Sarah Shevon Interview

Captain Jack interviews Sarah Shevon

Sarah is one of those girls that is absolutely gorgeous but she seems approachable. She is one of the nicest people in the industry and we talked late in the summer of 2013. The interview was never published and I had a chance to catch up with Sarah at the recent Expo in Vegas. (As an aside, I could get lost in those eyes forever!)  It gave me a chance to ask a couple of additional questions based on some performances by “Dr. Shevon” I saw late last year. We talk about everything under the sun and I hope you enjoy it.

Sarah Shevon

Captain Jack: Tell me about Sarah Shevon. What kind of girl were you growing up, family life, etc.

Sarah Shevon: I’ve always been very independent and a hard worker but I always have been an exhibitionist. That’s something that’s always been a part of me. And doing porn has allowed me to delve into that more. When I was little, my mom said she couldn’t really take me out of the house because I would always take my clothes off in public. (laughs) And she was serious! It makes sense to me now that I do porn but I’ve always really felt that way. I’ve always taken my clothes off and asked people their opinion. (laughs) I went to school for fashion design. I’ve always really been into art. I played some sports in high school but I was always really, really into art. So I went to fashion school and I really had too much going on and I was getting sick. I was hospitalized a couple times for health reasons. I’m really glad that didn’t work out being that, well, I get to take my clothes off now. (laughs) Even though I had a great interest in design, it wouldn’t have really been a great career choice for me. It’s very stressful and you’re expected to stay up all night and it really doesn’t pay that much. I’m much happier doing what I do now, even if there’s not much production going on, I can still keep myself busy. Later, in my last regular job before giving porn a try, I was working in an office as Accounts Receivables. A lot of things happened and I really had too much work and that’s when I started taking pole dancing lessons. I was like, “Fuck this corporate office bullshit. I want to take my clothes off and have fun!” So I ended up contacting first. I started doing fetish porn.

CJ: Can I ask your current age and how long you’ve been in the industry?

Sarah: I’m 29 and it’s been about 4 and ½ years now. I started with Kink in March of 2009 but I’ve been a Spiegler Girl in LA since July of 2010. I was a Kink contract girl and I took a lot of work with them before I came to LA. So when I came down here, I was still considered somewhat new because people hadn’t heard of me. So I did a lot of BDSM stuff. When I started at Kink, I wanted to be considered a switch and play different roles. But when I did my first boy/girl, my first actual sex scene, it was a gang bang for Public Disgrace. I had a party inside an armory with 30 or more people and the owner was looking for local girls to play the house slave roles. He was immediately drawn to me and told me he really wanted me to be a part of this. But I had to go through all these auditions and training. My contract for Kink was supposed to last for a year but I ended it after 3 months because I decided the slave role wasn’t really for me. I took acting classes since I was 14 in San Francisco and I did some modeling and acting, mainstream, of course. I was a lot older and most of the roles I was being offered, I had to be a lot older for and I had to be chaperoned. And I wasn’t down for that. Even at 14, I was independent. (laughs) So when I was doing the slave thing, I thought I could be the character—I act, therefore I am! But when it comes to getting tied up and beating you and shit? It brings out your true emotions. (laughs) So you can’t really act too well. You’re having so many natural reactions. So I tried it and did my best but it wasn’t for me. I could have totally done a different role play but at that point, I just wanted to do more stuff. It’s interesting to me that Kink has never hired me as a dom and I think it has to do with that. A lot of people think that I am truly this ultimate submissive. Now I’m getting more roles that are appropriate to me. I’m 29 and I know that’s really not that old, but because I’m younger looking, I still get booked for these innocent roles. Like I lost my lesbian virginity at least 10 times! (laughs) It’s cool. It’s flattering and I can still pull that off. I know that I can do the college girl thing but I don’t know about high school. It’s a good thing but at the same time it’s a little frustrating at times. This year is starting to become a lot more exciting for me. A lot of people have recognized that I can put on a good performance. They know the skills I may have. I’ve been doing scenes where I have a little bit more freedom, being more in control of things. It’s turning out to be a lot better.

CJ: Do your parents know what you do?

Sarah: Yeah, they know and they’re ok with it. I don’t have as good a relationship with my mom as I do with my dad. My mom is more of a stress type personality and my dad’s a little bit laid back. When my mom found out, she was all emotional and didn’t want me to get beat up or hurt. I told her it’s not like that! When I told my dad, he was, “Yeah! Right on! I can see why you’d want to do something like that!” (laughs) He was cool with it. It’s not like I did this right out of high school anyways. I had a friend and he was actually the friend who referred me to Kink. When I was 19 and in college, he was trying to convince me to do porn. He thought I’d be really good at it. But because it was not in my mindset at the time, I got really mad. I was like, “Fuck you! I’m in school to be a fashion designer.” I stopped talking to him for at least a year. I talk to him now but it’s so funny to me. (laughs) I felt if I’m paying all this money to go to school, I didn’t want someone telling me that I was making a bad decision. I started watching porn when I was really young. I might have fantasized about it back then but I didn’t think I’d actually do it. But then as things changed in my life, I was more open to it and could embrace my exhibitionist tendencies. So it was definitely a process for me. I feel like a lot of girls start porn too early. They haven’t had any virtual life experiences. Generally, they don’t handle the adult business too well. I honestly think 18 is too young for someone to enter the industry. You don’t know what life is all about yet!

Sarah Shevon

CJ: So when you moved down to LA, did you have an agent?

Sarah: Right before I got on contract with Kink, I was going back and forth about whether to just work in San Francisco or giving it a go in LA. I was really enjoying working for Kink and wanted to delve into that further. The contract they offered me, I felt the amount they offered wasn’t enough. I tried to bring that up to them and they wouldn’t budge. Plus, they didn’t give me an accurate job description. It was doing a lot more work than they outlined originally. So I started looking into getting an agent. I didn’t really know who to contact initially because I was in San Francisco. I ran into some girls occasionally but I wasn’t really that familiar with the LA porn industry. Of course, I had heard of Mark Spiegler being on the Tyra Banks Show and other things like that. He represented all the girls that I followed. Except for Roxy Jezel. She was one that I really liked. But he represented most of the big stars. So I did my research and I found the Spiegler Girls website but it doesn’t say anything on how to become a model. I also knew from the interviews that I had seen that he doesn’t represent very many girls. So I took that as someone needed to refer you, you needed some kind of connection. On the other agency websites, there are big displays on applying to be a model and on model housing, which is something I knew I needed if I ever came down to LA. So I contacted another agency first and I’m glad that it didn’t work out. (laughs) So another agency agreed to represent me but they didn’t have model housing at the time. They were just unprofessional. Whenever I called them, it was just a mess. We played a lot of phone tag. Or when they had me call at a certain time, they’d answer and not really know what was going on. So I kept my options open and talked to more and more people. Whenever Kink had parties, I would talk to some of the girls. And one party had Madison Young, who was a former Spiegler Girl, and Dia Zerba, who at the time was a Spiegler Girl. They were telling me how bad these other agencies were and told me I really had to contact Mark. I asked one of them to refer me and they just told me to e-mail him. And once I did that, it was completely different. He was so prompt and professional. So even though he didn’t have any space for a couple of months, I decided to come down to LA. I came down and shot a couple things and probably by the second day, I decided I was going to stay. (laughs)And it’s all worked out!

CJ: How long did it take you to reach a comfort level when filming?

Sarah: The only time I didn’t really feel comfortable was my very first shoot. It was a solo fucking machines shoot. That was the only time I didn’t really feel comfortable because it was my first time and it was solo. I don’t think many people would think of solo being the hardest but it really is. Of course, I’ve gotten a lot better at solo work since then and am totally comfortable with it now but at the time I didn’t know what was going on and everything was on me. I was so nervous! Then, when I actually did my first sex scene, the gang bang, I was totally comfortable. I was excited, I was happy to have an audience…But how Kink shoots is they don’t like having the talent looking into the camera so I just ignored the cameras the whole time. For my very first solo scene, I didn’t know where to look. So they just let me do my thing. I think as time as gone on, I’ve developed a better sense for how people are trying to shoot the video. There are some directors who want you to lock eyes one the camera or look at it as much as possible and talk into it whereas there are others who would rather have you ignore it or focus on the sex and only look at it once in a while. So I just try to gage where it’s going. So I would say my first sex scene is when I became very comfortable in front of the camera. It’s funny how the solo was so hard for me but the gang bang was so amazing. And, looking back at it, if I hadn’t done that gang bang, I’m not sure I’d have really made a career in porn. The solo fucking machines scene I did was great and it’s a good example of a real amateur but I was nervous as shit and it’s not like I really did a great job. The only thing that’s hot about it is seeing how scared and nervous I was. (laughs) So the gang bang was really a monumental experience for me and not just because Peter Atwood was there looking for girls to be a part of a project but it kind of established myself. Just having it be a great experience and having so many other people there and involved and witnessing it. I put on a great performance and a lot of people saw it. I got a lot of immediate attention for that. They’re like, “Holy shit, this girl is amazing!” (laughs) Yeah, if it hadn’t been for that gang bang, I don’t know if Kink would have called to book me again. But after that, it was on!

Sarah Shevon - Praise The Load

CJ: Do you have any favorite performers?

Sarah: Yeah, I guess I have some favorite performers to work with. I feel like I try to bring out the best in everyone. For female performers, I feel the ones I work best with are usually my friends, off camera. When we do a scene together, it’s usually pretty good because we already have good chemistry. But it can be random too. I think the fans can always tell when it’s a better pairing or whatnot. I feel like I work with a lot more girls than boys so it’s kind of hard to pick people. A lot of people tell me how great my scenes are with Mike Adriano and they are awesome because we have great chemistry. So people can see that. Or James Deen and I, we get along great and we have good on-screen chemistry. I once did a scene with my friend Cici Rhodes and Mike and it was amazing because it was my friend and Mike! Yeah, I really like working with friends. I just worked with a new girl recently and it was her very first porn scene. She had a boyfriend on set with her and had never even done girl/girl even in her personal life. So I coached her through it before we started and gave her some pointers and she was amazing! She was great, she had no idea! Sometimes you don’t really ever know. Actually, there aren’t very many people who I dislike or you have a bad history with.

CJ: So like that girl you helped coach through the scene, did you also tell her what you like? What gets you off?

Sarah: Not exactly. I just wanted her to explore. I was explaining to her that girl/girl sex is a lot more about exploring. There are different erogenous zones on a woman. You might play with different areas on the body that aren’t necessarily a sex object. With boy/girl sex, it’s not always so cut and dried but a lot of times it is. It’s about penetration. It’s mostly about the guy’s cock, fucking and sucking. Like most guys won’t touch my boobs. They just won’t! They don’t think to go for it. Which is fine, I get that. But with a girl, it’s different because there’s no cock involved. Girls are way more likely to go for boobs and stuff like that. Or caress the body and make-out more. There’s definitely a lot more making out with girl/girl. It’s like you have to be more creative especially if you’re not using toys. You just find ways to get each other off. Everyone has their own preferences and whatnot or things that get them off even more. With women, they’re a lot more complicated than men. I think a lot of it has to do with women not knowing their own bodies. Most women haven’t fully explored themselves. Or they haven’t fully explored everything their bodies are capable of doing. A lot of women don’t actually know how to have an orgasm. I feel like when I’m having sex with women I have to push different buttons to see how they respond. For example, if I’m licking this girl’s clit and I can’t really tell if she’s into it but then I start fingering her pussy and she’s super into it, of course I’m going focus on the fingering more. So it’s just all about exploring and testing here and there. But I’m also very familiar with my body. It’s kind of neat for me, especially now as time has gone on, I’ve gotten a lot more familiar with myself. So it’s really neat for me, say if another girl is using a dildo on me, I’ll tell her to hold it right here because if you put it there, I’m going to squirt. If she’s fucking my ass with it and I’m squirting like crazy, that’s so awesome! I’ve done several scenes recently playing a doctor-type character for Joey Silvera and Evil Angel. I play an ass doctor. An assologist. So some of the girls I’m working with, they may have been doing anal scenes for a while, but they’re still not very familiar with their assholes at all. One girl told me I gave her her first anal orgasm. And I think she had been performing for about a year. I thought that was awesome! (laughs) I thought, ‘Guys had fucked your ass and you hadn’t really learned to enjoy it?’ And then here I am, just fingering her asshole in just the right way that she’s squirting!

CJ: Let’s talk about the Dr. Shevon character, how did that come about?

Sarah: I guess how it all started, is a fan on Twitter requested that Joey shoot me. I don’t even know where Joey came up with the character. The first time I played her was in Ass Party 5 with Christian Jordan. She was amazing. She was kind of new and I was more experienced and Joey wanted me to lead the scene, to take control. I don’t think he was planning on having it be a recurring character, however. I just think the character worked so well for me and Joey saw some of the things that I was capable of doing and it just kept going on. I was surprised when he booked me the second or third time for the role. I was like, ‘really?’ I thought the fans would get tired of seeing me in the same role. I was happy that he wanted to showcase my talents but I thought it would get a little played out. But luckily, the fans have taken to it very well and it’s been a really great thing!

Sarah Shevon Throated

CJ: One of the hottest scenes I ever saw was in Babysit My Ass 2 with Gabi Paltrova and Casey Calvert. I watched it before work one day which was a huge mistake! I couldn’t get up from behind my desk until noon! But, anyways, was that a real baseball bat you got fucked with?

Sarah: Yes! That’s a real baseball bat! That scene was the first time I took the baseball bat in my ass. He had that on set on previous times I shot for him as the doctor character. But that day, I said, ‘ok, I’m ready to try it now!’ So I just went for it and it was great. It was actually a lot easier than I expected it to be. (laughs)

CJ: Assholes are only so wide even after warming up, how does that fit?

Sarah: I think we started with that in my ass. When we do scenes like that where I help the other girls out. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but at the beginning of the scenes, I’m generally focused on trying to warm-up the other girls’ assholes and you hardly see me doing anything to myself. And then when it comes to my turn for anal, I usually go pretty extreme to start. Sure, my asshole is very conditioned but I do also warm it up a bit beforehand off-camera before we start.

CJ: How does it feel?

Sarah: I was really surprised at not only how easy it was to go in but I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it. It’s an odd object to put in your butt but I really enjoyed it. It’s crazy. I was fantasizing about baseball bats afterwards. (laughs) I’ve definitely taken baseball bats up my ass a couple of times. (laughs)

CJ: I talked to Laela Pryce too. She said you were a great teacher.

Sarah: Yes, that was awesome. That was for Studio A. That’s my goal when I do these scenes as the doctor/anal trainer, as long as I get the other girls warmed up and I do something that inspires them, it generally intensifies the energy between us. And it makes them want to outperform themselves. And that’s exactly what happened with Laela Pryce. And that’s amazing. She had been doing anal scenes for only a few months but she did fine. I was working with her butthole so she was ready. (laughs) She blew me away when she wanted to get in on that bat action. (laughs)

CJ: You mentioned squirting. You’re like a master squirter. Can we talk about that? How do you control it? Did you squirt before porn?

Sarah: Before porn, I had just squirted here and there. Nothing big, it just happened some times. It would just squirt out for a moment. So when I started at Kink, they started asking me about squirting because that’s something they’re really into. I told them I know I can do it, but I don’t really know how to do it. Then, when I did the first gang bang, Princess Donna fisted my pussy. I couldn’t even tell that she was fisting me! But she got me squirting right away. And into the scene, towards the end, when I was tied up and all the guys would take turns fucking my ass and pussy, one of the amateur guys was pounding my ass and squirt was flying everywhere! It was like a sprinkler. It was really insane! I had never seen it squirt out like that before. I was really disappointed when I looked at the footage because at that moment, the camera was on a wide angle of the audience. Everyone was cheering and it just got to right underneath my ass where there was a big puddle. But you didn’t actually see the shower show or the squirt show. So I was kind of disappointed. For a while after that, I knew I could do it but I didn’t know how to do it. So, initially, when I had squirt in my scenes, it came from someone fingering me rapidly. Some of the guys know how to do that. That was the first time I had squirted from anal penetration though. Now, I’m at a point where I can make myself squirt by sticking a finger in my vagina or I can make myself squirt through both vaginal and anal penetration. It’s amazing how much more I’ve learned about my body. (laughs) And, of course, I learned that I can really squirt A LOT! It really feels good too!

Sarah Shevon

CJ: You’ve said you learned about your body, being in porn, is there anything you’ve learned about yourself sexually? For example, when you first entered, you might have said, “I will NEVER do that!” But now you’ve found that you really like that?

Sarah: Yeah, I never thought that I would pull out my asshole. It was really hard for me to get my head around getting my asshole fisted. I’ve always been into anal sex that’s why I started doing it right when I entered porn because I actually enjoyed it. I’ve been able to fit a lot more in my ass. Anally, I’ve advanced a lot more than I ever would have imagined. I knew at some point I wanted to do DP’s, but I never thought I would do something like double anal! So in the past year when I had a chance to do double anal, I did it. I did it not because I was getting paid more, I did it because I had enough cocks available that were able to work with each other that could do such an act. (laughs) So I was like, “OK, guys, can we try and do this? I’d really like to experience that.” And I’ve even had cocks go soft inside my asshole and I would have never even thought to do that like, who does that? (laughs) I’m definitely open to a lot more possibilities. I think, generally, the more things you do, the more things you want to try. Or maybe that’s only my attitude about it. But I’ve always been willing to push myself to see what I can do, within reason.

CJ: Is there anything you’re not willing to do on camera? I read on the forum you wanted to try a triple penetration and that’s pretty extreme!

Sarah: I did that but the couch we were doing it on wasn’t really good for it. I always started falling off the couch. I did it a little bit in my last gang bang for Kink. And I would like to try it again actually but I really want to do it with two cocks in my ass and one in the pussy. They were doing it two in the pussy and one in the ass. I think it would work better with two in the ass. It’s really weird to me, not that I do it too often, that when it comes to double vag or double anal, it seems like the guys are a lot more willing to do double vag together than double anal. And it doesn’t make sense to me because I can put a lot more in my ass than my vagina. And I don’t have boy/girl vaginal sex very often, I always do anal scenes. If I’m doing a boy/girl anal scene and they want to start out with vaginal, I’m ok with it, but I like it in my ass! Of course, you can fit two cocks in the pussy, but, personally, I like two cocks in the ass. I like the sensation better. My vag definitely got a little sore from doing double vag that day but then, later, the biggest cock there went in my asshole and it was fine. (laughs)

CJ: Not being a professional, but I would think that they prefer two in the pussy is because the vagina has more ‘give’ compared to the asshole.

Sarah: I would have to argue with that.

CJ: Well, you’re a woman and a professional so I’ll defer to your better judgement! (laughs)

Sarah: It should because that’s where babies come out but my asshole is so conditioned that day that it was really warmed up and perfect! I can see where the guys might think it’s a tighter squeeze to get in there but whatever. (laughs) It’s not like I do the double stuff very often. (laughs)

CJ: You mentioned the prolapse before. Admittedly, the first time I saw it on screen, I was taken aback by it but now I’m absolutely fascinated. For the uninitiated, can you explain what a prolapse is?

Sarah: Well, when you push your insides out, it’s like the inside of your asshole. I don’t even know what you call that part of your ass. The part that’s getting pushed out is like the opening of your intestines. I never thought that I would do that one day but then it happened and after I did it the first time, I thought that everyone else did it! I thought I just learned this new trick that everyone else knew about! When I first did it, I did the usual thing I did when I gaped my asshole. I put my fingers in and pulled it open more. When I did my first prolapse, I stuck my fingers in deeper. I was watching some content on I saw what they were doing and I thought I pretty much do that already, only they stick it in deeper. So the next day I was filming with Mike and Lyla Storm and I went to gape and I stuck my fingers in further and they both go, “You’re prolapsing!” I was like, “huh?” I still didn’t really get it. I told him I was going to shoot for Prolapse Party so I could learn to do it better and he said he didn’t really think it could get any better. When I saw the trailer, I was like “Holy shit!” I really was pushing it out! And now I can do it even better! I guess that goes along with learning more about your body and having more experience. Prolapsing is something I would not have ever imagined doing with my body someday. It really is interesting and, yes, it is shocking at first. But for people who are really, really into anal sex, it’s something that’s a little extra. It’s exciting and interesting. It’s not for everyone though. I’m fine with not pulling it out for every scene. I don’t just pull it out during a scene without warning (laughs) but if they ask me to do, I’ll do it. I think it’s great but I don’t think it necessarily have to be in every one of my scenes. (laughs)

CJ: So when it’s pushed out and you have Adriano or anyone else fuck it, what does it feel like?

Sarah: When it’s pushed out, it’s really sensitive. It’s stimulative, definitely. If you stick things inside of it or lick it, it’s really pleasurable. It’s hard to explain but it’s really, really intense to have the inside of your colon fucked. It’s really intense. It’s like fucking the upper chamber or something. It’s an area that you usually don’t go into. The last scene I did with Mike and Cici, I tried to explain it to him and describe prolapse fucking to him. Mike felt like he kept losing his shot. He envisioned that I could just keep my prolapse out and he could just stick his fat cock up it and that it would just stay out like a donut around his cock. But it doesn’t work like that. To really have the prolapse fucked, the cock pushes it inside. And although it’s inside your body, the cock is still inside it and it’s super intense. Super duper intense. I’ve done it a couple times for Prolapse Party now and it’s insane. I tried to explain it to the camera and I fingered Cici’s prolapse. Although my fingers were pushing it inside more, and her’s wasn’t pushed out like mine, but my fingers were inside her prolapse which were inside her ass. The camera’s not seeing where my fingers are necessarily but you can really see a difference in her reactions. And that’s what I was going for with Mike but he wanted me to explain it all on camera, so we kind of had a miscommunication. It’s something I would like to try again in the future but I don’t want everyone to fuck my prolapse. It’s super intense and I don’t think I would trust everyone to do it. (laughs) It’s probably the most intense thing you can be doing. When it first happened to me, I had such a big reaction. I was screaming and it was insane. It was sooo good yet I can’t explain it. I wanted to keep taking it but I couldn’t take it, if that makes sense. It was almost too intense. OK, maybe you’re not seeing the visual because it’s insane but you are seeing it because of the girls reaction.

CJ: Do you watch your own scenes?

Sarah: Sometimes.

CJ: Is it for you to critique your performance or do you masturbate?

Sarah: When I first started to watch some of my scenes, I was editing them for Kink. But I did watch my first gang bang to see how it turned out. I guess somewhat of a critique. Not being hard on myself but I thought it was interesting. I haven’t actually jerked off to my scenes but I could see myself possibly doing that. I don’t think that’s weird. I like watching my scenes but it’s more of a critique or an interest to see how they actually turned out. I find it really interesting. I don’t go out of my way to watch my scenes but if someone gives me a video or something, I’ll check it out. Since I’ve shot so much for Kink, they’ve given me a password to their sites. I haven’t watched all of them because there are so many, but I’ve definitely watched the gang bangs. (laughs)

CJ: Do you cum in every scene?

Sarah: Yes, I do have multiple orgasms. I usually get myself off. I don’t really need to fake things because I know how to actually make myself have an orgasm.

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Sarah: They just usually put it on my face or in my mouth. I don’t do anal creampies because it’s a Spiegler girl rule. They don’t usually fuck my vagina so they just put it on my face. There’s been only a couple times that I sort of tried a vaginal creampie and it just doesn’t make sense to me. I mean if I’m not doing anal creampies, it doesn’t make sense to do a vaginal creampie. Sometimes they’ll want to have the guy more on the outside of it. I’ve did one which was my first actual professional creampie. Here’s the deal, if they cum in my pussy and I push it out, then my asshole gapes open and it drips down onto my ass. So I decide I should probably not be doing it. I’d rather have them cum on the outside of my body or on my face. I’m fine with swallowing.

CJ: What advice would you give someone who wants to enter the industry?

Sarah: First, I would ask them why they would want to. And I’ve been through this. I’ve been asked a lot on My Free Cams by the members for girls. I always ask them why the girls want to get into it. The #1 answer or the only answer I’ve come across is that they want to do it for the money. And my answer is not to do it. If they’re only reason to get into it is to make money, it’s not really the thing for that. There’s really not that much money in performing. There’s not that much production going on and there’s a lot of girls entering the industry all the time. A girl who only wants to do this for the money, might be fine with doing a couple scenes and escorting but then that’s not really the film work. If you want to do it because you love sex, that’s another thing entirely.

Sarah Shevon

CJ: What does the future hold? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Sarah: Oh I have no idea. I’ve already been doing this for well over 4 years now so in 5 years I will be 34. It’s definitely possible that I could still be doing this for another 5 years or so. I look younger for my age now. But who knows? I could just be full-time on webcams? I could be making a hell of a lot more money if I only webcammed. If anything, doing the scenes is becoming more fun for me now that I’m more established. I can’t really say what life changes are going to come in the next 5 years but I can’t see my thinking changing.

CJ: Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re fans can look forward to?

Sarah: There are a whole bunch of scenes coming out so you’ll have to look for them or follow me on Twitter to find out when they are released. I have Gang Bang Auditions 28 that just came out on Diabolic. I’m very excited about that because it’s a whole movie on my gang bang. It’s really cool because no one’s ever done a whole movie on me before. So it’s about time, you know? (laughs) I’m so happy to have a gang bang movie of my own!

CJ: And where can fans find you?

Sarah: On Twitter @SarahShevon and at

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