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Captain Jack Interviews Holly Hendrix

“In early March (2016), if I had to pick a front runner for the 2017 Best New Starlet, Holly would be my pick!” With those words, I introduced Holly Hendrix to the fans who read this blog. At the time, I had seen Holly in only a few scenes and she was quite impressive. Nothing else she did over the course of the year dampened my enthusiasm for this anal starlet. On January 21, 2017, the prophecy came true. Holly Hendrix was named the 2017 Best New Starlet. Now, it’s on to bigger and better things for this girl. And she plans to get even more outrageous in the future! On a personal note, Holly is a sweet young girl with a great attitude. She’s an even nicer person than she is a sexual nympho! I can’t say enough good things about Holly. I caught up with her recently when she was on her drive moving from the southeast part of this country to Los Angeles.

Holly Hendrix

Captain Jack: Now that you’ve had time to think about it, how do you feel about winning Best New Starlet? Has it sunk in yet?

Holly Hendrix: (laughs) Honestly, I can say since I’ve been back to work that it has sunk in a little bit. The title itself, not quite, but the fact that I feel kind of differently coming back to work. I feel differently getting on set because I feel people are looking at me differently. I feel my relationships with people are different and I feel that I have to hold myself differently and carry myself in a different way now. So, yeah, I can say it has sunk in. I feel like more of a porn star than I have before.

CJ: You were overcome with emotion when you won the award that you couldn’t form proper sentences. Let’s give credit where it’s due. Who do you want to thank?

Holly: I definitely want to give credit to AVN, not to mention my agent John, the whole entire agency as well. I want to thank them for having my back. Ryan Riesling, for being one of my best friends in the industry. I want to thank Piper Perri. Evil Angel and Jonni Darkko. I want to thank Adriana Chechik for being a role model. I also want to thank you, of course, Jack, for all you’ve done. Also, Mason from HardX. I did thank her on stage but I don’t think anyone caught that. And I also want to thank Markus Dupree.

CJ: Who were wearing a gorgeous red dress that night. Tell me the story of how you got it.

Holly: The day of the awards show, Mandy (Muse) and I were in the room and we found the red dress under the curtains. I think that the people that had the room before had left it there and the maids didn’t notice it or we had some girl come and party with us and I don’t remember. I don’t know. But we found the dress in the corner of the room and there were stains on it and it was all wrinkled up…it looked like shit! She held it up to me and said, ‘Is this your dress? It’s beautiful!’ I told her no but she suggested I wear it because it looked good on me. It was a little too big but it fit me better than the black dresses you saw. It was kind of a miracle, finding the dress the day of.

CJ: Where do you go from here? Do you have any goals for 2017?

Holly: Oh, totally. I’m launching my website. I am slowing down work because, unfortunately, I’ve had some physical body problems that are causing me to lay off work for a minute so it allows me to focus on bigger, better things. I am definitely launching my website this year. I am planning on shooting another showcase for Jonni Darkko. As far as the IR thing goes, I plan on making it exclusive for my website because I know how much other people could make off me for that. So it’s time for me to start making money in my sleep so that’s my number one goal for this year. Other than that, I plan on collaborating with Darkko because I want to get the feel of directing because I want to get out of performing as much as I do. I want to start directing and leaning towards that.

Holly Hendrix

CJ: So you want to get out of performing totally?

Holly: It’s not that I want to permanently get out of performing. I want to get out of performing as much as I do. And I want to lean towards directing. Just like Jonni. He’s a talent in some of his stuff but he’s also the most bad ass director out there. I can be a talent for some of my stuff but I can also be a director. I’d be on film sometimes but not as much.

CJ: As you alluded to, you are known for your anal scenes. Yet you’re only 4’10”, you are very petite. Are you worried about any long-term effects on your health of doing extreme anal scenes?

Holly: That’s another thing. I’m trying to gain weight, that’s another big goal to add to my 2017 goals. With the amount of anal that I do, it’s going to be hard to gain weight. I do plan on being a little bit more outrageous and showing off a little bit more, being able to impress. I want to show people what I can do. What people don’t understand is that the outrageousness that you’ve seen before, there was no freshness. There was no ‘this girl took 2 months off in order to do something like that.’ I actually went 30 days back-to-back-to-back and then went kind of crazy and did all this crazy shit. Now, I feel like I’m going to be a better performer if I slow the fuck down. You know what kind of adrenaline junkie I am when it comes to porn.

CJ: A couple of the fans had some lesbian questions for you. Eva93 wants to know if it was a conscious decision of yours not to shoot girl/girl or was it just because you weren’t getting booked for it?

Holly: I definitely do want to work with girls a lot more, I just don’t see companies doing that.  How many times have I worked for Girlsway, for example? The girls I do want to work with this year, they do have to be select girls. They do have to be specific girls. I’m more picky when it comes to girls than when it comes to men. All men have a sex drive; all men want to fuck you but when it comes to girls, I don’t want a fake girl. Without a doubt, I want to do more girl/girl work especially because of my fans. My fans don’t see it very often. They appreciate some girl/girl action.

CJ: Aya wants to know when you’re with a girl, do you prefer it to be just the two of you or do you like toys involved?

Holly: Toys, toys, toys, toys, toys!!! Like I said, my definition of porn, I need to maintain my appearance. I need to maintain the girl that I want to be not the girl other fans want to see. I want to be known for a certain kind of performance. I understand that everyone has a certain niche and I should be able to play whoever I want to play and I should be able to have a bigger fan base by playing the boring sex girl or the girl who only uses fingers. I can be outrageous and use the biggest toy and put them in her asshole. Or use the candy lollipop and have her shove it out her asshole. And do something like that. But, yes, definitely toys involved. And if it’s not a toy, it’s definitely not going to be my fingers, it’s going to be a whole fist. Otherwise, it’s seriously boring.

CJ: I was on a set once for a scheduled anal scene but it didn’t come off because the girls’ butthole couldn’t open up. Has that ever happened to you?

Holly: Yes, only once. And that was recently. I also recently worked with Manuel and it wasn’t cooperating but I managed to pull through it. But then the next day, I had an anal scene with Keiran Lee and I told him ‘no fucking way. It’s not happening.’ I said we could try it and it couldn’t happen. So we just did a boy/girl. So, yes, there have definitely been times where my asshole has been uncooperative because it’s kind of abnormal to put things in your butt. (laughs)

Holly Hendrix

CJ: Do you have anal orgasms?

Holly: Oh fuck yeah!

CJ: How is it different from a vaginal orgasm?

Holly: It’s more difficult to have an orgasm vaginally than anally. That’s why I like anal sex so much. I feel so much better with anal. I get that climax that I crave.

CJ: HighContrast has a couple questions for you. Are you writing a book?

Holly: I started writing a book last January, exactly a year ago. I was actually going to have it published in December. But I did not and I chose not too because I read over it and discovered it was way too personal that I don’t want people to read it. It’s too personal. It was about me and my emotions in a diary type of book. This date, this happened. This date, this happened. I did not censor any emotion or feeling and I did not feel it was right. You can tell High Contrast that, yes, he expects a book from me and it will happen. But right now? No. I’m more focused on my website than I am the book. And one day when I do get my book published, I want to make it into a reality movie, a mainstream movie and a photo book. Those are my goals.

CJ: After winning this award, do you feel like you’re under more pressure?

Holly: I definitely feel under more pressure now than ever. This title is very overwhelming for me. I want to be able to prove that, yes, I did deserve Best New Starlet. But it’s hard to prove it because I don’t feel that I really worked for it. I didn’t try for this award. Some other girls tried. Very hard. I believe that I have definitely earned this. There was no rigged-ness. There was no having to suck someone’s dick for it. There wasn’t any me trying to convince anyone. I never once said ‘I need to win Best New Starlet’. It was so extremely humbling that I won. My agent had never had a girl, in his entire time in porn, win Best New Starlet. Ever. So I’m like the steak to his potatoes right now. I feel so honored.

CJ: In December, on LA Talk radio, you hinted that something big was happening in February or March. Is it still a big secret? Or can you give us some intell?

Holly: Yes. It’s the showcase with Jonni. I will be starting to film that around February or March. That’s the big thing. It’s going to be a big release.

Holly Hendrix

CJ: You’ve started exploring some mainstream work including an Esquire interview. Do you want to go mainstream or is the porn life for you?

Holly: I definitely want to lean more towards porn because my big dream, once I retire from performing, is to be a very successful Evil Angel director. And I WILL BE an Evil Angel director, I’m not just saying I want it. I’m not saying I need it. I’m saying it WILL happen. I will be an Evil Angel director. I seriously have a passion for Evil Angel, moreso than porn itself. If it wasn’t for Evil Angel, I wouldn’t enjoy porn as much as I do. My dedication for Evil is so big that I would be willing to own this company and work my fucking ass off and do whatever it takes to own this because I want everyone to know what porn could be. What good porn it.

CJ: I love your passion for this industry. You are phenomenal.

Holly: Jack, imagine my passion for porn. You have it in your head, right? Now multiply it by a million. THAT’s my passion for porn. I can’t even explain to you or even give you an idea of my passion for porn because I’m underexaggerating this shit like a motherfucker. (laughs)

CJ: Has there been any progress on Anatomik Media booking you for a future extreme food fetish scene?

Holly: Yes. Anatomik Media has hit me up every week.

CJ: Are you going to do it?

Holly: Yeah!! I want to get all crazy!

CJ: What foods would you like to play with?

Holly: My favorite food is macaroni and cheese so that has to be involved. I really want to do some chocolate syrup play, kind of make it really nasty, getting some syrup up my booty. I want to call it Doodoo Child because Jimi Hendrix had a song called Voodoo Child. (laughs)

CJ: You love to travel. Any plans to shoot with any companies in Europe?

Holly: If I have the time to do it, I will. I was supposed to go to Prague but that fell apart. If I get some time, I will plan on going to Europe but, right now, no way no how.

CJ: You have some nice ink. Any plans to get any more tattoos?

Holly: Not anytime soon. I want to balance out my career a little bit more. Especially when you’re talking about girl/girl, some companies don’t like tattoos.

CJ: And what’s your social media?

Holly: On Twitter, I’m @HollyHendrix_ My Snapchat is HollyHendrixXXX

Holly Hendrix

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