Charlotte Sartre: Sweetheart With A Twisted Side

Charlotte Sartre Talks with Captain Jack

Charlotte is a sexy tattooed babe who is one of the nicest girls out there. But she also has a twisted side which I tried to bring out of her. She can be quite dominant although she has a submissive personality. I had a fun time talking with Charlotte for our second go-round.

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Captain Jack: You have quite a few tattoos. How many do you have?

Charlotte Sartre: I don’t know what counts as an individual tattoo sometimes. Like I have knuckle tattoos, for example, and does that count as 1 tattoo or 8? And I just added more work to the sleeve on the arm so do I count that as each session that I went in or is it one big tattoo? Counting little ones all over my body, anywhere from 20 to 30. It just depends how you divide it up.

CJ: When did you get your first one?

Charlotte: I was 18 and was dating the punk girl. Her sister is still a good friend of mine to this day and she taught me how to do stick-and-poke. I gave her one, the black flag logo, and she gave me a spider web on the side of my knee and I kept addiinto to it.

CJ: Do you have a favorite?

Charlotte: My favorite tattoo? That’s a good question. I really like my sleeve now that it’s almost completed. I also like the big church on my leg. I also love my chest tattoo. It’s hard to pick. It depends on the day.

CJ: You’re a squirter. Is that a skill you learned in porn?

Charlotte: Before I got into porn, I had a boyfriend who was fingering me and made me do it. I was, ‘Holy crap! I didn’t know I could do that!’ Once I got into porn, I wasn’t really sure how to replicate that, I can’t just squirt on command. I have to get fucked or fingered. But the more scenes of that type I do, the more I get control of that ability. Once my most recent Reality Kings shoot comes out, I don’t think I’ve squirted that much in my life! You’ll be impressed! I’ve come a long way!

CJ: Who was your partner for that?

Charlotte: Quenton James, a really nice British guy. He’s cool.

CJ: So you told me that when you are very submissive, yet now you’re a practicing domintrix? How did that come about?

Charlotte: When I first got into porn, I was shooting a lot in New Jersey. I had a friend in New York and she was a dominitrix and she let me double sessions with her. That got my toes wet in it. Every now and then, I get asked to do a scene where I’m taking a dominant role but it’s a slow thing. And when I met Lance Hart, that was the first time I pegged a dude or ball busted anyone. So he taught me how to really enjoy that, which was cool. Now I found out that I really have a fetish for ball busting and I really like pegging, I just love buttholes. I just started a Clips4Sale, it doesn’t make much money, it’s more of my friend’s funs project. It’s kind of cool. Every once in a while, I’ll hire a dude or trade with them and say, ‘Hey, let me fuck you in the butt! And then we’ll do stuff.’

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CJ: With ball busting, do you trample them or what do you do?

Charlotte: It’s kicking, kneeing, punching, squeezing, bitting…

CJ: So you’re really getting into it then?

Charlotte: Yes, I just think it’s really cool and the guy’s reactions to it turn me on a lot. I really like balls. They’re neglected. They don’t get the attention they deserve whether that pushes me. I just think the balls need a little more things done to them. (laughs)

CJ: What is the most extreme thing you did to a guy?

Charlotte: I’ve done a lot of fisting and big anal insertions on dudes. From ball busting, I’ve had a few guys start bleeding. But I usually stop when it gets to that point just because it makes me uncomfortable.

CJ: Being submissive, are you a switch or do you prefer domintirix work now?

Charlotte: I’m still totally a switch. It just depends on the day and the mood. With Lance, when we first met, I guess he was primarily the submissive one and I was on a neutral playing field or a slightly more dominant role but now things have evolved where he’s dominant most of the time and I’m more submissive. It’s totally fluid, somedays I’m in the mood to fuck somebody and some days I’m in the mood to get fucked.

CJ: You are also an extreme anal queen! Do you prefer that to vaginal?

Charlotte: On camera, for sure. At home, I just don’t feel like doing an enema everyday. It just takes the spontaneity away. Sometimes it’s fun when bae comes home and I have my butt cleaned out. In scenes, most of the guys I work with have huge dicks and they’re really long so it hurts my cervix. My pussy gets sore after a while and it’s difficult for me to work the rest of the week because I’m so sore. But with anal, once you get the past the wall of ‘Ahhh, there’s something in my butt!’, it feels really amazing. Some instances, better than vaginal. I can fit way more stuff in my butt and I can fuck longer with anal and I just feel like it looks more amazing. Some girls can do amazing things with their pussies like getting fisted and putting big toys up there, I just can’t really do that. But with my butt, I feel that’s where my talents are. I always want to showcase my talents the best I can in my scenes.

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CJ: Last time we talked, you said you were never DP’d off-camera. How do you like that?

Charlotte: I really like it! I love DP’s, I love double anal! I’ve done triple anal a few times now for Legal Porno. My most recent triple anal scene is not out yet. I think it’s just really cool. Once you get two in your butt, it’s really hard to go back to one. (laughs) It just feels different like ‘Where’s the other one?’

CJ: What do you like best about double anal?

Charlotte: I love feeling totally filled up. I love feeling stretched out. When they pull out, my gape is just big. I love going back and looking at the photos and videos and seeing how big my butt is. And once the dicks start moving at different paces like one’s pulling out while the other’s going in and they rub against each other independently, it just feels different and cool.

CJ: Let’s talk about lesbian sex. Do you prefer toys or just the two of you?

Charlotte: It just depends. If it’s a spontaneous thing, I really like just using my mouth. I find a lot of girls, and I’m sure this doesn’t go for all of them, but the girls I find prefer clitoral stimulation versus vaginal. So if we’re doing anything, it’s licking each other’s clits or if there is a toy, it’s like a Hitachi.

CJ: As a woman, do you like them to tease you and lick around the clit to tease you and get you warmed up? Or just go for the clit?

Charlotte: I say go straight for the clit. If I’m using some heavy duty vibration, then I need a little bit of warmup before I get to the clit because it’s so intense. But with mouths, they’re so soft and it’s gentle at first, just go straight for the clit.

CJ: What’s your thoughts on tribbing?

Charlotte: For me, I think it looks really cool on camera and it’s super fun to do. But it’s hard to get it just right where you’re not banging into each other’s pelvic bone and touching each other’s clits. I think that’s one thing I haven’t quite mastered yet.

CJ: If you were granted a lesbian showcase movie, what 4 girls would you want in it with you?

Charlotte: Definitely Georgia Jones. I would pick Georgia Jones if I could!

CJ: Have you worked with her?

Charlotte: No I haven’t! We’re buddies but I haven’t been booked with her yet. That’s my dream! Who else would I pick…I’d love to work with Evelyn Claire. I think she’s really beautiful. Ana Foxxx, for sure, she’s gorgeous. And Jane Wilde. She’s super cool.

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CJ: Probably the most extreme thing you’ve done on-camera is triple anal. What about off-camera?

Charlotte: Hmmm. I don’t really get too crazy off camera. I drink a lot of pee! To some people, that’s crazy. I’ll have a threesome then both of the guys will pee on me afterwards. That’s what I like to do. But, honestly, I’m pretty boring off-camera. Before I got into porn, I had this ravenous sexual appetite and I was hooking up with everybody and doing the craziest, most adventurous stuff I could but now that I get that outlet fulfilled with porn, I’m way more boring now.

CJ: But having a threesome and having both guys pee on you, most people would consider that pretty extreme.

Charlotte: Yeah, it’s awesome. It’s great but for me that’s a 3 on the naughtiness scale. I guess a step up from that would be to have them pee inside of me inside my ass and pussy, I’ve definitely done that before.

CJ: What do you look for in a guy off camera?

Charlotte: Lance Hart is totally perfect. I didn’t even know what I was looking for and then I found him. But I guess important qualities in a partner for me are openness and honesty, you have to be cool with me doing porn and being sexual and you have to really like cats

CJ: How many cats do you have?

Charlotte: We have four. Which is a totally sane and normal number of cats.

CJ: What have you learned about yourself sexually since joining porn?

Charlotte: I’ve definitely learned that I’m capable of things I didn’t know I was like crazy squirting and extreme anal scenes. I’ve also learned I have much more of a dominant side than I thought. Like when I first got in, I was strictly doing submissive BDSM roles but that got old really quick. I found myself getting frustrated like, ‘Gosh, why am I getting beat again?’ And then when I get to break that up with dom stuff, I’m much happier and can go back to subbing whenever I want and I’m in a much better mood. I’m more receptive to it and it’s more enjoyable.

CJ: And how can the fans follow you on social media?

Charlotte: On Twitter, I’m @GothCharlotte. My Instagram is @GothCharlotte and so is my Tumblr. I also have a Facebook Fan page at There’s a lot of fake ones out there but that’s me.

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