Sara St Claire Born to Star In Porn

PornOCD Interviews Sara St Claire

Many people have ideas of breaking into porn. I truly believe that Sara St Claire was born to star in porn. Her porn career has just begun and I hope you will follow her wild ride through the amazing world of Porn !!!!

Sara St Clair

PornOCD: Right let’s start at the very beginning where were you born and raised ?

Sara: Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, but currently an Alabama southern belle.

PornOCD: You are studying Art History was education always important to you ?

Sara: Yes! I had a family friend who traveled to Africa to practice medicine when I was a child so I was exposed early to how fortunate I am to have accessible medicine, education, food etc. I’ve always been fascinated with art and love history so I truly love my studies.

PornOCD: How popular were you with the boys/ girls at school ?

Sara:  Not at all! I was actually very shy and kept to myself through high school. I didn’t become a sex Barbie until after high school.

PornOCD: When did the idea of making a career in porn enter your thoughts ?

Sara:  I’ve always been super sexually open so I don’t remember ever being opposed to it, I started nude modeling at 18.

Sara St Clair

PornOCD: What do your friends & family make of your new career ?

Sara: Obviously my family isn’t thrilled but no one is actually surprised.

PornOCD: When did you first watch porn ?

Sara: Probably high school. I started watching solo and girl/girl, then boy/girl, I got bored with that and moved onto gangbangs, now I’m really into anal scenes. Jules Jordan and Bryan Gozzling are two of my favorite producers at the moment!

PornOCD: How did the chance to shoot your very first scene come about ?               

Sara:  I love being on camera so I searched out some ads for models wanted for masterbation clips and bam- I’m on some random clips for sale store.

Sara St Clair

PornOCD: You shot for New Sensations I Came Inside My Sister 5 how did you feel on the morning of your very first scene ?

Sara: I was really excited! I’m a big exhibitionist and the idea of having sex with a stranger really turned me on.

PornOCD: You worked with Ramon Nomar how much fun was it to work with him ?

Sara:  Amazing! I had to stretch my mouth to even fit it in, I wondered how it would fit in my pussy. Rest assured, it did!

PornOCD:  How comfortable are you with being naked ?

Sara:  It honestly sexually excites me tremendously!

PornOCD: When it comes to size of your partner’s underwear equipment  are you a size queen ?

Sara: My pussy wouldn’t be stretchy if wasn’t meant to be stretched!

Sara St Clair

PornOCD: What is always 100% guaranteed to bring you to a amazing orgasm ?

Sara: Just put a cock inside me and I’ll be happy.

PornOCD: When its time for the fun to end and its time for the money shot where do you like it aimed ?

Sara: Either my face or inside my pussy.

PornOCD: Do you have a favourite genre of porn ?

Sara: Anal is my current favorite.

PornOCD: How would you love to shoot a scene with #PornBucketList ?

Sara: My porn idol is Asa Akira so anything with her is a dream come true.
Sara St Clair

PornOCD:  Is there any specific scene you want to shoot. Would you consider DP/ Gangbang ?

Sara: Yes! Without a doubt. Still training my body to anal but I definitely want a DP in the future.

PornOCD: If you could direct your own movie who would be the cast alongside you and what would be the plot ?

Sara:  I would want another tiny blonde and about 9 black guys. All sorts of filthy interracial sex everywhere

PornOCD: If you were given 1 million dollars and 24 hours to spend it what fun would you have ?

Sara: …more debauchery than I should publicly describe. So many hot blondes would have their bills paid.

PornOCD: What do you do to relax when you have a free day ?

Sara:  It involves Vodka, a Hemingway book, and hitachi breaks.

PornOCD:  What music are you currently listening to in your car or IPod ?

Sara:  A bit of everything from Rob Zombie to Jay-Z to Skrillex

Sara St Clair

PornOCD: How do you keep your body in such amazing shape

Sara: Luck. I eat Pizza and rarely workout.

PornOCD:  What is your favourite part of your body and why ?

Sara:  My boobies! 34 ddd.. Best investment ever.

PornOCD: Who is your biggest celebrity crush ?

Sara: I want to be tag teamed by Vin Diesel and The Rock.

PornOCD: What did you last buy yourself as a treat ?

Sara:  I’m very conservative with money, I mainly invest, but recently purchased my Audi A5. I love that car.

PornOCD: When was the last time you laughed, cried and had a told a little white lie ?

Sara: Last time I laughed was when autocorrect changed “invest” to “incest”. White lie was, “I’ll be there in 5 minutes”. Most importantly, there is no crying in baseball (or porno).

Sara St Clair

PornOCD: How often do you get time to go out and party ?

Sara: I rarely party. I’m more of a morning person than a night owl.

PornOCD:  Where can your fans find you online ?

Sara:  Twitter is SaraStClairxxx
Instagram is SillySara91
Fans can request customs at

PornOCD:  Do you have a motto for life ?

Sara: Life mottos are clichè.

PornOCD:  What can your fans look forward to seeing you star in next  ?

Sara:  I’m returning to LA mid August and looking forward to filming much more!

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