes were big scenes. Then, in 2014-15, Diabolic tried to book me for a gangbang movie around me when they had just relaunched. So me getting work was never a problem. I’m not fat either, right now. I’m at normal weight.

Back in the day, they really worked us. We were work horses. We worked to the max and we always put out good content. I don’t think there’s any bad content of anybody who’s like Hillary or Tory Lane or any of the girls who were of the same time I was. I had a whole month of hardcore shoots lined up. Unfortunately, my Fallopian tubes decided they wanted to kill me on May 4.

CJ: Is that why you retired?

Taryn: Technically, I never even released a statement saying that I retired. That’s pretty much what happened.

CJ: Any chance for a comeback ever?

Taryn: I would love to do a comeback. It would have to be really planned out. Most girls who comeback, you are usually taken advantage of and it’s never what the girl really wants. I think I’d get frustrated if I ever went back. It’s hard for me without having someone like Mark Spiegler. Spiegler was a lot different than other agents. I was also with LA Direct and Derek is awesome and he’s done a lot for me. I think Spiegler is more involved in the performer’s career. Without having Spiegler involved, it was always hard for me. There is no denying that Spiegler is hands down the best in the industry. His girls prove it time and time again. When I did my best, it was under Speigler.

If I’m going to comeback, at this point in my life, it would have to be me starting my own company. I wouldn’t start out working for someone else. If I was going to come back, I would want to comeback with somebody else from my era who was coming back too. Start a production company or something that would drive content.

Taryn Thomas

CJ: You were a Jersey Girl, how did you make the trek into porn?

Taryn: I moved out of Jersey when I was 12. I moved to Arizona and lived there. I found porn because I worked for a Media Company. I started shooting softcore for a company in Phoenix. The reason I got into hardcore is that I was looking at SexyJobs or something. You would do these little jobs in Phoenix then they would send girls to LA and Jim South. I never got together with Jim South. They hooked me up with a company in Phoenix called Pro Am Talent Management or something like that. They set me up with Hustler so I went out to Hawaii and shot for Hustler. I went out there and found Red Rose and went to LA for my first month in the business with her. I had another agent for 2 weeks and then I found Mark Spiegler.

CJ: Were you very promiscuous before you got into porn?

Taryn: No, not really. I always had a boyfriend most of the time. A few times, I fucked different, random guys. It wasn’t like I was a super ho or anything. A few of the guys would probably say I was one of the prudest people they have ever met. But, whatever. It is what it is.

CJ: You weren’t a super ho but you were on-camera! I loved your anals and your DPs and all the other content you produced! Did you do that in your personal life too or was that just your on-screen persona?

Taryn: I wish I did that in my personal life! (laughs) I can’t even tell you when was the last time I had anal sex in my personal life. It was mainly an on-screen thing. I don’t do DPs in my personal life. I don’t have 5-on-1’s….everything is for the camera but everytime I’ve done it, I’ve always enjoyed it. I’m not going to do anything I don’t personally enjoy. As I always said, if I’m not having fun, you’re not going to see me doing it.

CJ: Once you quit porn, since you enjoyed it, did you miss the DPs and other stuff?

Taryn: To me, I don’t even think of it as extreme. When I think of extreme, I think of Max Hardcore. The only thing that I started doing since I’ve been in porn is masturbating. That’s the only need I have now. I have sex here at the Ranch. People think I’m going to be over-the-top when I get in the room so they get nervous when it comes to me. I have sex at the Ranch but it’s not like I’m having sex every day. My dildo’s like my best friend. I don’t have a need; I don’t have cravings. I don’t get sick from not having DPs or not having that porn dick but my dildo does the trick for me.

CJ: Another thing I loved about you is that you swallowed in practically every scene!

Taryn: I know! (laughs) I didn’t want them to get my makeup messed up. They would always do my eyes so pretty and I fucking hated having to redo my makeup after a scene. I’m lazy! Even right now, I still haven’t taken a shower yet today and they’re bugging me to get on the floor!

Taryn Thomas

CJ: Since you’re in a relationship, how many dates did it take for you to tell him about your career?

Taryn: He knew who I was. It wasn’t until a few months ago when he told me that he knew who I was. He said he was my fan forever. He had every Taryn Thomas magazine and anything that I was in. I was, ‘What? Are you kidding?’ He’ll say, ‘Do you remember when you did this?’ and I’ll have no idea. ‘How the fuck do you know that when I don’t even remember that!’ He was the Taryn Thomas #1 fan. So, no, I don’t have to explain anything to him. (laughs)

CJ: He sounds a little like me!

Taryn: I shot so much content in my time with Spiegler, I find it hard that my content is done being released. That’s another thing too, I shot for Chico Wang numerous times. The movies that have been released don’t even begin to crack the ice of what I’ve been in for Chico. A lot of my content has never been released, I don’t know where it is. There’s more coming! I don’t know when!

CJ: There’s a new generation of porn fans so if someone is just getting turned onto Taryn Thomas, what would you say is the ultimate scene?

Taryn: That’s so hard. There are so many scenes. I guess anything I’ve shot for Joey Silvera was awesome. Titles like Hellcats 9 or Buttman’s Vault of Whores for Tricia Devereaux and John Stagliano. Fuck My Ass from Toni Ribas was good. Four In The Whore or anything I shot for Chico for Diabolic. Anything I shot for them will show you the true Taryn Thomas.

CJ: You hear so many horror stories about porn, is there anything bad that happened to you on set?

Taryn: I can’t say that there’s anything shitty that happened to me at all during my career. I loved every moment of it. From the beginning until the very end. People always talked about stuff but none of that shit ever bothered me. Porn is good. There’s a lot of made up stories out there but I think it’s all bullshit, personally. The stories I hear are so fucking far out there that I think they’re ridiculous. I don’t know how this shit could happen. I know from myself, I’ve been on set numerous times and people say that my scenes are extreme so if I’m on set and shooting an “extreme” scene, don’t you think I would have seen the hardcore shit that happened? I have so many outlooks on this stuff, I could probably get in a debate for years.

CJ: Every girl has a ‘no’ list. If you want to tell me who was on your list, feel free. But what would cause you to put someone on the list?

Taryn: I wasn’t allowed to have a ‘no’ list so I don’t know about ‘no’ lists. I just know that they didn’t hire me to work with performers that didn’t do well with me. Talon put me on his ‘no’ list, that’s about it.

CJ: You’re at the Love Ranch now. How long have you been there?

Taryn: This time, for a week and a half but I was here for the month of February. It’s fun. It’s not bad. If you’re coming from Vegas, you can just take I-95 and it’s a straight shot. Here, you have to detour a little bit. But people can find me at either house.

Taryn Thomas

CJ: Do you still hang out with anyone from the industry from back in your day?

Taryn: On Twitter, I talk to a few people but in my real life, not really. I just saw Amy Brooke the other day. I talked to Spiegler the other day about some girl who wanted to work with him but she had a contract with another agency. The only person I say I keep in touch with the most from the business is Katja. We’re friends on Facebook and I talk to her the most. I talk to Tory Lane occasionally. I talk to Hillary on Social Media. I talk to Tyler Faith on Facebook every so often. I don’t have any BFFs where we’re going to hang out tomorrow or anything.

CJ: Do you watch porn nowadays?

Taryn: I never really watched porn in the first place. I watched it to critique myself. Other than that, the only time I really watched porn before I got into the business was me and my friends would have gag night and we’d rent super BBW porn or granny porn or midgets or trannie porn. That type of stuff. I knew who Brianna Banks was, I knew who Belladonna was, of course, I knew who Jenna Jameson was but, other than that, I didn’t really know anything about porn until I got into the business. If it wasn’t for Spiegler as my agent, I wouldn’t know half the stuff I know now.

CJ: Tell me about TarynThomas.XXX

Taryn: Actually, I’m going to launch a completely new website. TarynThomas.XXX will also be up but I’m opening up a one-stop shop so everything you could ever want Taryn will be in one place. Thetarynthomas.com, it should be up next week but you can check it out now because the shell of it is pretty much there. I’m just adding stuff to it. You’ll be able to connect to all the streams I have like streammate, niteflirt, chatstar, my website, all my social media. I’ll have a blog on there. If people want to look up The Love Ranch for the ultimate porn star experience, you can look there. Pretty much everything about Taryn will be on thetarynthomas.com. It’ll be a good way for fans to stay in touch with me. I’m also starting a podcast.

CJ: Besides the Ranch, what else are you doing with your life?

Taryn: I paint a lot. I started in 2016. I haven’t really painted in the last 8 months and it’s really bothering me. I’m going to buy some paint and start painting again. You can also purchase my artwork on the new website. That’s really where my art vibe is at the moment and that’s painting so I think I’m going to stick with what I’m having the most fun doing at the moment.

CJ: And how can the fans get a hold of you?

Taryn: On Twitter, I’m @thetarynthomas

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