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Captain Jack Interviews Missy Martinez

I originally met Missy at the AEE Expo in Vegas in January. We finally hooked up recently for a wide ranging talk. Missy has been in the industry for 6 years now and she shows no signs of slowing down! She’s an exotic looking babe who has her first showcase movie coming out next month.

Missy Martinez

Captain Jack: Tell me about Missy Martinez.

Missy Martinez: I’m a true Cali girl, born and raised in Southern California which I know is pretty rare for the industry. (laughs) I’m really close with my family, I was a good Christian girl. I was actually home schooled so I was extremely sheltered which might explain a few things. I graduated high school early, when I was 16, started college and got my college degree, so I’m a little bit more than just a pretty pink butthole. (laughs) My training’s in autopsy so I deal with a different kind of boner.

CJ: So it’s true that when guys die, they get hard?

Missy: It’s from the rigor, every part of your body will get rigid but that goes away after 12 hours. That’s how they can confirm the time of death. There are other things that go into it like temperature but that’s the general rule.

CJ: You’re birthday’s tomorrow (at the time of this interview) can I ask how old you are?

Missy: I’m going to be 29 so I’m a grandma. (laughs)

CJ: How long have you been in porn?

Missy: This is going to be my 6th year in porn. I started when I was 23.

CJ: What’s your ethnicity?

Missy: I’m Mexican, German, Greek and Hopi Indian. I’m a total mutt.

CJ: You have a great body, do you follow a workout routine?

Missy: I would usually say anorexia but I love spinning. I’m a big spin bike enthusiast. It also helps with the on-top positions, it helps with quad strength.

Missy Martinez

CJ: Were you with girls before the industry also?

Missy: I was never actually with a girl before porn but I’ve always been attracted to women. I’ve always had that ‘Oh, she’s pretty’ kind of thing but I always thought that other girls would not be into me. But I am as bi as the day is long! Sometimes I’d rather have a pussy in my face than a cock in my mouth. When I started in porn, I did girl/girl only for two years. That was my bread and butter. I got to satisfy my Sapphic desires. That’s still my favorite type of scene to shoot. That’s why my website, MissyMartinez.com is girl/girl only. I know that no matter what, I’m going to have a good time on set.

CJ: Did you start with girl/girl because you wanted to experience other women or was there another reason?

Missy: I was also just dipping my toe into the industry at the time. I was actually with a boyfriend at a convention when it was Erotica LA at the LA Convention Center years ago. I was the cool girlfriend where I would watch porn with my boyfriend and stuff like that. We went as fans to get some autographs and people kept coming up to me because they thought I was a porn star. I had big boobs and I had a dress on and I thought ‘Wow, if that’s the only requirements for porn, then sign me up!’ I looked into it for my comfortability factor and I did some research. I started doing girl/girl and didn’t want to do boy/girl without knowing the ropes. I figured that if I liked girl/girl then I’d continue in. It kind of took off. I got my AVN my first year in for Digital Playground’s Cherry 2 for Best All Girl Sex Scene. I thought ‘OK, let’s take this to the next level’ and then I started touching wieners.

CJ: When did you learn the power of the pussy?

Missy: I actually never understood that or knew how to exploit that, shall we say, for evil purposes. But men were always polite for me, they’d open the door for me. I always joke around to this day that I don’t know how to open a door for myself. But I actually never used my womanly wiles for gain. But then I got into the industry and realized I could just bat my eyes and say pretty please and bounce my titties up and down a couple of times. I think women could take over the world if we could just jump up and down on a trampoline for an hour.

CJ: Before you got into porn, were you promiscuous?

Missy: I actually wasn’t, it was exactly the opposite. I was a good girl. I was looking for a man to love me but I never really had any serious relationships. Porn has helped me to learn my own sexuality and what I like because I was very timid. I didn’t know what I liked and what got me off. In porn, I was able to sample the buffet. Before porn, I never did anal and I’m a big butt slut now. So thank you porn!

Missy Martinez

CJ: Was there any nervousness when you started filming? I mean all these people are there watching you fuck. What was your first scene like?

Missy: I remember my first scene ever, it was for L Factor. It was directed by Dana Dane. I don’t even think she’s around anymore, I know L Factor isn’t. I answered an ad on Craig’s List, that’s how long ago this was. That was before I knew about agencies and all that. You never answer a porn ad on Craig’s List if you want to keep your organs intact! (laughs) I did that and there was a shoot in downtown LA. There was a girl named Rose, I don’t think she did any other scenes. She was 2 hours late because her car broke down. She showed up and her hands were covered in oil from the car. So my first scene was the worst experience ever. I was super nervous, you can actually see in the video that I was shaking. I got into my head that I’m going to do to her what feels good on me and that’s all she wrote. She was getting into it and she was making a noise when I was doing something so I just kept doing it. Go with the flow of a woman’s body. It was fun!

CJ: You said you read her body language. However, isn’t girl/girl sex really different off-camera than on? Off-camera, you dive in there and really go nuts whereas on film, you can’t go in too deep so that the camera can see everything. How long did it take you to relax enough to cum?

Missy: That’s an extremely good point. You can’t move too much because the people at home need to see. They probably might like to see. It’s very hard, at least it was for me, to climax during girl/girl scenes because they couldn’t get in at the angle that I needed. That’s when you get creative by getting on top or working out your tongue. My tongue can bench press a 5 pound barbell. (laughs) So you learn little tricks. There are going to be some days on set where you just can’t get off but that happens. I’ve learned to accept that but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

CJ: When you started doing boy/girl, did you feel the same nervousness that you felt when you first did girl/girl?

Missy: It was the exact same thing. I was extremely nervous. It was for Mofo’s and I flew down there and it was a boy/girl/girl with Calvin Callaway and Nikki Delano. She’s still a good friend of mine to this day. I was her first girl/girl scene and she was my first boy/girl scene. I was really nervous and had to shake myself out of it. I thought, ‘I had sex before, I’ve had a penis inside of me so I know what to do!’ It was one of those amateur things where it looks like the guy is holding the camera but he really isn’t. One of those POV type things. It was just fun. I just let myself go and made sure I looked pretty while I was getting fucked.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Missy: On camera, I like doggie. I think I look really, really good in doggie with the tits bouncing. At home, I like to be as lazy as possible and do missionary. I think it might be also because that’s the position I do least on camera.

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Missy: I did my first DP for Adult Empire, my showcase movie that’s coming out. My one and only DP. It’s called Missy Martinez Fucked Ra, the whole Egyptian thing. I chose James Deen and Erik Everhard. I trust both of them and knew they’d take care of me. I was really nervous because I only did it with toys and never two cocks. It was a test of wills. I was super nervous and was almost crying in the bathroom before we shot it because I didn’t know what to expect. And I went out there and thought that I had a dick in my ass before. And I’ve had a dick in my pussy before so we’re just going to combine them together. It was the easiest thing in the world, it was super fun.

Missy Martinez Fucked Ra

CJ: If it was super fun, why aren’t you going to do anymore?

Missy: I wanted to have something that’s super special. I wanted to set Missy Martinez Fucked Ra apart from the rest.  If you want to see me do that and it’s not with toys, you have to get that one. There’s not going to be anymore. It’s an exclusivity thing. Even though it was really enjoyable, I want to keep it special.

CJ: You looked amazing in Fuck The Police!

Missy: Thank you. Lily Cade said she wrote the lesbian drug lord role for me. (laughs) It was super fun. I love Lily. She has a great vision and she’s a true girl/girl performer. She knows her shit. Any scene with her in it, you’re going to have a good time. She manhandles me better than men.

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Missy wet?

Missy: I’m extremely dominant with women but I’m submissive with men. I’m trying to break out of that a little bit more. I’ve only had a couple scenes where I’ve been more dominant with men. Right now, I’m trying to experiment with a few things. In my personal life, not on camera, I like to be choked, I like to be slapped…I like to be the ultimate submissive. When there’s a trust factor, I think that’s super hot.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Missy: It usually comes down to how much time I have. Luckily, when I’m not shooting, I webcam so when I’m on cam, I’m guaranteed to cum.

CJ: What’s the preferred method?

Missy: Hitachi, hands down. Even though one exploded and electrocuted me. I got a new one. I tried to stay away from it but I couldn’t.

CJ: How did it explode?

Missy: It was a default they had. It happens to a lot of girls. The end part where it connects to the base of the Hitachi, it will start to bend. When it frays a little bit, it becomes an electrical spark. I was using it on set for my website with Abby Lee Brazil. I plugged it in and turned it on before I used it on her. She has a clit piercing so that would have gone really bad. It burned my hand, I was on TMZ for it. It could have gone much worse.

CJ: You said you watched porn before you joined the industry, what’s your favorite genre?

Missy: It’s not really a genre, but I loved anything with Tera Patrick in. I was a huge Tera Patrick fan. It’s funny, we’re friends now. I call her Mama Kitty. I bought my first feature dance outfit from here. It’s funny that someone I watched have sex so often that I can now text anytime I want.

CJ: Do you still watch porn now that you’re in the industry?

Missy: Not as much because it’s weird because everyone’s my friend and I know these people. Every once in a while, I’ll watch when one of my male booty call friends come over. Lately, my big thing is to watch extreme anal or really aggressive gangbangs. I’m a big fan of Adriana Chechik. She’s insane, I love her!

Missy Martinez

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Missy: On screen, I think it looks better on my tits. Hey, if I’m going to spend $7000, you’re going to cum on them, mother fucker. (laughs) In my personal life, I love creampies. There’s something super dirty and submissive about letting him cum deep inside your hole.

CJ: Speaking of your tits, what size are they?

Missy: 34 DDD.

CJ: What were they before?

Missy: They were small C’s.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done off-camera?

Missy: I’ve had a girl spit in my mouth non-stop. All over my face and in my mouth and I was just swallowing her spit. Off-camera, I think I get kinkier because there’s not all the rules you have in porn.

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you still want to live out on camera?

Missy: I always wanted to do a forced orgasm where you’re tied up and forced to cum over and over again. It goes back to the whole letting go and giving up control thing again. I’m just a control freak I guess. (laughs)

CJ: If you could magically go back and talk to Missy before her first scene, what would you tell her?

Missy: Yes, I was totally not camera ready for my first scene. There’s such a thing as normal thin and then porn thin. I was not even normal thin. I was not prepared to be on camera. All women will have those things where ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have eaten that!’ That’s the biggest thing, I would have looked better when I first started.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Missy: That I can take pretty big things in my butthole. Some things where afterwards I say, ‘Damn, that was inside me?’ After I fit a big thing, I’ll think, ‘Now what else can I fit in there?’

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Missy: I’m a hardcore gamer. I have a PS4 and I love first person shooters and RPG’s. A lot of people know that but don’t know how serious I take it. I’ve been gaming since I was 8. I also like Netflix and wine.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Missy: I love Korean and Japanese revenge films. I’m a weird girl.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Missy: House of Cards, Bob’s Burgers, Adult Swim.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Missy: Surprisingly, I love gangster rap.

CJ: What’s your favorite thing about porn?

Missy: I’m just more sexually liberated. All the fans and all the people that I’ve made cum along the way, I think it’s done more for me sexually than my fans and supporters. And I never realized that until this conversation. I’ve never thought about what it’s done for me. So thank you for that.

CJ: What does the future hold for Missy Martinez? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Missy: Hopefully, I’m still alive. That’s always a good thing. With this showcase movie, I had a big role in setting things up and casting so I think I got that director bug a little bit. I think as a performer, you have a perspective that not all directors have. I think I would like to take my twisted and perverted mind and use that behind the camera.

Missy Martinez

CJ: When does your showcase come out?

Missy: It’s available for preorder right now on adultempire.com right now. It’s slated to be released this fall before the AVN and XBiz deadline. Also, I’m being molded for Doc Johnson’s pocket pussy line. That’s happening August 4 so you can have my mouth, pussy and ass at your fingertips.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Missy: On Twitter, I’m @MissyXMartinez. Instagram is also @MissyXMartinez. My website is www.missymartinez.com I’m also on Sex Panther if you want my phone number so we can sext each other and you can get my pictures.

Missy Martinez Pics, Movies

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