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Casey Calvert

Do you remember any scenes you’ve done where you had your biggest/best orgasm(s)?

There’s been many, but I have to say that my double anal scene for HardX (in “Analized“) has my hardest, most frequent, most uncontrollable orgasms.

As you work in the porn industry, do you date & have relationships or do you prefer to remain single?

I’m in a relationship.

What type of things do you like to do on a date or date night?

I’m not very particular, but I do judge what the person plans for me. A person who knows me well knows what I like, and for a first date situation, a nice restaurant is always safe.

Do you have any advice for men or women when it comes to picking someone up or dating/relationships?

No, actually. I’m awful at picking people up. I’m the one who needs advice.

If you had to rank from most to least, which type of men are you most attracted to: older, younger, about the same age, any age (as long as they’re legal)?

Older – about the same age – younger

If you had to rank from most to least, which type of women are you most attracted to: older, younger, about the same age, any age (as long as they’re legal)?

About the same age – younger – older

Casey Calvert

Are there any male or female celebrities you would most like to have sex with?

There are, but I’m not going to tell you who.

What type of sex do you prefer to participate in the most: slow & sensual or hot & sweaty or adventurous & kinky?

It depends heavily on the context and the partner(s).

Are you usually turned on, turned off or indifferent when you and/or your partner get sweaty during sex?

Again, it depends on the context. It’s not something I mind at all at home, but at work, if the guy gets so sweaty that he’s dripping on me, it’s a pretty big turn-off (unless we are in a situation where he can’t help it, like a room with no air conditioning).

In Vivid’s Spider-Man XXX 2: An Axel Braun Parody, I noticed that you were really sweating a lot in your scene. Is that the sweatiest scene you’ve done or did you sweat more in another scene?

Well, that scene was shot in August in a warehouse in Las Vegas with no air conditioning, so yeah, it was sweaty. I couldn’t tell you if that was the sweatiest though. I don’t really keep track of that sort of thing.

Have there been any sexual fantasies that you were happy to actually fulfill?

Yes, all of them.

Do you have any sexual fantasies you would like to experience someday?

I’ve been lucky enough to fulfill all of my fantasies. Porn has given me that opportunity.

Are there any social media accounts/e-mail addresses/websites/blogs you would like to promote or let fans know about if they wanted to contact you?

twitter – @caseycalvertxxx

instagram – @caseycalvert

Those links and more at

Casey Calvert

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