PornOCD Interviews Monte Cooper

PornOCD Interviews Monte Cooper

My very first interview on Adult DVD talk and I am so happy that it is with sexy inked Pornstar Monte Cooper.
Most people will have images of Australia in their head the sun, sea, surfing or the exotic creatures that is all about to change when you see Monte Cooper for the first time those images will be put into the back of your mind and her incredible body and sex appeal with consume your mind …. Sit back and enjoy my interview with Monte Cooper.

Monte Cooper

You’re an Aussie girl how was growing up in sunny Australia?

G’day! I absolutely am an Aussie girl! In fact, I grew up in Tropical Australia- right where the Great Barrier Reef is located, so it’s very humid and we have lots of cyclones! (AKA hurricanes) Very, very beautiful here though. Also can be very dangerous if you’re not sure what to look out for! Even the plants here can seriously hurt you… and don’t even get me started on the wildlife!

What was your first ambition for your life and career?

I’ve always, ALWAYS, wanted to be in front of, or behind, a camera (or cameras). I did lots of drama and acting classes as a young girl, and progressed into photography, which led me to start modelling and so on. I tried a bit of everything.

How important was school and education to you?

I was very good at school and loved being there, up until my last few years. I found it hard to focus and didn’t really fit in anywhere. I don’t think school even had a “niche” group for me to fit into anyway.

How popular were you with the boys?

Zero popularity! I had braces and either studied in the library or hid mostly. Very socially awkward!

Right tell us the story behind getting your very first tattoo.

My first tattoo was a symbol I created to represent the relationship with my very first Dom. (Dominant) Like a protection symbol. It was rather small in comparison now, and on my butt.

Monte Cooper

What music really connected with you and do you have a favourite album?

I listened to a lot of 80’s rock growing up, but now I listen to mainly hard house type stuff when I work out, metal is great just to blast whenever, and I like listening to a lot of chill out albums. But my taste in music is quite eclectic!

Can you remember the very first time you watched porn?

I actually can’t, you know, but I DO remember finding my dads Porn magazines, and thinking how incredibly beautiful the ladies were. I was fascinated by it all!.

I heard you describe yourself as BDSM lifestyler tell us more about that.

I think that’s the easiest way to describe to people what social circle I mould in with best. The Kink/ Fetish & BDSM community. We all have a “place” or “circle” in society, mine just seems to intimidate a lot of people for some reason. I think it’s fear of the unknown… and sometimes, when something is “different”, it can really throw some people’s ability to think openly about it, so they reject it.

BDSM is so incredibly diverse, intricate and layered, it’s hard to explain that there’s so much more to it than just crazy, kinky sex! For me though, I started my journey exploring the lifestyle at around 17 or 18 (mostly online to start with) and then just continued exploring dynamics that worked for me over the years. I identify specifically as an “Alpha submissive”, but right now, I’m starting to explore other parts of myself- the more Dominant parts- as I evolve as a person and grow.

Monte Cooper

So for those who are reading about you for the very first time describe yourself in 5 words.

Positive, stubborn, empathetic, honest & creative!

What was your very first job?

Haha! Great question! My very first job was at McDonalds… In FACT… I actually lost my virginity to my McManager! (I should have super sized that haha) 😉

Do you have a motto for life?

Be KIND to others… ALWAYS!!!!

…. And don’t be a stupid ass.

So how many tattoos and piercing do you have at the moment?

Right now? Piercings I have roughly 13 in… not including ears- haha they don’t count. But I’ve had WELL over 150 piercings total to date. Tattoos are a tricky one, because 1 tattoo could be the size of your entire leg and take 5 visits, or could be the size of a coin and done in 20 mins… so it’s hard to count them individually. But the HOURS you spend in the chair is usually how tattooed folk keep track, so I’d be up to around 120 hours now.

Monte Cooper

Right when did the idea of making a career in porn first hit your brain?

I’ve always, ALWAYS, wanted to be in Porn, I just didn’t think I could do it- or where to even start! But that all changed around 18 months ago and I’ve been going for it ever since! Best decision I’ve ever made, although, I wish I had decided to chase my dreams a long time ago!

Have you done any modelling work or was it straight to porn?

I was always that kid that had to get in every photo- I’ve always just loved being in front of the camera. I was a photographer for a while before I decided to try my luck in front of the lens, but I never did any professional modelling until around 18 months ago.

How did your very first hardcore boy girl scene with Aussie Ass come about?

Oh wow, I can’t even tell you how insanely nervous I was that day!! I just had no idea what to expect, what I was doing, who I was working with, whether I would do a good job etc… it was exciting and terrifying at the same time. My male co-star was really quite accommodating with guiding me through the scene and keeping his energy nice and calm, which made it easier for me to relax. Aussie Ass and I had actually corresponded for quite a long time before we shot that scene that day. (I think over a year!)

Needless to say, living on the total opposite end of the country has made it incredibly difficult to film regularly, but Aussie Ass have stayed in touch and I’m relocating their way very soon!

On the day of this shoot what emotions were you feeling?

Mostly conflicting ones, to be honest. Terror with excitement. Doubt with determination. Confidence with shyness. It was quite bizarre.

Monte Cooper

Australia only seems to have a very small porn industry looking from the outside in is this the case?

It’s very small, you are right about that! We are growing now though.

You shoot lots of content for your page is that a labour of love?

It absolutely is! I have a lot of creative ideas, whether they be sexual in nature or not, so I have to get them out somehow! Porn is such a huge part of my personal sex life, I love trying to create content that my viewers can actually USE in theirs. I incorporate my identity within the BDSM, kink & fetish lifestyle, and try to capture the more non- mainstream type content. I like the weird and filthy stuff.

So do you have plans to shoot porn in other locations across the world?

ABSOLUTELY! I’m ultimately aiming to work with some of the largest Kink producers in the world. They have been my muse, and of course, my masturbation material for years now! Haha

Do you think now that tattoos are far more part of society and more accepted than years back?

Oh yes! Without a doubt. Tattoo culture is much more acceptable now and some of the artistry is absolutely incredible!

Monte Cooper

So what do you do away from the bright lights and cameras of porn to relax?

I watch bulk animation marathons in the evenings. My brain just runs flat out all day long and I fill my schedule from start to finish with things to do, so I enjoy not having to think too much when I’m trying to wind down. Cartoons are a top choice. Kick boxing, heavy weight lifting or hiking are my others.

I have never met an Australian that doesn’t love sport is this the case with you?

Well, it depends I guess? I grew up watching NRL (Rugby League) but I don’t really follow it now. I’m more into MMA and boxing. Blood sports. Nothing like a good punch in the head to remind you you’re still alive, huh?

Who is your biggest celebrity crush at the moment?

Sheesh! This is the hardest question yet!! I would have to say Dita Von Teese- or Selena Gomez. Hands down.

Where is your dream one night stand?

In a dental clinic, preferably in the chair. (With a free check up too thank you!)

How often do you get chance to party with friends?

I don’t. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I went out OR partied with any friends. It just doesn’t interest or excite me any more like it used to. I have more fun exploring nature, or my body and its limits, or setting outrageous goals and seeing what results I get. haha trust me, sometimes I just make a big ol mess of an already outrageous idea, and end up with some crazy stories that really need to be in a book one day.

If someone gave you 1 million dollars and 24 hours to spend it what fun would you have?

Damn! There are so many things I would prefer to do with that kind of money other than waste it… but if it’s FUN on the menu, I guess I’d contact everyone I actually like from all around the country, jump everyone on first available flights to a big kick ass city where there’s heaps of stuff to do! And then try and do as MUCH random stuff as we all could fit in. Living in a small town makes it hard to spend that kind of cash! Even WITH additional help! haha.

Monte Cooper

How important do you find twitter to your career and porn in general?

I actually LOVE Twitter! No regulations on nudity or porn? WINNING! It means Adult Industry workers can share more of themselves and their careers with the world!

What can your loyal fans and your brand new fans look forward to seeing?

My first anal fisting scene! WOOH!

You mention in your twitter bio Say No To Domestic Violence is this an area of society you feel strongly about?

Without question, it’s an incredibly important topic to me. I am a SURVIVOR of multiple Domestic Violence relationships. I incurred some really horrific injuries and am lucky to still be here today.
(Cuts, bruises, broken jaw, dislocated hip, fractured pelvis, apartment set on fire thinking I was inside, threatened with knives/ weapons & constant mental/ spiritual/ emotional/ sexual/ financial and psychological abuse, are just a few things I experienced personally)

I use my platform now as an adult performer, to speak out about DV, how it affects individuals and families, raise awareness on the increasing statistics, encourage anyone involved in DV to reach out and seek help- whether they be the victim or the aggressor, get involved with charity events- or run my own- to raise much needed funds to help those who desperately need it, and to share my own story publicly- in the hopes it will help someone.

Reality is, I wasn’t always an adult film actress, I was a “normal” girl once too, yet I still experienced DV.
Domestic Violence does NOT discriminate! Get yourself INFORMED, get yourself safe ASAP and get yourself help- if you think you need it!

There’s so much we can all do as a community to reduce DV statistics, and I think TALKING about it is the first step. Let’s bring it out into the open and address the issue. Let’s create solutions!

Final question if you could have dinner with any three people alive or dead who would they be and why?

Dinner with the dead? haha Sounds like a bad title for a zombie Porno…
Let’s go:
1) Jim Carrey- incredibly intelligent, hilarious, open minded, trying to positively influence the world by showing people new ways to think, married a Pornstar, hasn’t ever been a celebrity known for their drama and all round interesting sounding human.
2) Quentin Tarantino- again, incredibly intelligent, creative, unique, successful, opinionated, risk taker. Would love to have a drink with that man.
3) Ellen Degeneres- an advocate for promoting love and positivity, encourages people to laugh and dance, gives back to the community, is hilarious, never gave up on her career, genuine, compassionate individual and I’d like to shake her hand.

Monte Cooper

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  1. I almost feel like I actually know beautiful Monte Cooper now. She’s a brilliant star. PornOCD asked so many questions I wanted to know the answers to. Great interview!

  2. Great read Monte. you naughty Angel.

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