Adult Expo Interview: Girlfriends Films Founder/Director Dan O’Connell

Captain Jack interviews Dan O’Connell of Girlfriends Films

Women Seeking Women
Dan O’Connell founded Girlfriend Films over a decade ago to provide realistic lesbian sex movies to the viewing public. His studio has received AVN’s Best All-Girl Series award the last 6 years running and SRCO’s Best Girl/Girl Series 3 years in row. In 2012, XBIZ declared Dan the 2012 Man of the Year. He recently sold the company to his right-hand man Moose. And that’s where this interview starts.

CJ: I heard you just sold Girlfriend Films?

Dan O’Connell: About 2 weeks ago, actually. I sold it to Moose who’s been my right hand man for years. I’m still going to be making films; I’m responsible for 4 girl/girl movies a month. I wanted to get out of the management. I got engaged in August and my bride-to be would like to see more of me. And I know I’m going to have to pay more attention to her.

CJ: Is Moose going to share the same philosophies as you?

Dan: Moose and I have met daily for 6 years now, meeting about an hour a day. We share the same vision basically. The only thing that’s different is that he brings a new energy so 2014 is going to be a big year for us.

CJ: Is girl/girl your favorite type of porn?

Dan: Absolutely. I’ve never been on a boy/girl set and have never made a boy/girl movie. I think it comes from going to a Catholic school and the teachers, as well as my mother and father thought it was deviant sex. Two hot girls getting it on? I’ve got to see this! I’ve now done over a 1000 girl/girl scenes.

CJ: When you hired B.Skow a little while ago, was that your first foray into boy/girl?

Dan: Yeah we hired Skow to make a few girl/girls but also to do one boy/girl every month. We’re very proud of that product.

CJ: Do you have any favorite title or series that you’ve directed?
Girls in White
Dan: Our big one is Women Seeking Women, we now have over 100 of those out. Personally, my own pornography back in the 50s and 60s was the Sears catalog, so I like the pin-up girls. And I also like the Girls in White series.

CJ: In lesbian porn, there’s a lot of girls known as gay for pay, that aren’t really into other girls. Does Girlfriend make it a point not to cast girls like this?

Dan: Absolutely. Most of our scenes are actually set-up from one girl asking for another one. They’ll say they had this other girl on set and they got along so well. So we concentrate on only hiring bi-sexuals or lesbians. If we find out that one slipped through, they’re one and done. We do not want straight girls in our productions.

CJ: In all your years, who do you think are some of the better performers that you’ve directed?

Dan: As far as writing a story for a girl, I’d say Heather Starlet. I always find her so easy to write a character for. Performance wise, it’s usually some of the older girls. Veronica Avluv is very good, Zoey Holloway and Magdalene St. Michaels are very good. Usually I find that a girl reaches the age of 28 or 30, they get very serious about sex. Whereas some of the other girls, it’s just fun to be on a porn set.

CJ: What can we look forward to in 2014 out of you?

Dan: I have a new series coming up that focuses on the older/younger and I hope to shoot that in 3-4 months when it starts getting warmer outside. But another reason I sold the company is so that I can spend more time on coming up with storylines and better movies. When I was President of the company, there were just so many issues that I had to take care of that the creative stuff was pushed to the side. Another thing in 2014 is that we have our own cable channel. Up to this point, most of our revenue came from DVD sales but now we have the ability to be in every home. We just got that in October of last year. We’re making some cable deals and have the potential to create more revenue streams.

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  1. I left watching American lesbian movies, the scissoring every 2 seconds the grinding all the time and the flailing around the bed like fish out of water it is very old and outdated

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