Transsexual Starlet Interviews: Iris Indigo

Wendy Williams Interviews Iris Indigo

Iris Indigo

Wendy: When did you start to identify as a Transsexual woman?

Iris: I started identifying myself as a girl when I was 4, and I started cross dressing when I was 7. One of my earliest memories is my parents telling me that I was a boy and that I was always going to be a boy, and that I couldn’t change that. I guess I showed them wrong there.

Wendy: How was growing up for you, were you bullied or experience any issues regarding you being feminine or “gay”?

Iris: In one word, it was awkward. Yeah I did get bullied a lot in school, and was called many slurs. Even when I was a boy I was very androgynous and small in stature so I was a pretty easy target for people like that.

Wendy: How did you choose the name Iris Indigo?

Iris: The name Iris actually came to me in a dream long before I transitioned so I’ve always gone as “Iris,” that’s how my friends and everyone knows me. I guess you could say Indigo is my favorite color and it sounded catchy so I went with it.

Wendy: You are new to the Adult Industry, what made you decide to start doing adult work?

Iris: Yes I am. It was something I thought about for a long time, and a lot during my transition. I’ve always had a little wild side to me and doing porn just seemed to that and fit my lifestyle. I also thought it might be helpful to other trans girls to see that you can be just as comfortable with your body as any biologically female woman.

Iris Indigo

Wendy: When you watch porn what type of porn turns you on? Any specific pornstars that you like to watch?

Iris: To be honest I don’t watch porn so much now that I do it, all I pay attention to is the lighting, the set and the acting. I guess I more so watch it as a professional than as a consumer. But I had a girlfriend and we watched porn together, we watched a lot of storyline porn and we also watched bisexual porn. I do like watching Bailey Jay because she’s been a huge inspiration to me as a pornstar and she’s just so gorgeous.

Wendy: Describe in details your first time shooting a porn? Who, where, what?

Iris: My first time on a shoot was pretty awkward actually. It was on a rainy night in Seattle and I just remember being so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I showed up at the hotel we were shooting in ready for anything, including to go home crying but thankfully that didn’t happen haha. We did two solo scenes that night and by the second one I was feeling a lot more confident.

Wendy: You were recently nominated for the Transgendered Erotica Awards 2015 for “Best New Face” and “Ms. Unique Model”. How did you feel when you found out and why do you think your fans nominated you for those specific awards?

Iris: I was ecstatic when I found out I was nominated! That was a goal of mine from before I started in the industry, but I didn’t really think I would be nominated because I’m so new to the industry and there’s so many talented, beautiful models out there. I didn’t think I had a big enough fan base to even get nominated compared to other girls but they really pulled through for me.

Wendy: Now that you have shot a few scenes, anything that was totally different than you thought before you started shooting scenes?

Iris: I had no idea how the industry was before I started. Everyone who isn’t involved in it seems to have preconceived notions about it. Everything looks different from the on side of the looking glass.

Shemale Strokers 69

Wendy: Mancini Productions aka just released She-Male Strokers 69 DVD and you are one of the cover models, how does it feel being on the cover of a DVD?

Iris: It feels awesome! I was very happy to see that. It was actually a goal of mine to make the cover of a dvd just like the Transgender Erotica Awards. I think my exact words were “I want to see my ass on the cover of porn dvds!”

Wendy: What makes Iris Indigo unique to other transsexual models?

Iris: I think we’re all unique in our own way, we’ve lived different lives than most people and I believe it shows in our characters. One thing I would say is unique about my porn ‘persona’ is it isn’t a persona, it’s my own personality coming through, down to my submissive nature on and off screen. Also I’m an exotic dancer outside of porn so I like to include that aspect when I shoot, that’s why I often wear the sexy little dance outfits that I wear when I’m performing on stage.

Wendy: What is your long term plan for Porn?

Iris: I’d like to see myself on more websites and doing more shoots, and maybe even start my own website someday. I have love for this industry and especially the genre that I fall under. As far as I’m concerned I’m just getting started, I’m going to ride this pony ’till she don’t ride no more.

Wendy: Is your sexuality off screen the same on screen? If so how, if not how?

Iris: It’s essentially the same on screen as it is off screen, but I haven’t done enough shoots to portray my sexuality on on screen yet. I’m actually bisexual but I tend to be more attracted to females, but so far the only hardcore shoots I’ve done have been with males. I’d like to do shoots with both and with other trans girls as well.

Iris Indigo

Wendy: What is a normal day like you when you aren’t doing Adult work?

Iris: When I’m not doing adult work my time usually evolves around cars and UFOs/paranormal phenomenon. I’m a muscle car girl, I spend a lot of time working on my Mustang and cruising around, I’m actually a pretty decent mechanic. When I’m not doing that I like to do research about extraterrestrial life and even go UFO hunting around Mt. Rainier and taking pictures, but I don’t usually post that stuff on social media sites.

Wendy: What social media sites can readers find you on?

Iris: I can be found on Facebook at and on Twitter at @IrisIndigoTs

Wendy: Anything you want to leave us readers with, maybe a little secret or something coming up for us to watch out for?

Iris: You can watch out for me at the Transgender Erotica Awards on February 15th in Hollywood! And I’ll be working with Blackula when I shoot for Grooby Productions from now on, he is a very creative and talented producer so I think there’s going to be some very exciting shoots in the future as my career advances. Thanks for getting to know me and thanks for the support!

Iris Indigo

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