Bree Mills Talks Pure Taboo

Porn Director Bree Mills Talks Pure Taboo with Captain Jack

Bree Mills is the perverted mind behind Girlsway and She has a lot of stories that bring you in with some depraved fantasy and she makes it come to life! Her latest venture is This gives her an opportunity to let her mind go to work with different storylines and let our minds wander. After all, this is entertainment, adult entertainment, so why not go for it? I recently had the chance to talk with Bree to discuss her new venture.

Pure Taboo

CJ: Tell me about Pure Taboo.

Bree: Pure Taboo is a project I’ve been working on for the better part of the last year. We ran a series called Pretty Dirty for a while. It’s something that I produced and I had a team that was directing it and putting it together. One of the things I realized in doing that project was that it wasn’t quite where I wanted to take the taboo genre. So we actually retired it last year and stepped in to start the Pure Taboo line. What I wanted to do is effectively take the way taboo is so often dealt with in adult, which is more or less like a comedy or a light hearted approach to dealing with taboo subjects, mostly as a way to make them digestible because oftentimes they have a dark or more controversial undertones. I understand why our industry does that but I wanted to challenge that. I especially feel that in today’s day and age, the quality of adult series has risen so much that It’s so close to mainstream entertainment. There are so many lines that are blurred and I wanted to push a project forward that would take taboo seriously. It would look at the subject matter from a more dramatic tone. So, essentially, I wanted to create the Law & Order of porn. We did some early tests which was mainly to give us an idea of how to steer the content. We used those early tests to create a new business image and it’s guided us ever since. We launched the site in September and the first DVD is hitting the shelves this month. She Is Half His Age was the first feature to launch. They are essentially one hour long episodes that tackle different taboo subjects which tackle everything from the faux-cest stuff to the corrupted teen stories and taboos related to different sex acts. Pretty much nothing is off limits. I try to make sure that each episode has multiple layers going on. What has emerged from this experience is that the project has quickly become a showcase for models doing dramatic work. It offers a platform for an adult performer to come in and do roles that they are never really given or given an opportunity to do infrequently. We are able to pull these amazing performances out of performers and showcase their abilities to do serious acting. The entire approach I take with models is I’m very much an actor’s director. I work with them to take the improv scripts that I do and bring them to life by doing adlibs and tweaking and fleshing out the characters, very much like a play. I’m very, very proud of the quality of the performances that have come out, not only the sex performances but also the character development and the acting. We couple that with the hyper-realist cinematography style we have that leads a lot of our audience wondering “am what I’m watching really happening?’ because it feels so real.

CJ: So Pretty Dirty is no longer?

Bree: We stopped producing new scenes for that line last spring. The site is still available as bonus, archived content with the new Pretty Dirty website and there are still DVD’s being produced under that old label.

CJ: Getting back to Pure Taboo, do you have readings for the roles or do you pretty much have an actress in mind and have her come in to play the part?

Bree: One of the things that we are very specific about with this series is the casting. How I like to work is, most of our episodes feature a character, a younger, female character, 18-22 type of age range. I do tend to focus on performers that fall into that category but I do have a target list of who I want to work with based on what I’ve seen them do in the past. Also, what their personalities are like, just getting a gage of where I want to challenge them. When I bring them onto the set and work with them and we’ve had a good experience, then they’ll become a part of our cast. A lot of the Pure Taboo cast are people who come back and do different characters. For some examples, Kristen Scott is somebody I’ve worked with on Girlsway and I knew she was a good actress and a good performer to work with in my style of directing. She loved it and responds very well to my direction. So I knew in launching Pure Taboo that she is somebody that I would want to bring on and I’ve shot her in 3 or 4 scenes at this point. She does an amazing job. Jill Kassidy is another one who I discovered. I knew she was rising within the industry, I started to hear her name a lot, started to see her shoot with a lot of companies, and she had a strong sexual performance and energy to her. I had no idea about her acting but I brought her on and really liked working with her. I’ve shot her 3 or 4 times as well. That is the case with quite a few actors. Once you’re in my rolodex, you’re part of the cast.

CJ: Instead of using ‘steps’ are any characters going to be family members? I think it’s time to remake Taboo from the 80s!

Bree: There are certain restrictions that I do have to respect. There are certain layers of compliance you have to respect when it comes to controversial subject matters, especially incest stuff. I have to respect the banks and what they have to say because they might shut it down. The way we approach family relation stories is we will establish in the story before any sex starts that it is not an actual blood relation. I get what I need to do for compliance which is one or two mentions but it isn’t ‘stepdad’, ‘stepdad’, ‘stepdad’ all throughout the scene. I just do what I need to do to preserve the fantasy but don’t highlight it. We still have to clarify that it is faux-cest vs. real incest but I try to do it in a way that is within the natural dialogue so that it isn’t forced or force-fed for those fans. We do what we need to do but we don’t overdo it. I spend a lot of time producing taboo content so I have a pretty good feel on the types of things that the fanbase is interested in. For example, they like to know a little bit about backstory. They like to fantasize about a character who has a relationship going on for a long time. They like the history. So I try to take the movie’s cues and incorporate them into the dialogue so that you can tell a lot and you can get the backstory without even mentioning the dad/daughter thing through the conversation. So I like to tackle it that way whenever I’m writing or working with the actors.

CJ: So you write all the stories yourself?

Bree: How it works with Pure Taboo is I write all the episodes, I co-direct all the episodes with Craven Morehead, who’s my creative partner in the project and he’s a long-time producer/director, and we have a real close knit crew as well. It’s very much a selective approach to bringing this to life so everyone from our cameramen to our PA’s, we all come up with storylines. We’re very much a collective in how we approach it and very much a team effort. With Girlsway, we create an entire volume of content because we do 5 updates a week now. Our scenes for that site are a combination of stuff that we crowd source. 50% of the stories, we get directly from our members. And then Alan and I usually divvy up the remaining writing tasks. And we have a very solid team behind us as well who identifies good trends and all that stuff.

CJ: Is Pure Taboo going to take you away from Girlsway at all?

Bree: I run Gamma Films, which is our production company, and we produce well over 100 scenes a month. People usually just associate me with Girlsway because I was more on the front end in terms of building that brand. But I’ve been producing a lot of other stuff for a long time. With Girlsway, it’s gotten to a point where it grew and it’s a success, which is amazing, where I have Stills by Alan who’s an exclusive contract director, and he spearheads a lot of the Girlsway projects now. He’s our main director for the site, apart of where he and I co-direct stuff, it’s really his show in terms of bringing the content to life. He’s very involved with our fans and he is a large part of a whole team we have working on that site. That allows me to give the time and energy into building a new project. That’s kind of what I do; I create something, build it up to a point, get a team that can run it and then I look at the next thing. With Girlsway, I’m there but I don’t have to be quite as hands on as I used to and it allows me to come in and be really hands on with Pure Taboo which is our new little baby.

CJ: How long does it take to film a typical movie?

Bree: We shoot mostly standalone episodes, about one hour episodes, and I try to structure them the same way a television should would be structured. Each production is a day. We’ll take a day to work out each episode. I’ve done one feature so far which is a 3-part feature. Within the 3 parts, there were 6 sex scenes so it’s kind of like a regular big feature and I believe we shot that over 5 or 6 days.

Lana Rhoades at Pure Taboo

CJ: What else is coming up on Pure Taboo? What can the fans look forward to?

Bree: Some exciting stuff! We have a great lineup of episodes coming up before the end of the year featuring some of the biggest stars in the industry. One of the great things about working on this is within the industry itself, it is really building a reputation of being a place for models who want to showcase their acting so we’ve been able to get great names tied in to our episodes. Angela White has done an episode. Adriana Chechik has had a couple of episodes. Piper Perri is one of my favorites and she’s been great. Jill Kassidy, as I mentioned before. And really strong male actors as well because that’s an equal part of the equation. I’ve been fortunate to have a really good cast of male talents. Small Hands, I love to work with. Xander Corvus, of course. Mick Blue, we’ve shot him and we’re shooting him again. Over the rest of this year, we have these big names coming out but I also like to offer opportunities for up-and-coming talent who are interested to also show early on in their careers some of their acting chops. Kenzie Reeves, is a performer who I recently shot and was very pleased with. Cadey Mercury is another one who I really felt put in a strong performance. Aubrey Sinclaire I shot like three or four scenes at this point. It’s a good mix of well-established, higher profile A-listers and also some of the most talented up-and-coming performers. We’ve also just hired Joanna Angel, a well known director and producer and performer, to come and do a guest directing gig for us. One of my visions for Pure Taboo in the long run is to really open up the site and series to not just feature the work that I do but also to showcase the work of other high profile producers who are interested in tackling this medium. Joanna has written a script, obviously with a taboo subject, and direct it with our crew and Craven and I are going to be producers on the project. So it’s all going to be the Pure Taboo style but it’s going to be Joanna’s take on it. And that’s going to come out in early spring next year. And then I’m looking forward to hopefully opening the door for other producers to take this approach. Again, I’m trying to emulate as much as possible what you see happening in mainstream entertainment because I feel like I want to bridge these gaps. There are shows out there that have a clear-cut vision and style but then you have directors come in and give their spins on them. That’s really what I want Pure Taboo to eventually be. I think it would be really interesting.

CJ: This sounds like a really great project!

Bree: I think the most important thing that I want to get out is that there is so much talent in our industry when it comes to the acting side of our work that it falls under many of the same stigmas as other aspects of adult. People think adult work doesn’t matter or they’re mattress actresses or it’s not really worth it but I’m so incredibly proud in what we’ve been able to showcase. I really want to try and use this project to showcase the talent of these young women especially. To show this other side of their careers which is really worth exploring and interesting in addition to sex performances and how they look and all that stuff. I think the power of acting in adult, if I can put out any manifesto, is to have people who are fans of their actresses see them in a way they have never, ever seen them before. Not to just crush on them and find them attractive and enjoy their sex performances but also to say, ‘She did a really good job! I’m really interested in watching that content!’ We’ve seen so much positive response to the project so far, the more I can get that word out, the better. Especially if catches the eye of other performers, then I’ll be really happy.

CJ: How can they follow what’s coming up?

Bree: We’ll be releasing 1—2 DVD’s a month under Pulse Distribution, they’ll be 2 episodes per disk. Twitter is the best way to follow and keep abreast. We do cast photos every day we shoot to let them know who’s working with us. We tease upcoming content and other news. On Twitter, we’re @PureTaboocom and the website is

Pure Taboo

Bree Mills Movies

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