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Keith Mason Interviews Mia Li

Mia Li

Keith: Let’s start at the beginning: Can you tell us how you entered the adult industry initially ?

Mia Li: I first dove into the industry by way of camming. As a webcam model I became quickly aware of how sex drives so many people, and so I started starring in adult film.

Keith: Where you were raised and how would you describe yourself growing up ?

Mia Li: I am grew up an extremely conservative Filipino family, which was somewhat trying as I was and am exceedingly independent. Growing up I was determined, passionate, and extremely dorky. Three things I still very much am today.

Keith: Can you tell us about some of the movies you have appeared in thus far ?

Mia Li: I starred in Penthouse’s Asian Sex Sorority and Hustler’s It’s Not a Supernatural Parody. I loved shooting these two scenes because a script was involved for both. The thespian in me eats that up.

Mia Li

Keith: How do you pick which movies to be in ? What draws you to a project ? Do you want to do features or gonzo or does it matter ?

Mia Li: Currently, I am very open to many scenes because I want to explore as many facets of the industry as well as sexuality that I can. A project turns me on when I know there is a great concept behind it or if I have the gut feeling that it will turn out to be a well executed scene. I love both features and gonzo scenes because they portray sex in two very nuanced ways.

Keith: What’s the hottest scene you’ve ever shot ?

Mia Li: The hottest scene I ever shot was a Fucked and Bound for Kink.com because it was my first BBG. I was spoiled rotten the day after my birthday when I got that scene and was told I had two cocks to dance with in front of the camera.

Keith: Do you have interest in directing or doing anything behind the scenes ?

Mia Li: I have a tremendous interest in directing and doing anything behind the scenes. One of my favorite things to do on set is watch all the moving parts of production at work: the director, PAs, set designers, etc…all working together to immortalize great sex.

Mia Li

Keith: What are your interests and hobbies outside of work ?

Mia Li: Fitness plays a huge part of my life because you only really get one meatsack. I love to run, cycle, swim, practice yoga, and rock climb. Also, I’m a huge nerd and try to read and write when I can.

Keith: How about favorites – favorite movies, T.V. shows, musical artists ?

Mia Li: My favorite shows are Community, Archer, and anything Joss Whedon is behind. My favorite movies would have to be The Avengers and the movies leading up to The Avengers. My current playlist includes Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, and Our Last Night.

Are there any future projects that you would like to promote ? What are you currently working on movie ?

Mia Li: I hope to further my writing career and mainstream acting. I’d love to have a comic book done on myself, “hint hint” LOL You can check out my blog at blogger under The Euphemistic Minister. You can watch my AVN LIVE interview now, it’s up at avn.com. My Twitter is; @lovemiali

Mia Li

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  1. hello mia li !! introduce the name I maulana, I’m one of those Indonesian, video enthusiasts are you even I love you, the first time I see the video you I fell in love, I know you’re from the Philippines and a career in America I hope to meet you beautiful, greetings from maulana came from relatives of southeast asia Indonesia

  2. Things in porno I don’t particularly care for are spanking, and tats and rear entry. One thing I like the best are legs … especially calves… and you have some great calves. You are one of my favorite porn actors. Keep up the good work.

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