Eva Lovia: The First DP Star

Captain Jack Interviews Eva Lovia

Eva is an absolutely gorgeous brunette who I had the honor of meeting at the last AEE. She is very personable and two days after I first talked to her, she won the Digital Playground competition to be the first DP Star. She had a great time over the past year and we talk about it and what the future holds.

Eva Lovia

Captain Jack: You told me last time how you entered the industry but tell me about the real Eva Lovia pre-porn.

Eva Lovia: I grew up in upstate New York. My high school was very typical that you see in the movies, very clicky…there were your cheerleaders and skaters and goth kids. I was a cheerleader and I did that for a couple of years. I wasn’t very sociable; I was actually super shy. I had a boyfriend all throughout high school. I was somewhat of a prude, I was always the last to try something. I was a lot more timid so everyone was surprised when I got into porn because I dated the same guy for 6 ½ years from the time I was 13. I was focused on school and family. My mom worked a ton so I helped raise my siblings. So I was always a little bit older for my age. I didn’t really go out with boys and I was very much of a good girl growing up.

CJ: At what age did you learn the power of the pussy?

Eva: Probably when I was 20 or 21. I was a late bloomer so I didn’t realize the power of the pussy for a long time.

CJ: Have you ever gained anything big because of it?

Eva: No because I’m not naturally a very good hustler. I’m still trying to harness my power, if you will. I think the biggest things I’ve gotten are a pair of shoes or a laptop. (laughs)

CJ: Does your family know what you do?

Eva: Yes, even my 83-year old grandmother just found out. My Amazon accidentally put my stage name on some flowers I sent her. She knows what Google is so we had a talk. Everyone’s cool with it now. I don’t really get into too much detail with her but my mom goes out to bars and when she’s drunk, ‘This is my daughter!’ Everyone’s super accepting of it so that really helps.

CJ: How did you come up with your stage name?

Eva: I’ve always liked the name ‘Eva’ growing up. I liked Eva Longoria and Eva Mendes and thought they were super hot girls. And for the last name, I didn’t want something that was so generic or specific because I wanted it to be able to dominate Google trends or Google searches and have a million ‘Lust’s pop up. I liked Longoria but wanted to make it a little more porny. So I switched a couple of letters around and then realized that ‘Lovia’ didn’t even exist. I thought it was a great opportunity to capitalize on it. I cleaned up the word, I liked it and trademarked it so I now own anything that has Lovia on it.

Eva Lovia

CJ: How old are you?

Eva: I’m 26 but I got my name back when I was 22.

CJ: Damn, that’s just fucking smart. You had it going on!

Eva: Thank you! I didn’t want to compete against anyone else. I think it’s already oversaturated so why compete when you can make yourself stand out.

CJ: We just scratched the surface last time. You weren’t with that many guys before porn and were never with a woman. Why did you decide to just do girls when you got into the industry?

Eva: Because I had only been with a few guys when I first started, literally a handful, I didn’t understand the separation from having the emotions with sex and just having sex. For me, they were just one and the same. I was a lot more close minded going into it like a lot of people are. You can’t really have sex without a connection or without knowing someone so, for me, it was just a level of comfort. I had never had a one night stand. I had never had sex with someone I wasn’t in a relationship with. So, for me, it was just too much too soon. It took me a while to realize the difference. Yes, you can have sex and it can even be great without meeting the guy before they show up. I kind of broke that border down after years of doing girl/girl.

CJ: Being your first time with a woman was on camera, did you know what to do? There’s an art form to eating pussy!

Eva: (laughs) I had people go down on me enough that I knew what to do I suppose. I think I’m a little more aware of female anatomy than most men at that point because I have one. (laughs) For me, it was like a foreign object. It was intimidating! You’re looking at this thing and I had never played with it with my mouth! I’ve used my hands but you don’t go down on yourself. It was a very unfamiliar feeling and territory. After the first time, I said, ‘This is a cinch. I’ve got this!’

CJ: Were you a natural, or did they have to stop and start the scene so you could open up and do all the things girls have to do in porn?

Eva: With girl/girl, I think it’s a little bit easier because you have less positions and less options. It’s lay on your back or get in doggie, pretty easy. With boy/girl, I was lucky because I went into it having a list of performers I would work with and all of them are top guys in the industry. I was very lucky in regards to my first scene because they helped moved me and maneuvered me and angled me. It’s so different! It’s very unfamiliar territory and I was very awkward at first. I would try regular positions because that’s what I know in my real life but it just doesn’t translate to the camera. While we would be shooting, they would slightly move me and angle me so we wouldn’t have to cut. The viewer probably didn’t know. The director obviously appreciated it because they helped a lot. I had no idea!

Eva Lovia

CJ: For women, to orgasm, it’s more of a mental thing. Especially with having to open up and do all the angles, did you find it hard to orgasm on camera?

Eva: I think it was definitely a struggle, for sure. Especially because the positions are so challenging and you only get to be in the positions for 4 or 5 minutes and then have to switch. You find yourself on the brink of orgasm and then they say ‘switch!’ ‘God damnit!!!’ You have to try and be able to keep up with the fast pace of shooting. But once you get that down, it’s easy. You have to deal with the fact that you only get a couple of minutes here, here and here so try to focus on that and not get too comfortable because then you’ll lose it right away when you switch.

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Eva: Mine actually is pile driver. But a lot of guys won’t do that. But that’s my favorite position.

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?

Eva: Actually, my favorite boy/girl/girl scene was by Monarch. It was with Nacho Vidal and Francesca Le’. It’s amazing. Just to be around performers that have that much talent and have that much energy and passion, it was incredible. The scene is outrageous. So that’s definitely my favorite one, hands down.

CJ: A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?

Eva: I’ve always been attracted to older men; I’ve never dated or slept with anyone my own age. Everyone’s always been older than me. So that doesn’t bother me. I think there is a cap, if you will. There’s a point where that’s a little bit too much. I had shot in Miami when I first switched to boy/girl and I shot with this guy that was probably older than my father. That was a little bit weird and uncomfortable for me. 40s and under is fine. I think once you get over 40, that’s when I get out of my comfort zone.

CJ: Before you got into the industry, did you watch porn?

Eva: No. I would watch maybe Showtime or Cinemax but that’s not really porn. That was as crazy as I got. Then right before I made the dive to start filming, I definitely did my research to see what I was getting into. It wasn’t for pleasure, it was definitely for research purposes.

Eva Lovia

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Eva: Creampies. I like them to cum in me but, unfortunately in porn, it’s always on the face. Let’s be more realistic, in my personal life, if I’m feeling nice and my guy wants to cum on my face, ok, that’s fine, you do it here and there, but it’s so much more intimate when they finish in you, in one of your holes. You guys are both climaxing together and it’s more real.

CJ: You said ‘one of your holes’, so I have to ask, I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, are you going to do anal on-camera?

Eva: I love anal so I’m just waiting to figure out when it’s the proper time. It’s being talked about. I’m not opposed to doing it because I enjoy it in my personal life. It’s coming, I just don’t know when.

CJ: Speaking of your contract, a day or two after I talked to you, you were named the very first DP Star, what has the last year meant to you?

Eva: It’s incredible. I can not have done any better with timing or the company. I had just gotten into boy/girl and I got this contract which was outrageous. It’s for, in my opinion, one of the biggest companies in porn. I love that I get to act and be part of these huge productions with really big budgets. It’s great, it’s absolutely great. They’ve helped really push me as a brand and a performer and got my name out there, so I have no complaints.

CJ: For those that didn’t know, you had a sex competition, correct? You had to compete in certain sex acts?

Eva: Yes. We had a live sex challenge. There were three groups of three, so there were nine people. We had people that were voting live. It took over an hour of straight sex. We had people squirting water in our mouths while we were riding guys, it was insane. It was great. I ended up taking first place, which came with a nice check. It was really fun. It was very overwhelming because I had just gotten into boy/girl and I was thrown into a live sex scenario. There were no cuts and everyone did really well. It was super intense and hot.

CJ: There’s another DP Star which you’re the host for?

Eva: Yes, we start filming tomorrow!

CJ: I don’t want to criticize anyone but Digital Playground isn’t known for their hard core sex scenes like HardX or Arch Angel or Evil Angel, would you want to do more hard core like that?

Eva: I wish I could have both. I do like that we appeal to a lot of couples, It benefits people more; it’s helping relationships and it’s more mainstream. But, on a sexual level, I do enjoy a little bit rougher sex. Once in a while, if I’m shooting with the proper guy, we can do a little bit of hair pulling and choking and slapping. It’s very rare and usually we get yelled at, ‘Why did you do that? You’re not allowed to do that!’ We’ll sneak it in every now and then. I definitely do enjoy it. I wish it was allowed a little bit more but, unfortunately, because of investors in the company, you have to make them happy and a lot of them want it to be as romantic and couples orientated as well.

CJ: I take it you’re submissive then?

Eva: With men. That’s the interesting thing. With men, I really enjoy being the sub but with women, I’m more often the dom in that scenario. So I dabble with both. I don’t like when they cross over so I don’t like being a sub with a female and I don’t like being the dom with the man.

CJ: In between your boy/girl debut and your contract, you were in Raw 21 with Manuel. I raved about you, you were outstanding!

Eva: (laughs) It was a great scene! I had a very good time! He’s awesome!

Eva Lovia

CJ: Maniac25 wants to know if there’s anyone in the industry, male and female, that you would like to work with.

Eva: Female on my wish list is Asa Akira but she’s with Wicked and I’m with Digital so that’s not going to happen anytime soon. But I just think she’s so hot. And for man, I would probably say James Deen. I haven’t had the opportunity because he’s busy with his own productions and he doesn’t shoot a lot with Digital. I like his scenes, they’re super raw and he’s a great performer.

CJ: Allelsefails wants to know, you started out doing girl/girl then went into boy/girl, which do you like better and why?

Eva: I look at women as a craving and men as a necessity. I absolutely love being with women. I have a great time. I think they’re beautiful and I enjoy most of them. But I could never not have a penis in my life.

CJ: Did you ever date a woman?

Eva: No, too much estrogen for me. I couldn’t handle it. (laughs)

CJ: What do you look for in a guy off camera?

Eva: I like personality. That’s huge for me. You have to be able to make me laugh. I like somebody that’s very witty and smart and keeps me smiling. I also like a guy who’s just an animal when it comes to his life. Always trying to do better with his business, keeping his body right, hungry to do more. I think the most unattractive quality in life is someone who is complacent.

CJ: You said you wouldn’t date one, but what kind of woman do you like?

Eva: I like very exotic women, like Asa for example. I just love that unique look. And I like women who work out a lot. Abigail Mac, I love her body. Kendra Lust, I love her body. I like very fit women, usually darker hair, like an exotic look.

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Eva: I listen to pretty much everything. But I regularly listen to country, rap and club. Country is playing most of the time at my house.

CJ: What’s your favorite movie?

Eva: Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby, I love anything with Leo in it.

CJ: What’s your favorite TV shows?

Eva: Game of Thrones, hands down.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Eva: Anything Asian.

CJ: Are you a size queen?

Eva: I’ve always loved big cocks. (laughs) That was true before I got into porn. My ex was mixed and his dick was the size of my forearm. For me, that’s what I’ve always been into. I don’t mind smaller ones but I’m into big ones.

CJ: What does the future hold? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Eva: In 5 years, hopefully, I’m directing and producing. And I’m trying to dabble with an agency as well. So I’m trying to slowly create a brand and be able to be in the industry but on a different level.

CJ: Any upcoming scenes that your fans can look forward to?

Eva: I actually did a boy/girl/girl with Abigail Mac and Kieran Lee so that should be out in the next few weeks. That was awesome.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Eva: On Twitter, I’m @MissEvaLovia. Instagram and Snapchat is LoviaLongTime. Any Facebooks are fake.

Eva Lovia

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  1. Eva Lovia is one of my all-time favorite girls; natural beauty, her smile coupled with her personality amplifies her erotic hotness. I really would love to see her do the following scenes:
    – romantic (authentic lovemaking) creampies (especially in a threesome where her girl would eats it out),
    – anal sex (plus double penetration and creampie combination),
    – fuck or date a fan…actual competition for fans to audition for an opportunity to perform with Eva or do a reality date and see if there is a spark (no script)
    – masturbation to ejaculation (get her to squirt), and
    – peeing on-camera (show that innocence and vulnerability)…I have watched girls pee (in movies and in person) and see their faces of relief/relaxation in a natural state makes me AROUSED.

    Would DP and Eva consider these scenes or scenarios in the near future??

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