Mia Li Talks With Captain Jack

Captain Jack interviews Mia Li

Mia Li is a cute Asian girl who has been in the business for over a year. She shoots a lot of content for Kink.com and is branching out into more mainstream porn. I had the opportunity to talk with her and I hope you enjoy!

Mia Li

Captain Jack: Tell me about Mia Li. What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, etc.

Mia Li: I grew up in New York; I’m from Queens. I grew up in a very conservative Filipino household. And I didn’t fit the mold because I’m very independent and self-aware. (laughs) Like I’m not afraid to explore myself and whatnot. My parents were from the Philippines which means they were very conservative and wanted to stick with their own culture.

CJ: How old are you?

Mia: I’m 24.

CJ: I’m surprised that you grew up and lived there until you were 18 and you don’t even have a New York accent.

Mia: I didn’t speak English for a long time. I always had English as a second language up until the 5th or 6th grade then I started being social. But I didn’t speak English for a long time.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry?

Mia: About a year and two months.

CJ: That long? I just looked you up on IAFD and they only have 3 movies listed for you!

Mia: That’s because my scenes are getting released very slowly. I record every scene I’ve done in a little book and I’ve done 61 scenes. I’m just waiting for the right time to explode. I have a very strong webcam presence. I cam on www.kinklive.com but once I start producing content, and I just got off the phone with a webmaster, it’s going to be fun. I have all this momentum and I’m just waiting for content to be released.

Mia Li

CJ: Is the webcamming in the BDSM realm or is it regular webamming?

Mia: When I started out, I was very dom, I wanted to stick to the fetish. But, honestly, it’s such a welcoming site that I just needed an excuse to get off everyday with cool people. It’s a great excuse to masturbate and have fun. It’s such a chill place.

CJ: You’re very cute, when did you lose your virginity?

Mia: (laughs) Too late! I was 18, dude! I was so into fucking books and shit in high school. I was too busy being a dork.

CJ: Is there a good story behind it?

Mia: Oh my God, great story! (laughs) I had a boyfriend who was in the military and I followed him to his college in Wisconsin. I got a scholarship there and graduated. He finally came home from Iraq and we hadn’t seen each other in two years. We were so pent up and we were going to do it and it was going to be great! We were both virgins and we were going to lose our virginity to each other. Perfect!

We had both watched porn and shit but we didn’t know how to fuck. Watching and doing are two different things! We masturbated to it but we didn’t know how to fuck yet. He sneaks me into his military base barracks because that’s all he had. Everyone knows what’s up because he’s back from Iraq and he has a chick in his car. So we sneak into his room and it appears he doesn’t have a roommate. There are two tiny bedrooms but it’s like a dorm situation. Everything is clean and empty and this is a signal to us to have a lot of noisy sex, probably noisier than it should have been in this military barracks. I learned so much about sex that day because I had a lot of bad sex the first time I had sex. It was awful. Like, ‘oh, you need to spit. A lot. To make blowjobs awesome.’ And that lube is your best fucking friend. And I was sooo noisy. GOD! I was noisy! I was fucking him from on top and he was telling me to be quiet and I said, ‘you don’t have a fucking roommate’ and started banging on the walls. And the next day, we found out, he did have a roommate and he came by to say hello after the 8th time we had sex. (laughs) And that was the first time I ever had sex. We learned to have really good sex eventually.

Mia Li

CJ: Were you with girls before porn?

Mia: Yes, just barely before I started. I was too busy with college and stuff that I didn’t fool around a lot even though I really love pussy. I know that for a fact, that I’m bisexual. I’ve known that forever. Me and my guy best friend, we went to a swinger’s club and I found this chick who was there with her boyfriend. She was so beautiful. She had a face that Jesus would cum on. She was hot. And her titties were big and fake and nicely shaped. Her body was very voluptuous with a nice tan because she was from Arizona. And it was strange because everytime I thought about fucking a woman, she was taller than me but this girl was my fucking height. She was perfect for fucking and it was really fun. We had sex a lot and then the four of us swapped and it was great. A few days later, I invited her over to my place and we had a foursome. It was really good. (laughs)

CJ: Even though you got a late start at 18, at what age did you learn the power of the pussy? That you could get men to do stuff with just a smile?

Mia: Oh my God! I think every little girl knows from the get-go. From the time she’s a cute little girl and everyone fawns all over her, that’s when you find out that the power exists. And then you grow up and you’re not cute anymore because you’re not a little kid or you become gorgeous and people continue giving you shit because you’re pretty. Luckily for me, I was fucking fat as shit. I saw that behavior and said ‘I’m not a fucking Princess but I’m going to be valued for my person and not my looks.’ But then I got hot in college.

CJ: Have you ever used your looks to gain special favors?

Mia: I use it when a cop pulls me over and I’m really nice and adorable to get out of tickets but I’m not one to abuse what people find attractive. That’s not my thing. I’m a very ethical person.

Mia Li

CJ: How and why did you decide to get into the adult industry?

Mia: So, after college, I was doing nothing in the summer, so I started to webcam to make some extra money. From there, some agents contacted me. The first agent I had was kind of sketchy but now I’m finally with ATMLA and they take care of me.

CJ: Does your family know what you do?

Mia: Some of my family does, like my cousins. But my parents don’t. I tell them I’m in production and leave it at that. I feel that they would rather not know.

CJ: Were you aware of the social stigma attached to being a porn star and did that influence your decision in one way or the other?

Mia:  I knew there was no going back. When you’re in a certain job in a certain profession, you have to have parts of yourself and you can’t always be sexual. When I transitioned to porn and saw it as an opportunity to be paid to be myself. But it also didn’t cut me off from other opportunities. Like I’m writing, I’m putting my English degree to use and I’m also dabbling in the mainstream a little bit. And I’m really, really happy that I made that transition.

CJ: So what was your first scene like? You were sexually experienced but it’s different with all these people around watching you fuck!

Mia: It was fine. I’m a fucking professional! I knew there was going to be a camera guy there; I knew there was going to be a lighting guy there and tons of people working. All that mattered was how I performed on-camera; the chemistry I had with my male talent and how I can hear direction from the director while I’m still fucking. So I’m really good to work with because I don’t let that bother me at all. It doesn’t bother me that people are watching me fuck—I had sex on a pool table in a swinger’s club. I have nothing to hide, I don’t give a fuck. (laughs)

Mia Li

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Mia: It depends on the shape of the dick. It’s so fucking true, man. Everyone’s cock shape is different! So whenever I’m fucking a guy, I tell him I need to see what his dick looks like before he puts it in me so I know how to get off.

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Mia: I have one with kink.com for Fucked and Bound which took place the day after my birthday last May. It was an amazing scene. I never had so much sex off camera than in that fucking scene. (laughs)

CJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Mia wet?

Mia: People who take their fucking time. I like to be teased. I like to be made really, really frustrated and horny so that when I pounce on someone’s cock I’m voracious. Sometimes when someone skips a step like eating me out or even undressing me, I’m like, ‘you are wasting time where you could make me so wet and so horny for your dick.’

CJ: How often do you cum, if ever, during a scene?

Mia: Again, it depends on the shape of the dick. (laughs) No matter the shape, in porn, you have to open up for the camera. That’s why I like fucking off camera because you can scratch that itch. But I’ve had up to 5 on-camera before. (laughs)

CJ: You mentioned a couple of times about the shape of the cock, what’s the preferred shape for you?

Mia: Preferably 7” because I have a small Asian pussy. I don’t need something giant and unnecessary, so 6-7” is great. And curved a bit upward so it hits my spot perfectly.

CJ: Is it weird having sex with older men?

Mia: I wouldn’t say that. For me, it’s how well you can show up on a set and perform well. Because we’re all professionals shooting porn. We can have a great fucking time and have sex and it’s just work.

CJ: What’s the oldest guy you’ve been with off-camera?

Mia:  37.

Mia Li

CJ: Where’s the most uncomfortable place you’ve had sex?

Mia: I don’t know. I’m pretty comfortable whenever I’m having sex. (laughs) I guess the sketchiest place I’ve ever had sex was Balboa Park in San Diego because there were people all over the place. (laughs)

CJ: Do you watch your own scenes?

Mia: Not really. I know what I look like when I’m having sex. (laughs) When you webcam, you see every fucking single second of yourself because it’s being played right back. I don’t need to see it.

CJ: How often do you masturbate besides when you webcam?

Mia: Oh geez. If I have a day off, I can masturbate all day.

CJ: Favorite method? Hands? Toys? Hitachi?

Mia: So my clit is ridiculously tiny so I love my Hitachi and I have a black dildo.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Mia: I love feeling a cock pulsate inside of me. And then if I’m feeling mean, I can crunch on it and know exactly what I’m doing! (laughs) It’s so fucking fun, I love that.

CJ: Are you going to do anal?

Mia: Hell yeah. Scene 101 will be anal. I’m doing 100 scenes first.

CJ: Do you do anal in your personal life?

Mia: I do. I’ve been training my butt when I masturbate. My butt’s kind of small so I can’t take a big cock yet but it will definitely happen and it’ll be fucking great.

CJ: Do you have a boyfriend or spouse?

Mia: No, I’m fucking free. I’d rather have some cool guy friends and girl friends who like to have sex.

CJ: That begs a follow-up question…can I be a friend?

Mia: (laughs)

CJ: How often do you have sex off camera?

Mia: I wish it was more but about 3 times a week.

CJ: What’s your ultimate sexual fantasy and do you want to live it out on camera?

Mia: I love orgies because they’re all about me. (laughs) 3 guys and 3 girls and just let me cum a lot!

CJ: What do you look for in a guy off camera?

Mia: He has to be intelligent and take care of his body. I’m an athlete. I fucking run, bike, swim, hike. So he has to keep up with me. And I like someone who isn’t vacant. He has to be able to talk to me.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? I think you just answered this but what are your hobbies and interests?

Mia: I’m very outdoorsy. I love rock climbing and I love going to the beach and body surfing. It’s part of the fitness thing but I love my body working very well. That’s one of the reasons I love being in porn because it’s all about my body, being able to move and fuck well.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Mia: I like a lot of shit but music-wise, I play the ukulele. I like classic rock; I like alternative stuff, lots of different stuff.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Mia: Currently, I love Guardians of the Galaxy. And I love the Avengers.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Mia: I love Archer.

CJ: Do you play video games?

Mia: Very poorly. I don’t invest in games. I read a lot.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Mia: Oh my God. So basically I just finished a scene last week and there were these two guys who I worked with previously. It was at Kink and when you shoot for them, they put you up in a dorm room. So I saw these two guys outside and I pointed at them, then pointed at me and we went back to my room and fucked. It was awesome. It was great.

Mia Li

CJ: What does the future hold? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Mia: I’m going to have stuff up on YouTube, I know that for sure. I’m going to have stuff in porn and mainstream because I don’t just do one thing.

CJ: Any upcoming scenes that your fans can look forward to?

Mia: I have a foot worship scene on kink.com that’s going to be awesome. And I also did an Electro-foot thing that’s going to be really hot. It’s a fetish and I am getting electrocuted but it felt so good. I’ve never been pushed that hard or made to feel that awesome. Those will be coming out soon.

CJ: Are you more submissive or dominant?

Mia: I’m a switch. I can be both like nobody’s business.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Mia: On Twitter and Instagram, I’m @LoveMiaLi My Tumblr, which is now launched, is MiaLiTheEntertainer

Mia Li Movies

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  1. She is a real Cutie..love the natural athletic , healthy looking girks. Mia if you read this, please stay away from all the trendy tattoo bullshit. Just be your bad little Flip sexy self that you know how to be. Now get out there and make some hot scenes for papi.

    **smacks but, in the go getum’ tiger kind of way.


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