Adult Expo Interview: Girlfriend Films Director B. Skow

Captain Jack interviews Director B. Skow

Director B Skow
B.Skow has been in the industry for well over a decade. Best known for his spectacular newbie series Brand New Faces, Skow has recently made the transition from Vivid to Girlfriend Films. He has directed Girlfriend’s first boy/girl movies and he has many more in the pipeline. I had a chance to sit down with him recently in Vegas.

CJ: You were with Vivid for years, why did you make the move to Girlfriend Films?

B.Skow: I worked there for 20 years, I never heard any feedback from the company. I wanted to do things that I was recognized for. There was never a time the owner of Vivid would say, ‘Good job.’ Or ‘Good idea, let’s go with it.’ It was always, ‘We’re doing this right now, this is what you have to do.’ It was an amazing job with a Fortune 500 company. I made an amazing amount of money but I wasn’t happy with what I was doing. The last few years, I became executive producer but it wasn’t really what I wanted to do.

CJ: Why Girlfriend Films as opposed to any other company?

Skow: I was actually going to stop. I made 2 movies, I gave them to Exile. I was going to go back to New Jersey and spend time with my family and reevaluate things. Then someone suggested I contact Girlfriend, just to talk. We had a conversation and I wasn’t sure I wanted to shoot girl/girl porn. But they wanted to expand their reach and get into the boy/girl marketplace. I came back to them a couple months later and said, ‘Let’s make a boy/girl company together!’ They gave me creative freedom. I made 8 boy/girl movies last year and got 100 nominations.

CJ: I was going to ask what came first, did they want to do boy/girl or did you say you’d only go to them if they allowed you to do that.

Skow: They were already thinking about it. I came up with the idea of how to do it; of what I think would work. You don’t want to come in like gangbusters and destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to build up. I came in and studied their productions so that it would as smooth a transition as possible. And we accomplished that.
Daddy's Girls
CJ: I loved “Daddy’s Girls” from last year. I thought it was spectacular and thought that Maddy O’Reilly got robbed of a nomination.

Skow: No one’s ever played a blind girl in a porno before. Ever. And she was unbelievable in that. I was so impressed and I’m rarely impressed. XBiz recognized her but I feel that AVN felt the movie was so good that they had to recognize it as the Best Feature but I felt Maddy deserved a nomination as well. I truly believe that. It’s not an incest story, it’s about families that are having a bad time. But it’s a lot of families and if you delved deeply into some of them, there’d be a lot worse things that are going on. It started out about a girl and how awesome would it be to be with a girl who didn’t judge you for your appearance. I thought that was a hot concept. And the things she would do to you and she can’t look you in the eye. The way she would use her body, it would be amazing. You could just be yourself.

CJ: I love Maddy and I obviously love watching her have sex but in that movie, I watched her eyes throughout the scene. And there was only one time, near the end, that her eyes moved. She did a fantastic job.

Skow: During indoor scenes, her glasses off. I researched blind people and they don’t normally wear glasses inside. It was very hard for her. She had to find things in the room and just focus on that. She was amazing. And Riley played a great mental patient. She was a fucked up kid and she played it really well.

CJ: Do you have certain favorite actresses that you like to go back to?

Skow: Maddy, Riley… Remy’s good. Odile who’s an unusual performer. She’s an amazing actress and loves her job. I love people who love making movies. When the camera goes on, I’m in my dream space. I love Veruca James and any Spiegler Girl is really amazing. Zoey Holloway. Steven St. Croix for a guy. Those are just some of them. Evan Stone too!
These Things We Do
CJ: So what exciting projects do you have on the drawing board for 2014?

Skow: I have a new movie coming out called “The Things We Do”. It’s about a guy who has a really bad situation at home. His wife’s a drug addict and he tortures her. He tortures her and when she passes out, he lights her feet on fire. He hurts her and brings pain to her. He’s a psychologist and brings pain to his patients. Alan Stafford is the guy and Siri plays his wife. Siri is another favorite of mine. It’s her first feature. I think she’s awesome. She comes prepared and was so enthusiastic about it. She went over the script and asked so many questions so she could get into the character. She’s great.

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