Harlyyn Rae 30K Boobs and Beyond

PornOCD Interviews Harlyyn Rae

When it comes to Boobs for some men the bigger the better fits the criteria. Well if Big Boobs catch your attention, raise your heart rate and fire up all those electrodes in your brain. Then you will just fall head over heels in love with Harlyyn Rae. She has a 30K Bra and is not afraid to show off her immense boobs. Follow her on Twitter @harlyynrae

Right without further waiting sit back and enjoy Harlyyn Rae 30K Boobs and Beyond ..

Harlyyn Rae

PornOCD:  Let’s start at the very beginning where were you born and raised?

Harlyyn: Well  I was born in Florida  but am a military brat so was raised all over the US.

PornOCD: How was it moving all the time new schools, new friends etc?

Harlyyn: It was a good experience for me  it allowed me to learn how to adapt in many different environments and all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. The friends part is a different story- kids were always coming and going when the parents would get orders to a different duty station  so friendships were scarce  one thing I lack are lifelong friendships because friends weren’t around long enough.

PornOCD: What was your earliest plan for your life and career was education important to you?

Harlyyn: Earliest plan would have been to become a lawyer. Wanted to go to school to get my J.D. I already have my bachelors and have just a few more classes for my MBA  so yes education was/is important to me.

PornOCD: So when it came to school seems you were more study hard more than party hard or did you manage to mix the two?

Harlyyn:  I partied hard before I got into school. Had to get all that out of my system before I was ready to settle down and concentrate on my studies.

Harlyyn Rae

PornOCD: How popular at school were you with the boys?

Harlyyn: I wasn’t popular with the boys at all! Lol!

PornOCD:  What music/ bands really connected with you during this time?

Harlyyn: Nirvana, led Zeppelin, The Doors, Marilyn Manson, Alice in Chains, Janis Joplin, Pantera

PornOCD: Now that is one impressive list so you’re a #RockChick ?

Harlyyn: Lol! Yes I guess you could say that!

PornOCD: You have lots of tattoos when did you get your first one and is there a story behind it?

Harlyyn: The first one I got when I was 17 – there really is no story behind it – but we can start that story off like this – girl walks into a tattoo shop – and then everyone will nod their heads in understanding lol (needless to say – I picked some flash art off the wall) lol!

All the rest of my tattoos have special meaning to them!

Harlyyn Rae

PornOCD: How many tattoos do you have and any plans for more?

Harlyyn:  Are we counting my sleeves as one each? Lol! I have too many to count and not enough to stop! I have plans to get many more!

PornOCD:  Are you loyal to one particular tattoo artists or do you use many?

Harlyyn: I have been going to the same tattoo artist for YEARS! He’s amazing! We work very well together! He has great ideas and is very artistic!

PornOCD: We cannot do an interview with talking about your boobs how big are they?

Harlyyn: Lol! Of course not! Well I wear a 30K size bra right now. They each have 2330 cc’s. I am hoping to go bigger though – maybe Santa will be very good to me and I’ll get them for Christmas!

PornOCD: 30K Wow !!! how much bigger you wanting to go?

Harlyyn: Well I’d like to get between 3800-4000 cc’s!

Harlyyn Rae

PornOCD: So how much attention do your boobs get on a daily basis?

Harlyyn: I usually do not pay attention honestly- when I’m out I usually have so much of my own stuff going on I don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around me 🙂

PornOCD:   So when did the idea first enter your thoughts about moving into adult entertainment?

Harlyyn:  That was pretty recent – I’d say back in May – then I just decided to roll with it. Different doors have been opened for me – and some of them are appealing 🙂

PornOCD:  How did your very first opportunity to enter the adult entertainment world come about?

Harlyyn:  Well – I was actually camming and had a lot of people ask or inquire about me doing porn or shoots. So I just sort of fell into it 🙂 I have enjoyed every minute of it since then and looking to do many more!

My very first shoot was a b/g shoot. It was very fun and I liked doing things to laugh and have fun while doing the shoot. I think that the photographer was caught off guard because he didn’t expect me to be so open 🙂

The first time in front of the camera to me was very natural – I knew the people I was working with very well – so there was a certain level of comfort 🙂

Harlyyn Rae

PornOCD:  So who was the lucky man who got to shoot with you on your very first shoot?

Harlyyn: He is one of my very best friends 🙂

PornOCD: So after the shoot did it feel like porn was the right career choice for you?

Harlyyn: I was very excited about the first shoot and when I saw the outcome of the video I was even more excited so yes you can say that after that I knew it was the right choice 🙂

PornOCD: So to date how many shoots have you done so far?

Harlyyn:  I mean I’ve made a bunch of videos and have shoots actually tomorrow  and the rest of the weekend . 🙂

PornOCD:  Do you just shoot content for your clipteez page or have you shot with other porn companies?

Harlyyn:  I haven’t shot with any companies as of yet.

Harlyyn Rae

PornOCD: So what are you ambitions for your porn career who is on your #PornBucketList to work with?

Harlyyn:  My #pornbucklist would include : Candy Charms, AnnaBell Peaks, and Lily_4k

PornOCD: Not that long of a list!

Harlynn: I am able to scratch quite a few off my list today and the rest of the week to include Dolly Fox, Deauxma, Sally D’Angelo, Payton Hall, Brooke Tyler and more.

PornOCD: So how important have you found twitter for your career and porn in general?

Harlyyn:  Twitter has been huge for my career! It has allowed me to network with other people in the industry and as you can see my fans are SUPER supportive!!

PornOCD:   How much time do you try and spend keeping in touch with your fans?

Harlyyn:  I do so everyday!   I make myself available to them anytime I am awake! I have things such as KIK, snapchat and my phone number that I sell to be able to constantly keep in touch with my fans! Without them – I’d pretty much be nothing in this! It’s all about what they want or what they like! I am just here to please 🙂

PornOCD: So what is your favourite part of your body?

Harlyyn:  My boobs of course!

Harlyyn Rae

PornOCD: So what do you  notice first  a Hot Man or Hot Woman?

Harlyyn:  Definitely a hot woman!

PornOCD: What are your eyes drawn to first on a hot woman #Boobs #Ass #Legs ?

Harlyyn:  Boobs!!

PornOCD: What was the very last thing you bought yourself as a treat?

Harlyyn:  Lol oh boy! Hmm. I haven’t bought myself a treat in so long – but I do have a long list of wants lol!

PornOCD: How much of a challenge is it getting bras and bikinis to fit your big boobs?

Harlyyn:  Bras are very difficult being a 30k. I have to special order my bras and they take 2 weeks to even get them. For bikinis they are normally one size fits all – so it’s pretty easy 🙂

Harlyyn Rae

PornOCD: So lets get you thinking when was the last time you … Laughed, Cried, Swore and broke into song?

Harlyyn:  Lol!!! I love to laugh! So I can honestly say that I laugh everyday! Swore – that happens often, probably too often! And I like to think I am part of a Disney movie – I love breaking out into song!! I love to sing!

PornOCD:  What are the five things you could not live without?

Harlyyn:  My phone, my bubble bath time, music, sports and Coca Cola. Lol – wide range of needs.

PornOCD: Last question if you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead who would it be and why?

1. Anna Nicole Smith – because she always made me laugh because of the things that amused her.
2 Wayne Gretzky –  he’s the Great One and who wouldn’t want to go to dinner with a legend?!
3. Les Claypool – he is an AMAZING artist who is uber entertaining with so much energy and spirit!!

Harlyyn Rae

Harlyyn’s Amazon Wishlist  

Check out her vids on clipteez.com/harlyynrae

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